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2 Limitation of the study 2
3 Introduction 3

4 Objective of the report 3


6 Limitation of the existing system 3

7 Digital Hospital management System in Bangladesh 5

8 Purpose of Database 5

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Hospital Management System Page 1


Completion of this report has made us grateful to a number of persons. First of all we would

like to acknowledge our course instructor Dr. Sazzad Hossain not only for giving us the

opportunity to prepare the report but also for providing help when we knocked him for

suggestions and guidelines. We are also grateful to Mr. Raqib Mozumder who provided us with

all the necessary information and help us in making Hospital Management System. Finally, we

would like to thank all of our group members for their coordination.

Limitation of the study

We faced some limitations while preparing this report and in making the software Hospital
Management System, among which is making textbook knowledge was sufficient in real life,
which was sometimes disappointing. Again, this report is the first of its kind prepared by us.
This also proved to be a limitation. So this report has a limitation of getting actual knowledge of
hospital management system.

Hospital Management System Page 2

Hospital Management System


Hospital Management System is a software product suite designed to improve the quality and
management of clinical care and hospital health care management in the areas of clinical process
analysis and activity-based costing. Hospital Management System enables you to develop your
organization and improve its effectiveness and quality of work. Managing the key processes
efficiently is critical to the success of the hospital helps you manage your processes.

Our project Hospital Management system includes registration of patients, storing their disease
details into the system. It will also contain doctor's information and will digitalize the whole
billing system. Our software has the facility to give a unique id for every patient and stores the
details of every patient and staff automatically. It includes a search facility to know the current
status of each room. User can search availability of a doctor and the details of a patient using the


The project “Hospital Management System” is aimed to develop to maintain the day-to-day state
of admission/discharge of Patients, List of Doctors (Consultants), List of medicines, Bills etc.


Existing system refers to the system that is being followed till now. Presently most of the
hospital functionalities are done manually. That is if a patient want to consult a doctor he can
visit their till his chance called. This makes the person very difficult. Out Patient and In Patient
tickets are distributed directly. The main disadvantage is time consuming.


 Lack of security of data.

 Time consuming.
 Consumes large volume of paper work.
 Manual work
 No direct role for the higher officials.

To avoid all these limitations and make the system working more accurately it needs to be

Hospital Management System Page 3

There are following main objectives of the Hospital Management System:

• Keeping records of admission of patient.

• Keeping patient-care as utmost priority.

• Scheduling the appointment of Patient with Doctor (Consultant) to make it convenient for both.

• Scheduling the services of specialized Doctor (Consultant) and emergency properly so that
facilities provided by Hospital are fully utilized in effective and efficient manner.

• Keeping records of Medicine department in a meticulously arranged order so that the treatment
of Patient becomes quick and satisfactory.

• Keeping details about the consultants, their Prescriptions and treatments, surgery reports etc.

• Keeping the best laboratory facilities and diagnostic tools for early and clear diagnosis of the
disease and early cure and disposal of the patient.

• Keeping explicit details about the patient’s diseases, diagnosis and management for
comprehensive research.

• Keeping the records of salary structure of the employees of Hospital by billing approach

Hospital Management System Page 4

Digital Hospital Management System in Bangladesh:

2000-2005 2006-2008 2009-2011

From the diagram we can see that, between 2000 and 2005 only 20% medical used digital
hospital management system, and between 2006-2008 it was increased to 35%. But in 2009-
2011 it became 55%. Actually rural hospital and clinic are still using manual management
system. That’s why the percentage of manual management system is too high. But it is
decreasing day by day.

Purpose of the of database:

We have made a hospital management system. The main purpose of the Hospital management system

 Efficiently maintains the details about the patient.

 Simultaneously updates changes made to any data, item in the entire data base.
 It is faster than manual system Hospital Management System.

