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Iron Kingdoms

A setting adaptation for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

As with any homebrew, this is a labor of love. I’ve loved the Iron Kingdoms since I first read about them in middle school . I have
fond memories of the Iron Kingdoms d20 for third edition D&D, and somewhere I still have the original copies of the
Warmachine: Prime and Prime Mk II core rulebooks. The setting has fascinated me for many years and remains, I believe, one of
the best written settings in modern circulation. A lot of the text, and all of the ideas, within this document are ripped straight from
Iron Kingdoms and Warmachine/Hordes books. Privateer Press and Doug Seacat, you have my gratitude for this lovely setting.
Dungeons and Dragons has also shaped my adolescence and young adulthood. There is no better game, in my humble opinion,
and it has been the medium through which I have come to know many of my closest friends. Alas, I am too young to remember the
origins of D&D, but I keep my original 3rd edition Player’s Handbook and the sample adventure Caves of Shadow tucked away
safely for posterity. It is largely for the love of this game that me and my friends share that we don’t use the official Iron Kingdoms
RPG product. Dungeons and Dragons has aged well, in my opinion, and 5th edition is the best balance of robust rules and
compelling storytelling that I have found. I greatly look forward to what Wizards of the Coast do with this game and hope they
maintain the high standards with which 5th edition was written.
On a more specific level, there are a handful of people who’s work I’ve ripped off in this document. Matthew Mercer’s Gunslinger
martial archetype is derived from Pathfinder’s gunslinger class, and is well implemented into 5th edition. Though firearms aren’t
as unstable in the Iron Kingdoms as they are in Whitestone, I still like the subclass enough to copy it here with a few edits to
remove the rules for misfires.
Additionally, Joshua Raynack and Cameron Guill have a top notch Blood Magic arcane tradition for wizards. I first discovered
this archetype as an honorable mention in some Wizards of the Coast article, and fell in love at first sight. I hope to play one some
day, but until then I’ll settle for passing them off as Skorne Mortitheurges to torment my players with.
I have also adapted some stuff from u/mblack91, who posted his/her 5th edition update of Iron Kingdoms a long time ago
(https://www.reddit.com/r/UnearthedArcana/comments/459m7t/iron_kingdoms_5e_conversion/). I drew a lot from his/her races
and his/her version of fell callers. I didn’t agree with his/her portrayl of gun mages, bodgers, and arcane mechaniks, but I took
what I did like and ran with it.
The gun mage class, in particular, borrowed the Unearthed Arcana arcane archer's "arcane shot" and most of the arcane shot
options for its rune shots.
A lot of stuff I also recycled from an older attempt of mine to convert the Iron Kingdoms d20 to Pathfinder. That material is half-
completed and can be found here: https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?783727-Pathfinder-Iron-Kingdoms.
So I guess my point here is that I'm including a lot of stuff in here that isn't original work. I don't want credit for any of that stuff,
I'm just a guy who compiled the stuff and converted it to 5th edition. If you want to run games in a full-metal fantasy setting where
ironclad automata and battle mages meet on the battlefield, where gunsmoke fills the narrow alleys of crowded port cities, and
where a dragon rules over a kingdom of necromancers and pirates, then pack your dice for Immoren, because you've found
yourself a new home.


Welcome to the Iron Kingdoms

elcome to a land where magic and machinery Though the Iron Kingdoms are dominated by humanity,
intermingle and nations engage in conflict other races also live within their borders. Trollkin, ogrun, and
rooted in ancient grudges while exploiting gobbers have adapted to urban life and can become well-
innovations from an ongoing industrial respected bodyguards, soldiers, alchemists, and mechaniks.
revolution. The Iron Kingdoms lie in the heart The dwarves of Rhul maintain their own nation but freely
of western Immoren, with thriving cities trade with the human kingdoms and are a common sight in
separated by dark wilderness regions that are the human lands. The occasional Iosan or Nyss elf may be
home to feral beasts, savage tribes, and dangerous cults. To encountered as an exotic rarity, their agendas an enigma.
survive you’ll need brains, brawn, and perhaps a loaded pistol The southernmost of the Iron Kingdoms is Cygnar, which
or two. emerged from the Corvis Treaties as the wealthiest nation,
Divided by culture and geography, the people of these noted for its industrious cities and lands rich in resources yet
nations are diverse, with attitudes and beliefs shaped by also beset by enemies on all sides. Cygnar boasts some of the
thousands of years of rich and bloody history. Not so long ago greatest minds in the history of the region. While famed for
the region was subjugated by the Orgoth, terrible invaders technological innovation, this nation is also a bastion for the
from across the seas who plunged Immoren into a dark age dominant Church of Morrow.
of servitude. Gaining freedom required making use of arcane Occupying a huge expanse of frozen northern land is the
might and technological invention. The Iron Kingdoms now Empire of Khador. Its citizens are tough, weathered, and
fight each other to control their own destinies. proud of their mutual solidarity. Khador has embraced
The extensive cities grow by the year as people in rural industry as heartily as warfare, and its people work to exploit
regions abandon the toil of their ancestors to better what resources they can scrape from these difficult lands.
themselves in soot-choked urban centers. The advent of Khadorans have their own great inventors, and it is from this
steam power has revolutionized every walk of life. Smoke- region that Immoren gained the steam engine and the
belching factories pollute the air and dump alchemical waste railroad.
into gutters, and many make their living under harsh and The western kingdom of Ord has its own distinct culture
cramped conditions. Violence often seems the easiest and has earned the respect of its neighbors for its strong navy
solution to many problems. Yet within these cities exist and stalwart soldiers, but it has also endured great poverty. It
endless possibilities for the clever or courageous. New trades is a realm of foggy bogs, wet marshes, and rocky farmland.
and crafts have emerged, offering steam engines, clockwork The Ordic people find diversion in song, gambling, and ale
machines, factory-forged goods, and fiendish weapons for rather than dwelling on life’s inequities. Ord occupies a
those with the coin to afford them. unique niche as a neutral nation that has become a haven to
Mechanika, the combination of arcane power with all manner of mercenaries and privateers.
engineering, has resulted in sweeping changes. One of the Centrally located, the former nation of Llael is now
first and most dramatic mechanikal innovations were the occupied by Khador and contested by Menite zealots. A
mighty engines of war called colossals by which the people of beleaguered Llaelese Resistance fights on, but many Llaelese
western Immoren defeated the Orgoth. Those machines were see this cause as futile. The chaos of this region has made life
replaced by smaller but more intelligent and agile difficult while creating lucrative opportunities for
automatons called steamjacks, used extensively for labor. mercenaries, spies, missionaries, and anyone skilled at arms,
Steamjacks haul goods from ships and trains, lift impossible engineering, or smuggling.
loads for construction, and are employed on the fringes of The Protectorate of Menoth is the newest Iron Kingdom.
civilization to chop wood or till fields. When armed for war, This theocracy emerged from the Cygnaran Civil War over a
these machines are called warjacks, and some carry the most century ago as a result of a religious schism. While once
advanced weapons ever created. beholden to Cygnaran law, the Protectorate declared
The supernatural is a tangible and usually hostile thing in independence and committed to a violent crusade against
western Immoren. The dead rise from graveyards at the those refusing to pray to Menoth, the Creator of Man. Its
behest of necromancers to beset the living. The gods are real priests enforce a strict interpretation of their religion to keep
and to be feared as much as praised, and their priests can the population in line.
invoke both curses and blessings. Some say the Gift of Magic The nonhuman nations of Rhul and Ios lie adjacent to the
is more of a curse than a blessing. It arises spontaneously in lands of men, while to the west across the Meredius is the
children or young adults who become sorcerers and who Nightmare Empire of Cryx, an island realm ruled by the
cannot always control the forces they instinctively channel. Dragonfather, Toruk. Extensive wilds like the Gnarls, the
They have at times been persecuted as witches, condemned Thornwood, the Bloodstone Marches, and the Wyrmwall
by priests of both the Menite and Morrowan religions that Mountains present myriad savage hazards.
hold sway over spiritual matters. Yet arcanists who master Those who would prosper in the Iron Kingdoms must be
their talents and belong to respected orders become vital well armed and band together with others possessing the grit
members of their communities. The militaries of every nation and fortitude to strike out in search of adventure. There are
are eager to utilize such talents, especially those rare few countless paths to fame and fortune—but just as many to
with the warcaster ability allowing them to commune with death and ruin. Which fate is in store for you?
the artificial minds of warjacks.

Chapter 1:Races of the Iron Kingdoms

variety of races and ethnicities call the Iron Kossites do not like to be disturbed, even by other Kossites.
Kingdoms home, but humanity is They have a reputation for being unfriendly and indifferent,
unquestionably the most dominant despite the tending to prefer the isolation of their backcountry homes to
fact that dwarves, elves, goblins, ogrun, and the urban innovations of city life, and their small
trollkin all have complex civilizations and communities consist of just a few families. In truth, they are
histories of their own. known for hostilities amongst their own as much as with
outsiders. They are known also for their knowledge of the
land, and most Kossites make brilliant hunters and trappers.
Humans Those who set out into the wider world often find
The earliest chronicles of men have survived since the Old employment in the Queen’s army as scouts and foragers.
Races Era over 6,500 years ago, with roots going back to
strong tribal societies. Yet, thousands of years later, the lines Ryn
are becoming less distinct. Homogenization looms, in some Many Immorese folk display their hard labors on their faces;
nations more than others, and impending ethnic dilution dark and worn, weather and scarred. This is not the case in
grows closer every day. Cygnar and Ord, in particular, are fast Llael, where the Rynnish majority tends to be pleasing to the
becoming hodgepodge nations as the spirit of enterprise and eye, if not the ears, with their honeyed voices and debonair
industry brings people closer together and replaces ethnic mannerisms.
boundaries with political ones. Though often labeled as flippant cavaliers, foppish counts,
Of course, segregation and discrimination in such nations- or shameful charlatans, courtly manners are of great
in every multi-ethnic nation of Immoren- does exist, and each importance in Llael, and measure of a man is taken based on
nation of men has begun to integrate their ethnicities to some appearance and manners. Rynfolk are witty, arrogant,
minor capacity. Cultural traditions, aptitudes, and biological charming, conceited, flirtatious, beguiling, and devil-may-care-
differences remain present, even if somewhat diminished sometimes altogether, but rarely all at once. Not to say that
through interbreeding. In this time of industrialization, every Ryn is a rogue; some of them serve lords and ladies
national pride serves to blur the ethnic boundaries more than throughout the kingdoms as courtiers and valets, as they are
anything else, followed closely by the initiative of enterprise. brought up with a gift for eloquence.

Men of the Northern Kingdoms Skirov

On the fringes of the Motherland, high in the Khadoran
The frozen north of Immoren is home to mountains, tundras, mountains, reside the barbaric Skirov. Never a unified nation,
and huge evergreen forests. The Khadoran Empire lays claim they were primarily hordes descending from their mountain
to this land, but above certain latitudes national boundaries retreats in ages past to raid and pillage their pastoral cousins.
cease to have any meaning. In the distant north, men mingle In those long ago times, the Skirov worshipped the
with Nyss elves and Rhulic dwarves and ogrun, while east of Devourer Wurm, but as the world infringed upon the
Khador and south of Rhul, the kingdom of Llael is nestled barbarian north, the tribes who prospered were the ones who
acknowledged the truth of Menoth- and some eventually
Khard Morrow. Today, their faith is more rigid than ever. Often, they
The Khardic men and women of Khador are large in stature devote themselves to rooting out enemies of their faith with
and long in memory. It is said, often by the Khards the same savagery of their ancestors. Skirov are thickset and
themselves, that the bloodlines of giants run in their veins. pale-skinned, often bearing scars and tattoos that are the
This may well be true, for indeed theirs is a harsh land where legacy of ancient practices.
only the strong survive. Certain families can be distinguished at a glance by their
Giants or no, the blood of the Khardic horse lords of the markings, akin to Orgoth branding practices from centuries
old empire runs through them. They have a nigh mystic ago. Indeed, during the Occupation other ties were forged
regard for their riding animals, and Khardic horsemen are between the Skirov and the Orgoth, and even today it is
frightening opponents. While older values tend to outweigh whispered that Skirov loyalty is questionable.
newer ideals, the Khards are not against employing new
skills and industries for the Motherland. Proud, pugnacious, Umbrean
and patriotic, these folk are easy to incite to action for their Just east of the Khadoran-Llaelese border, the Umbreans of
country. Laedry- where many of them reside- are a minority if ever one
existed. They are few in number, which seems to please
Kossite Khadorans and Llaelese. To most Khadorans, these people
Few lands are as untamed as savage Khador, and few people serve as a reminder of loss of the former capital of Khard,
are as untamed as the Kossites. The people of the long-lost while to the Llaelese, they are seen as untrustworthy
realm of Kos are reclusive, living in relative confinement sellswords.
among the very trees they embody; they are tall and thick-
limbed like the northern oaks, steadfast as the winter woods,
and as ready to repel intruders as the thorny blackroots.

    Considering these attitudes, it should come as little However, their practicality suffers when their obstinacy
surprise that most Umbreans are more than passable takes a firm grip of their faculties. Even if a Midlunder
fighters. They’re a tight-knit group with guarded dispositions, realized he wasn’t going about something in the finest
rarely venturing abroad without a blade at the ready. Indeed, fashion, he’d be damned before he’d let on that he was
soldiery is deeply rooted in the blood of Old Umbrey, and proceeding in the wrong. Seems foolish to outsiders, but if a
though few in number, these square-built, weathered folk task falls to a Midlunder, it’ll be finished, and finished well,
appear in nearly every army and mercenary company one way or the other. This attitude goes a long way toward
throughout Immoren, usually as small bands of Umbreans explaining the high number of Midlunders in the Cygnaran
that keep to their own. military.
In truth, much of their lineage has been depleted, though Most Midlunders have brown, auburn, or ginger hair, but
they deny it. Over the generations, Umbreans have lighter locks are not uncommon. Their skin ranges from pale
intermingeld with Khards, Skirov, and Ryn, but if asked an to ruddy, and their physiques run the gamut. If trained or
Umbrean will quickly recite his lineage back to the apprenticed properly, Midlunder tenacity means they take to
horselords that once rode roughshod over the northern just about any craft they put their minds to.
steppes during the height of the Khardic Empire. They take
their former glory seriously, and men have died in duels over Morridane
ill-placed remarks about an Umbrean’s lineage. These folk no Generations ago, east of Tordor and south of the Khardic
longer have a kingdom of their own; their loyalties lie with the Empire, dark forests and mysterious swamplands made up
relics and paintings of a bygone era when they were the the river valley called Morrdh, named for the nearly forgotten,
proud princes and warlords of Old Umbrey. ancient kingdom that only exists now beyond a veil of
memory and myth. This is now a dread and murky place
Other Ethnicities where shadowy creatures and wicked magics loom among
In the far north, small pockets of humans called Vindol live sunken ruins and petrified bones.
in the Shard Spires and shun civilization. Their neighbors in From such a feared realm come the Morridane. Ancient
the Rimeshaws and the Scarsfell and the Vilkhon Bluffs are records show that the lawbreakers and criminally insane
the Ruscar, the Vorgoi, and the even fewer Bolotov, from other countries were exiled or escaped into the boggy
respectively, all of whom have minority representation in wastelands over the centuries because of their
Tverkutsk and Ohk and villages throughout northwestern transgressions, surely lending to the valley’s insidious
Khador. In the eastern steppes and among the Kovosk Hills, reputation. These renegades and outcasts had to learn every
pastoral nomads called the Yhari-Umbreans are primarily sticky branch, soggy suckhole, and dark grotto of Morrdh in
shepherds and herdsmen, but some still ride in bands like the order to stay alive, and generations of living and dying in the
horselords of yesteryear. muck have bred a suspicious and reclusive lot.
In the open borderlands between Llael and Rhul, the Not all of them have dark souls, though. Some have
majority of the Nyan- considered little more than animistic emerged to build trading communities, which some say is the
barbarians- have settled as farmers and herdsmen. Their spirit of ancient Morrdh taking hold. Regardless, if one has
numbers are very few; it is believed that only a few thousand the wherewithal to delve beyond the grimy exterior and
exist, and many of these are abandoning domestication and endure their guarded manner, one might discover that within
returning to raiding or migrating into Rhydden, Leryn, and many a Morridane is a shrewd and honorable soul. Then
Riversmet in search of either a more profitable or less again, one just might uncover a foul-breathed, cold-blooded
dangerous occupation. brigand with a quick dagger…
Men of the Central Kingdoms Thurian
At the heart of the Iron Kingdoms lies the kingdoms of The Thurians have a knack for subtly bending the truth to get
Cygnar and Ord. Cygnar is the world leader in what they want, be it a fast gold crown or two in a backwater
industrialization, while Ord is the preeminent naval power, pub, or weaving an incantation to hurl lightning bolts. Hiding
ensuring the people of both nations are a common sight beneath their fair hair and ruddy tones are some of the most
wherever one ventures. strategically minded men and women in all of Immoren.
They are excellent learners in both books and bar rooms.
With so many port towns and a constant flow of foreign trade
Dominating the northern regions of Cygnar, the Midlunder in and out of their region, the quick-to-learn Thurians easily
population is second only to the Caspians, and a more find work in any walk of life. Time and again, these self-
obstinate breed doesn’t exist. These no-nonsense, rugged folk assured youngsters, swayed by the life of the adventuring
look for the most practical means of accomplishing a task, sailor, end up bound to some grimy Ordic vessel or, worse,
and won’t quit until it’s done. shackled in the belly of a Cryxian slave ship. But a sharp
mind can be just as deadly as a sharp dagger, and many
Thurians have become pirates and brigands, raiding the
highways and waterways of Immoren. Surprisingly, and
unlike most other cultures, Thurians do not spurn
spellcasters; in fact, many are trusted as much, if not more
than, their priests.

Tordoran Men of the Southern Kingdoms
The Tordorans are the original lords of Ord, and they don’t Southern Immoren is home to the lower half of Cygnar, as
mind letting everyone know. Like the Ryn, Tordoran blood well as the beshadowed kingdom of Cryx in the Scharde
remains more pure than many other ethnicities due to Isles. The Protectorate of Menoth also lies south of Cygnar,
ancestral pride and the desire of the castellans to maintain nestled in the unforgiving deserts bequeathed to them in the
this purity. Aside from the Khardic Empire and the Kingdom wake of the Cygnaran Civil War. East of the Protectorate lies
of Caspia, the nation of Tordor was one of the shining the wide, sandy expanses of the Bloodstone Marches.
examples of humanity prior to the Occupation, and they put
up the greatest resistance against the foreign invaders,
spearheading the confrontation with their armada. Caspian/Sulese
Nowadays, the castellans of Ord are High Tordoran. They Though of the same descent, more than a river separates the
claim the finest ships throughout the kingdoms and control Caspians and the Sulese. Caspia is one of the greatest cities
ninety percent of the nation’s resources. Their ancestral in the civilized world. It is a testament to the skill of men and
legacies are preserved through arranged marriages and has stood as a beacon and refuge to southerners for well over
blood-debts with other castellan families. a thousand years. Just over a century ago, however, the City of
In the main, the High Tordorans see their lowborn brothers Walls was torn asunder and thousands of lives were lost in a
as little better than Thurians, yet a castellan family would still religiously fueled civil war that resulted in the birth of the
prefer to see one of their own captaining their vessels, Protectorate of Menoth and the city of Sul.
highborn or low- though the majority of any crew is likely to Today, on the Caspian side of the Black River, the
be Thurian. Indeed, the western seas have always been their Sancteum of Morrow stands as a monument to the arisen
most notable conquest, both historically and today, and Twins, while east of the water, the walls of Sul are a constant
shipboard trade owes much to the efforts of Tordoran sea reminder of Menoth’s presence. Caspians and Sulese are the
captains. most abundant people of western Immoren. Aside from their
Not all are called to the sea, however. Some among the religious differences, they are much the same, the only
lowborn have never spent a day aboard a ship. They prefer to outward discrepancy being hygiene and attire, as even the
live among the “plebeians,” but in truth, thanks to the common Caspian has access to simple comforts unavailable
castellans, most Tordorans simply can’t afford to do to the inhabitants of the Protectorate. Caspians of the
otherwise. They live out their days with a few coppers in their temperate regions are usually cream-skinned, whereas those
pockets, looking for gainful opportunities and cheap drinks. of the south have brown or coppery skin. Hair and eyes are
typically dark and their frames typically trim. Sulese people
Other Ethnicities are even more trim and darkened by the sun and wind of the
Interspersed throughout Ord and western Cygnar are the desert landscape.
Radiz and the Sinari, two ethnic groups that appear Bitterness still very much exists between these peoples to
somewhat interrelated. Both are considered vagabond races this day, more on the eastern side of the river than the west,
that have never rightfully held lands of their own. They and many feel it is but a matter of time before this race is
mingle as best they can as entertainers, fortune-tellers, once again at each other’s throats.
thieves, dancers, and sailors, and can be found in small
pocket groups mostly throughout coastal towns and cities Idrian
from Carre Dova to Highgate. The Radiz are dusky-skinned The barbarians of the Bloodstone Marches are diminishing.
by lighter in both frame and complexion next to the Sinari, Those that still exist refer to the deserts of the east as “Idria.”
who have a very distinct and contrasting umber-hued tone Hence, according to western logic, all of them must be Idrian.
and broader facial features, characterizing them as foreign to As maintained by this race, they hail from a hundred different
the more indigenous, fairer-skinned races. tribes, but this means little to the Sulese who have opressed
Cygnar also has several other pocket ethnic groups. In the them.
northwest among the Gnarls to White Bay are the sparse and At one time, the Idrians inhabited the fringes of the
incomprehensible Gnasir and the even sparser and more Marches and the lands further south, but incessant feuds and
incomprehensible Arjun, both of whom tend to speak a nasal a sudden “changing of the earth” wiped most of them out.
swampie dialect. Scattered throughout the Wyrmwall are Those who emerged from the sands converted to Menoth. A
such groups as the Olgar and the Clamorgan; in the few stragglers still refuse to accept the new religion, but they
southern mountains, the Baldavans are gradually migrating are withdrawing further into the Marches and southward as
coastward and have even made nationalistic demands to be the decades pass.
recognized by the Cygnaran Crown as their own government.

