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Surface drill rig for quarrying
and construction.

Folding boom
Hole diameter: 89–127 mm (3½”–5”)

Fixed boom
Hole diameter: 89–140 mm (3½”–5½”)
With the SmartROC T45 you’re in control.

SmartROC T45 is based on a proven improve your availability, and provide

control system which gives consistency you with the documentation you need
in job after job and doesn´t, to the to be on top of your business. With help
same extent, rely on your operator’s from features such as HNS, AutoPos and
performance. SmartROC T45 will ROC Manager, you’re always on top of
revolutionize your fuel consumption, your operation.

Efficiency with increased capacity and
performance while reducing fuel consumption

Safety and availability thanks to the new and

intuitive design

Excellence through precise drilling and consis-

tent operation, resulting in improved blasting
2 3



• Crawler type two speed undercarriage with track oscillation system • COP Logic
• Caterpillar turbo charged diesel engine • Toe-hole drilling system
Safety depends on control. The SmartROC T45 dramatically reduces • Atlas Copco screw type compressor • Carousel type rod handling system
• Dust pre separator • Hydraulic double drill steel support with movable dust collector hood
the risks of manual errors and human mistakes. With options such as • Combined warning sound and warning light • Double hose drum
Hole Navigation System (HNS) you have the right information at your • Fixed boom system/folding boom system • Dust collection system
fingertips. This greatly improves both efficiency and safety on the bench. • Automatic cooler fan control • AutoPos
• Air flow switch • Automatic rod adding
• Rock drill lubrication system • Operator’s cabin, ROPS and FOPS approved


+ PLAN YOUR WORK, THEN WORK YOUR PLAN Recommended hole range Metric Imperial
The SmartROC T45 relies on automation functionalities to make sure you SmartROC T45 fixed boom T51, T60 89–140 mm 3 ½”– 5 ½”
drill as planned. The automatic feed alignment ensures that you always SmartROC T45 folding boom T45, T51 89–127 mm 3 ½”– 5”
maintain the desired angle when drilling, which is crucial for optimum Rods and depth Metric Imperial
blasting results. In addition, the automatic rod adding system makes it easy SmartROC T45 fixed boom. Hydraulic rod handling system for max hole depth, with 7x4.2 m (14’) extension rods and a 6.1 m (20’) starter rod T51, T60 35 m 115’
for the operator, adding rods to the desired depth. The machine drills to the SmartROC T45 fixed boom LF. Hydraulic rod handling system for max hole depth, with 5x6.10 m (20’) extension rods and a 7.3 m (24’) starter rod T51, T60 36 m 118’
exact desired drilling depth with no mistakes, while the operator supervises SmartROC T45 folding boom. Hydraulic rod handling system for max hole depth, with 7x3.6 m (12’) extension rods and a 4.2 m (14’) starter rod T45, T51 29 m 95’
until it´s time to pick up the rods. Both functions deliver consistent results you
can rely on, shift after shift.
Caterpillar turbo charged, diesel engine, CAT C9.3/ CAT C9, Atlas Copco C146-07, screw type compressor Metric Imperial
Metric Imperial
+ CUT YOUR FUEL COSTS IN HALF Tier 4 Final and add blue or Tier 3/Stage IIIA Working pressure, max 12 bar 174 psi
Power rating at 1 900 rpm 242 kW 325 HP
There are two things the SmartROC T45 never compromises on – fuel FAD, at normal working pressure 223 l/s 472 cfm
efficiency and high productivity. The key to its incredible fuel efficiency HYDRAULIC ROCK DRILL
is a rig that only uses the energy it needs for the work at hand. In addition
Rock drill Drill rig Impact power Hydraulic pressure, max Impact rate, max Torque, max Weight approx
to its standard automatic radiator fan, engine and compressor speed are COP 2560+ 187 kg 412 lb
SmartROC T45
automatically adjusted depending on operating mode. For example, during 25 kW 33.5 HP 230 bar 3 335 psi 44 Hz 1 555 Nm 1 147 lbf/ft
COP 2560EX+ folding boom 249 kg 549 lb
tramming or when the rig is not working, the compressor puts no load on the COP 3060 315 kg 694 lb
SmartROC T45
engine and thus reduces engine speed. Further, the airflow and dust collector 30 kW 41 HP 240 bar 3 481 psi 50 Hz 2 450 Nm 1 807 lbf/ft
COP 3060EX fixed boom 355 kg 783 lb
speed can be adjusted as needed by the operator.
+ EFFICIENCY WITH ENVIRONMENTAL CARE Hydraulic chain driven aluminum feed with hose Metric Imperial Hydraulic chain driven steel feed with hose guide and Metric Imperial
Atlas Copco’s commitment to the environment is evident in everything guide and double drill steel support with movable double drill steel support with moveable lower guide/
lower guide/dust hood dust hood
we do. We want to maximize your productivity and save you money, at the
Feed extension (Long feed) 1 900 mm (1 150 mm) 6’ 3’’ (3’ 9”) Feed extension 1 150 mm 3’ 9’’
same time as we leave as few printmarks as possible on the environment. Feed rate, max 0.9 m/s 177 ft/min Feed rate, max 0.9 m/s 177 ft/min
That’s why the SmartROC T45 gives you the most energy efficient rig in its
Feed force, max 40 kN 8 992 lbf Feed force, max 20 kN 4 496 lbf
class. Its hydraulic system uses significantly less oil, compared to other rigs, Tractive pull, max 50 kN 11 240 lbf Tractive pull, max 30 kN 6 744 lbf
with a hydraulic tank that is 1/3 the standard size for its class. This means you Total length (Long feed) 9 500 mm (11 800 mm) 31’ (38’ 8”) Total length 7 700 mm 25’ 3’’
can use biological oil with approximately the same cost as usual oil, and you Travel length (Long feed) 5 520 mm (7 630 mm) 18’ 2’’ (25’) Travel length 4 610 mm 15’ 2’’
don´t have to worry about taking care of spillage.
Metric Imperial Metric Imperial
Filter area 20 m2 215 sq.ft Tramming speed 3.4 km/h 2.1 mph
Number of filter elements 20 pcs 20 pcs Track oscillation ±10° ±10°

