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Date: 22nd December 2017

Director (civil)
Western Marine Services
Email: harun@wms.com.bd

Subject: Request for price quotation.

Dear Sir,
We need to engage a contractor for painting a total of 10 no’s storage tanks of various
capacity ranging from 800 m3 to 4000m3 of different heights. Total approximate surface
area is 8500 sq. meter. Job location-Santan para, Ghorashal,Narshingdi

Initial 2 coats would be of red oxide primer and the subsequent 2 final coats.

Type of paints:

 Tank supports: Black

 Tank Railing: Yellow
 Shell plate: white (For 8 no’s tank)
 Shell plate: Aluminum (for 2 no’s tank)

Employer’s responsibility:

Supply of required amount of paints,

Paint specification would be determined by ARL.

Power supply.

Contractor’s responsibility:

To bring all the necessary ancillary items such as Paint brush, power brush, wire brush,
cup brush, scaffolding material, rope, sand blasting equipment, Emery cloth of different
grade and all other tools;

Sand and coal powder etc. for sand blasting;

Surface preparation and painting as per direction, instruction and guidelines given by

Arrange PPE for the personnel;

In case of personal injury, defect of contractors tool and apparatus repair/remedy shall be
done by contractor;
Maintaining proper safety procedure at job site,

Food, accommodation and mobilization/demobilization to project site of personnel;

Painting and sand blasting job is required to be completed within six weeks’ of issuing of
work order.

You are requested to visit the job site with intimation at your own expense prior to
submitting the quotation.

We request you to give us the price quotation per sq. feet for doing the stated job.

Your early response is awaited.

Thanking You
Yours faithfully
(A.K.M Amir Hossain)
General Manager (Implementation and Operation)