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Facilities at Mahatma Mandir

Detail of convention and seminar halls at Mahatma Mandir

Description Floor
(Sq. Mtrs.)
Mahatma Mandir
Convention and Exhibition Center
Convention Hall with VIP Gallery GF 5000 6375

Convention Hall 1 with Lobby, VIP Gallery etc... GF 1600 2100

Convention Hall 2 with Lobby, VIP Gallery etc... GF 1600 2160

Convention Hall 3 with Lobby, VIP Gallery etc... GF 1600 2100

Seminar Hall 1 with Pantry GF 500 600

Seminar Hall 2 with Pantry GF 500 575

Seminaer Hall 3 FF 500 485

Seminar Hall 4 with Pantry, Projection Room FF 1000 1200

1. Salt Mound (Gandhi Museum) 9. Food Court (GF & FF)
Conference Room 1 FF 21 62
2. Gate-1 10. Exhibition Hall-3
Conference Room 2 FF 21 62 3. Seminar Hall 11. Gate-5
Meeting Room FF 30 100 12. V V I P Lounge
4. Main Convention Hall
Small Conference Rooms 1‐10 Nos FF 6 20 5. Exhibition Hall-1 13. Amphitheater

Exhibition Hall 1 with VIP Viewing Gallery GF 75.6x48.55M Clear 4060 6. Seminar Hall 8, 9, at the First Floor 14. Gate-5

Exhibition Hall 2 with VIP Viewing Gallery GF 68.75x48.20M Clear 3950 7. Exhibition Hall-2 15. Gandhi Garden
8. Gate-6
Exhibition Hall 3 GF 32.0x48.0M Clear 1665

Food Court GF 1385

Block No. 18, 2nd Floor, Udyog Bhavan, GH-4, sector-11,
Food Court FF 1805 Gandhinagar-382010 Gujarat, India Phone:+91-79-23250492/93
Fax :+91-97-23250490 Website: www.indextb.com
Open Air Amphitheater GF 1000 700
For Booking Contact: Mahatma mandir Cell
Email: mmcell@indextb .com
Website: www.mahatmamandirgujarat.com
Convention and Exhibition Center
The Convention Center with the main convention hall, seminar halls, conference rooms and the Exhibition Center with three
exhibitions halls are designed to global standards to provide the right infrastructure and ambiance needed to hold your

The Complex :
The site is spacious enough to handle swift movement of 14000 to 15000 people.
Architecturally inspiring, energy ef icient buildings with use of state of the art technology.
Adequate parking facilities for visitors, exhibitors & goods vehicles.
Easy access for movement of goods and equipments, ability to mast loading docks
MAHATMA MANDIR Accessibility to airport and public transportation.
Double height atrium & pre-function areas.
Safe evacuation measures, storage facilities, etc .
Mahatma Mandir draws inspiration from the VIP lounges for reception of VIP guests. Lounging areas in different levels.
High-tech with wi- i and Audio Visual Capabilities.
life and philosophy of the father of nation,
Mahatma Gandhi. Planned on the central vista The convention Center:
Ability to host simultaneous events.
in the capital city of Gujarat, it is truly the
Main convention hall:
gateway to Gandhinagar. Capacity- 5000 seats (Undivided) plus VIP viewing galleries.
Ceiling height of 11M, multi-purpose column free air-conditioned space of size 60M x 90M .
Movable partition walls facilitate the division of hall into 3 separate halls.
Spread in about 34 acres, this iconic structure Concealed service trenches for electrical & water supply.
8 language interpretation booths.
has spacious and low energy consuming
Movable modular stages, lighting trusses, hanging hooks capacity up-to 2 tones and other mechanical and electrical facilities.
Convention and Exhibition Center, well Plug & play sound Reinforce System (SRS) facilities.
Controlled temperature and lighting for thermal and visual comfort.
equipped with state of the art facilities, Adequate pantry area.
amazing landscaping & water bodies to hold Seminar Halls, Meeting Rooms & Conference Rooms:
multifarious event of national and 04 Seminar Rooms (03 with seating capacity of 500 Nos each and 01with seating capacity of 1000 Nos).
SRS, Video Conferencing, Pantry, Projection System, wi- i etc.
international stature.
The Exhibition Center:
For Exhibitions and various other programmes
02 Nos of large sized and 1 No of medium sized structure. All three are column free centrally air-conditioned structures.
Flexible, heavy duty loor for showcasing heavy machinery exhibitions and other usage.
Mahatma Mandir Service trenches with electrical & water supply, water based exhibitions.
Convention Center Easy plug & play SRS Facilities and telecommunication systems.
Rest rooms with provision for differently-abled persons.
& Exhibition hall Wide service areas and loading / unloading bays aid quick and easy movement of exhibits and equipments,
Adequate storage facilities within the exhibition halls.

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