    Idrians are easily marked, with almond-shaped eyes and Dwarf Traits
dark brown to olive skin. They have adopted much of the
Sulese culture, but while some of their traditions have been Your dwarf character has an assortment of inborn abilities,
eradicated by the Menite influence, many families still part and parcel of dwarven nature.
practice “less offensive” rituals: peculiar naming ceremonies, Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases
marriage rituals, funeral rites, fire-eating rituals, hair-cutting by 2 and your Wisdom score increases by 1.
ceremonies, the use of cosmetic dyes, and various piercing Age. Dwarves reach adulthood at around two decades and
practices just to name a few. So far, the theocracy has live 140 years on average.
tolerated these customs, but Idrian death rites, in particular, Size. Dwarves stand between 4 and 5 feet tall and average
are coming under much scrutiny from the Hierarch and his about 150 pounds. Your size is Medium.
exemplars. Whether these converts will fade over time or Speed. Your walking speed is 25 feet. Your speed is not
increase remains to be seen, but it seems unlikely that the reduced by wearing heavy armor.
Protectorate will ever fully stamp out the old ways of the Darkvision. Accustomed to life underground, you have
Idrians. superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in
dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in
Scharde darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in
The most abundant inhabitants in Cryx are the undead, but darkness, only shades of gray.
second in number are the malevolent and unmannered Dwarven Resilience. You have advantage on saving
Scharde. The taint of dragonblight hangs heavy over the throws against poison, and you have resistance against
Scharde Isles, making these folk the darkest sort of humans. poison damage.
For centuries, they have raided the coasts, sailing under the Dwarven Toughness. Your hit point maximum increases
flags of pirate captains who serve pirate kings who, in turn, by 1, and it increases by 1 every time you gain a level.
serve racketeers that answer to the powerful Lich Lords- the Dwarven Weapon Training. You have proficiency with the
very servants of Lord Toruk. Indeed, every Scharde is battleaxe, handaxe, light hammer, and warhammer.
connected to the Dragonfather, whether they acknowledge it Stonecunning. Whenever you make an Intelligence
or not. Dragonblight affects Schardes differently. Outwardly, (History) check related to the origin of stonework, you are
many look as human as any other, save for their cultural considered proficient in the History skill and add double your
habits of ritual scarring, tattooing, and bone piercings. proficiency bonus to the check, instead of your normal
Socially, however, all Scharde tend to be callous cutthroats proficiency bonus.
who would sell their own children if the need arose. Those Tool Proficiency. You gain proficiency with one set of
living nearest to the Dragonlord’s nest, however, bear black or artisan’s tools of your choice.
shining eyes, razor-sharp teeth, discolored skin, blackened Languages. You can speak Rhulic and one extra language
nails, and pronounced veins in the face and neck. Even so, of your choice.
this blight is subtle compared to the deeper taint that
threatens the souls of each and every Scharde. Elves
Human Traits In their secluded eastern realm, where other races are barred
upon pain of death, the elves of Ios live in a state of
It’s hard to make generalizations about humans, but your apprehehsion. Pressure is constantly exerted by outspoken
human character has these traits. and influential radicals upon their leaders. The elven
Ability Score Increase. Your ability scores each increase extremists implore action against the rest of the world,
by 1. pointing out the threat of those who dare cross their borders
Age. Humans reach adulthood in their late teens and live in search of plunder, their numbers ever increasing, or the
less than a century. irresponsible actions of outsiders through the arbitrary
Size. Humans vary widely in height and build, from barely misuse of magic– actions that are “killing” their goddess.
5 feet to well over 6 feet tall. Regardless of your position in Nevertheless, elven leaders in the Consulate Court remain
that range, your size is Medium. locked in debate regarding any action, some of them
Speed. Your walking speed is 30 feet. incensed, others completely dismissive, all of them
Languages. You can speak two languages of your choice. exasperated. In truth, it is generally acknowledged that
humans are a threat to the Iosan way of life– and perhaps
Dwarves ultimately the very existence of the elven race– but open
warfare against the countless outsiders is impractical to most
Dwarves are equally stalwart in body and demeanor. They of the consuls, who insist this would only hasten their
have a great lust for life, strong religious convictions, and rich demise. Such antagonism among their upper classes has
codes of honor and law. Their culture is as distinct and every elf on edge, it seems. They are a people very much
substantial as the mountains they call home. It is a common afraid of what lies beyond and before them.
human perception to think of Rhul as fixed and unchanging,
but this is not true. They are highly adaptable, with a firm
grasp of the changing times. The dwarves of today are much
the same, yet very different from their ancestors. They are
engineers without peer, readily embracing the advances of
mechanika, the conveniences of steam power, and the
improvement of all things manufactured.

    The elusive elves called Nyss are even more mysterious Cold Resistance. You have resistance to cold damage. In
than their distant Iosan kin. They are a nomadic and tribal addition, you are unharmed by temperatures as low as -50
people that keep their secrets closely. Because of this, their degrees Fahrenheit.
far northern territories have seen very little contact with any Nyss Weapon Training. You have proficiency with the
of their Rhulic or Khadoran neighbors. Rarely do the Nyss greatsword, longsword, longbow, and shortbow. When making
openly cross paths with outsiders, but when these encounters an attack with a greatsword, you use your choice of your
do happen they are tense and occasionally end in bloodshed Strength or Dexterity modifier for the attack and damage
if formalities are not observed, especially when fools dare to rolls. Take note that the weapon does not gain the finesse
venture beyond the runestone-marked borders of Nyss property.
Some folk brand them as backward, ignorant savages, but
they have a rich heritage and are skilled in the arts of Goblins
carpentry, leather craft, and smithing. They construct halls of Goblins in the kingdoms are commonly separated into two
wood and stone- even what might be considered small towns. groups: gobbers and bogrin. Gobbers are a widespread and
However, these dwellings do not belong to specific people, notably wayfaring race, found nearly anywhere humans are
but instead are occupied on a temporary basis by the various found, and often where they are not. Of all the cultured races,
shards as they pass through regions on their seasonal despite their physical appearance and peculiar habits, goblins
sojourns. The Nyss do not practice mining, so metals are rare are the most “human” in their outlook and way of life.
and highly valued by the tribes. This is perhaps one of the few They are social creatures, and gobbers form sizable
reasons they interact at all with outsiders, occasionally communities, villages, and even towns, with rules, laws, and
trading with outlying Khadoran or Rhulic settlements for iron an established caste system. There are four underlying
and precious metals, which they primarily use for creating groups: intellectuals and priests of Dhunia (bruhmeyena
their sacred weapons. taka), rulers and warriors (kuteshihahu taka), merchants and
skilled artisans (vishipudeeti taka), and other laborers (simply
Elf Traits called taka). These four classes are lacking in the more
Your elf character has a variety of natural abilities, the result primitive, nomadic bogrin kriels, who divide themselves into
of thousands of years of elven refinement. the kuteshihahu and everyone else.
Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by
2. Goblin Traits
Age. Elves physically mature by age 23 and can live to be Your goblin character has the following traits as a result of
275 years old. their quick fingers and peculiar upbringings.
Size. Elves range from 5 and half to well over 6 feet tall Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by
and have slender builds. Your size is Medium. 2.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. Age. Goblins mature very quickly, reaching adulthood in
Darkvision. Accustomed to twilit forests and the night sky, their early teens. Few live far beyond half a century.
you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can Size. Gobbers average about 3 feet tall and weigh around
see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, 40 pounds. Your size is Small.
and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet.
in darkness, only shades of gray. Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you
Children of the Veld. You have advantage on saving as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim
throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put you to light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
sleep. Stealthy. You have proficiency in the Stealth skill.
Keen Senses. You have proficiency in the Perception skill. Swampborn. You have advantage on saving throws against
Languages. You can speak either Shyr or Aeric and one poison, and you have resistance against poison damage.
other language of your choice. Languages. You can speak Gobberish and one other
language of your choice.
Iosan Elf
    Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases Bogrin
by 1.     Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases
Arcane Senses. You may cast the detect magic spell once by 1.
using this trait. You regain the ability to do so when you finish Pack Tactics. You have advantage on attack rolls against a
a short or long rest. creature if at least one of your allies is within 5 feet of the
Iosan Weapon Training. You have proficiency with the creature and the ally isn't incapacitated.
longsword, shortsword, shortbow, and longbow. Silent Hunter. You can attempt to hide even when you are
Extra Language. You can speak, read, and write one extra only lightly obscured by foliage, heavy rain, falling snow, mist,
language of your choice. and other natural phenomena.
Nyss Elf Gobber
    Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases     Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases
by 1. by 1.
Nimble. You can move through the space of any creature
that is of a size larger than yours.

    Escape Artist. You are proficient in the Acrobatics skill, Ogrun Weapon Training. You have proficiency with the
and you have advantage on Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks glaive, halberd, and pike.
against effects that cause the grappled or restrained Powerful Build. You count as one size larger when
conditions. determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can
Additionally, when an enemy misses you with an attack, push, drag, or lift.
you can use your reaction to move up to your speed without Languages. You can speak Molgur-Og and one additional
provoking opportunity attacks. language of your choice.
Tool Proficiency. You gain proficiency with the artisan’s
tools of your choice: alchemist’s supplies or tinkerer’s tools.
Ogrun Trollkin are large; the smallest of them are on par with the
largest of men, and they stand roughly a head shorter than a
Tracing the history of the ogrun is not easy, for they have had hefty ogrun, but they cannot be mistaken for either. Their
few chroniclers of note. Their past is known best among thick, freckled skin is pale gray touched blue and green in
those living in Rhul, where they have lived in harmony with places, and their irises so colorless their eyes appear stark
the dwarves for centuries. Long ago, the ogrun were part of white at a distance. They have large, three-fingered hands
an alliance of barbarians known as Molgur, a savage yet and three-toed feet, spiny protrusions on the backs of their
egalitarian confederation of humans, ogrun, trollkin, and heads and necks, and their sonorous voices are not easily
goblins. The Molgur swept through the southern human misjudged. Some among them have been “blessed” and born
tribes like a plague, conquering all who stood before them with sorcerous abilities. A trollkin sorcerer is easily marked
and taking tribute and sacrifice. The ogrun were the most as they are smaller than their kin, with stark white skin bereft
powerful of these warriors, entrusted with holding the front of any coloration, and are held in high regard among their
lines even in the most impossible battles. people.
Yet for all their killing prowess and enormous strength, For the trollkin, the ethno-tribal way of life has never faded.
they have ever been a spiritual people and are noted for their Every trollkin is a member of a tightly knit clan called a kith,
loyalty even today. Indeed, ogrun will put their lives on the who are often related by blood, and neighboring kith are
line readily for those to whom they have given their considered a kriel, essentially a word in Molgur that
allegiance. translates as “people.” It is believed that as many as 200 kriel
In time, the Molgur were scattered. No longer bound by ties exist throughout western Immoren. The eldest kith of a kriel
of unity and seeking only survival, the bulk of the ogrun are called the Circle of Stones, and it is these who regulate
journeyed north, into the far mountains, where they and establish trollkin customs, laws, and religion. Indeed,
sometimes crossed the dwarves of Rhul. Occasional tribes of trollkin culture is a lavish display of colors and decorations.
ogrun were put to the sword, and sometimes a dwarven Every kith has a quitari, a tartan pattern that distinguishes
patrol would vanish, but, in time, both races have learned to their kith that is sometimes worn as a sash around the waist
respect the other and live in peace. or over the shoulder, and is incorporated on banners and
pennons. Trollkin are unrestrained in their music and dance
Ogrun Traits and just as unrestrained in their beliefs that all natural
Your ogrun character is large and imposing, and has a variety phenomena are born of Dhunia and have souls. Spirits
of characteristics that derive from their great stature. dominate everything they do, and it is customary, in honor of
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by Dhunia, to offer fruits and flowers to others as a token of
2 and your Constitution score increases by 1. goodwill or to make amends.
Age. Ogrun mature only marginally faster than humans A trollkin’s blood and bloodline, like their souls, are
and live for the better part of a century. extremely important affairs, and it is considered a grave
Size. Ogrun stand roughly 8 feet tall on average, and weigh offense to dismiss or disrespect such a thing. Most trollkin
close to 400 pounds. Your size is Medium. adherents of Dhunia believe that all things come from and
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. return to the earth to be reborn. Because they are so close-
Class Restriction. Ogrun cannot take levels in Bard, knit, trollkin are sometimes considered aloof by other races,
Sorcerer, or Wizard, and they cannot select the Eldritch occasionally even hostile. This may have something to do
Knight or Arcane Trickster subclasses, as they do not have with their bias against creatures they consider “weak
the Gift. blooded,” but they try not to hold this too personally against
Long-Limbed. When you make a melee attack on your those who don’t have the good fortune to be born trollkin.
turn, your reach for it is 5 feet greater than normal. Trollkin Traits
Menacing. You are proficient with the Intimidation skill.
Oathkeeper. You can take a moment to remember your Your trollkin character has certain traits thanks to their
oaths and steel yourself for the tasks to come as a bonus resilient physiology.
action. Once within the next 10 minutes, you may roll a d6 Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases
and add that number to one ability check, attack roll, or by 2 and your Strength score increases by 1.
saving throw you make. You can wait until after you roll the Age. Trollkin mature at about the same rate as humans,
d20 before deciding to use this ability, but must decide before but they can live to be over 150 years old.
the DM says whether the roll succeeds or fails. You cannot Size. Trollkin stand between 6-1/2 and 7-1/2 feet tall and
use this ability again until you finish a short or long rest. weigh about 250 pounds, though trollkin arcane spellcasters
among are albino and a head shorter. Your size is Medium.

    Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. Farrow society is brutal by the standards of some
Natural Athlete. You have proficiency in the Athletics skill. outsiders, as the strong dominate the weak and disputes are
Poison Resistance. You have advantage on saving throws commonly resolved through violence. Dhunian shamans hold
against poison, and you have resistance against poison a respected position in farrow villages and can sometimes
damage. mediate escalating conflicts that threaten the community.
Regeneration. Whenever you spend Hit Dice during a Though religion is not a central aspect of farrow life, most
short rest, double the number of hit points you regain. In tribes venerate Dhunia to some degree, depicting her as a
addition, you slowly regenerate severed body parts, growing pregnant female of their race. Farrow spellcasters often rise
back severed fingers and toes after 24 hours; severed hands to leadership thanks to their special talents. The greatest
and feet after 3 days; and severed limbs after 1 week. If a farrow warlords are those who can control porcine warbeasts
severed body part is present and whole, you can reattach it and employ them to crush would-be rivals. Nonetheless, there
during a short rest as long as you spend at least one Hit Die is room in farrow society for other roles, and those who are
to regain hit points. clever or skilled seek the protection of stronger allies who
Tough As Nails. You can focus yourself to occasionally value their talents.
shrug off injury. When you take damage, you can use your
reaction to roll a d12. Add your Constitution modifier to the Farrow Traits
number rolled, and reduce the damage by that total. After you Your farrow character has certain traits thanks to their hardy
use this trait, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or bodies.
long rest. Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases
Languages. You can speak Molgur-Trul and one other by 2 and your Strength score increases by 1.
language of your choice. Age. Farrow mature at about the same rate as humans, but
they live less than a century.
Other Races Size. Farrow stand about as tall as humans, but are
broader and carry themselves hunched over. They weigh
Though humans comprise the vast majority of western about 200 pounds. Your size is Medium.
Immoren’s inhabitants, and elves, dwarves, and the the Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Dhunian races form a significant minority, there are many Charge. When you use your action to Dash, you may make
other sentient species throughout the continent. Sometimes, one melee attack as a bonus action. If you move at least 10
these strange and exotic people make their way to the feet in a straight line immediately before taking this bonus
periphery of civilization as adventurers. action, the attack deals extra damage on a successful hit. You
can roll one of the weapon's damage dice one additional time
Farrow and add it to the damage of the attack.
Disease Resistance. You have advantage on saving throws
Farrow are an opportunistic and hardy race of boar-men that against diseases.
has thrived on the fringes of civilization for centuries. They Keen Smell. You have advantage on Wisdom (Perception)
are found among the unclaimed badlands of Cygnar and are checks that rely on smell.
particularly numerous on the habitable fringes of the Natural Weapons. You can use your tusks as a natural
Bloodstone Marches. Their territories are dotted with farrow weapon to make unarmed strikes. If you hit with your horns,
villages led by local chieftains, with populations ranging from you deal slashing damage equal to 1d6 + your Strength
a few dozen individuals into the hundreds. The mightiest of modifier.
these local leaders are self-appointed warlords, each of whom Poison Resistance. You have advantage on saving throws
has dominated numerous lesser chiefs. Many farrow make a against poison, and you have resistance against poison
living as guides, scouts, and traders, and some sustain damage.
themselves as brigands, attacking travelers on the trade Relentless. When you are reduced to 0 hit points but not
roads of western Immoren to pilfer goods. Farrow also make killed outright, you can drop to 1 hit point instead. You can't
excellent cooks. (Bacon makes everything taste better.) use this feature again until you finish a long rest.
Farrow are a sturdy, strong race possessing a natural talent Languages. You can speak Grun and one other language of
for physical activity. They stand about as tall as humans but your choice.
carry themselves in a stooped, hunchbacked posture. A
farrow’s face is much like that of a boar, with a long tusked
snout and a flat cartilaginous nose, but the eyes betray a keen
intelligence. Farrow are quite shrewd and have a deserved
reputation as peerless scavengers. They waste little; in their
raids they will take anything that isn’t bolted down and will
transform even cast-off materials into effective weapons,
tools, and armor. Though life on the fringes requires many to
indulge in opportunistic banditry to survive, farrow
settlements are generally open to trading with other races,
and farrow warriors often sell their services as mercenaries
and guides. Grun, the farrow tongue, has a simple grammar
and includes a large number of words borrowed or modified
from Cygnaran, peppered with emotive grunts and squeals
irreproducible by humans.

Powerful Build. You count as one size larger when
Gatorman determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can
Bipedal reptiles endowed with formidable natural weapons, push, drag, or lift.
gatormen are primal hunters who dwell in deep swamps and Languages. You can speak Quor-Gar and one other
along remote rivers, dominating any area they inhabit. They language of your choice.
are feared predators notorious for guarding their territories
with bloodthirsty efficiency and will eagerly assail any Satyxis
Gatormen have long jaws lined with large, sharp teeth for The satyxis are an ancient warrior race. Once famous for
rending flesh, and their bite has bone-shattering power. Their their honorable traditions and prowess in battle, they led a
thickly scaled hide overlays exceptionally dense muscle, life of conflict and heroism. As it happens, a fight between
providing tough natural armor. A gatorman’s mind is that of a Toruk and the dragon Shazkz devastated the homeland of the
cold-blooded predator always searching for prey to consume. satyxis centuries ago. Dragon fire and spilled dragon blood
Gatormen can live incredibly long, and they spend the tainted the land and ultimately the satyxis bloodline as well.
majority of that prolonged life jostling for dominance among The women survived, but the men were rendered monstrous
their own kind. Tribes tend to be independent of each other if and deformed. Over the ages, this dragonblight has crept
not openly antagonistic, competing for resources and hunting further into their blood, making the women strong and the
territory. Gatorman tribes are led by bokors, feral witch men non-existent.
doctors who command predatory swamp spirits and After the blight took hold, satyxis women learned it was
necromantic powers. best to mate exclusively outside of their own bloodline. Myth
Ruthless but pragmatic, gatormen will often barter with and records show they often choose to seduce their most
outsiders who bear offerings. Swamp denizens must placate capable opponents (traditionally known as chosen) into
or otherwise come to terms with local gatorman tribes if they fathering their children. Once with child, the satyxis mother
hope to survive. Gatormen do not lightly break their word— leaves the chosen male and retreats to her homeland to give
whether a promise of safe passage or a vow of vengeance— birth. Daughters are treated as warriors with a birthright—
and are rigid in interpreting such agreements, savagely the sons are brutally sacrificed.
punishing those suspected of betrayal. Today, the satyxis homeland is lost, though it is thought to
be close to Cryx. In the modern day, the women the Orgoth
Gatorman Traits called “reaver witches” are well known on that dark isle and
the surrounding waters. Select daughters are chosen by
Your gatorman character has a handful of abilities due to Toruk to serve his will as assassins or worse. Pirate crews
their biology. also value the satyxis as elite officers.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases
by 2 and your Wisdom score increases by 1. Satyxis Traits
Age. Gatormen can live several centuries, but most die
from violence well before then. Your satyxi character has certain traits thanks to her piratical
Size. Gatormen tower over humans, standing 7 to 8 feet upbringing.
tall and weighing between 500 and 600 pounds. Your size is Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by
Medium. 2 and your Charisma score increases by 1.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. Age. Satyxis mature at the same rate as humans, and can
Swim Speed. You have a swimming speed of 30 feet. live to be up to 120 years old.
Bayou Lore. You gain proficiency with two of the following Size. Satyxi are about the height and weight of human
skills of your choice: Animal Handling, Nature, Perception, men, with large horns adding the greater part of a foot to
Stealth, and Survival. their height. Your size is Medium.
Bite. Your fanged maw is a natural weapon, which you can Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
use to make unarmed strikes. If you hit with it, you deal Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you
piercing damage equal to 1d6 + your Strength modifier, as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim
instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for an unarmed light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
strike. Blightborn. You have resistance to necrotic damage thanks
Hold Breath. You can hold your breath for up to 15 to a traditional Cryxian upbringing.
minutes at a time. Natural Weapons. You can use your horns as a natural
Hungry Jaws. In battle, you can throw yourself into a weapon to make unarmed strikes. If you hit with your horns,
vicious feeding frenzy. As a bonus action, you can make a you deal bludgeoning damage equal to 1d6 + your Strength
special attack with your bite. If the attack hits, it deals its modifier.
normal damage, and you gain temporary hit points equal to
your Constitution modifier (minimum of 1), and you can't use
this trait again until you finish a short or long rest.
Natural Armor. You have tough, scaly skin. When you
aren't wearing armor, your AC is 13 + your Dexterity modifier.
You can use your natural armor to determine your AC if the
armor you wear would leave you with a lower AC. A shield's
benefits apply as normal while you use your natural armor.

