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Our Clientele Features
 77-81 GHz mmWave MIMO Radar
 4x4 On-Chip Antenna
 Machine learning and smart
 Scalable design for large array
 Integrated solution for Short,
Medium and Long range
 Video and Radar sensor Fusion
 Multi-Radar Fusion

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MMRFIC's novel design of integrated

CMOS MIMO Radar with embedded
signal processing, and on-chip antennas
The “Antenna to Bits” Solutions Company provides integrated solution for Short,
Medium, and Long range RADAR for
RMZ Infinity, Level 1, Tower D, Municipal No.3, Automobile and Industrial Applications
Old Madras Road, Bangalore-560 016, India. 
Phone: 080-67431226 Fax: 080-67431103
Email: info@mmrfic.com
Web: www.mmrfic.com
Who are we? Available IPs and Expertise Our Team
MMRFIC is a Bangalore based startup  W band LNA (75GHz - 95GHz) Core Engineering is our strength with
founded in November 2014 by the team of cumulative experience of
 Ka Band T/R Module (32GHz - 40GHz)
industry experts from the field of Millimeter-  30 + Years of RF Design Experience.
Wave, RF and AMS VLSI, alumnus of Texas  110W S - Band PA using GaN
 20 + years of Systems Designing.
Instruments.  Digital Signal processing algorithms for
Auto Radar @ 80GHz.  15+ years of Chip Power Management
What we do?  3GSPS ADC.  10 + years of Layout Expertise
 MMRFIC’s unique expertise in MMIC and  1.8V 10 bit SAR ADC @ 1Msps.
RFIC enables them to offer world’s most
Services Offered
 Wake Up Receiver (<1uA) for IoT.  Design & Development (RFIC, MMIC, MIC
integrated, robust, reliable and easiest-
to-use MMW and RFIC solutions.  DCDC Converters with Line and load & Hybrid Modules).
 MMRFIC’s wireless solutions address a
regulations less than 2%. Power purity is  Power Management.
wide range of industrial, communications around 95% Power efficiency of 92% Fully
 Base band systems & Core IP develop-
and wireless applications from the Isolated.
customer point of view, “Antenna to
Turnkey Solutions Executed  Design Verification Consultancy.
 Sige Based Ka band T/R Module (36-37  RF Lab Support.
 MMRFIC’s offers high performance,
high levels of integration and complete GHz)  RF Performance Optimization on Module/
reference design support.  SiGe Based S band LNA NF<1dB. Reference Design.
 MMRFIC have expertise in handling  189W PA in 200MHz using LDMOS.  Training in the field of Millimeter-Wave,
mmWave, RF & AMS Design/Layout RF and AMS VLSI.
 X-Band radar Core Design in Triquint
from chip/module level floor planning to pHEMT process.
complex level blocks and their integration
Our Approach
 X & C Band PA using GaAs 28dBm O/p
across different process nodes.
Power. Domain
 MMRFIC offer solutions & services in Knowledge
PCB Design, RF Lab Support and RF  WLAN CMOS RF Transceiver IEEE
Performance Optimization on Module/ 802.11ad @ 60GHz.
Highly Service
Reference Design along with the training  Low power 5.8GHz RFID Transceiver Intellectual Expertise
in the field of Millimeter-Wave, RF and team
supporting wide battery range from
AMS VLSI. 2.1V to 3.6V.
 We developed signal processing  CMOS RF Front end for WLAN a/b/g/n.
algorithms for mmWave RADAR (77
 CMOS RF Front end for GPS, GLONASS
GHz) which detects and estimates the Innovative Data Driven
& IRNSS. Solution Approach
range, velocity and angle of arrival of
targets, using a linear array of antennas  Signal Processing Algorithms for Digital
at Tx and RX. Assistance of RF circuits, Data communi- Design Development Training
cation and Radar processing.