Hospital Management System Page 5


 Hospital Management System is Customizable and User Configurable

 An inbuilt Settings module makes Hospital Management System flexibility to cater to
diverse organizational needs.
 It is build on .NET technology - one of the most latest and upcoming technologies in the
field of Information Technology, which makes you a forerunner in the world of
Information technology.
 Hospital Management System brings information to the user's desktop through
integration across all modules
 Hospital Management System enables hospitals and doctors to better serve their patients
 Improved quality of patient care
 Increased nursing productivity
 Reducing the time spent
 Better quality of care, procedures and service to Patients
 Control over the costs incurred by diagnosis-related groups

Hospital Management System Page 6

Hospital Management System Page 7
Relational database schema:

 Patient: (Patient id, Patient Name, Address, Doctor, Ward number, Room number)
 Doctor: (Doctor Id, Doctor name, Cell Number, Patient id)
 Test: (Test ID, Test name, Patient ID, Doctor Id, cost)
 Test log: (patient name , test name, test result, Patient id)
 Department: (Pathology, Surgeon)
 Time shift: (Full time, Part time)


 Patient
 Patient Check In / Check Out
 Inventory System
 Doctor Consultant
 Admission
 Employee
 Doctors
 Test
 Emergency Services
 Operation Room / ICU Maintenance.
 Blood Bank Maintenance System
 Database of Blood Donors / Blood Group
 Communication of different Hospitals through Internet
 News forum for flashing news, articles and important meetings
 Medical Equipment Maintenance
 Infrastructure Maintenance

Hospital Management System Page 8


This module is the most important module of the “Hospital”. Unless there is patient there is no
means of having hospital .In this module we know the details of patient .Patient which come
from any part take treatment inform of admitted basis or outpatient door basis. Patient is an
important factor for Hospital.

Patient Check In / Check Out:

For In-Patient (IPD): If the new patient gets admitted to the system then a unique record is
generated for each patient and patient details along with the room reservation and its case
papers and other details will be stored in the system. And also room Allotment is taken care.
Once patient gets a discharge then his check out from hospital along with the billing details
will be taken care of by the system.

For Out-Patient (OPD): If the new patient visits the Doctor in OPD, the system then generate
a unique record for each patient and patient details along with the its case papers and other
details are stored in the system. Billing details are also taken care of by the system.

Inventory System:

The system keeps track of all the inventory of the hospital, which may include various
departments such as pharmaceuticals, food and laundry department to name the few. Stock &
vendor details are maintained by the system. The invoice, purchase orders, purchase requisitions
is generated by the system and detail reports of each transaction will be maintained.


In this module we can search the only admitted patient. Here we can update his details
like prescription, notes and reports, measurement, birth details, pregnancies and we can cancel
the particular admission.

In this module we can register the new employee, for which we can enter the basic information
about employee and his professional details. In this module the main works are attendance of
Employee work time, salary of the employee are shown. In every hospital whether it is private
sector or public sector the work are important part off any hospital. It is the survival of any
hospital worker.

Hospital Management System Page 9


In this module we can view the today’s doctor on call schedule department-wise .Here we
can create the duty plan of doctor and edit or update the duty plan of particular doctor. Here we
can add/delete the doctor to particular department.

The module medicines are common modules of any hospital. In this module medicine are kept as
records. The stock of medicine, date of manufacturing, date of composition of medicine is kept
in this module. Medicine composition is also adjusted required medicines reach to required ward
so that treatment can have in proper way.


This module is very important for each part of the hospital like employee, doctors, patients, etc.
This module will help in showing the progress the hospital. In this module report of the patient,
condition of the patient, status of the patient, recovery of the patient, detection of the patient
disease all are explain. Doctors report, Employee reports, Employee working reports, Hospital
department record ,Medicine prescribe to the Patient, accounts and Billing of all employee
including Doctor, Patient, Nurse and administrative employee are kept and do work as and where


This module of Hospital management system has an impact of whole hospital management
performance. This module provides account details of a hospital, his employee, staff etc. This
module describes the inflow of amounts and out flow of amounts of hospital by different mode
like patient, test, salary, electricity bills etc. This Account details about the budget and balance
sheet of Hospital and also explains the Hospitals present status and how rich is hospital.

Hospital Management System Page 10


In this module we have to fill up the form and send the request to laboratory test. Here we
can also see the pending request. We can also search the particular patient and view the
laboratory information of particular patient.

Type of laboratories:-

 Medical Lab,
 Pathological Lab,
 Bacteriological Lab,

Doctor Consultant:

The system will provide a forum for the senior as well as junior doctors so that they can consult
with each other online. It will be of great help for the doctors, surgeons and practice students to
keep track of their activities and schedules as well as it will save a lot of time of users since they
can consult, communicate and share information online.