    Siren’s Song. You can cast the charm person spell once Skorne Traits
with this trait. You regain the ability to do so when you finish
a long rest. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these Your skorne character has certain abilities thanks to their
spells. harsh conditioning.
Languages. You can speak Satyxi, Cygnaran (Scharde Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by
Tongue dialect), and one other language of your choice. 2 and one ability score of your choice increases by 1.
Age. Skorne mature at about the same rate as humans and
usually live less than a century.
Skorne Size. Skorne are tall and lean of build, standing between 5-
The skorne are one of Immoren’s most ancient civilizations. 1/2 and 7 feet tall and weighing about 160 pounds. Your size
Their culture developed apart from the forces that shaped the is Medium.
western nations, but though they never suffered the lash of Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
the Orgoth or the conflicts of the west, they endured a litany Skilled. You have proficiency in two skills of your choice.
of catastrophes and warfare. The skorne have been Languages. You can speak Skorne and one other language
fundamentally shaped by tremendous destruction and of your choice.
suffering, beginning with the annihilation of the Empire of
Lyoss and the supernatural cataclysm that consumed the Tharn
east. Had the Lyossans not plunged the world into fire,
though, the skorne would likely never have risen to The Tharn are a primal race of barbarians that once stood on
prominence. From humble nomadic roots, the skorne the verge of extinction. More beasts than men, in ancient
established a permanent civilization in an era of dramatic times their tribes, or tuaths, spread across Immoren. They
upheaval. Over thousands of years spent thriving despite were a people given over to bestial transformation, predation,
misfortune and learning to strengthen themselves through and bloodlust. For centuries the gnawed remains of human
privation, the skorne developed into the dominant inhabitants sacrifices hung from the trees to mark the fringes of their
of eastern Immoren and became one of the two most territory.
influential races on the continent. Of all the peoples who once revered the Devourer Wurm,
The skorne are devotees of millennia-old philosophies that the Tharn were the most devoted to raw, predatory savagery.
shaped a complex society with distinct concepts of honor, Direct descendants of the Molgur, they have terrified the Iron
sacrifice, and morality. Their long history of struggling for Kingdoms for centuries. Tharn were known to emerge from
survival and internecine warfare amid a desolate the deep wilderness to savagely fall upon the soldiers of
environment forged them into remarkable warriors who draw civilized armies and indulge in terrifying rites of Devourer
on a powerful and dark mystical tradition that taps into the worship. It was the Tharn that convinced civilized mankind
very power of flesh and death. Though they were once that all worshippers of the Wurm are bloodthirsty cannibals.
fractured and divided, the unification of the skorne into an Through countless generations of devotion and sacrifice to
empire has turned them into an existential threat to the west, their hungry god, Tharn have transformed into something
a culture of proud, united warriors boasting a singularly other than human—which they now see as prey. They deem it
formidable army bent on conquest. For the skorne, the their primal birthright to channel the Devourer into their
subjugation of the west is the only possible outcome of bodies, transforming into bestial warriors or preternaturally
thousands of years of refining the arts of war. swift hunters.
Philosophy has played a key role in the evolution of the The identity of the human tribe the Tharn arose from, as
skorne people, including the central tenet of ancestor well as the specifics of their pact with the Devourer, is lost to
worship. The skorne do not acknowledge or revere gods but time. Legends of transforming barbarians appear throughout
look instead to the great figures of their family lines and various old sagas. Records from the Orgoth Era make scant
aspire to emulate those who have achieved greatness. Such a mention of Tharn, though it was the scribes of that time who
legacy is the closest most skorne can come to immortality; first used the name. Records of barbarian attacks and Orgoth
they have no expectation of enduring past death except in the reprisals survive, but they indicate few clashes after the
memories of their kin. They have no knowledge of Urcaen. invaders claimed the territories the Tharn inhabited.
Instead, the skorne believe only annihilation awaits them as The Tharn generally did not contest lands the Orgoth
their spirits tumble into a hellish wasteland they call the Void. desired. Instead, they moved to regions of little use to the
Skorne society is strictly regimented, with the warrior caste invaders, although the Orgoth did drive them from the
above all others. Great warlords direct the course of skorne Thornwood and elsewhere. After the defeat of the Orgoth, the
society, and the warrior caste subjugates the workers and Tharn had greater liberty to raid into the edges of the newly
scholars who advance skorne society in more subtle ways. formed Iron Kingdoms. They destroyed whole villages and
Their tribal culture relies upon the enslavement of defeated murdered isolated columns of soldiers before falling into
enemies and the use of beasts of labor. All skorne dwelling obscurity and returning to the Thornwood, where they
within the empire know their place in society, who their became most numerous.
betters are, and how to offer the proper amount of deference
to their superiors. The caste system exists even among tribal
nomads living beyond the borders, though not as rigidly
enforced as within the great cities of eastern Immoren.

     Doom almost came to the Tharn some three centuries ago Feral Transformation. As a bonus action, you can enter a
after they were drawn into a war between Khador and bestial state where your senses become sharper and your
Cygnar. By the thousands, Tharn journeyed south to raze claws become keen. During a feral transformation, you gain
strongholds in northern Cygnar, focused only on hunting and the following benefits:
killing in the Devourer’s name. These barbarians had no You have advantage on saving throws against effects that
interest in claiming territory and willingly gave up ground would charm you.
when the Cygnarans rallied against them, but the Church of You have advantage on Charisma (Intimidation), Dexterity
Morrow declared a holy war against the Tharn, calling it a (Stealth), and Wisdom (Perception) checks
battle against the darkness itself. You have disadvantage on Charisma (Deception) and
Amid reports of terrible carnage and cannibalism, the Charisma (Persuasion) checks, as well as disadvantage on
Exordeum of the Church of Morrow bestowed a withering all Intelligence skill checks and saving throws.
curse known as the Ten Ills upon the Tharn. The curse Your unarmed strikes deal 1d6 slashing damage on a hit.
inflicted lasting infertility and almost destroyed them. At the start of each of your turns, you gain temporary hit
Survivors of the war soon became too few to risk their lives in points equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum of 0)
battle. The Tharn withdrew to the deeper forests and if you have at least 1 hit point.
mountains, and for a time civilized man thought their race
had perished. A feral transformation lasts for 1 minute. It ends early if
The Tharn had long had strong ties to the blackclads of the you are knocked unconscious or if you take a bonus action on
Circle Orboros, and for hundreds of years the druids worked your turn to end it. When your feral transformation ends, you
to unravel this Morrowan curse. It was eventually the potent suffer one level of exhaustion. You must finish a long rest
Morvahna the Autumnblade who would prove successful, before you can perform a feral transformation again.
some thirty years ago. Once the curse was undone, the Tharn If Calder and either of Caen’s other moons is full, then you
experienced a great upsurge in births. In only two short cannot restrain your inner beast. For the duration of the lunar
generations much of the damage done to their numbers has conjunction, you cannot end your feral transformation.
been reversed. Languages. You can speak Molgur-Tharn and one
The Tharn remain truly grateful to the Circle Orboros and additional language of your choice.
to Morvahna specifically and have proven their willingness to
fight for them. The order has taken advantage of this
gratitude by offering countless opportunities for the Tharn to
display their hunters’ prowess and devotion to the Devourer.
It does not trouble the Tharn that others view the blackclads
as manipulative. Indeed, speaking ill of the blackclads to a
Tharn who remembers the Ten Ills is a provocation to quick
The largest Tharn territory in western Immoren is deep in
the Thornwood Forest, though smaller tribes have
established themselves in most major forests and as far away
as the Scharde Islands. Tharn tribes have also been settled
throughout the dominions of the Circle Orboros so that the
blackclads can draw upon the strength of their warriors to
protect sacred sites and launch offensives against their many
Tharn Traits
Your tharn character has certain skills thanks to the blessings
of the Devourer Wurm.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by
2 and your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Age. Tharn mature at the same rate as humans, and live
about three quarters of a century.
Size. Tharn are large and muscled, standing between 6
and 7 feet tall and weighing around 200 pounds. Your size is
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you
as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim
light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Bestial Claws. You are proficient with your unarmed
strikes, which deal 1d4 slashing damage plus your Strength
modifier on a successful hit.
Menacing. You have proficiency in the Intimidation skill.

Chapter 2: Character Options

eroes can come from any walk of life, and the Many warriors from the fringes of civilization follow the
mightiest mages rub shoulders with the path of the berserker. Warriors who revere animistic totems
lowest rogues. Each type has a place in the are rarer, but are found in cults to the Devourer Wurm and
Iron Kingdoms, though there are some amongst the Tharn.
additional options and tweaked class features. There are warriors among the armies of the Skorne that
savor causing as much pain as close as possible. These
“battleragers” often adorn their armor with spikes and
Character Classes The masses of the Protectorate are more than willing to lay
The following changes are made to class features. their lives down for their god, and these zealots are found in
Additionally, new subclasses and a new class are introduced. all reaches of the Kingdoms.
The followers of Dhunia believe in reincarnation, and some
Artificer Dhunian warriors have learned how to channel their past
lives to aid them in battle.
Alchemy is a growing scientific tradition in Western
Immoren, and its practitioners are respected members of the Bard
academic community. Usually, it is an alchemist specializing Bards are a rare breed in Immoren. Though music itself is
in medicine that the common man will turn to for medical not magical, those with the Gift are capable of channeling
care. magic into their music through dedicated study to produce
The Order of the Golden Crucible, based out of Llael, is the magical effects. Because their raw talent has been tempered
largest Immorese organization based on alchemical study with such study, and because it is vastly more entertaining,
and membership in the Order is highly prestigious. In the far the common folk of the Iron Kingdoms do not attach the
east, the Skorne Empire also produces alchemists, though same stigma to bards as they do other arcanists. Bardic
they refer to the art as chymistry and rely on slightly different training is usually done through apprenticeship to another
principles. bard, but in Ord there exists a number of concert halls that
Gunsmiths are always in high demand in the Iron have begun recruiting magical talent to add to their
Kingdoms, and new experimental designs are always in need symphonies and operas.
of field testing. Bards who travel with military units, mercenary
Arcane Mechaniks are skilled engineers that weave companies, groups of brigands, and even aboard ships often
magical talent into their machines regale their allies with tales of valor and bravery, even as they
The Arcane Mechanik Artificer Specialty is described later plunge into battle alongside them.
in the chapter. In the streets of Ordic cities and western Cygnar some
Wondrous Invention bards thirst for glory and seek to sing their own praises.
The following items are not available: bag of holding, alchemy These “bravos” are skilled swordsmen in their own right, and
jug, robe of useful items, bag of beans, decanter of endless channel their magic toward that end.
water, folding boat, and Heward’s handy haversack. The DM Some bards make less overt use of their magic. The
should work with players to find suitable substitutes. Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service, Ordic courtesans, and
even some undercover agents from the Greylords Covenant
Mechanical Servant serve as spies and specialize in infiltration.
Instead of a mechanical servant as described in the class Many famous trollkin skalds are warrior-mages who wield
feature, artificers forge bonds to mechanikal servitors as the power of their voices as fell callers.
described in chapter 4.
When you gain this feature at 6th level, you gain a Cleric
mechanikal servitor with a value of 1,000 gp or less as a Clerics are common across all of Immoren, but the greatest
companion. concentration of them is the Sancteum of Morrow in Caspia
and the Protectorate of Menoth. Chapter 3 discusses the
Barbarian religions of the Iron Kingdoms and which deities sponsor
The onset of industry has endangered the way of life of many which domains.
"barbaric" peoples. Though the citizens of the Iron Kingdoms Not all religions are preoccupied with life and death in the
eagerly anticipate the spread of their culture to the manner typically seen. Priests of the Maiden of Gears and
wilderness, they are unaware of how many pockets of followers of the Devourer Wurm, however rare, manifest their
resistance exist at the edges of civilization. From the clans of divine power differently. These clerics do not receive the Turn
northern Khadorn and the trollkin kriels of the Thornwood to Undead effect for their Channel Divinity ability. Instead, they
the Idrian tribesmen of the Bloodstone marches, rich receive the option for their faith below:
cultures untouched by industrialization flourish in the
unblemished regions of wilderness.

Firearms were originally invented some 600 years ago
Why not a subclass? during the Orgoth rebellion and they have only become more
Clerics and paladins are recieving altered class deadly and more reliable since. Though the cost of firearms is
features instead of a new subclass for their religion prohibitive for most commoners, everybody has at least seen
because religions have many different expressions. a firearm and the prices are plummeting due to increasing
Just as gods in other settings have multiple industrialization. Gunslingers are an increasingly common
domains their clerics may embrace, gods in the sight in the Kingdoms, and many developed out of the dueling
Iron Kingdoms have multi-faceted followings. traditions of Llael and aboard the ships plying the coasts of
These rules are designed to give religions Ord, Cygnar, and Cryx.
differences while allowing multiple philosophies Steamjacks have changed the face of modern war, but
within each. require skilled ‘jack marshals or warcasters to command. Out
of a desire for warjack-like strength driven by the intelligence
of a human emerged the first designs for steam armor. Many
Channel Divinity: Stall Machines years later, the pilots that specialize in the use of steam
armor are known as ironheads. This tradition has found great
As an action, you raise your holy symbol and rebuke the success in Khador, where military-grade steamjack cortexes
animating energies of constructs. Each construct within 30 are rare to find and difficult to produce. The largest collection
feet of you must make a Wisdom saving throw. If the of steam armor exists in the armories of the Khadoran Man-
construct fails its saving throw, it is paralyzed for 1 minute or O-War garrisons, standing ready to march on the enemies of
until it takes any damage. the Motherland.
The Gunslinger and Ironhead Martial Archetypes are
Channel Divinity: Incite Rage [Devourer
described later in the chapter.
Wurm] Monk
As an action, you spill some of your own blood as a sacrifice
to the Wurm and speak a prayer, inciting feral rage in your Monks are rare in the Iron Kingdoms, and most come from
allies. Choose up to 6 allies within 30 feet of you (you can religious organizations. Menite monks are the most
choose yourself in place of one of the allies). For the next numerous and are members of the Order of the Fist, an
minute, each target can roll a d6 when rolling damage for a organization that aids the Scrutators as secret police within
melee weapon attack and add the number rolled to the the church, passing unarmed and unnoticed amongst the
damage roll. At 14th level, this bonus increases to 2d6. population. Morrowan monks are members of the Order of
Keeping, which is responsible for guarding religious relics of
Druid the Morrowan faith and for the protection of important
members of the church. The Dark Twin has her own devotees
Druids in the Iron Kingdoms are secretive and insular. Some as well, capable of wielding darkness itself as a weapon.
priests of nature-related deities, such as Dhunia and Scyrah, A number of monks are trained in the Skorne Empire, with
manifest their powers as druids instead of clerics, but the their powers arising from their intimate knowledge of
majority of druids are the mysterious Blackclads of the Circle anatomy and the study of souls. On the other side of the
Orboros. The Circle is an all-human religious sect related to Bloodstone Marches, Idrian tribes have had a resurgence in
the Devourer Wurm, though much of their work involves their ancient systems of hand-to-hand combat as the
maintaining the balance of nature and civilization in an Protectorate tightens the screws on them with oppressive
attempt to appease the Devourer and, so doing, save the disarmament policies.
world from destruction. The onset of industrialization has
spurred many druids into violent action against urban Paladin
centers, while others seek to resolve the conflict peacably.
Paladins are warriors of rare faith that can be found across
Fighter all of Immoren. In Cygnar, the greatest concentration of them
is the Sancteum of Morrow in Caspia. These holy knights
Fighters are found everywhere in Immoren, especially with swear their vows and often spend years on pilgrimages to the
the rising tensions and imminent war that most authorities sites of holy relics and places of Ascension.
are predicting. Many fighters are drawn from the ranks of In the church of Menoth, paladins swear their oaths to the
national armies or mercenary companies, who are building waning Order of the Wall, sworn to defend the faithful from
up forces before the war. The Cygnar-Khador border has evil. Though they are being crushed beneath the weight of
always been well patrolled by both sides, as skirmishes are church politics, they still make their stand on the field of
frequent there. In the south, many Menites have taken up the battle and in the dark places of the world.
art of arms in support of separatist actions for the Paladins of other faiths also exist in the world; the fane of
Protectorate. Along the Broken Coast, pirates and sailors Scyrah produces a number of Iosan paladins that seek to
from Cryx, Cygnar, and Ord all ply the waters and depend on save their goddess while mediating the rising extremism in
sharp steel and heavy guns to defend themselves. The the church, while Rhulic clan leaders channel the powers of
northern steppes of Khador saw the thundering hooves of the the Great Fathers.
Horselords centuries ago, and today there still exists a strong The many expressions of faith also produce a diverse
mounted tradition in those regions. selection of divine abilities, and paladins of some gods have
slightly different class abilities.

Divine Sense: Geomantic Perception Divine Smite: Shadowstrike [Thamar or
[Cyriss] Toruk]
You can open your senses to the ebb and flow of magical When you deal extra damage to a target of a melee weapon
energies. You can use your action to see a faint aura around attack from your Divine Smite ability, the damage is necrotic
any visible creature or object within 60 feet that bears magic damage instead of radiant damage.
until the end of your next turn, and you learn its school of This ability augments the Divine Smite ability that paladins
magic, if any. normally receive.
You can use this feature a number of times equal to 1 +
your Charisma modifier. When you finish a long rest, you Ranger
regain all expended uses. In the Iron Kingdoms, most rangers are outdoorsman,
This ability replaces the Divine Sense ability that paladins explorers, and scouts that live by skill, ingenuity, and respect
normally receive at 1st level. for nature. The rangers of Immoren are seldom capable of
Divine Sense: Bestial Senses [Devourer casting spells, and most use the “ranger without spells”
variant. Those that do use magic are usually involved with the
Unlike the lapdogs of civilization, your senses are honed to a Circle Orboros or the religions of Dhunia, Scyrah, Nyssor, or
razor edge. You have advantage on all Wisdom (Perception) other primal deities.
checks. Additionally, your sense of smell is as keen as a wolf’s Many are often wanderers, tracking bounties and fugitives
and you can track creatures on scent alone. across the Iron Kingdoms. Some, such as the notorious Alten
If you are surprised at the beginning of combat and aren't Ashley, make their living as professional monster hunters, or
incapacitated, you can act normally on your first turn. To gain selling their services as mercenaries.
this benefit, you can't be blinded, deafened, or incapacitated. Some magically-inclined rangers are recruited by more
This ability replaces the Divine Sense ability that paladins “civilized” churches, however. Most notably, the church of
normally receive at 1st level. Morrow sponsors the Order of Illumination, which uses the
skills of rangers to hunt down infernals, grymkin, and other
Lay on Hands: Arcane Fluctuations
monsters. In the recesses of human civilization, however, the
Retribution of Scyrah has mage hunter operatives that earn
[Cyriss] their wages in the blood of human arcanists.
The Maiden of Gears blesses flesh and steel alike. When you
use your lay on hands ability, it functions on constructs and Rogue
objects just as it does on living creatures.
Additionally, you can expend hit points from your pool of Thieves, tricksters, and those who survive by the sharpness of
healing to power mechanikal devices. Every 5 hit points is their skills alone can be found in all civilizations, though
equivalent to 1 charge from an accumulator, and powers the some cities, such as Five Fingers, are notorious for their
device for 1 hour. expansive criminal elements.
This ability can provide power to devices with no charge, The inexorable advance of industry throughout Immoren
but it cannot recharge spent accumulators. has give rise to a new breed of rogue, called the Bodger.
This ability augments the Lay On Hands ability that Bodgers specialize in quick fixes and coaxing even the most
paladins normally receive. battered machines into functioning while they improvise
technological solutions for their more pressing problems.
Divine Smite: Demolish [Cyriss] The Bodger Roguish Archetype is described later in the
When you deal extra damage to a target of a melee weapon chapter.
attack from your Divine Smite ability, the damage increases
by 1d8 if the target is a construct, an undead, or a fiend. Thieves’ Cant
This ability augments the Divine Smite ability that paladins When you gain this feature at 1st level, you learn the Five
normally receive. Cant language.
Divine Smite: Dhunian Fury [Dhunia] Sorcerer
When you deal extra damage to a target of a melee weapon Immorese sorcerers are outcasts, often greeted with equal
attack from your Divine Smite ability, the damage is cold, fire, parts scorn and fear, the common person trusts sorcerers far
or lightning damage (your choice) instead of radiant damage. less than wizards or bards because they wield dangerous
This ability augments the Divine Smite ability that paladins powers without the formal training in when their use is
normally receive. appropriate. Furthermore, the source of sorcerous powers is
Divine Smite: Frostbite [Nyssor]
often assumed to be Infernal in nature, and fears surrounding
When you deal extra damage to a target of a melee weapon those fiends are great enough that the common person may
attack from your Divine Smite ability, the damage is cold not be willing to listen to reason when it comes to sorcery.
damage instead of radiant damage.
This ability augments the Divine Smite ability that paladins
normally receive.

