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Content Standards: The learners demonstrate an understanding on the different
socioeconomic impacts of business.

Performance Standards: The learner shall be able to conduct a socioeconomic impact study
on the factors affecting business.

Learning Competencies: The learners should be able to explain the various factors affecting
business and industry.

Code: ABM_AE12II-e-g-11

At the end of the lesson, learners are expected to:

a. identify the various socioeconomic factors in the business;
b. explain how the different socioeconomic factors could affect in the business and
industry; and
c. appreciate the impact of socioeconomic factors in the business.


Topic: Socioeconomic Impact Study

References: Teaching Guide for Senior High

smallbusiness.chron.com, investopedia.com
Finance.zacks.com, mytobusinessideas.com
DIWA applied economics textbook pages 207-209

Materials: hand-outs, visual aids, cartolina, pens, crayons


A. Daily Routine
o Prayer
o Greetings
o Checking of Attendance

B. Presentation of Concept

1. The class will be divided into 4 groups according to seating arrangement.
2. Each group will create an advertisement of any product in the market.
3. Allotted time for preparation is 5 minutes.
4. Each group will be given 50 seconds for their presentation.


The teacher will ask questions about the activity done by the students.

1. What have you observed with the activity?

2. What do you think is our lesson for today?


o The teacher presents the topic to the class

o Provide photocopies of the topic
o The teacher will then discuss the topic


With the same group, students will have to draw on the socioeconomic factors
and its effect in the business industry. Afterwards, they will choose 1 presenter to
elaborate their output.

The performance will be based on a rubric.

 Creativity 30%
 Cooperation 10%
 Content 40%
 Presentation 20%

Directions: Enumerate the 5 socioeconomic impact of business and discuss each. Write it in ½
sheet of paper.

1. Analyze the viability of a business and its impact in the society
2. Formulate strategies on how to minimize the negative impact of a business

Prepared by:

Rissa J. Gabinete, LPT

Cheva Capareno, LPT



Socioeconomic- concerned with the interaction of social and economic factors

Socioeconomic factors- are the social and economic experiences and realities that help mold one’s
personality attitudes and lifestyle

Factors affecting socioeconomic impact of a business

 Consumers and household (new product and services)-a person who purchase goods/services for
personal use
Consumers being the end users are directly impacted by the product and services of a business.
Consumption is driven by social trends as much as personal preferences.

 Supplier and investors (capital and income)-a party that supplies goods and services
The desirability of a business is mirrored by its stock price. A stock value is influence by a lot of
factors such as operational excellence, innovative products, services and growth.

 Government (tax, revenues, poverty alleviation, basic services)-a group of people that governs a
community or unit.
Public institutions are affected by business through taxation and regulation. The government
can drive progress and sustainable development through partnership with the private sector.
The partnerships aim to address funding issues and to diversify the risks associated with
infrastructure development between the two sectors.

 International trade(exports and imports of goods/services)-it is the exchange of goods/services

from the different countries
The business will eventually expand to new markets and increase its product line. Successful
local businesses enter foreign markets and get into trade and firms that decides to use
internationally-source outputs to satisfy raw material requirements will enter into a trade that
will allow it to import raw materials.