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Acidification (includes algal bloom, coral reef loss, etc.

Air quality (air pollution, ozone pollution, ties to human health with asthma, diesel emissions, etc.)

Biodiversity (conservation of biological diversity)

Climate change (encompasses "global warming", greenhouse effect, loss of glaciers, climate refugees,
climate justice, equity, etc.)

Conservation (nature and animal conservation, etc.)

Consumerism (linking the state of consumers within the economy to environmental degradation and
social malaise, planned obsolescence)

Deforestation (illegal logging, impact of fires, rapid pace of destruction, etc.)



Endangered species / threatened species (CITES, loss of species, impact of chemical use on species,
cultural use, species extinction, invasive species, etc.)

Energy (use, conservation, extraction of resources to create energy, efficient use, renewable energy,

Environmental degradation

Environmental health (poor environmental quality causing poor health in human beings, bio-
accumulation, poisoning)

Environmental impact assessment (one major current form of assessing human impact on the

Food safety (including food justice, impacts of additives, etc.)

Genetic engineering or modification (includes GMOs)

Global environmental issues (in recognition that environmental issues cross borders)

Grassroots solutions (local and regional environmental issues solved from the bottom-up)

Habitat loss (destruction, fragmentation, changed use)

Intergenerational equity (recognition that future generations deserve a healthy environment)

Intensive farming

Invasive species (weeds, pests, feral animals, etc.)

Land degradation

Land use planning / Land use (includes urban sprawl)

Natural catastrophes (linked to climate change, desertification, deforestation, loss of natural resources
such as wetlands, etc.)

Nuclear power, waste and pollution

Over-exploitation of natural resources (plant and animal stocks, mineral resources (mining), etc.)

Overfishing (depletion of ocean fish stocks)

Ozone depletion (CFCs, Montreal Protocol)

Pollution (air, water, land, toxins, light, point source and non-point source, use of coal/gas/etc.,
reclaimed land issues)

Population issues (overpopulation, access to reproductive control (reproductive health), etc.)

Reduce, reuse, recycle (and refuse) (ways to reduce impact, minimise footprint, etc.)

Soil conservation (includes soil erosion, contamination and salination of land, especially fertile land; see
also desertification and deforestation)

Sustainability (finding ways to live more sustainably on the planet, lessening human footprint, increasing
human fulfillment with less impact) (see also sustainable development and poverty alleviation)

Toxic chemicals (persistent organic pollutants, prior informed consent, pesticides, endocrine disruptors,

Waste (landfills, recycling, incineration, various types of waste produced from human endeavors, etc.)

Water pollution (fresh water and ocean pollution, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, river and lake pollution,
riparian issues)

Water scarcity

Whaling (a specific issue due to its worldwide nature, treaties and persistent campaigns to prevent it;
other cetaceans also impacted)
Office of the Special Adviser on
Africa, African Union, New
poverty, diseases, desertification, malnutrition
Africa Partnership for Africa’s
, regional conflict
Development, United Nations–
African Union Mission in Darfur

Vienna International Plan of Action

on Ageing, United Nations
Principles for Older
Ageing ageing population, demographic transition
Persons, Proclamation on
Ageing, International Year of Older

Food and Agricultural

Agriculture sustainable agriculture, food security
Organization (FAO)

Joint United Nations Programme

Prevention of HIV/AIDS, HIV and on HIV/AIDS, The Global Fund to
pregnancy, HIV/AIDS denialism Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and

International Atomic Energy

Agency, Treaty on the Non-
nuclear weapons, nuclear waste Proliferation of Nuclear
Weapons, Comprehensive
Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

Education First, United Nations

Child poverty, Child labour, Child Children’s Fund (UNICEF), World
abuse, Child mortality, Global education Food Programme, Global
Education First Initiative[4]

Climate Climate change mitigation, Climate change United Nations Framework

Change denial, Adaptation to global warming Convention on Climate Change

United Nations Special Committee

on Decolonization, United Nations
exploitation Trust Territories, International
Decade for the Eradication of
Mine Action Coordination
Demining land mines
Center, Ottawa Treaty

Universal Declaration of Human

Rights, International Covenant on
Democracy democratization Civil and Political

Development social transformation, economic development Social protection floor

weapons of mass
destruction, chemical and biological United Nations Office for
weapons, conventional Disarmament Affairs
weapons, landmines and small arms

United Nations Conference on the

Human Environment, World
Environment Day, United Nations
pollution, deforestation, desertification, etc., Programme(UNEP), Framework
see Environmentbelow Convention on Climate
Change, Montreal
Protocol, Convention to Combat
Desertification, Convention on
Biological Diversity

UNFPA, UNICEF, International

Family socialisation of children, s.a. Ageing, Children
Year of the Family

missing food security and safety, food

Food FAO
riots, world hunger

Governance of equity, participation, pluralism, transparenc
y, accountability, rule of law

Health maternal health, extreme poverty Millennium Development Goals

Human Universal Declaration of Human
human rights violations
Rights Rights

Human UN-HABITAT, Millennium

slums, urbanization, sanitation
Settlements Development Goal

World Food Programme, Office for

humanitarian crisis, human the Coordination of Humanitarian
migration, displacement Affairs, International Organization
a. Refugees)
for Migration

International Law
Commission, Convention on the
Prevention and Punishment of the
Crime of
Genocide (1948), International
Convention on the Elimination of
All Forms of Racial
Discrimination (1965), Internationa
l Covenant on Civil and Political
Rights (1966), International
Covenant on Economic, Social
and Cultural
Rights (1966), Convention on the
International war crimes, discrimination, state-corporate
Elimination of All Forms of
Law crime
Discrimination against
Women (1979), United Nations
Convention on the Law of the
Sea (1982), Convention on the
Rights of the
Child (1989), Comprehensive
Treaty (1996), International
Convention for the Suppression of
the Financing of
Terrorism (1999), Convention on
the Rights of Persons with
Disabilities (2006)

United Nations Conference on the

Human Environment, Convention
/ Law of the
marine pollution, ocean governance on the Prevention of Marine
Pollution by Dumping of Wastes
and Other Matter
United Nations peacekeeping, List
Peace and S of United Nations peacekeeping
ecurity missions, Peacebuilding

Convention on the Rights of
with Disabiliti discrimination, lack of universal design
Persons with Disabilities

Population overpopulation, world population UNFPA

United Nations Relief and

Refugees (s. Rehabilitation
a. Administration (UNRRA),
Assistance) United Nations High
Commissioner for
Refugees (UNHCR)

Comprehensive Convention on
International Terrorism
Volunteerism United Nations Volunteers
UN-Water, System of
Environmental and Economic
Accounting for Water, Water for
Life Decade, International
Recommendations on Water
Water (s.a. water scarcity, water conflict, water
Statistics, United Nations Water
Oceans) privatization, water pollution
Conference, Millennium
Development Goals, International
Conference on Water and the
Environment (1992), Earth
Summit (1992)