    A notable exception to this attitude is the Trollkin, amongst
which sorcerers are stunted in growth and albino. Despite New Subclasses
these marked differences, Trollkin sorcerers are a respected The following subclasses are available to characters in the
caste of society. Iron Kingdoms when they reach the appropriate level.
At the opposite extreme of the spectrum is the Protectorate
of Menoth, where witches are bound in chains and put to Artificer Specialty: Arcane
work crafting and repairing the mechanika of the militant
orders. Some of these repentant witches are sent to the Mechanik
battlefield as living weapons to bring cleansing flame down Bridging the gap between machines and magic, the arcane
on Menoth’s enemies. mechanik is an arcanist with a penchant for mechanikal
engineering. He is an innovative crafter of mechanika devices
Warlock and has the necessary skills and knowledge to create and
Warlocks exist in all of the Iron Kingdoms, and are the repair mechanika armor and weapons or the arcane systems
subject of many cautionary children's tales. These men and of steamjacks. The arcane mechanik has likely spent some
women have learned the forbidden lore of Infernals and time as an apprentice for an established arcane mechanik or
made pacts with those creatures— trading either their souls for an organization that employs them, such as the Steam
or those of others for the magical powers they now wield. and Iron Workers Union.
These mages are distinguishable from those of other arcane Creating mechanika is an incredibly expensive
traditions by the witch-mark they carry on their soul and tell- undertaking, and arcane mechaniks often turn to adventuring
tale physical manifestations of their Infernal pacts, such as a and mercenary work to fund their private endeavors. Since
missing shadow or a reflection with a mind of its own. These their skills are in high demand, an arcane mechanik typically
marks are not commonly known, however, and many has little trouble finding lucrative employment. Additionally,
warlocks can go for years before being discovered. The threat the wild and unpredictable life of a freelance mercenary often
of witchcraft has tarnished the reputation of more honest provides the perfect testing ground for many types of
magic users and drawn even their ire on discovered witches. mechanikal creations.
While Infernals are the most common sponsors of such
pacts, there are other potential patrons for an enterprising Bonus Proficiencies
warlock. The Defiers, powerful entities that were banished to When you choose this artificer specialty at 1st level, you gain
the wilderness of Urcaen by Menoth for refusing to bend to proficiency with mechanik’s tools, thieves’ tools, and tinker's
his will, are the lords of the Grymkin and have been known to tools.
grant power to those who balk the demands placed upon
them. Morrowan Ascendants and Thamarite Scions might Mechanikal Enhancement
also be willing to reach out to a mortal soul, while skorne At 1st level, you gain the ability to imbue magic into a weapon
extollers call upon their exalted ancestors for aid and or armor. At the end of a long rest, you can upgrade one
deliverance. nonmagical object that is a suit of armor or a simple or
martial weapon. Until the end of your next long rest or until
Wizard you die, the object becomes a magic item, granting a +1
bonus to AC if it’s armor or a +1 bonus to attack and damage
Wizardry was originally developed by the savant Sebastian rolls if it’s a weapon.
Kerwin during the Orgoth Occupation, and has developed Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you
since then at an exponential rate. The majority of wizards are finish a long rest.
trained through apprenticeships, but all of the Iron Kingdoms
except the Protectorate of Menoth train wizards for their Expertise
military forces, and a number of non-governmental At 3rd level, choose two of your skill proficiencies. Your
organizations train Gifted people in the arcane arts for more proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make
commercial reasons. Oddly, some churches sponsor the that uses either of the chosen proficiencies.
arcane arts as well, and theurgist wizards can be found in the At 7th level, you can choose two more of your proficiencies
Morrowan Order of Illumination and congregations of to gain this benefit.
Thamar, where they are ordained to hold the same spiritual
authority as a priest. Power Surge
A parallel evolution of the arcane arts developed in the Your expertise with mechanika affords you an intimate
Skorne Empire to the east of the Bloodstone Marches, where knowledge of arcanodynamic power sources. Starting at 3rd
the practice of mortitheurgy— power from the border level, when you take the Use an Object action to activate a
between life and death— is the norm. mechanikal item, you can expend one spell slot to power it
The Mortitheurge Arcane Tradition is described later in the (even if it doesn’t have a power source installed). The item
chapter. gains a number of charges equal to the level of the expended
spell slot.

    Furthermore, you can channel your magic into your attacks Deadeye Shot
to disrupt enemy constructs. When you hit a construct with a Beginning at 3rd level, you can spend 1 Grit point to gain
melee weapon attack, you can expend one spell slot to deal advantage on the next attack roll you make with a firearm this
force damage to the target, in addition to the weapon's round.
damage. The extra damage is 2d8 for a 1st-level spell slot,
plus 1d8 for each spell level higher than 1st, to a maximum of Quickdraw
5d8. Additionally, the target must make a Wisdom saving When you reach 7th level, you add your proficiency bonus to
throw or be stunned until the end of your next turn. your initiative rolls. You can also stow a firearm, then draw
another firearm as a single object interaction on your turn.
Calloused Hands
Beginning at 9th level, you have been burnt and shocked by Violent Shot
your own creations so often that you have built up a Starting at 7th level, you know how to aim for maximum
tolerance. You gain resistance to fire and lightning damage. effect. You can spend 1 or more Grit points before making an
Additionally, you have a keen eye for inscribing items with attack roll with a firearm. If the attack hits, you can roll one
magical runes. When you use your Infuse Magic feature, you additional weapon damage die per Grit point spent when
may infuse a number of spells equal to twice your Intelligence determining damage of the attack.
Trick Shot
Improvised Engineering By 10th level, you’ve honed your aim to the degree you can
By 14th level, you have learned enough about the workings of shoot to disable an opponent. You can spend 1 Grit point
mechanika that you can improvise the use of items even before making an attack roll to target a specific location on
when they are not intended for you. You ignore all class, race, the target’s body. If the specified body part cannot be seen, or
and level requirements on the use of magic items. the target lacks the part in question, only normal damage is
Additionally, whenever you hit a construct with a melee suffered with no additional effect.
weapon, the creature takes an extra 1d8 force damage. If you
also use your Power Surge with an attack, you add this Trick Shot DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Dexterity
damage to the extra damage of your Power Surge. modifier.
Mechanist     Head. On a hit, the target takes normal damage and must
At 17th level, you are so attuned to mechanikal constructs make a Constitution saving throw or suffer disadvantage on
that you can bond to additional ones. You may have a number attacks until the end of their next turn.
of Mechanical Servants (as the class feature) equal to your Arms. On a hit, the target takes normal damage and must
Intelligence bonus. make a Strength saving throw or drop 1 held item of your
Additionally, you craft another item from your Wondrous choice.
Invention feature. Torso. On a hit, the target takes normal damage and is
pushed up to 10 feet directly away from you.
Martial Archetype: Gunslinger Legs/Wings. On a hit, the target takes normal damage and
must make a Strength saving throw or get knocked prone.
Credit: Matthew Mercer
Swords, axes, and bows are the weapons of the past. The Lightning Reload
weapon of today is the gun. Fighters that specialize in the use Starting at 15th level, you ignore the Reload property of any
of these weapons have a reputation for quick wits and true firearm you make attacks with, so long as you have sufficient
grit. ammunition.
Grit Piercing Shot
Starting at 3rd level, you gain a number of Grit points equal to By 15th level, you’ve refined your deadly gunplay to allow
your Wisdom modifier (minimum of 1). You can spend Grit certain shots to pierce through foes and continue on to
points to perform various special “shot” attacks with your damage others. You can spend 1 Grit point before making an
firearms. An attack can only be affected by a single shot attack roll with a firearm that deals piercing damage. If the
feature. You can regain spent Grit points in the following attack hits, you make an attack roll against every creature in a
ways: line directly behind the target within the weapon’s short
Critical hit with a firearm. Each time you score a critical range.
hit with a firearm attack while in combat, you regain 1 spent
Grit point. Critical hits gained outside of die rolls (due to an Vicious Intent
incapacitated enemy, for example) do not regenerate Grit. At 18th level, your firearm attacks score a critical hit on a roll
Killing blow with a firearm. Each time you reduce a of 19 or 20.
dangerous creature (DM’s discretion) to 0 hit points with a
firearm attack, you regain 1 spent Grit point. Hemorrhaging Critical
You also regain all spent Grit points after finishing a short Upon reaching 18th level, whenever you score a critical hit on
or long rest. an attack with a firearm, the target additionally suffers half of
the damage from the attack at the end of its next turn.

Martial Archetype: Ironhead Redline. When you make a melee weapon attack against a
creature or shove a creature, you can expend one superiority
Towering behemoths of steel plate and steam engines, die, roll it, and add it to the attack roll or Strength (Athletics)
ironheads stride through the battlefield encased in their check. You can use this ability before or after rolling the d20,
custom made suits of steam armor. Commanding the but before any of the effects of the attack or shove are applied.
strength of a warjack, ironheads are capable of extraordinary
martial feats. Heavy Metal
When you reach 7th level, your steam armor gains an extra
Bonus Proficiencies rig slot. You gain an additional rig slot at 10th, 15th, and 18th
When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain level.
proficiency with mechanik’s tools
Pit Stop
Hand-Me-Downs At 10th level, you become especially adept at repairing your
When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you produce steam armor. Repairs to your suit of steam armor only cost 5
your first suit of steam armor. You are assumed to have been gp per hit point, and you can repair up to 20 hit points with
working on the armor for quite some time, finally finishing it one hour of work.
during a short or long rest after you reach 3rd level, or to have Additionally, you know how to make quick repairs in
received it from an NPC. combat. As an action, you can spend a superiority die and add
The armor is ramshackle and requires constant attention the result to the total hit points of your steam armor.
from you to hold together. It counts as a suit of light steam
armor (see Chapter 4) that only has 30 hit points and a Relentless
Strength score of 18, and you must spend 1 hour a day to Starting at 15th level, when you roll initiative and have no
keep it in working condition. At any point in the future, you superiority dice remaining, you regain one superiority die.
may spend 2,000 gp on sufficient parts to upgrade your steam
armor, at which point it confers all the benefits of normal Ironclad
light steam armor. At 18th level, you have resistance to bludgeoning, slashing,
and piercing damage from nonmagical weapons while you
Full Steam are wearing steam armor.
By 7th level, your steam armor is like a second skin to you, Additionally, your superiority dice turn into d10s.
and you can do things with it that normal fighters can’t. You
gain a set of combat abilities, referred to as maneuvers, Roguish Archetype: Bodger
which are fueled by special dice called superiority dice. When your boiler goes down, you call a steamo. When your
Superiority Dice. You have four superiority dice, which mechanikal sword quits cutting steel like butter, you need an
are d8s. A superiority die is expended when you use it. You arcane mechanik. When you don’t even know what the
regain all your expended superiority dice when you finish a problem is, but you need it fixed now, you hire a bodger.
short or long rest. You gain another superiority die at 10th
level and one more at 18th level.
Maneuvers. You spend your superiority dice on your Bonus Proficiencies
maneuvers. You can use more than one maneuver per turn, When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain
but no more than one maneuver per attack. You do not have proficiency with the mechanik's tools.
to be wearing steam armor to use maneuvers.
Maneuvers At 3rd level, your improvisational approach to engineering
The maneuvers are presented in alphabetical order. begins to bear fruits. At the beginning of a short rest, you can
Brace for Impact. When you are hit by an attack, you can rummage through your pockets to cobble together an item.
use your reaction and expend one superiority die to reduce The object can be worth no more than 100 gp, and as part of
the damage by the number you roll on your superiority die + the experimentation, you must expend materials with a value
your Constitution modifier. equal to the item you want to make.
Full Throttle. When you use your action to Dash, you may Additionally, your intuitive approach craftsmanship allows
spend a superiority die to make one melee weapon attack as you to hastily improvise when dealing with mechanikal
a bonus action. If you move at least 10 feet in a straight line devices and magical items. You can grant yourself advantage
immediately before taking this bonus action, have have on all Intelligence or Dexterity checks to interact with
advantage on the attack roll. If you hit, you add the superiority mechanika, but if you do so the item breaks down 10 minutes
die to the attack’s damage roll. later. An item broken in this way requires 1 hour of work and
Iron Curtain. If you or a creature within 5 feet of you is hit a DC 15 Intelligence (Mechanik’s Tools) check to repair.
by an attack, you can expend one superiority die as a Furthermore, you may use the bonus action granted by
reaction. Roll the die, and add the number rolled to the your Cunning Action to take the Use an Object action when
target's AC against that attack. If the attack still hits, the operating mechanikal devices.
target has resistance against the attack's damage.

Overdrive Life Sense. The sound of blood pumping in the veins of
At 9th level, whenever you expend charges from a mechanikal the living registers upon your senses like a soothing rhythm
device or magical item to cast a spell, you can spend an equal upon your being. Expend 1 pain point as an action to focus
number of additional charges from the item to increase the your awareness upon the immediate area to reveal the
item’s saving throw DC by your proficiency bonus. presence of living creatures. Until the end of your next turn,
you know the location of any beast, giant, or humanoid, within
Demolish 60 feet that is not behind total cover. You know the type of any
By 13th level, you have developed a reputation. Some think being whose presence you sense, but not the identity of the
that you are inspired, while others think you’re half-gremlin. creature.
Regardless, you like tinkering, and part of that is taking Fortitude. Expend 1 pain point as a bonus action to gain a
things apart. Any hit you score with a melee weapon attack bonus to Constitution saving throws, which lasts for 1
against a construct is a critical hit. minute, equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum of +1).
You can invoke this ritual twice. Afterward, you cannot
Contraption perform it again until you finish a short or long rest.
At 17th level, you are well versed in mechanika, and can rig After a long rest, all of your unexpended pain points vanish.
even sensitive or volatile mechanika to make a trap. By taking When you adopt this tradition at 2nd level, you gain
1 minute to assemble the proper pieces, you can cast glyph of proficiency with light armor and simple weapons.
warding as a 4th level spell without expending a spell slot. If
you choose the spell glyph option during the casting of the Power Through Pain
spell, you can store a spell cast by an ally or from a At 6th level, you gain resistance to psychic and fire damage.
mechanikal item, as long as it remains within reach for the Furthermore, whenever you begin casting a spell of 1st level
duration of the casting. or higher that deals psychic or fire damage, a wave of pain
and anguish erupts from you. This wave causes creatures of
Arcane Tradition: Mortitheurge your choice within 10 feet to suffer psychic damage equal to
half your wizard level.
Credit: Joshua Raynack and Cameron Guill Additionally, you learn to manipulate the flow life energy,
Mortitheurges come to their arcane powers by a unique even if it is not your own, to either stem death or empower
blend of philosophy, the study of anatomy, and deep insight your magic.
into the fundamental nature of the processes of life and Reaving. When you reduce a creature to 0 hit points with a
death. Mortitheurgy is practiced solely in the Skorne Empire, melee or spell attack, and the creature dies, you gain 1 pain
as their strange magics resemble necromancy to western point.
arcanists. In truth, mortitheurgy a different beast altogether. Mark of Blood. When an attack scores a critical hit against
a living creature within 10 feet, you can spend 1 pain point as
Mortification a reaction. Until the end of your next turn, you gain advantage
Mortitheurges can draw power from the vital essence of on attack rolls against the creature.
living creatures at 2nd level. By using a blade or some other Stem Death. When you make a death saving throw and
bloodletting tool, the mortitheurge can use a bonus action to roll a 19-20 on the d20, you regain 1d6 hit points instead of
call upon the power of their lifesblood by either inflicting a normal.
minor or severe wound upon yourself. At 14th level, you regain 1d6 hits points when you instead
Minor Wound. Inflicting a minor wound requires the roll a 18-20 on a death saving throw.
expenditure of 1 hit die. Instead of regaining hit points, you
gain 1 pain point. Soul Burn
Severe Wound. Inflicting a severe wound requires the At 10th level, you can invoke the vital energies of others to
expenditure of 2 hit dice. Instead of regaining hit points, you bind your wounds. Should you drop to 0 hit points and do not
gain 2 pain points. die outright, you can make a DC 10 Constitution saving
While you possess one or more pain points, you have throw. If you succeed, one willing creature within 30 feet can
advantage on your first death saving throw in a day. expend one hit die and you regain a number of hit points
Furthermore, you can expend pain points to perform the equal to the result.
following rituals: Each time you use this feature after the first, increase the
Agony. When you hit a creature with a melee or spell DC by 5. When you finish a short or long rest, reset the DC to
attack, you can expend 1 or more pain points to deal psychic 10.
damage to the target, in addition to the damage of the attack. Furthermore, you can transform the blood within your
The extra damage is 1d6 for 1 pain point, plus 1d6 for each veins into raw arcane power via an extremely painful process.
additional pain point, to a maximum of 5d6. As a bonus action on your turn, expend one or more pain
At 14th level, increase the damage die of Agony to a d8. points to create one spell slot. For each pain point you
expend, roll 1d6 and consult the following Creating Spell
Slots table for the result. You cannot create a spell slot higher
than 5th level

Creating Spell Slots Multiclassing
Spell Slot Gained Dice Result A character who decides to multiclass into gun mage must
1st 7-9 have both Dexterity and Charisma scores of 13 or higher.
2nd 10-16
Gun Bond
3rd 17-20
At 1st level, you learn a ritual that creates a magical bond
4th 21-23 between yourself and one firearm. You perform the ritual over
5th 24+ the course of 1 hour, which can be done during a short rest.
The firearm must be within your reach throughout the ritual,
Master Mortitheurge at the conclusion of which you touch the firearm and forge
When you achieve 14th level, you learned the final secret of the bond.
weaving pain and raw arcane power into one source of magic. Once you have bonded a firearm to yourself, you gain a +1
When you inflict a minor or severe wound through your bonus on attack and damage rolls with it, or a +2 bonus on
Mortification feature, you gain a greater number pain points. attack and damage rolls with it if it is a magelock firearm.
When you inflict a minor wound, instead gain 2 pain points, Additionally, if it is within line of sight, you can summon that
while a severe wound yields 4 pain points. firearm as a bonus action on your turn, causing it to fly to
your open hand.
You can have a number of bonded firearms equal to your
New Class: Gun Mage Charisma modifier, but can summon only one at a time with
An arcanist with a penchant for gunfighting, the gun mage your bonus action. If you attempt to bond with a firearm
strikes down his enemies with rune-scribed bullets. Although beyond this limit, you must break one of your previous bonds.
the gun mage has intrinsic sorcerous abilities, his skills At 13th level, you gain a +3 bonus on attack and damage
require very specific training. For this reason, the gun mage rolls with your bonded firearm if it is a magelock firearm.
probably spent at least some time as a member of an Arcane Accuracy
established militant arcane order. There, he learned how to
harness his power through the barrel of a gun, unleashing Starting at 2nd level, when you hit a creature with a ranged
spells in a hail of lead. weapon attack, you can expend one spell slot to deal extra
Deadly and skilled, a freelance gun mage is a valuable damage to the target, in addition to the weapon's damage.
commodity who can earn substantial coin as a gun for hire, a The extra damage is 2d8 for a 1st-level spell slot, plus 1d8 for
bodyguard, and even as an assassin. Gun mages who served each spell level higher than 1st, to a maximum of 5d8. When
with an arcane order typically have experience leading men you gain this ability at 2nd level, you choose what form of
into combat and are often recruited to serve the same role in damage your Arcane Accuracy deals from the following: acid,
prominent mercenary companies. cold, fire, lightning, or poison. When you gain a level in this
class, you can change the type of damage dealt.
Class Features
As a gun mage, you gain the following class features. Fighting Style
At 2nd level, you adopt a particular style of fighting as your
Hit Points specialty. Choose one of the following options. You can't take
Hit Dice: 1d8 per gun mage level a Fighting Style option more than once, even if you later get
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + your Constitution modifier to choose again.
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + your Constitution
modifier per gun mage level after first. Close Quarters Shooter
When making a ranged attack while you are within 5 feet of a
Proficiencies hostile creature, you do not have disadvantage on the attack
Armor: Light Armor roll. Your ranged attacks ignore half cover and three-quarters
Weapons: Simple weapons, martial weapons cover against targets within 30 feet of you. You have a +1
Tools: None bonus to attack rolls on ranged attacks.
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Charisma
Skills: Choose two skills from Acrobatics, Arcana, Deception, Defense
Insight, Intimidation, Perception, and Sleight of Hand While you are wearing armor, you gain a +1 bonus to AC.
Equipment Mariner
You start with the following equipment, in addition to the As long as you are not wearing heavy armor or using a shield,
equipment granted by your background: you have a swimming speed and a climbing speed equal to
(a) a military pistol and 20 bullets or (b) two small pistols your normal speed, and you gain a +1 bonus to AC.
and 30 bullets Marksmanship
(a) a dungeoneer’s pack or (b) an explorer’s pack You gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls you make with ranged
Leather armor, a dagger, and a gunner's kit weapons.