ATLAS COPCO SERVICE Suction capacity at 500 mm wg

Suction hose diam
540 l/s
127 mm
1 144 cfm
Ground clearance 405 mm 16”

Cleaning air pressure, max 7.5 bar 109 psi

Even the best equipment requires regular service to Cleaning air consumption 2–4 l/pulse 0.06 – 0.12 cu.ft/pulse Voltage 24 V
ensure optimal performance. Atlas Copco provides Batteries 2 x 12 V, 185 Ah
service solutions to safeguard an optimized Alternator 28 V, 105 Ah
relationship between productivity, availability and Work lights LED type, front 4 x 3500 Lumen
Metric Imperial
operational cost. Atlas Copco Mining and Rock Work lights LED type, rear 2 x 3500 Lumen
Hydraulic oil tank 100 l 36.4 US gal
Excavation Technique has over 3 300 technicians Work lights LED type, feed 2 x 5300 Lumen
Hydraulic system, total 240 l 63.4 US gal
located in over 80 countries. By combining the Warning lamp and reverse buzzer
Compressor oil 52 l 13.7 US gal
usage of Atlas Copco genuine parts with service
Diesel engine oil 32 l 8.4 US gal HYDRAULIC SYSTEM
provided by a certified Atlas Copco technician,
Diesel engine, cooling water 75 l 19.8 US gal
you’ll have a winning combination no matter of Hydraulic oil cooler Metric Imperial
Diesel engine fuel tank 400 l 105.7 US gal
where in the world you operate. Max ambient temperature 50°C 122°F
Traction gear 3l 0.8 US gal
Pumps at 1900 rpm Metric Imperial
Lubrication tank (ECL) 23 l 6.1 US gal
Axial piston pump (1) 160 l/min 42.3 US gal/min
Axial piston pump (2) 120 l/min 31.7 US gal/min
AIR CONDITIONER Axial piston pump (3) 40 l/min 10.6 US gal/min
Metric Imperial Gear pump (4) 40 l/min 10.6 US gal/min
Refrigerant R134a Gear pump (5) 40 l/min 10.6 US gal/min
4 Cooling capacity 5.5 kW Return and drainage filters Metric Imperial 5
Fan suction capacity 125 l/s 265 cfm Filtration rate 10 µm absolute