Emergency Services:

There are some emergency services related to the hospital such as ambulance and organ
donation, blood donation, etc. The system keeps track of all these activities online and will
prepare detail reports of these activities.

Operation Room / ICU Maintenance:

The system keeps track of the different critical patients and operation performed. Special reports
will be maintained for the patients in ICU and the records of the operations performed on them
will be maintained. The extra charges and special allowances charged to patients in this category
will also be taken care of.

Blood Bank Maintenance System:

The system keeps the track of blood bank. It will generate automated reports keeping track of
inventory for stock of bloods for different blood group their Expiry. The system will make it
much easier for the user to keep track of different activities in the blood bank.

Hospital Management System Page 11

Database of Blood Donors / Blood Group:

The system will maintain a detail database of different blood donors according to their blood
group. When a need will arise for a certain group of blood donors then the system will produce
name and other contact details of the blood donors related tot that particular blood group. It will
make it easier to contact them in emergency situation.

Communication of different Hospitals through Internet: The system will provide a platform
through which all the hospital will be connected to each other through internet. It will make it
easier to communicate for the management and other top officials to each other through this

News forum for flashing news, articles and important meetings: The system will also provide
a sort of 'Discussion Forum' to the users of the system through which they can communicate to
each other. They can post articles and other important news related to their organization and
field. They can convey important news to all the others in the organization through this channel.

Infrastructure Maintenance: The system keeps a detail record of the existing infrastructure and
its record. All the assets and liabilities will be kept well maintained and any addition or removal
will be kept updated.

Medical Equipment Maintenance: The total medical equipment maintenance will be taken care
of. The items included will be disposable, non disposable equipments and their proper

Hospital Management System Page 12


We have use SQL and HTML to develop our Hospital management system.


 You will require less number of Staff to cater more patients in same time or even less.
You would have the choice to re-deploy them at other suitable locations
 Hospital Management System not only provides an opportunity to the hospital to enhance
their patient care but also can increase the profitability of the organization
 Hospital Management System would enable hospitals or Nursing Homes to serve the
rapidly growing number of health care consumers in a cost-effective manner
 Hospital Management System can also save extra money on your current computer
hardware shopping. Check up with our executive to more on this
 Hospital administrators would be able to significantly improve the operational control
and thus streamline operations
 This would enable to improve the response time to the demands of patient care because it
automates the process of collecting, collating and retrieving patient information
 The senior Doctors would spend his precious time more in clinical activities than to put
in clerical activities otherwise
 This software interface would also save them a lot of time for special jobs only

Hospital Management System Page 13

 Accounting sometimes becomes awfully pathetic and complex. This product will
eliminate any such complexity, since the retrieval of information through its MIS will
become virtually on the tip of your fingers

Screen shots of Our Hospital management System

Front page:

(This is the front page of our Hospital Management System)

Hospital Management System Page 14

Registering New Patient:

Through this module we register new patient.

Assigning test:

From this module we register test which has assigned for the patient.

Hospital Management System Page 15

Updating patient info:

Through this module we update the info of patients. We can change the word no, Bed no, or even
doctor of the patient through this module.

Searching a patient:

Through this module we can search a patient. We can search it through patient ID, Name,
contract number, Room number or even through word number,

Hospital Management System Page 16

Checking patient Status:

Through this module we can check current situation of patient by patient’s Id.

Search all patients:

Through this module we can search all the patients.

Hospital Management System Page 17

Deleting permanently:

Through this module we can delete a patient permanently from the database. It is too easy to
delete a patient’s info. Just enter a the patient’s id and click on delete.


1. SQL server is needed to be installed.

2. As it is a web based database so there is low security.
3. Currently no update is available.
4. 3dr party web browser is needed to access the software.


The project Hospital Management System (HMS) is for computerizing the working in a hospital.
The software takes care of all the requirements of an average hospital and is capable to provide
easy and effective storage of information related to patients that come up to the hospital.

It generates test reports; provide prescription details including various tests, diet advice, and
medicines prescribed to patient and doctor. It also provides injection details and billing facility
on the basis of patient’s status whether it is an indoor or outdoor patient. The system also
provides the facility of backup as per the requirement.

Hospital Management System Page 18

Download link

U can download our Hospital Management System from our website:


Hospital Management System Page 19