The Gun Mage
Level Proficiency Bonus Features Spells Known 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
1st +2 Gun Bond — — — — — —
2nd +2 Arcane Accuracy, Fighting Style, Spellcasting 2 2 — — — —
3rd +2 Gun Mage Order, Rune Shot (2 options) 3 2 — — — —
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement 3 3 — — — —
5th +3 Extra Attack 4 4 2 — — —
6th +3 Ricochet 4 4 2 — — —
7th +3 Gun Mage Order, Rune Shot (3 options) 5 4 3 — — —
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement 5 4 3 — — —
9th +4 — 6 4 3 2 — —
10th +4 Firestorm, Rune Shot (4 options) 6 4 3 2 — —
11th +4 Gun Mage Order 7 4 3 3 — —
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement 7 4 3 3 — —
13th +5 Gun Bond 8 4 3 3 1 —
14th +5 Gun Mage Order 8 4 3 3 1 —
15th +5 Improved Arcane Accuracy, Rune Shot (5 options) 9 4 3 3 2 —
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement 9 4 3 3 2 —
17th +6 — 10 4 3 3 3 1
18th +6 Rune Shot (6 options, improved shots) 10 4 3 3 3 1
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement 11 4 3 3 3 2
20th +6 Arcane Armory 11 4 3 3 3 2

For example, if you know the 1st-level spell shield and have
Sniping a 1st-level and a 2nd-level spell slot available, you can case
When you roll a 1 or 2 on a damage die for an attack you shield using either slot.
make with a ranged weapon that you are wielding with two
hands, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll. The Spells Known of 1st Level and Higher
weapon must have the two-handed or versatile property for You know two 1st-level spells of your choice from the gun
you to gain this benefit. mage spell list.
The Spells Known column of the Gun Mage table shows
Two-Weapon Fighting when you learn more gun mage spells of your choice. Each of
When you engage in two-weapon fighting, you can add your these spells must be of a level for which you have spell slots.
ability modifier to the damage of the second attack. For instance, when you reach 5th-level in this class, you can
learn one new spell or 1st or 2nd level.
Spellcasting Additionally, when you gain a level in this class, you can
By the time you reach 2nd level, you have begun manifesting choose one of the gun mage spells you know, and replace it
arcane talents. See chapter 10 of the Player's Handbook for with another spell from the gun mage spell list, which also
the general rules of spellcasting. The gun mage spell list is must be of a level for which you have spell slots.
included in this document. Spellcasting Ability
Spell Slots
Charisma is your spellcasting ability for your gun mage
The Gun Mage table shows how many spell slots you have to spells, since your magic is innate. You use your Charisma
cast your spells of 1st level or higher. To cast one of these whenever a spell refers to your spellcasting ability. In
spells, you must expend a slot of the spell’s level or higher. addition, you use your Charisma modifier when setting the
You regain all expended spell slots when you finish a long saving throw DC for a gun mage spell you cast and when
rest. making an attack roll with one.

Spell save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma
modifier Improved Arcane Accuracy
Spell attack modifier = your proficiency bonus + your
Charisma modifier Beginning at 15th level, whenever you hit a creature with a
ranged weapon attack from a firearm, the creature takes an
Spellcasting Focus
extra 1d8 damage. If you also use your Arcane Accuracy with
You can use a firearm you are proficient with as a spellcasting an attack, you add this damage to the extra damage of your
focus for you gun mage spells Arcane Accuracy. The damage is of the same type selected for
your Arcane Accuracy feature.
Rune Shot Arcane Armory
At 3rd level, you learn to unleash special magical effects with Starting at 20th level, whenever you roll initiative and have no
some of your shots. When you gain this feature, you learn two uses of Rune Shot remaining, you regain one use of it.
Rune Shot options of your choice (see the "Rune Shot
Options" section below). Rune Shot Options
When you fire a rune-carved bullet from a firearm as part
of the Attack action, you can apply one of your Rune Shot The Rune Shot feature lets you choose options for it at
options to that bullet. You decide to use the option when the certain levels. The options are presented here in alphabetical
bullet hits, unless the option doesn't involve an attack roll. You order. If an option requires a saving throw, your Rune Shot
cannot use this ability the same turn that you use your Arcane save DC equals 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma
Accuracy ability. You have two uses of this ability, and you modifier.
regain all expended uses of it when you finish a short or long
rest. Banishing Shot
You gain an additional Rune Shot option of your choice You use your magic to try to temporarily banish your target,
when you reach certain levels in this class: 7th, 10th, 15th, making them incorporeal, invisible, and placing them in a
and 18th level. Each option also improves when you become static state. If the bullet hits a creature, the target must also
an 18th-level gun mage. succeed on a Charisma saving throw or be banished. While
banished in this way, its speed is 0, and it is incapacitated. At
Ability Score Improvement the end of its next turn, the target reappears in the space it
When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th, and vacated or in the nearest unoccupied space if that space is
19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice occupied.
by 2, or you can increase two ability scores by 1. As normal, After you reach 18th level in this class, a target also takes
you can’t increase an ability score above 20 using this feature. 2d6 force damage when the bullet hits it.
Extra Attack If your bullet hits a creature, the target takes an extra 2d6
Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, necrotic damage and must make a Constitution saving throw.
whenever you take the attack action on your turn. On a failed save, the damage of the target's attacks is halved
until the next turn.
Ricochet The necrotic damage increases to 4d6 when you reach
18th level with this class.
At 6th level, you learn how to direct an errant bullet toward a
new target. When you make a ranged attack roll with a Grapeshot
firearm and miss, you can use a bonus action to reroll the You imbue your rune shot with an excess of kinetic energy
attack roll against a different target within 20 feet of the that causes it to explode mid-flight. If the bullet hits a
original target. This secondary attack ignores three-quarters creature, the target and each creature within 10 feet of it
cover and half cover. takes 2d6 force damage.
The force damage increases to 4d6 when you reach 18th
Firestorm level with this class.
At 10th level, you can use your action to lay waste to an area
target. Choose a point within short range of a firearm you
wield. You may make a ranged weapon attack against each
target within 15 feet of that point, ignoring the reloading
property of your firearm as long as you have sufficient

Ghost Shot
You use magic to turn your bullet ethereal. When you use this
Gun Mage Orders
option, you don't make an attack roll for the attack. Instead, Aspiring gun mages can learn their trade through joining one
the bullet fires forward in a line that is 1 foot wide and 30 feet of two orders.
long, before disappearing. The bullet passes harmlessly
through objects, ignoring cover. Each creature in that line Order of the Arcane Tempest
must make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, a target The Militant Order of the Arcane Tempest is a branch of the
takes damage as if it were hit by the bullet, plus an extra 1d6 Cygnaran military made up exclusively of gun mages trained
piercing damage. On a successful save, a target takes half as to serve their nation. Arcane Tempest members serve
much damage. alongside the other service branches of the army, providing
The piercing damage increases to 2d6 when you reach fire support on the battlefields of Immoren. Retired Arcane
18th level with this class. Tempest Gun Mages often find themselves drawn to
adventure like flies to honey, and can bring a fearsome
Homing Shot fusillade down on their foes.
    Using magical senses, you grant your bullet the ability to
hunt down your target, allowing the projectile to curve and Rune Shot: Disruption
twist its path in search of its prey. When you use this option, When you enter the Militant Order of the Arcane Tempest at
you don't make an attack roll for the attack. Instead, choose 3rd level, you learn a special Rune Shot that disrupts magic.
one creature you have seen in the past minute. The bullet If your bullet hits a creature or object affected by magic, make
flies toward that creature, moving around corners if a Charisma check for each spell on the target. The DC equals
necessary and ignoring three-quarters cover and half cover. If 10 + the spell’s level. On a successful check, the spell ends.
the target is within the weapon's range and there is a path You have advantage on the Charisma check when you
large enough for the bullet to travel to the target, the target reach 18th level in this class.
must make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, it takes
damage as if it were hit by the bullet, plus an extra 1d6 force Witch Mark
damage, and you learn the target's current location. On a Beginning at 3rd level, when you make a successful ranged
successful save, the target takes half as much damage, and weapon attack with a firearm against a creature, that
you don't learn its location. creature has disadvantage on saving throws against the next
spell you cast on them within 1 minute.
Shadow Fire
Your magic summons unnatural shadows that cling to the Spellshot
target. If the bullet hits a creature, the target takes an extra At 7th level you can weave spells into your bullets. After
2d6 psychic damage, and it must succeed on a Wisdom making a successful ranged weapon attack with a firearm,
saving throw or be unable to see anything farther than 5 feet you can cast a gun mage spell with a casting time of 1 action
away until the start of your next turn. as a bonus action.
The psychic damage increases to 4d6 when you reach 18th After using this ability, you can’t use it again until you finish
level in this class. a short rest.
Snare Spellbreaker
When this bullet strikes its target, conjuration magic creates At 11th level, when you damage a creature that is
grasping, thorny brambles that wrap around the target. If the concentrating on a spell, that creature has disadvantage on
bullet hits a creature, the target takes an extra 2d6 poison the saving throw it makes to maintain its concentration.
damage, its speed is reduced by 10 feet, and it takes 2d6
slashing damage the first time on each turn it moves 1 foot or Auspex Arcana
more without teleporting. The target or any creature that can Starting at 14th level, your vision is augmented by your
reach it can use its action to remove the brambles with a magic. As an action, you gain truesight out to a range of 60
successful Strength (Athletics) check against your Rune Shot feet for 10 minutes.
save DC. Otherwise, the brambles last for 1 minute or until After using this ability, you can’t use it again until you finish
you use this option again. a long rest.
The poison and slashing damage both increase to 4d6
when you reach 18th level in this class. Order of the Amethyst Rose
Thunderbolt The Loyal Order of the Amethyst Rose is the oldest order of
Your bullet lifts the target off their feet and throws them gun mages in Immoren, and is sworn to the service of the
backwards with a cacophonous blast. If your bullet hits a Llaelese crown. Members are not necessarily members of the
creature, the target takes an extra 2d6 thunder damage and it military, but serve the crown as an order of highborn knights
must make a Strength saving throw. On a failed save, the might. The Order of the Amethyst Rose has the distinction of
target is pushed 15 feet away from you in a straight line and serving as the king’s personal bodyguards, making
knocked prone. On a successful save, the target takes half as membership a coveted and prestigious honor. Unlike the
much damage and is not moved. disciplined sorceries taught by the Militant Order of the
The thunder damage increases to 4d6 when you reach Arcane Tempest, the Loyal Order of the Amethyst Rose
18th level in this class. encourages their members to develop their own unique
arcane talents.

Rune Shot: Blackpenny
When you join the Order of the Amethyst Rose at 3rd level, Thunderwave
you learn a special Rune Shot that explodes inside your Witch Bolt
target’s body. If your bullet scores a critical hit, you can roll
one additional weapon damage die and add it to the extra 2nd Level
damage of the critical hit. Aganazzar’s Scorcher
When you reach 18th level in this class, you roll two Alter Self
additional damage dice. Blindness/Deafness
Arcane Panache Cordon of Arrows
Starting at 3rd level, your reflexes are honed to a razor’s edge Darkness
by your magic. You add your Charisma modifier to your Darkvision
initiative rolls in addition to your Dexterity modifier. Detect Thoughts
Enhance Ability
Deadeye Flaming Sphere
Beginning at 7th level, the range of any firearm you wield is Gust of Wind
increased by 20 feet. Invisibility
Rynnish Roulette Magic Weapon
At 11th level, your firearm attacks score a critical hit on a roll Maximilian’s Earthen Grasp
of 19 or 20. Melf’s Acid Arrow
Mirror Image
Rolling Thunder Misty Step
When you reach 14th level, your magic allows you to slip Pyrotechnics
between moments in time and move with supernatural Ray of Enfeeblement
quickness. Rope Trick
As a bonus action, you can enter this state for 1 minute. Scorching Ray
While you are in this state, any time you take the Attack See Invisibility
action and reduce a creature to 0 hit points with a ranged Shatter
weapon attack from a firearm, you may immediately make Silence
another ranged weapon attack with a firearm, ignoring the Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm
reload quality of any firearm as long as you have sufficient Spider Climb
ammunition. Suggestion
If this or any subsequent extra attacks reduce a creature to Warding Wind
0 hit points, you may continue to make extra attacks until you Web
fail to reduce a creature to 0 hit points.
3rd Level
Gun Mage Spells Blink
Conjure Barrage
1st Level Counterspell
Alarm Dispel Magic
Burning Hands Elemental Weapon
Chaos Bolt Fireball
Charm Person Flame Arrows
Chromatic Orb Fly
Color Spray Glyph of Warding
Detect Magic Haste
Disguise Self Lightning Arrow
Earth Tremor Lightning Bolt
Ensnaring Strike Magic Circle
Feather Fall Nondetection
Fog Cloud Protection from Energy
Grease Sending
Hail of Thorns Thunder Step
Hellish Rebuke Vampiric Touch
Ice Knife Wall of Sand
Jump Wall of Water
Magic Missile Water Breathing
Protection from Evil and Good
Ray of Sickness
Silent Image

4th Level If you lose your membership in an organization, it is up to
Charm Monster the DM to decide what happens, but it is recommended that
Confusion you are allowed to replace the lost feat with another feat or
Dimension Door ability score improvement. Individuals who lose membership
Elemental Bane in an organization often face difficulties when forced to
Evard’s Black Tentacles interact with their erstwhile peers.
Fire Shield
Freedom of Movement Aurum Ominus Alchemist
Greater Invisibility Prerequisite: Artificer of 1st level or the ability to cast 2nd
Ice Storm level spells, proficiency with alchemist’s supplies.
Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound Your alchemical expertise and acumen has been
Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere recognized by the Order of the Golden Crucible, which has
Shadow of Moil granted you membership. The Order mainly concerns itself
Stoneskin with cultivating financial and political power. The Order
Storm Sphere issues you a signet ring of alchemically purified gold bearing
Vitriolic Sphere the Order’s seal, called the Aurum Ominus. This ring’s
Wall of Fire imprint marks letters as being officially sanctioned by the
Order, which can serve to speed shipments of alchemical
5th Level supplies, be regarded as expert advice by aristocrats and
Bigby’s Hand courts, or designate the authority of scientific notes.
Cloudkill The Order of the Golden Crucible maintains well-guarded
Cone of Cold guild houses throughout all of the Iron Kingdoms except for
Conjure Volley Ios. You may lodge at one freely, receiving the same
Dominate Person accommodations they would at an inn, with 3 good meals a
Enervation day and the comfort of knowing the Crucible Guard stands
Far Step ready to intervene if you are accosted by undesirables.
Hold Monster Furthermore, you may utilize the state-of-the-art alchemical
Immolation facilities of a guild house to receive the following benefits:
Modify Memory You have access to alchemist’s supplies, and advantage on
Passwall any checks made with them.
Steel Wind Strike You can identify one potion, oil, or other alchemical
Swift Quiver substance without tasting it by spending a short rest at a
Telekinesis guild house.
Teleportation Circle Any alchemical items or potions you produce cost half as
Wall of Force much in raw materials and can be manufactured twice as
Wall of Light quickly.
If you are an artificer, you gain an additional spell known
at 7th and 13th level. These spells must be of a level you
New Feats can cast.
The following feats are available to characters in the Iron If you are an artificer with the alchemist artificer specialty,
Kingdoms. This supplement introduces a new type of feat, you learn an additional alchemist formula of your choice.
called society feats. These feats represent your membership You can purchase any potions the guild house has in stock
in a powerful organization in Immoren. Possessing these for half the price.
feats represents both the effort taken to gain membership, As an Alchemist of the Order of the Golden Crucible, you
the specialized training that members receive, and the perks must perform the duties of a member. Membership duties
and obligations of membership. In some instances, it might include free exchange of alchemical research with other
be unclear when a character should take a society feat or members of the Order, safeguarding Order assets, and
include an organization as part of their background or class collaborating on projects with other members. Additionally,
selection. Society feats exist only for those organizations that the Order may call upon the your talents at any time, for any
provide substantial boons to their members in such a way purpose, for up to one week at the your expense. Calling
that it outstrips what a background might provide. For alchemists to service is done rarely, and only in instances of
example, a character who is a steamo of the Steam and legitimate need.
Ironworkers Union receives some basic benefits from their Finally, the Order charges membership dues equal to 1,500
membership, but these are sufficiently covered by the Guild gp per year, which may be paid in gold or in an equivalent
Artisan background. Meanwhile, the Order of Illumination amount of alchemical supplies. A one year grace period is
provides benefits to its members that eclipse the scope of a bestowed upon new members, absolving them from
background. An Illuminated character could take the society membership dues. If a membership payment is missed, it
feat, below, or play a wizard with the Theurgist Arcane accrues interest at 15% per year, compounded monthly.
Tradition. Players and their DMs should discuss the best way Members who do not pay their dues are not kicked out of the
to represent a character’s abilities as they develop. order, but instead become increasingly indebted and
indentured to the Order.

Fell Caller The Order charges membership dues of 100 gp per month,
but they don’t press you to pay them except for every six
Credit: u/mblack91 months. If you miss a six month payment, you have six more
Prerequisite: You must be a trollkin with a Charisma score of months to settle your account. If you miss your second
13 or higher deadline, you are expelled from the Order and all of your
You possess the Gift of Bragg, a talent unique to a bloodline personal possessions are repossessed to settle your debts.
of trollkin that allows them to channel magical powers Your spellbook is stripped from you during an elaborate
through their voices in great booming bellows that are called ceremony, if circumstances allow.
Fell Calls. Fell Callers have deep, sonorous voices that are Members of the Fraternal Order of Wizardry may never be
moving and impossible to ignore. You gain proficiency in the members of the Greylords Covenant.
Intimidation skill. If you are already proficient in the skill, you
add double your proficiency bonus to checks you make with Greylord
it. Prerequisite: Khardic, Kossite, or Skirov ancestry or proof of
Additionally, you can use your voice to achieve the loyalty to the Motherland through military service. Able to
following effects, as an action: cast 1st level spells from the artificer, bard, sorcerer, or
You sound a call that can be heard for a number of miles wizard spell list.
equal to half your character level. You have sworn yourself to the Motherland and the
You stabilize each trollkin character within 30 feet of you. Greylords Covenant, becoming a member thereof. Greylords
You unleash a 15-foot cone of destructive sonic energy. are incredibly loyal amongst themselves and to Khador. Their
Creatures in this area must make a Constitution saving unity leads them to be more powerful than other arcanists,
throw. The DC for this saving throw equals 8 + your but they sacrifice a degree of personal freedom.
proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier. A creature As a Greylord, you are beholden first and foremost to the
takes 2d6 thunder damage on a failed save, and half as Khadoran Empire. Greylords hold military rank as an officer
much on a successful one. The damage increases to 3d6 and magus. Soldiers loyal to Khador recognize your authority
at 6th level, 4d6 at 11th level, and 5d6 at 16th level. After and influence, and defer to you if they are of a lower rank. You
using this ability, you can’t use it again until you complete can invoke your rank to exert influence over other soldiers
a short or long rest. and requisition simple equipment or horses for temporary
use. You can also usually gain access to friendly military
Fraternal Brother encampments and fortresses where your rank is recognized.
Prerequisite: Human male, wizard of 5th level, 1,200 gp paid Greylords are given free reign in their research, so long as
to the Fraternal Order in membership dues. the results are shared with the Motherland. Because of this,
You have graduated from your apprenticeship to, or been you can find copies of spells of up to 6th level from the
sponsored for membership by, a Brother of the Fraternal artificer, bard, sorcerer, or wizard spell lists somewhere in the
Order of Wizardry. After all membership dues are paid, you Covenant’s archives.
are afforded full membership as a Fraternal Brother, granting The Greylords Covenant requires no membership dues,
you access to towers that the Fraternal Order owns and however, the members are sworn to the Khadoran crown for
operates throughout Cygnar, Ord, Llael, and Khador. You may life and can be called upon for service at the discretion of the
find free room and board at these towers, and may purchase government. In practice, older Greylords are left to their own
lesser lodgings for your companions where space is available. devices and seclusion, though this is far from a constant.
Due to your access to the Order’s libraries, you may add You enter the Greylords Covenant at the rank of Uchenik
three wizard spells to your spellbook when you gain a level of and are promoted based on your arcane skill. Your
wizard, instead of two. Additionally, while at an Order tower, specialized training grants you the following benefits:
you gain the following benefits: You gain proficiency with light armor.
Copying and producing spellbooks and scrolls costs half You gain proficiency with two weapons of your choice.
as much. You have resistance to cold damage.
You have access to alchemist’s supplies. You learn to speak one language from the following list:
You may find copies of any legal wizard spell of 5th level or Caspian, Khurzik, Nokiri, Orgoth, or Telgesh.
You can reference the libraries of the Order. If you spend
an hour pouring through the writings at the tower, you
have advantage on the next Intelligence (Arcana) check
you make for the next hour.
Duties of a Fraternal Brother include being summoned by
the Order at any time, at your expense, for up to one week, to
perform duties such as collaborating on arcane research or
accompanying an expedition.