SmartROC T45

Protective guard to
Double hose drums with a slot prevent injuries due A new comfortable chair and 21°
for each hose. This extends to human error.* two multi-functional joysticks. 25°
the life of the hoses and does (LF: 13°)
Operatorfriendly and ergonomic
not require greasing FOPS/ROPS cabin with great
visibility. 25°
(LF: 2460)
2700 2440

Atlas Copco’s rock drill control 3190 4815

(LF: 2980)
system COP Logic brings you great
Horizontal reach (mm) fixed boom, with and without Long Feed Horizontal reach (mm) folding boom
hole quality and penetration rate.
Reduced number of hoses and
couplings for better serviceability.

* Only applicable to certain countries.

• ROPS and FOPS approved with rubber vibration dampers • Rig inclination indicator 2610
• 2 x wipers with washer • Rear view mirror
• Clear laminated glass (front and roof windows) • Fire extinguisher, 6 kg (13 lbs) dry chemical type ABE class III type (LF: 580)
• Clear toughened glass (side and rear windows) • Outlet socket, 24 V 1040
• Fully adjustable operator’s seat • Prepared with speakers for CD-radio or DVD radio
(LF: 2270) Vertical reach (mm) fixed boom Vertical reach (mm) folding boom
• Adjustable foot rest • Combined front mounted platform/tool box 3490
• Cabin light • Electric combined engine/inclination/hole depth instrument in main computer display

30º 30°
(LF: 11800)



3030 3030

3600 3600
5320 5320

SmartROC T45 fixed boom with Long Feed Valid for both fixed and folding boom

H1 H2


L1 L2 Cabin Carrier Parts and Services

• Combined warning sound and warning light – • Hydraulic support leg • COP Care
Feed dumped (fixed boom) Feed dumped (folding boom)
BEACON type • Hydraulic winch including wire with towing eye and • ROC Care
• Reverse camera with cab mounted display wire guides
HEIGHT AND LENGTH WEIGHT • Window wiper, right hand window Optional equipment not mounted
• Radio/CD/DVD Water system • Gas charging equipment (for rock drill)
Feed dumped fixed boom Metric Imperial Standard unit excluding all options and drill steel Metric Imperial • Window panes: Laminated 24 mm clear front, 10 • Water mist system • First 50 hrs service kit for compressor
Height (H1) 3 300 mm 10’ 8’’ SmartROC T45 fixed boom 20 100 kg 44 300 lb mm roof and 8 mm tinted side – toughend 8 mm • Lubrication kit
Length (L1) 10 700 mm 35’ 2’’ SmartROC T45 fixed boom Long Feed 20 600 kg 45 400 lb rear Hole and inclination systems • Conversion kit T45
• Laser plane receiver for hole depth • Conversion kit T51
Height Long Feed (H1) 3 600 mm 11’ 9” SmartROC T45 folding boom 17 700 kg 39 000 lb
Feed • GPS compass aiming unit • Conversion kit T60
Length Long Feed (L1) 11 800 mm 38’ 8” • Protective guard, according to EN16228 • RCS service tool-box
Feed dumped folding boom Metric Imperial • Sleeve retainer Hole Navigation System (HNS) • Electrical tool kit
Height (H2) 3 300 mm 10’ 8’’ 330 • Service winch with jib boom mounted on the feed • Prepared for Trimble SPS 580/550 and Leica
• TAC guide tube guides for drill steel support Other
Length (L2) 13 300 mm 43’ 8’’
- TAC 64 mm for 64 mm guide tube Automation & software • Radio Remote Control (RRC)
(Widening kit: 3000) - TAC 76 mm for 76 mm guide tube • Rig Remote Access (RRA) including/excluding
- TAC 87 mm for 87 mm guide tube WLAN Module
• Thread greasing devices • Measure While Drilling (MWD)
• ROC Manager
6 7
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ment with optional extras. No warranty is made regarding specifications or otherwise. Specifications and equipment are subject to change without notice. Consult your Atlas Copco Customer Center for specific information.


We stand by our responsibilities towards our customers,
towards the environment and the people around us.

This is what we call – Sustainable Productivity.

We make performance stand the test of time.