Gunfighter The arcanists of the Maritime Order of the Trident train
extensively to work in concert with the Ordic Royal Navy. As
Long hours at the range and in the trenches have accustomed living military assets, they learn both combat and pragmatic
your fingers to the workings of firearms in all their forms. You magic that can save lives and change fortunes on the high
gain the following benefits: seas. Though these arcanists are expected to serve for a time
You may reload weapons you are proficient with that have as part of the Ordic Navy, many go on to barter their services
the Reload property as a bonus action. to large shipping concerns or mercenary forces. A small
Being within 5 feet of a hostile creature doesn’t impose number join the pirate crews that call Ord home.
disadvantage on your ranged attack rolls. You hold military rank in the Ordic navy as an officer and
You may draw a firearm without using an action or bonus magus. Soldiers and sailors loyal to Ord recognize your
action as long as the weapon is easily accessible, you have authority and influence, and defer to you if they are of a lower
a free hand, and it is your turn. rank. You can invoke your rank to exert influence over other
When you use the Attack action and attack with a one- soldiers and requisition simple equipment or horses for
handed weapon, you can use a bonus action to attack with temporary use. You can also usually gain access to friendly
a loaded one-handed firearm you are holding. military encampments and fortresses where your rank is
recognized. Furthermore, you gain the following benefits:
Illuminated One You learn the gust cantrip and the gust of wind and
Prerequisite: Able to cast 1st level spells from the artificer, obscuring mist spells, which are considered bard,
bard, sorcerer, or wizard spell list. Proficiency with the sorcerer, or wizard spells (your choice when you select
Religion skill. Worshipper of Morrow. this feat) for you.
The Order of Illumination is a branch of the Sancteum, the As long as you are not wearing armor or using a shield,
seat of the Morrowan church, that studies how arcane magic you have a swimming speed and climbing speed equal to
can be used to thwart the Dark Arts. Their ranks are your walking speed.
primarily composed of wizards, but any arcane spellcaster You gain proficiency in a single martial weapon of your
who does not practice witchcraft can qualify. It takes a special choice.
sort of individual to be able to face infernalism and The Maritime Order of the Trident requires no
necromancy and still remain a pure and devout instrument of membership dues, however, the members are sworn to the
Morrow’s will. Ordic crown while still serving (typically a period of 8 years,
Your training has equipped you to fight these evil entities. including apprenticeship to a senior Trident) and can be
You add the following spells to the artificer, bard, sorcerer, called upon for service at the discretion of the government.
and wizard spell lists if you possess levels in any of those
classes: aid, banishing smite, bless, blinding smite, detect evil Warcaster
and good, dispel evil and good, sanctuary, shield of faith,
spiritual weapon, and wrathful smite. Additionally, you gain Prerequisite: You must be a spellcaster who can cast 2nd
the following benefits: level spells.
You possess the rare talent of a warcaster and can direct
You gain proficiency in a single martial weapon of your steamjacks to do your bidding, enhancing their fighting
choice. prowess by channeling your magical focus through them.
You learn the Telgesh language, which is used in lasting As a bonus action, you may mentally command any
works of necromancy. steamjack under your control within 500 feet of you (if you
You are an ordained member of the Morrowan church, and control multiple steamjacks you can command any or all of
can technically perform religious functions, though they are them at the same time, issuing the same command to each
rarely asked to do so. You and your companions can find one). You decide what action the steamjack will take and
simple accommodations at any church or cathedral of where it will move during its next turn, or you can issue a
Morrow. Illuminated Ones are expected to root out heresy general command, such as to guard a particular chamber or
and the Dark Arts wherever they go, and as such can be corridor. If you issue no commands, the steamjack only
called upon to deal with such a situation when it arises and defends itself against hostile creatures. Once given an order,
can be dispatched to various locales. the steamjack continues to follow it until its task is complete.
As a devout members of the church, you are expected to For more information on controlling steamjacks, see the ‘Jack
donate 10% of their personal wealth to the church, as well as Handling skill in chapter 4.
delivering reports periodically to your superiors. Failure to With an effort of will, you may also focus your magic to aid
apprehend a witch, stay in contact with the church, or donate your steamjacks and yourself in combat. To do so, you use a
your wealth can call their motivations into question and bonus action on your turn and expend one or more spell
result in an inquisition into your personal life. slots. For each level of spell slot you expend, you may grant
one focus point to a steamjack under your control or to
Maritime Order of the Trident yourself. A steamjack may have no more than three focus
points at any time.
Prerequisite: Tordoran or Thurian ancestry, able to cast 2nd
level spells from the bard, sorcerer, or wizard spell list.

Is “Warcaster” a duplicate feat?
The Player’s Handbook has a warcaster feat in it,
but in the Iron Kingdoms, warcasters are an
established feature of the setting. In order to rectify
this overlap, it is suggested that you use the feat
presented here to represent warcasters in the Iron
Kingdoms. The feat in the Player’s Handbook is still
valid, and should be renamed to “Battlecaster.”

    A creature who has one or more focus points may expend
them within the next minute, after which any unspent focus
points are lost. When a creature spends a focus point, they
usually roll a die and add the number to a different roll. The
size of the focus die is determined by how many focus points
are spent.
Warcaster Focus
Focus Points Spent Focus Die
1 d4
2 d6
3+ d8

Focus may be used in three ways, described below. After a

focus point is used or a focus die is rolled, it is lost. A creature
may spend as many focus points as they have in a turn.
Boost. As part of an attack action, a creature may roll a
focus die and add the result to an attack or damage roll. The
creature can wait until after it rolls before deciding to use the
focus die, but must decide before the DM says whether the
roll succeeds or fails. A particular attack or damage roll may
only be boosted once, but a creature may boost as many
attacks as they have the focus for.
Reinforce. As a reaction, when a creature is targeted by an
attack, it may roll a focus die and add the result to their AC
until the start of their next turn.
Additional Attack. As a bonus action, a creature may
expend a focus point and make a weapon attack.

Chapter 3: Personality and Details

ore than just the words and numbers First Names (Female). Alanna, Alexia, Alley, Amery,
on a sheet, characters are defined by Ashlan, Ashley, Bailey, Betilda, Brona, Cammy, Canice, Cara,
their personalities and details. This Caylan, Cecily, Creena, Dara, Darsey, Delaney, Derry, Desle,
section discusses names common to Devlin, Dunla, Elatha, Elspeth, Emma, Enda, Erris, Evelyn,
the Iron Kingdoms, the languages Gale, Gwen, Haley, Henna, Islene, Jenett, Jordan, Juliana,
spoken by their inhabitants, and the Katerine, Kealey, Kearey, Keavey, Kelsey, Kiltey, Lorna,
religions that are practiced. Matilda, Meara, Morna, Muriel, Nally, Orla, Renny, Rosaleen,
Rowan, Sabina, Shay, Stiana, Tara, Torey, Tressa, Una, Vora,
Character Details Surnames. Ainsworth, Aleman, Alkott, Applewhite,
First impressions go a long way toward defining a character’s Ashburn, Ashcroft, Atchley, Atwood, Bainbridge, Bancroft,
relationships. Some of the first things people take note of are Bannister, Barrington, Barton, Baskin, Belker, Bingley,
names, stature, and age. Blackburn, Blackwood, Boggs, Borloch, Borne, Bradner,
Brasher, Briarford, Brisbane, Broadnax, Brocker, Calligan,
Names Calvirt, Cosgrave, Darkmantle, Denby, Denisson, Dryden,
Until shortly after the Orgoth Occupation, most people in Dumas, Dunford, Durst, Ellsworth, Falk, Fenwick, Forsythe,
western Immoren required but a single name. However, as Fullet, Gadock, Galbraith, Gant, Gately, Gilfin, Gilroy,
populations and geographic mobility became greater, the Grayden, Grimes, Hadely, Haightley, Halstead, Hartcliff,
need arose to introduce other ways of describing and Helstrom, Helwick, Hitch, Hornbeck, Hurst, Ironside,
identifying people. Most cultures have gone through phases, Keightley, Heller, Kendrick, Kerrigan, Kerswell, Kinnet,
employing a variety of methods to describe and identify Kirkston, Kurgan, Langworth, Lynch, Mallett, Mallory,
people. Over time, the use of surnames, or family names, has Millward, Montfort, Mosley, Murdoch, Norwick, Oberen,
become commonplace; these are passed from one generation Oldham, Pendrake, Ratcliff, Redgrave, Rhinehart, Rolfe,
to the next. For most of western Immoren, the use of Rusling, Scarrow, Shaw, Skarholt, Sunbright, Talbot, Tolbert,
surnames is a somewhat recent phenomenon, occurring in Versh, Villius, Voyle, Wadock, Whitefield
only the past 400 years or so. Cygnaran Names (Morridane, Thurian)
The following names are divided by nation and ethnicity for Most Morridane and Thurian names are the same as Caspian
humans and race for non-humans. Since human ethnic and Midlunder names, although some remain distinctly
boundaries have become blurred over the past several different. It is worthy of note that the Morridane and Thurian
generations some naming conventions have been nationally naming conventions have many similarities in the suffixes.
influenced. There are a plentitude of names ending in -an, -in, and -eigh.
Also, it should be noted that the application of the prefix
Cygnaran Names (Caspian, Midlunder, mac- to some Thurian surnames is a custom that dates back
Sulese) several hundred years. In the Ordic tongue, ‘mag’ means
Caspian, Midlunder, and Sulese names come in a wide ‘son,’ and scholars state that this is the likely a comparative
variety, many of them influenced by other cultures. When it translation. So, for example, surnames such as MacBurney
comes to surnames, some are derived by combining two and MacRoane are examples of last names one might
words such as “bicker” and “staff” for Bickerstaff. What’s attribute to Thurians or other races with Thurian surnames
most important is choosing words that play well on the ear. by marriage.
Most Thurians have either a Caspian/Midlunder first name First Names (Male). Aidan, Ardan, Bastian, Blake, Bradig,
or surname. Branduff, Brogan, Brosnan, Byrleigh, Cagneigh, Colm,
First Names (Male). Alain, Alger, Alnor, Alvy, Amery, Ansel, Conleth, Conor, Cormick, Cronan, Cullin, Darian, Darragh,
Anson, Ard, Arias, Ardin, Arkin, Arland, Artis, Baen, Bain, Decklan, Deegan, Dermid, Dermot, Dougal, Dougan, Eilish,
Bairn, Barden, Barigan, Barlowe, Bartley, Bayden, Beck, Fergus, Finnegan, Flynn, Gervin, Gorman, Gralan, Hagan,
Bergin, Birk, Bixler, Blayde, Blythe, Bolden, Boren, Bors, Hanagan, Hogan, Ian, Keegan, Killian, Kirwin, Larkin, Lonan,
Bowden, Brandel, Brill, Brock, Brone, Brue, Brunner, Bryson, Lorcan, Lorgan, Luan, Mairtin, Morgan, Nolan, Odran, Olan,
Cacey, Caine, Cam, Camden, Casner, Cobb, Creedan, Creel, Ossian, Piran, Quinn, Quinlan, Rogan, Ronan, Ryleigh
Crowle, Dalmer, Dardan, Degar, Delp, Dexer, Dextrel, Dorn, First Names (Female). Aideen, Ansleigh, Beara, Boand,
Dowd, Doyle, Druce, Dugger, Dunley, Durwin, Eckert, Egan, Brennan, Caelan, Caitlin, Carleigh, Carolan, Clancy, Dana,
Elias, Elgin, Ennis, Everett, Fane, Fargas, Finch, Fitch, Gade, Devlin, Eithne, Evlin, Gillian, Jelyan, Jerilyn, Kaelin, Keehan,
Gadsen, Galt, Garrett, Garrick, Godwin, Griffin, Gum, Kennan, Kensiegh, Kerin, Kerry, Kileigh, Lacy, Leigan,
Gunner, Hamil, Harlan, Hawke, Heremon, Icabod, Jagger, Lennon, Mara, Meara, Megan, Milish, Nial, Nivin, Paddy,
Jarok, Jonas, Julian, Kade, Kell, Kerne, Kerr, Leto, Lon, Mago, Regan, Roshean, Shannon, Teagan, Tiernan
Malek, Milo, Nash, Nolan, Odger, Olson, Pandor, Perth,
Phineas, Radnor, Regan, Retho, Reynard, Rowe, Rudd,
Scarle, Sebastian, Sorley, Timeck, Ulfass, Vahn, Victor, Vidor,
Vinter, Waldron, Wolfe, Wyatt

Surnames. Aghamore, Bain, Bartley, Beene, Berrigan, Llaelese Names (Ryn)
Blathmac, Bradigan, Bray, Brenn, Burney, Byrne, Carrock, The majority of first names in Llael are much the same as
Cathmore, Corcoran, Corley, Cronan, Decklan, Deorain, Cygnaran first names (above), though they often favor
Derrigan, Donovan, Doyle, Dromore, Duff, Duffock, Duggan, replacing the ‘e’ or ‘i’ with a more flourishing ‘y.’ Where
Dunne, Enabarr, Fagan, Finnian, Finnigan, Gafneagh, Garrity, Llaelese monikers are most distinct is in the surnames.
Gilmore, Glasneagh, Gormleigh, Gowan, Grady, Grath, Hugh, Some families- usually those that are longstanding and
Hurlough, Kaddock, Kain, Kannock, Kavanaugh, Kearneigh, steeped in tradition- still apply the connecting di or d’, which
Keehan, Kerrigan, Kilbride, Kildair, Lattimore, Leegan, is a locative for ‘of’ in Ryn, or di la for ‘of the,’ e.g., Elias di
Lochlan, Lowreigh, Lynch, Madigan, Melroane, Moriarty, Gilfyn, Lorna d’Wythsten, and Taryn di la Rovissi.
Murrough, Rathleagh, Reardan, Riordan, Roane, Ryland, Some scholars conjecture that Rynnish names such as
Scully, Sheridan, Sorleagh, Torcail, Turlough, Vain, Waddock, Bralzzi and Granzio have some connection to the former
Wain kingdom of Tordor. They may not be far off-base with such
theories. It is said that during the last days of Tordor, many of
Khadoran Names (Khard, Kossite, the noble families journeyed inland to the eastern reaches of
Skirov, Umbrean) western Immoren and settled in what would later become
In Khador, surnames are reserved for the kayazy and men of Llael.
status. Many Khadorans refer to each other by their first Surnames. Albyn, Alyr, Anthys, Badrigio, Boudewyn,
name and a last name taken from their father’s first name, Bracsio, Bralazzi, Bray, Chalerio, Claeys, Culpyn, Denys,
with males adding -evich and -ovich and females adding -ovna Dimiani, Donaes, Dromio, Dunlyfe, Dyvacci, Dyvarc, Elyse,
and -evna to the last name. Therefore Grigor, son of Alexei, Faryll, Feryse, Fiscani, Florys, Gervaes, Ghelyt, Gilfyn,
would be Grigor Alexeivich. However, naming conventions Glaeys, Gossyn, Govaes, Granzio, Gustyn, Gylbert, Gyrart,
are no longer standardized as they once were and many Henryn, Hengys, Lamsyn, Laureyns, Loys, Lymos, Lynyse,
families regularly break with this tradition. This shift in Mancario, Martyn, Matys, Mirassi, Morosini, Moysarc,
naming is most evident in the burgeoning middle-class, who Niclaeys, Petrozzi, Polaro, Rimbaldi, Rovissi, Sanlyfe, Tadiri,
often uses family names to create a perception of status that Torys, Trivassi, Vandyse, Viadro, Viscario, Weyne, Wulfe,
might not have previously existed. Wythsten, Yrnyse
First Names (Male). Aika, Aleksi, Alexandr, Alexei,
Aliosha, Ambroz, Andrei, Blasnoch, Barak, Bladko, Boris, Ordic Names (Tordoran)
Borja, Chasek, Costi, Culamir, Dahlrif, Dalmat, Dmitri,     First Names (Male). Agnolo, Alvoro, Amador, Amario,
Dobrinya, Dorek, Dragash, Drago, Falko, Fedko, Fedor, Fodor, Ambro, Andro, Avito, Bacar, Bartal, Barzal, Belchior, Bernal,
Gasan, Ghita, Giza, Gorash, Goraz, Gorian, Grigor, Grigory, Biagio, Caldini, Calefo, Damasco, Dego, Falchi, Faro,
Iagan, Iakhno, Iakshen, Igor, Ilya, Ivan, Ivash, Ivdan, Jachemir, Fernam, Francar, Gaspar, Gazo, Gismondo, Gazca, Grigori,
Jarosch, Jozef, Kachalo, Kigir, Kirbitei, Kohan, Kosara, Jaspar, Laspar, Lavoro, Lionor, Lorio, Lupar, Lupo, Malo,
Ladimir, Levanid, Loshka, Luka, Malash, Malko, Michal, Manario, Maro, Mateo, Montador, Nando, Nicolo, Olivo,
Michka, Mikhail, Mikolo, Mishka, Negomir, Nekras, Nikolei, Ormano, Padri, Pascal, Piero, Rafaldo, Ranal, Rufio, Salvi,
Olekse, Pachek, Petrov, Pyotr, Radomir, Radu, Rajko, Ruskin, Sighieri, Stagiar, Vasco, Zachar
Sadko, Sergei, Servath, Solovei, Stoyan, Valerian, Vasily, First Names (Female). Alda, Aldiana, Anastasi, Andrea,
Vasiuk, Vasko, Vladjimir, Vojin, Volkh, Yakov, Yaro, Yuri, Yurik Badessa, Biella, Branca, Carlutia, Consola, Creena, Danola,
First Names (Female). Akina, Akilina, Aleksa, Anana, Dialta, Eliana, Favia, Felice, Fia, Gabriele, Giana, Giona,
Anastasia, Anikita, Bazhina, Britt, Cesta, Cestina, Corinna, Giovanna, Gratia, Imelda, Isabel, Lena, Loriana, Lorita,
Dalika, Darzha, Elina, Eliska, Elka, Gridia, Gubina, Ihrin, Malatesta, Margia, Matea, Mirena, Nicola, Oliveta, Orabella,
Ilyana, Ivona, Kasia, Katerina, Katia, Klenka, Ksana, Laika, Rena, Rosa, Sandrea, Scarlata, Selanda, Simona, Stiata,
Lariana, Ludmila, Malana, Marfa, Marina, Marta, Mia, Tadea, Talia, Tareyja, Valori, Verona
Mikhaila, Milena, Misha, Myrra, Nastaja, Natalya, Nikita, Surnames. Acorsi, Actavio, Avreu, Balduccio, Bandesco,
Ninete, Ondreiana, Riksa, Siri, Sivasha, Sofia, Sonja, Stefka, Bateu, Begni, Belcari, Benzo, Bezerra, Borgho, Brancacci,
Tahni, Tara, Tatyana, Vjera, Yelena, Zelmire, Zori Carvalo, Cassini, Castra, Corazo, Cravo, Degrata, Duranti,
Surnames. Abrosim, Adka, Agrimko, Aleksy, Aleshko, Evora, Fariseu, Florio, Gaspar, Gateu, Ginori, Goncal, Graza,
Anonidka, Babora, Belavdon, Berzhin, Blizbor, Bolovan, Guaspar, Labigio, Lasca, Lioni, Mascal, Masi, Mateu, Mazini,
Borga, Csabor, Dementskov, Dvora, Durga, Faltin, Grishka, Nerini, Orafi, Osoyro, Ovalho, Pagani, Pelario, Pescar, Petri,
Grychkin, Gubin, Istori, Karakov, Koposin, Krasnovo, Kutzov, Randasi, Regla, Rosado, Rubeu, Salo, Salvestro, Santoro,
Ladislav, Lichko, Lovot, Louka, Lozar, Makara, Makarin, Scali, Scorgiani, Segalozo, Silva, Simtra, Solvo, Stario,
Makarov, Mikitka, Mileshka, Mrovka, Nagorka, Nazarko, Stradue, Tavora, Tedesci, Telloso, Tieri, Torcail, Trovato,
Neshka, Orlov, Osokin, Ostyvik, Padorin, Ptrok, Petru, Ubaldo, Ulavari, Valoro, Varyo, Vascal, Vascalho, Versalo,
Raboshich, Rachlavsky, Radazar, Rostov, Starov, Stravite, Viteu, Zacharo, Zaspar, Zucco
Szetka, Ushka, Tiudiaminov, Toshiana, Varnek, Venianminov,
Vilimov, Vislovski, Zavor, Zeitsev, Zhina, Zhivo

Protectorate Names (Idrian) First Names (Male). Admon, Arlack, Barl, Bartan, Bindar,
Idrian surnames have been quite recently added to the name Brogan, Bulin, Decklin, Dragar, Dunarl, Durg, Durke,
giving rituals. The conventional practice is to combine one’s Ecken,Freitag, Galtar, Gamack, Gerhard, Gidrick, Golrick,
tribal name as a suffix to a short surname. The name giving Gornock, Gruhn, Guvul, Havelock, Hedwig, Herne, Holdur,
ritual takes place upon a child’s third year. Up until that time, Jaldun, Jurg, Kalmon, Lossock, Redgar, Theldor, Tholrick,
a child has neither a first nor a last name. During the ritual, a Thorne
child will be presented with a patronymic name. For example, First Names (Female). Anlost, Bredine, Brunev, Cathro,
if a boy’s father hails from the Makha tribe, the boy may then Celath, Crelyth, Crieda, Darlave, Dira, Garline, Gedine,
be called Sahu Kehtmakha, and if a girl’s father is of Silmani Geduve, Girta, Gorina, Heleth, Hiln, Magrat, Marba,
blood, she may then be called Saleha Tarsilmani. Mendine, Nollos, Sartine, Torlith, Uhlith, Ulave, Vetta
Currently, eleven tribes are recognized within the Surnames. Belgre, Blackheel, Blackitt, Darrow, Dolgren,
Protectorate of Menoth. These are the eleven that converted Domack, Dorgun, Durkin, Fortros, Gherke, Hardwick,
en masse in 565 A.R. to the Menite faith. Dozens of other Icehold, Lugro, Netweaver, Olghrd, Oreblood, Redhammer,
tribes exist, but it is these eleven that comprise the majority Rothrock, Serric, Sigmur, Softshadow, Steadfast,
of Idrians in the Protectorate. Below is a list of those tribes. Stoneground, Torgun, Urdro, Whitnock, Wroughthammer
First Names (Male). Abidin, Adil, Adira, Affendi, Aiman,
Akhet, Akhun, Amir, Amon, Amran, Anazim, Anuar, Arshad, Elven Names
Arzu, Azlan, Azrul, Badan, Bahari, Baharudin, Bakara, Bakva, Iosans and Nyss share the same root culture and language
Banu, Bashah, Dahari, Djavak, Djokola, Durga, Eman, Faizal, and thus there is a strong resemblance between the names
Fakharuddin, Farhan, Fashran, Fazrul, Ghani, Goha, Gosaf, found within each ethnicity. The language of the Nyss is
Haakim, Hadi, Hafizul, Harun, Hasnan, Huslan, Ihsan, Imran, closer to the archaic form of Iosan; they typically use ‘y’ or ‘ae’
Ishak, Iskandar, Izal, Jaafar, Juhari, Kamarul, Khalid, Khvas, in place of ‘i’ in naming (so that Asir becomes Asyr, Breir
Kutsna, Lasha, Makhari, Marlizam, Moatstaf, Mustafa, becomes Breyr, Rissill becomes Ryssyll and so forth).
Muzaffar, Naazim, Nahak, Najmudin, Nazri, Proha, Razak, First Names (Male). Alcyr, Avross, Bres, Callael, Callis,
Retek, Rosdan, Saadim, Sahrizan, Sahu, Saltuk, Cinsyr, Cybross, Erryll, Felcyr, Glyssor, Gossyr, Laconfir, Lani
Shaharuddin, Shamsul, Shariman, Shazrin, Siva, Sulaiman, (Lanae in Nyss), Lissor, Neriwhen, Pelyth, Rillis, Sarlos,
Syahiran, Taarek, Taha, Tajuddin, Tarmizi, Umar, Vasan, Shas, Thale, Tryiss, Tylth, Vyros, Vystral
Vasu, Volka, Yahaja, Yusuf, Zadar, Sahrin, Sahrul, Zakari, First Names (Female). Aesha, Alyssa, Caelyth, Cytyss,
Zaru, Zedrin Dahlia, Edrea, Falcir, Feen, Gaelyr, Hellith, Lorimir, Lothwyn,
First Names (Female). Adelina, Adisa, Ami, Amira, Meryll, Miir, Renyll, Sacyl, Shael, SIllith, Tanyr, Tathir, Tenae,
Anisah, Aryani, Asmida, Aysha, Azara, Azlina, Bala, Berka, Velwhin, Veryth, Ystith
Chiora, Dalina, Dasima, Dedika, Dendara, Ezadura, Fareha, Surnames. Alcyan, Asir, Breir, Ellowuyr, Ferryll, Graccys,
Fariza, Fatimah, Gulisa, Hafizah, Hasha, Haslina, Imanina, Hallyr, Heryllith, Larisar, Lloryrr, Luynmyr, Lyorys, Menellyth,
Indra, Jamilah, Juvita, Katijah, Kheta, Kita, Laili, Lamara, Raefyll, Reyvrese, Ryssyll, Syvas, Vrir, Vaelyn, Wyldiss,
Lamzira, Latifah, Lilja, Mahiran, Maisa, Mariani, Maya, Wyllothyr
Mazlin, Mutiara, Nadira, Nazariah, Nurjahan, Nurshafira,
Opra, Rahanah, Rahiza, Rana, Razmani, Reha, Rohani, Goblin Names
Safrina, Saleha, Sanatha, Shafeera, Shalan, Shorena, Rather than having a first name and a surname like most
Shuhada, Siti, Suriani, Tasara, Tiara, Tiesa, Uma, Usha, other races, goblins have sole but compounded names
Voha, Yana, Yara, Yasmin, Yati, Yuzmin, Zahidah, Zahirah, explaining how they fit into society. The first syllable or two is
Zakira, Zarina, Zuraina personal and distinctive; what a human might understand as
Surnames. Ad, An, Anh, At, Bal, Bahl, Bahn, Behn, Das, being a first name, and their names are often truncated to the
Dur, Et, Eyn, Had, Has, Ja, Kahn, Kat, Kehn, Keht, La, Lahn, first syllable or two (sometimes three) after introductions
Ma, Maz, Naj, Naz, Rehn, Roh, Sa, Sahn, Sek, Sekh, Set, Sil have been made. Most gobbers tend to oblige the other races
Tar, Tas, Ull, Uz, Veht, Yah, Yas, Yeht, Zah, Zhah by allowing them to address them this way, but among others
Tribal Names. Bukhari, Foha, Madrah, Makha, Nazira, of their kind this is considered informal and only suitable for
Okar, Raza, Silmani, Sohar, Yohada, Zahari. kin and close friends.
Following their “first name,” or iplikat in Gobberish, the
Dwarven Names next one or two syllables are their mother’s iplikat, followed
The dwarves of Rhul typically have short, simple first names, by the father’s iplikat, and then the remainder- which a goblin
rarely longer than two syllables. With male names, at least typically earns during adolescence- identifies such things as
one syllable will be hard. Their surnames fall into one of two their skills, their place in goblin society, their caste and
categories. Some of these are descriptive, adopted by the profession, or hopes for their future accomplishments. In
individual (or one of their ancestors) to portray their style or bogrin society, names are sometimes extended by adding
record their fame. However, more traditional individuals intimidating adjectives to describe their prowess or standing
adopt the name of their clan. Optionally, they use the within their kriel, such “the Fierce” or “Bowel Biter.”
conjunction ‘of’ to connect their first names and clan names;
for example, Tholrick of Sigmur rather than Tholrick Sigmur.

    Many adjectives in Gobberish are double entendres, First Names (Male). Balasar, Bendek, Ganthak, Gargosh,
making it easy for left handed compliments or accidental Gerlak, Grindar, Holdar, Horluk, Jonhot, Jostan, Kolor, Korlar,
insults by using them in the wrong context. The most Masdun, Stershan, Tassar, Termen
common means of insult is to distort the intended meaning of First Names (Female). Brolas, Harthreen, Jata, Jennan,
a name into negative connotation, usually by stressing the Jussika, Lassan, Masalass, Mossan, Niolor, Nosson, Olos,
wrong syllable. Other races, humans especially, are guilty Rossan, Sollisa, Sossamon, Vasalor, Vatess, Vessos, Vialoss
(often unknowingly) of such abuse. In fact, multiple meanings Surnames. Bloodborn, Bloodbreath, Boomhowler, Delleb,
are exacerbated by regional variations: a bogger from the Dogalus, Doomspeaker, Firetongue, Goodhammer, Gormas,
Scharde Islands, a swamp gobber in Cygnar, and a gobber Hoagbarth, Kavkalash, Lorgash, Lugosh, Slaughterborn,
from the Khadoran taiga all interpret the same name rather Surfborn, Stonehide, Toborg, Tumbrog
differently. For example, Endarenmoanoanheg could be
interpreted as “Enda, daughter of Ren and Mo, skillful Height and Weight
toolmaker” or “Enda, daughter of Ren and Mo, weak old You can decide your character’s height and weight or use the
crone.” tables below. In general, northern humans are of larger stock
As a side note, some goblin names seem to have been due to a surplus of arable land providing better nutrition, but
influenced by trollkin names, likely due to proximity, as industrialization creates food surpluses in the south, this
occasionally using Molgur-Trul descriptors. trend is changing. The shortest humans stand a head taller
In general, male names use ‘k’ isntead of ‘g’ in their than dwarves, and goblins reach to their waists. In contrast,
descriptors, while female names use the feminine form, trollkin are at least a foot taller than all but the largest
which often uses ‘g’ rather than ‘k’. If the last syllable of a humans, and themselves are small in comparison to the giant
goblin’s name ends in a vowel, they usually add a consonant ogrun.
such as “g’, ‘k’, ‘n’, or ‘m’ simply to lend the name a sense of
finality. Random Height and Weight
Male Names. Bertulakuggamulak “Bert”, Bollomvorgobalt Base Height Base Weight
“Boll”, Borkanhekkanaken “Bork”, Gorkanhorkaggonal Race Height Modifier Weight Modifier
“Gork”, Gortralakanomok “Gort”, Hoggarakanaggananaen
“Hog”, Monatralokoranuman “Mon”, Poggolagulobaltulon Caspian/Sulese 4'9" +2d10 110 lbs (x2d4) lbs
“Pog”, Tikalagunahunaken “Tik”, Tokalagunagganek “Tok”, Idrian 4'6" +2d10 100 lbs (x2d4) lbs
Vogaragekanokon “Vog”, Zhagganazomok “Zhag” Khard 5'4" +2d10 130 lbs (x2d4) lbs
Female Names. Agghianothakanen “Aggie”,
Belendaranhekkameleg “Bel”, Katrenadaramunrel “Kat”, Kossite 5'7" +2d10 145 lbs (x2d4) lbs
Marigekalanemun “Mari”, Megrendaggananeg “Meg”, Midlunder 4'8" +2d10 110 lbs (x2d4) lbs
Selegrendargamun “Sele”, Terewikkadarheleg “Tere”,
Walurenmogrelag “Walu” Morridane 4'6" +2d10 95 lbs (x2d4) lbs
Ryn 4'11" +2d10 110 lbs (x2d4) lbs
Ogrun Names Scharde 4'7" +2d10 110 lbs (x2d4) lbs
Although most ogrun have two names, many mature ogrun
have three. The second name indicates their family; some Skirov 5'2" +2d10 125 lbs (x2d4) lbs
wandering ogrun have been known to drop this or even adopt Thurian 5'0" +2d10 120 lbs (x2d4) lbs
a descriptive name in its place. Female names tend to contain
softer vowel sounds than their male counterparts. When they Tordoran 4'11" +2d10 115 lbs (x2d4) lbs
swear to a korune, ogrun typically adopt their korune’s name Umbrean 5'3" +2d10 125 lbs (x2d4) lbs
as an extra surname, using it as a mark of pride in their Dwarf 4'4" +2d4 140 lbs (x2d6) lbs
allegiance. This third name is normally only used as part of
formal introductions or ceremonies. Goblin 3'4" +2d4 40 lbs x1 lbs
First Names (Male). Borok, Bosh, Dunuk, Gantak, Gorgol, Elf, Iosan 5'3" +2d8 110 lbs (x1d6) lbs
Gorlu, Kulk, Kogul, Lagdor, Lorgrul, Monon, Natak, Oknot,
Tokol, Tuluk, Zorok Elf, Nyss 5'5" +2d8 125 lbs (x1d6) lbs
First Names (Female). Bekken, Beleg, Dekri, Garka, Ilka, Ogrun 7'7" +2d6 380 lbs (x2d6) lbs
Jessen, Kelen, Kinik, Krishka, Rengan, Rilik, Tilka, Torin, Trollkin 5'11" +2d10 220 lbs (x2d6) lbs
Surnames. Ammok, Assag, Berok, Hammerhand, Hedlok, Trollkin 5'2" +2d10 180 lbs (x2d6) lbs
Halghat, Ironbiter, Ironside, Korsuk, Kulghat, Longspear, Sorcerer
Nokter, Oakknee, Skullsplitter, Stonehand, Strongarm,
Thagrosh, Thologhat, Turnok, Urark, Warbiter Age
While the vast majority of the Iron Kingdoms are inhabited
Trollkin Names by humans, the minority of other races hold differing views
Trollkin take great pride in their lineage, but rather than on life because of their longevity, or lack thereof.
extend their names as goblins do, they memorize family
trees. For matters of ceremony, trollkin introduce themselves
by reciting this full lineage. In human society, trollkin may use
the name of their kith or kriel as a surnames; others have
adopted descriptive names.

Age Living Languages
Race Adulthood Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Language Notes Alphabet
Dwarf 20 35 90 120 +5d10 Cygnaran Official language of Cygnar and a Caspian
common trade tongue.
Elf, Iosan 23 110 165 220 +1d100
Five Cant Originated in Five Fingers, but used Caspian
Elf, Nyss 25 135 200 270 +8d20 by pirates and criminals throughout
Goblin 14 25 40 50 +3d8 the kingdoms.
Human 16 35 55 70 +2d20 Scharde Dialect of Cygnaran used in the Caspian
Tongue Scharde Isles and Cryx.
Ogrun 15 30 45 60 +3d10 [3]
Trollkin 18 55 80 110 +3d20 Sulese [1] Official language of the Protectorate Caspian
of Menoth, though a dialect of
Cygnaran in truth.
Languages Swampie Dialect of Cygnaran used by Caspian
As both the official language of one of the Iron Kingdoms and [3] Swampies and River Folk.
the primary trade tongue used by merchants and travelers Idrian Spoken by Idrian nomads and other Caspian
throughout the Iron Kingdoms, Cygnaran is the most widely inhabitants of the Bloodstone
spoken language in western Immoren. The languages of the Marches.
other kingdoms- Khadoran, Llaelese, Ordic, Rhulic, and Shyr- Khadoran Official language of Khador. Khurzic
are also quite prevalent, especially within their native
provinces. As one might expect, a number of subfamily Urnyak [3] Still spoken by many Skirov. Molgur
languages are interspersed amid the various language Llaelese Official language of Llael. Caspian
families, and the most popular of these are listed below.
Molgur Spoken by human barbarians, as well Molgur
as many Dhunian races.
Gobberish Spoken by bogrin tribes and gobbers, Moglur
Literacy is not a widespread skill in the Iron Kingdoms. [4] though the two dialects are quickly
Characters are presumed to be illiterate, and may become diverging. The language is rooted in
literate by substituting one known language. A character who Molgur.
is literate is literate in all languages they can speak unless Molgur- Dialect of Molgur spoken by ogrun Molgur
otherwise noted. Og [1] communities.
In most cases, being illiterate doesn’t interfere with
navigation, as shops are marked with appropriate symbols Molgur-
Trul [2]
Dialect of Molgur spoken by trollkin
and signposts bear the heraldry of the land’s rulers.
Ordic Official language of Ord, and Caspian
Dialects common in many ports throughout
the kingdoms.
Over time and distance, languages slowly diverge and branch High Spoken by some highborn Tordorans, Caspian
into new dialects, and eventually new languages. While Tordoris this language is swiftly on its way to
industrialization and modern communication technologies [1] join Caspian and Khurzic, but lives on
greatly slow this process, it can still be found in rural areas through Ordic.
and among folk who care little for technology. Rhulic Spoken by the dwarves of Rhul Rhulic
Dialects have a difficulty rating, listed in brackets, that
represents how divergent it is from the root language. The Miner A dialect of Rhulic spoken by dwarven Rhulic
higher the difficulty of a dialect, the harder it is for other Rhulic[1] communities outside of Rhul.
speakers of the language to understand and communicate Shyr Spoken by the elves of Ios Shyric
with the speaker of a dialect. Many times, it is also difficult to
read the writings of people who are used to speaking in a Dead Languages
dialect. They might apply idiomatic expressions and Language Notes Alphabet
corrupted spellings that are foreign to other readers. Over
time, however, a character who speaks the same root Caspian Root of Cygnaran, widely used in Caspian
language can acclimate to a dialect. Acclimation takes one religious rituals and academic research.
week of frequent exposure for every point of difficulty rating. Dohl- Root of Rhulic Rhulic
While a character is unfamiliar with a dialect, they have Rhul
disadvantage on all Charisma checks to interact linguistically Khurzic Primarily used by Khadoran scholars Khurzic
with speakers of a dialect, and disadvantage on all Wisdom and the Menite clergy.
(Perception) or Intelligence (Investigation) checks made to Orgoth Presumably the living language of the Orgoth
discern statements or writings made by the speaker of a Orgoth empire, but only used by
dialect. Orgoth researchers in western
Quor The root language of the dialects None
spoken by bog trogs and gatormen.

Obscure Languages
Language Notes Alphabet Relgion
Aeric Language of the Nyss Aeric There are two broadly accepted religions among the nations
Dreggi The horrid speech of the Dregg is ?
of mankind, represented by the Church of Morrow and the
composed mainly of sucking and Temple of Menoth. The relationship between these religions
clicking noises, punctuated by chortles is complex and has changed over the centuries, alternating
and hisses. It might be possible for a between periods of relatively stable peace and ones of strife
human to learn, but the horrors of and violence. Usually the tensions between these religions
such study would surely drive one over are more subtle. In most large communities, members of
the brink. It is unknown if it has a these faiths have learned to coexist. While Morrow and
written form. Menoth are the most pervasive religions in the Iron
Grun An odd pidgin of Caspian and porcine Caspian Kingdoms, a number of other faiths exist, especially among
squeals and grunts spoken by the the other races that call western Immoren home. The degree
bestial Farrow. The language’s roots of awareness that humans have of other religions varies but
reinforce the idea among many
scholars that the Farrow were once
is usually limited. Most people in western Immoren are aware
men that were subjected to cruel that Iosans, Nyss, Rhulfolk, trollkin, ogrun, and gobbers have
magical experiments. their own faiths but are rarely interested in the particulars.
Molgur- An almost unrecognizable blending of None
Tharn [3] Khurzic and Molgur spoken by the Morrow
savage Tharn of the Thornwood. The Across western Immoren, the Church of Morrow is
Tharn have a strong oral tradition, but
use no writing.
indisputably the dominant faith, with a sizable majority in
every human kingdom except the Protectorate of Menoth.
Nokiri Spoken by the fiendish members of Nokiri Khador is the only kingdom with a substantial minority of
the Nonokrion Order, the infernal Menites, but even there Empress Vanar is a recognized
language is obscure, but not especially
difficult to learn. It is exhaustively
Morrowan and the church has tremendous reach and
documented by infernalists and signs influence. Ord and Cygnar both recognize the Church of
indicate that it is but a dialect of a Morrow as their state religions, as did Llael when it was
wider infernal language. independent. The Morrowan faith emphasizes the individual
Quor-Gar A dialect of the dead Quor tongue None
as a potential agency of good and stresses how each person
spoken by gatormen. can contribute to society. Its beliefs resonate with people in
many walks of life and social strata, advocating improvement
Quor-Og A dialect of the dead Quor tongue None through self-reflection, good works, honorable conduct, and
spoken by bog trogs. self-sacrifice.
Saelaan The obscure language of grymkin that Saelaan Core to the Morrowan faith is the idea of Volition—that
is forbidden to be taught to outsiders. every person in life makes choices that determine whether
A written form does exist and is they will be a force for positive empowerment or for selfish
composed of twisting and befuddling
gain. By association, pious Morrowans are seen as good and
reliable citizens while those who succumb to the “dark path”
Satyxi Spoken by the satyxi warrior women, Satyxi of Thamar are seen as evil, self-serving, and destructive. This
this language has an alphabet with is a simplistic reduction of the subtleties of Morrow’s and
suspicious similarities to Caspian. Thamar’s respective philosophies, but clear distinctions
Skorne Spoken by the Skorne of the Skorne appeal to the masses. The more nuanced aspects of the
Bloodstone Marches. Twins are left to theologians and scholars. Before his
Telgesh Clerics and scholars of Thamar speak Telgesh ascension, Morrow was both a philosopher and a soldier, a
this language, as do many enterprising thinker who endorsed the virtues of peace but who allowed
necromancers. that armed conflict was sometimes necessary. The Morrowan
Tkra Spoken only by Lord Toruk and his top Tkra faith teaches that honor can be maintained amid violent strife
servitors in Cryx. if applied judiciously, such as to defend the helpless. Morrow
insisted the better side of man’s nature could rise to the fore
Zunus An odd language brought back from Zunus
the distant continent of Zu. Scholars
even amid the bloodiest of conflicts. This allows his message
are swiftly trying to learn the language to have impact in times of both peace and war and to appeal
through studying artifacts and to soldiers as well as those they protect.
interacting with the natives of the
distant land, but it remains obscure in
Immoren. The written form uses highly
ornate pictographs that are difficult to

Ascendants of Morrow Thamar
    Asc. Angellia (f) ascended 1027 BR Patron of history, While Morrow has become the most prominent deity of the
lore, and the written word. Prodigious Rynnish scholar, Iron Kingdoms, the cults devoted to his twin sister Thamar
historian, and linguist. Wrote the definitive history of western exist in relative obscurity, a fact her adherents prefer. Despite
Immoren up to her time. Recovered the lost Enkheiridion and this, the teachings of Thamar have had tremendous impact
wrote its definitive notated translation. on the Morrowan faith, forming a conceptual counterpoint by
Asc. Corben (m) ascended 102 AR Patron of alchemy, which their beliefs and morality are defined. To adhere to
astronomy, and the arcane. Notable arcanist who advanced Morrow’s path one must reject Thamar’s, and vice versa.
astronomy, mechanika, and alchemy. Cured Rip Lung plague. Thamar has had just as profound an impact on the thinking
Ascension seen as sign of Morrow’s endorsement of arcanists and philosophies of mankind as her brother, but her legacy is
who apply their powers to good works. cast in shadow since Thamar’s faith is inherently subversive
Asc. Doleth (m) ascended 1411 BR Patron of sailors, and is associated with the darker aspects of human nature.
boatmen, and fishermen. Fisherman on the western coast. The concept of transgression as a gateway to
Followed quiet, solitary path toward enlightenment. enlightenment is fundamental to Thamarite belief. For this
Meditated on Morrow’s teachings while at sea. Selflessly and other reasons, this faith has always been relegated to cult
rescued victims of shipwrecks amid storms of the Meredius. status, and its adherents are both feared and loathed by the
Asc. Ellena (f) ascended 1590 BR Patron of pilgrims, dominant religions. Those who truly understand Thamarite
proselytizers, travelers, and messengers. Conducted philosophy know there are many roads to unlocking one’s
pilgrimages in a particularly dangerous era. Spread teachings own inner potential, some subtler than others. Thamar is
of Morrow to farthest corners of continent. Proselytizing seen by her faithful as the goddess of knowledge in all forms.
ensured rapid spread of the faith. Performed charitable She is a champion of the downtrodden, the outcast, the
works where Menite temples had turned a blind eye to vengeful, and the iconoclastic. She is a goddess of freedom,
suffering. self-expression, and perseverance. Those drawn to her darker
Asc. Gordenn (m) ascended 812 BR Patron of farmers aspects for their own sake or who use their faith as an excuse
and family. Monk and farmer devoted to alleviating suffering to justify atrocious deeds are blind to her true path. Besides
during Time of the Long Sun, a horrible drought. Credited the nefarious villains among her faithful there have also been
with countless miracles, such as turning barren farmlands heroes advocating the liberation and freedom of the spirit.
fertile and calling down rainfalls. Saved thousands from When it has suited their ends, Thamarites have even shown a
starvation. willingness to come to the defense of pious Morrowans.
Asc. Katrena (f) ascended 1810 BR Patron of valor, The relationship between Morrow and Thamar and their
knighthood, and nobility. First Ascendant, born in frozen respective paths is complicated and difficult to quantify even
north, ascended after protecting Morrowan priests and for theologians. On one hand, Morrowan doctrine suggests it
thinkers from the Menite Purging. One of the first and is natural and inevitable that some people will choose the
greatest defenders of Morrowan faith. Died from wounds “dark path of Thamar” when confronted with the Volition.
suffered in battle with Menites defending one of the first Church doctrine suggests these people are to be pitied and
primarchs. treated humanely, advising that those who have taken this
Asc. Markus (m) ascended 305 AR Patron of soldiers turn might be set back on the path of light. The Church of
and city watchmen. Ordic soldier who single-handedly stalled Morrow makes a significant distinction between those who
an invading barbarian horde at the Siege of Midfast by have unknowingly fallen under Thamar’s sway and those who
challenging its fourteen chiefs to a series of duels. Died and outright worship the goddess, forsaking all other faiths.
ascended as the siege was lifted. Those who act from selfish or misguided desires but who
Asc. Rowan (f) ascended 289 BR Patron of the poor and have not actually devoted themselves to the Dark Twin can be
downtrodden. Lived during height of the Occupation. redeemed, while those who have sworn allegiance to Thamar
Renounced all material wealth and spent her life alleviating are enemies of the faith.
the suffering of the enslaved Immorese. Achieved
enlightenment through self-sacrifice.
Asc. Shevann (f) ascended 500 AR Patron of merchants, Scions of Thamar
oratory, and conciliation. Most recent ascendant. Negotiated     Sc. Aidan (m) ascended 344 BR Patron of thieves, relic
peace with the Sul-Menites after the Cygnaran Civil War. seekers, and the hunted. Outlaw and grave robber who
Considered patron ascendant of Caspia. undermined Orgoth rule defying their laws and evading those
Asc. Sambert (m) ascended 605 BR Patron of craftsmen, hunting him. Desecrated Morrdhic, Rhulic, and Orgoth tombs
artists, and builders. Masterful sculptor, architect, painter, to acquire occult lore.
mason, and engineer with skill to manifest the divine on Caen Sc. Bolis (m) ascended 271 AR Patron of gamblers,
through craft. Revolutionized sacred architecture with smugglers, and fences. Criminal mastermind and
Archcourt Cathedral and other buildings in the Sancteum. entrepreneur. Popularized gambling as a gateway to deeper
Asc. Solovin (m) ascended 1253 BR Patron of healers, vice and laid foundation for Five Fingers to become a free
battle-chaplains, and midwives. Soldier and priest from haven of crime, manipulating Ord and Cygnar to do so.
Thuria who visited countless battlefields to treat wounded
regardless of their affiliations. Sacrificed himself to destroy
Scion Remel.

    Sc. Delesle (f) ascended 1610 BR Patron of necromancy, Menoth
rebellion, and self-determination. Conducted campaign of
terror against Menite temples and priesthood in the early While the Menite religion played a central role in the rise of
Thousand Cities Era. Desecrated burial grounds and human civilization, this ancient faith has been on the decline
animated the dead to make war on Menites. Shielded for centuries. Only in the Protectorate of Menoth are Menites
Morrowan communities from scrutators during the Menite the overwhelming majority, as that strict theocracy was
Purging. established specifically to restore the faith to prominence. In
Sc. Drayce (m) ascended 1400 BR Patron of liars, the Protectorate life is quite different than anywhere else in
politicians, and pleasure seekers. Most charismatic and the Iron Kingdoms, as religion is an inextricable part of life.
subtle of Thamar’s scions. Influential leader, master of The Sul-Menites of the Protectorate claim to have restored
human weakness, singularly ruthless and manipulative the old traditions of their faith, but in many respects their
politician, and notorious hedonist. The full scope of his society is unique and does not resemble that of ancient times.
influence was not realized until long after his ascension. The priest caste is in absolute control of the government,
Sc. Ekris (m) ascended 1780 BR Patron of secrets, with the temple’s hierarchy filling the positions held by the
diviners, and forbidden lore. First Scion, alleged disciple and nobility in other kingdoms. The leader of the temple is also
lover of Thamar before her ascension. Peerless occultist who the head of state, a position presently occupied by Hierarch
determined Telgesh glyphs derived from Morrdh. Expanded Severius, a formidable scrutator who leads armies of the
early mystical writings of Thamar. Made pacts with infernals faithful to war. The Protectorate’s army is simply an extension
to extend his life and complete enlightenment. of the temple, and its clergy also enforce the law.
Sc. Khorva (f) ascended 1250 BR Patron of duelists, Sacred rites and rituals pervade all aspects of life, and
assassins, and criminal Enforcers. Peerless assassin and these, too, require the guiding hand of priests. Though not all
killer. Assassinated Primarch Lorichias in the Divinium. Her people who live in the Protectorate are equally pious, all are
actions and ascension were witnessed by a Menite affected by religion daily in countless ways. The hardship of
delegation. This eventually ended the Menite Purging, working the barren lands east of the Black River only
allowing Morrowans and Menites to coexist. amplifies the prayers of the faithful who look to Menoth to
Sc. Lukas (m) ascended 995 BR Patron of the depraved, improve their lives and shelter them in the afterlife. For the
the mad, and the Visionary. Sadistic hunter and killer, least poor, the promise of Urcaen has more appeal than daily
understood of the scions. Sought immortality through a existence, which lends greater fervor to prayer. The best
legacy of horror by murdering and torturing hundreds, chance many have to improve their standing is to serve the
including Morrowan priests. Chose victims based on temple more actively and directly, such as by joining the
prophetic visions and dreams. Feared even by Thamarites. Temple Flameguard that serves as the Protectorate’s citizen
Sc. Nivara (f) ascended 25 AR Patron of arcanists, militia or by aspiring to other temple positions.
artificers, and teachers. Most influential arcanist of the early As a matter of course every Menite in the Protectorate is
Rebellion. Kerwin’s true successor, who innovated use of aware they may have to take up arms to defend the faith.
arcane power in war. Her rune-inscribed puzzles laid the They each know to whom they must report should the call to
foundation for the cerebral matrix. arms be given, and there are weapons stashes in most
Sc. Remel (m) ascended 1700 BR, destroyed 1253 BR. communities for this eventuality. The prospect of war and
No current patronages. Ancient scion noted in Morrowan crusade is a real fact to every Menite in this nation, since they
records as destroyed during the ascension of Solovin. Most believe themselves to be the last bastions of their faith, a
modern Thamarites disavow his existence. religion that has been under constant attack by the godless
Sc. Roth (m) ascended 687 BR Patron of bandits, for centuries. This attitude stands in contrast with that of
mercenaries, and outcast Soldiers. Bandit lord who carved Menites in other kingdoms, who have had to learn to live
out a fiefdom along the Dragon’s Tongue River leading an alongside their countrymen of other faiths.
army of cutthroats. Displayed brilliant tactics when he was Unlike the Church of Morrow, the “Temple of Menoth” is
almost victorious against three vastly superior armies in the not a single organization, but many. The Sul-Menite temple is
Battle of Roth’s Stand. distinct from the Old Faith of Khador, and independent
Sc. Stacia (f) ascended 421 AR Patron of arsonists, temples exist in both Ord and Cygnar with no connection to
revenge, and the persecuted. Sorceress of tremendous power these groups. While this may change in the course of the Sul-
branded a witch and sentenced to death. Defied authorities in Menite crusades, at present the Menites do not share a
Mercir, where she obliterated every arcanist in the area and hierarchy.
consumed three-quarters of the city in an inferno.

    Menite communities outside the Protectorate must That the cult possesses different layers of membership is
grudgingly accept Morrowans but are not tolerant of other true. Those who prove their loyalty and impress ranking
faiths. Menites see the Devourer Wurm as the ancient foe of priests with their intelligence and skill may eventually earn
their god and its cultists as deserving of violent access to the cult’s inner workings. With its own distinct
extermination. This is one area where Morrowans and beliefs, goals, and purposes, this group is almost a different
Menites fundamentally agree. Historically, Menite confusion faith, its members separate from the worshipers who simply
about the distinction between Dhunia and the Devourer revere Cyriss as a patron.
Wurm has prompted violence against trollkin, ogrun, and
gobber tribes as well. Devourer Wurm
Similarly, most Menites are uncomfortable with the arcane. Cults of the Devourer Wurm are considered dangerous and
Menites see the spread of the Gift as an affront to the Creator worthy of expunction by both Menites and pious Morrowans.
by Morrow and Thamar. As a consequence, those born with Adherents of the Beast of All Shapes can be found among
strong arcane abilities within Menite communities have barbaric humans, bogrin, trollkin, and several other wild
difficulty coming to grips with their powers, sometimes races, although they are fewer in number in the modern era.
denying them outright. Others feel compelled to purify The Devourer-worshiping Molgur, which included many of
themselves through ritual and prayer. In remote Menite these races, left a legacy of fear that lingers still.
communities, local priests have been known to put to death With the memory of Devourer-worshipping barbarians
young children manifesting sorcery. In the Protectorate of engendering such strong antipathy, it is no coincidence that
Menoth, the only sanctioned arcane practitioners are those most Devourer cults exist on the fringes of civilization or
belonging to the Vassals of Menoth. This group performs deep within the untamed wilderness. With few exceptions,
works vital to the Sul-Menite war effort, but it's arcanists are these cults are isolated, have no shared religious accord, and
kept under constant supervision and are treated akin to demonstrate a wide variety of rites and rituals. Each
indentured servants of the state, enjoying only limited Devourer cult has its own customs, adornments, and
freedom. depictions of its multifaceted god. The so-called Beast of All
Cyriss Shapes has been portrayed countless ways, most often as a
predatory totemic animal such as a wolf, serpent, bear, eagle,
Despite the relatively recent discovery of the goddess Cyriss, or shark. There are also groups that worship the Wurm under
her following has spread rapidly among the members of another name. Many gatorman tribes worship an entity called
specialized technical fields, including astronomy, Kossk, described as a primal alligator or gatorman with a
mathematics, engineering, and mechanika. Her faith has voracious appetite, for instance; blackclads of the Circle
adherents at most major universities, observatories, and Orboros consider this another aspect of the Wurm rather
machine shops. than a distinct entity.
The worshipers of the Clockwork Goddess have yet to Human worship of the Wurm was still practiced by large
experience much persecution. They are fortunate to have numbers as recently as 305 AR, which marked the last great
risen to prominence in an age when the more tolerant gathering of uncivilized human tribes from northern Khador.
Morrowan faith holds the majority. Furthermore, its These tribes endured massive casualties and conversions
adherents have no longstanding animosities and few religious during and after the Siege of Midfast and never recovered
rivals. Unlike Thamarite and Devourer cults, they are not their numbers. Remnants of these people and similar tribes
associated with black magic or unwholesome rites. In certain persist in the more remote wilderness regions, particularly in
areas of Cygnar the worship of Cyriss has even gained the northern mountains and forests of Khador, on several of
nominal acceptance, and the Crown has sanctioned the the outer Scharde Islands, deep in Cygnar’s Wyrmwall
construction of a large temple to Cyriss in Caspia. Mountains, and in the Bloodstone Marches.
Most followers of the Maiden of Gears worship discreetly, Most Devourer cults revere the moons, particularly Calder,
reluctant to identify themselves as believers to outsiders. which they associate with the Wurm, and feast rites are
They quietly practice their faith by engaging in scientific conducted both when Calder is new and when it is full.
pursuits, working on mathematical theory, crafting intricate Bloodletting rites are common, with human sacrifice and
pieces of machinery or mechanika, studying astronomy, or cannibalism also practiced, although cannibalism has never
deciphering codes and enigmas. Members may carry a small been as widespread as attributed by Menite and Morrowan
token of their belief to identify themselves to one another, clergy. The most feared of cultists are the Tharn, attributed
such as a pendant inscribed with her symbol amid with supernatural transformative abilities as a birthright of
interlocking gears. While this faith is not actively persecuted, their long association with the Wurm. The Tharn were
many Menites and Morrowans view its members with thought on the verge of extinction but have had a recent
suspicion. Rumors among them suggest inner cabals that resurgence as a result of an alliance with the blackclads who
practice peculiar rites related to the celestial cycles. These inhabit the wilderness.
cults are said to have built sizable hidden temples across
western Immoren, each filled with a dizzying array of
wondrous machinery and protected by automated guardians.
Some even whisper that high-ranking priests of Cyriss can
transfer their souls into machine bodies to attain immortality.

Dhunia All thirteen Great Fathers are represented by influential
clans in Rhul bearing their names. Each of these clans is led
While in ancient days the worship of the Wurm was by a stone lord who bears additional responsibilities as the
widespread, the fall of the Molgur led to the adoption of inheritor of a divine legacy. While the nation is an oligarchy,
Dhunian practices by surviving trollkin, ogrun, and goblin the thirteen stone lords are empowered as heads of state and
tribes. The worship of Dhunia is accepted in the human work with Rhul’s governing body, the Moot of the Hundred
kingdoms, though many view it as primitive. This religion was Houses, represented by the hundred most powerful clans.
ignored by human theologians until recently, and most Religion and government have overlapping roles in Rhul.
humans still know little about it. The rare shrines to Dhunia The central holy text of the Church of the Great Fathers is the
found in human towns and cities are generally located in Codex that records all of Rhul’s extensive records of legal
districts with sizable resident populations of trollkin, gobbers, precedence. Similarly, the practice of law and jurisprudence
or ogrun. These are usually outdoor monuments in stone is inextricable from religious rites among the dwarves.
with rune-carved columns but may include a large central Despite this, Rhul is not a theocracy, and the role of the
abstract depiction of the pregnant goddess. Much larger and priesthood is to serve as judges and arbiters of jurisprudence.
more impressive Dhunian holy sites exist in dedicated Clan lords are the ruling class of Rhul, but disputes between
communities of these races. clans may provoke intervention by Moot judges, appointed
For most Dhunians, worship is a private affair; they rarely members of the clergy recognized for expertise in Rhulic law.
congregate except at seasonal rituals. Dhunians pray to the Arbitration takes up more of many priests’ time than the
goddess in times of travail and seek her blessings for study and preaching of religious doctrine. At any time when
childbirth or conception, as fertility is one of her main Rhulfolk cannot resolve a dispute, either party can seek a
concerns. Her connection to the passing seasons leads her member of the clergy to witness a lawful duel or to arbitrate
worshipers to make offerings and conduct celebratory feasts grievances. Their decisions carry the full weight of law and
during the equinoxes. are recorded in the ever-expanding Codex.
Dhunian communities often support at least one, and often As a legacy of the legend of the Claywives, the wives of the
several, shamans, who have studied the ways of the goddess Great Fathers, women have traditionally dominated the
and instruct others in spiritual beliefs. A shaman’s role is Rhulic clergy, occupying many of the highest ranks, although
similar to that of a priest, but he may also serve as a chief or both genders are accepted into the priesthood. The Claywives
an advisor to a chief. Dhunia favors those who are stalwart in have accumulated a body of their own legends, and although
the defense of their families, and although she is not depicted the practice is frowned upon by traditionalists their names
as aggressive, some of her shamans are accomplished are sometimes invoked in prayer in a similar fashion as Great
warriors and invoke her name when entering battle. While Fathers. The Cult of the Claywives is large and generally
most shamans are rooted to a specific community, some accepted, as all dwarves recognize the equal role of these
prefer a nomadic existence and travel from village to village, progenitors in their existence.
offering spiritual counsel and sharing news. Among the Outsiders may make the mistake of thinking this religion is
trollkin, Dhunian shamans are often looked to for lore similar to that of the Menites. In mixed dwarven and human
concerning the full-blood trolls that coexist with wilderness communities there is some natural sympathy between these
kriels and serve as beasts of labor and war. faiths, as both religions emphasize hard work and adherence
Each Dhunian race has different ways of reversing the to lawful conduct. On closer examination, however, the
goddess, but it is common for pious believers to keep runic doctrines of the Church of the Great Fathers bear far more
necklaces or adornments on their person or weapons. These similarities to those of the tolerant Church of Morrow,
are often small pieces of stone or metal inscribed with simple advocating self-improvement and intellectual challenges
runes believed to bring good fortune and protection. Some of rather than absolute obedience. Rhulic jurisprudence
these are ancient and carry considerable symbolic encourages debate and argument, in stark contrast to Menite
importance. The runes do not name Dhunia herself but law. Rhulic and human secular laws also differ in many
describe desirable attributes or convey meanings of respects—the legal dueling and feuding accepted among
protection or prowess in battle. They are looked upon as akin Rhulfolk would be deemed an egregious breach of the peace
to permanent prayers to Dhunia requesting her blessings for in the human Iron Kingdoms.
those who wear them. Dwarves have generally had an easy time integrating into
human cities and have never faced significant religious strife.
The Great Fathers Many of the laws of the Codex are pertinent only to Rhul and
The dwarves of Rhul worship the Great Fathers, thirteen have no bearing on dwarves living among mankind. Rhulic
progenitor gods that sired their race and established their morality is largely in line with that of the human majority
system of laws. Each of the Great Fathers embodies a religions, and this faith has never sought to proselytize.
different aspect of Rhulic culture, but their clergy is devoted
to them as a pantheon, offering praises to each in turn. There
are rituals throughout the year devoted to specific Great
Fathers, and Rhulfolk will occasionally invoke individual
names when engaging in activities relevant to each one’s

Nyssor This is a social taboo so strong it crosses all class and sect
lines, for the simple reason that it is imperative outsiders do
While it has long been one of the smallest faiths of western not know of the doom awaiting their race. Scyrah has long
Immoren, the Fane of Nyssor is now reduced to a fraction of been their last savior, and upon her shoulders rests the
its former size. This has long been the religion of the Nyss of wellbeing of an entire civilization, yet she lies in fitful slumber
northern Khador, whose culture and society were nearly and is prophesied to die in less than a century. Even the
destroyed by the rise of the Legion of Everblight. Even as recent discovery of Nyssor has not changed this, and most
Nyss culture has been torn apart, their homelands lost and elves consider it too early to hope. Given their reluctance to
abandoned, many of their people murdered or converted into show outward signs of their faith, some outsiders may gather
blighted monstrosities, the religious practices of the Nyss the impression Iosans are a non-spiritual people, but nothing
have suffered as well. could be further from the truth. Considering that the death of
The Nyss were once part of the Iosan people. In the days Scyrah could occur within the lifetime of most Iosans, they
following the Cataclysm, the survivors of the Empire of Lyoss are intensely pious, feeling a close connection to Scyrah
followed their gods in an exodus from eastern Immoren. As mixed with grief, fear, and uncertainty. The prospect of death
each god settled into a different city of Ios, those who would is terrifying to Iosans, as they take no comfort or assurances
become the Nyss dwelled in Darsael, now a forgotten ruin. in their fate in the afterlife. The Veld is vacant of the gods
After the Divine Court left Ios in its unsuccessful quest to who once defended it.
return to the Veld, these people abandoned Darsael and made The piety most Iosans living outside of Ios feel is a deeply
the long trek into the northwestern mountains seeking their private affair, with spiritual rituals and prayers undertaken in
patron, Nyssor. isolation. Iosans still pray to the Vanished, and it is not
The people of Darsael had long been shunned by other uncommon for the pious to offer nominal praises to the other
Iosans, who did not value the qualities of winter, and so their gods at certain times. In ancient days each of the Divine
departure was not mourned. It was not the scorn of their Court was given attention at times related to their purviews.
neighbors that motivated their travels, however. Rather they Lacyr was at the forefront of every prayer, Ossyris prayed to
responded to the words of their prophet Aeric, who had at times of war or turmoil, Ayisla worshiped at the onset of
received a vision calling them into the frozen mountains to nightfall, and Nyrro worshiped at daybreak. Scyrah received
await the return of their god. Over the centuries the Nyss considerable devotion at the start of spring, Lurynsar at
became a distinct people turned to a life of semi-nomadic summer, Lyliss at autumn, and Nyssor at winter. Many of
tribes, hunting from the land, living in many ways akin to the these praises still take place in private, with Scyrah now at
old tribes that had prowled eastern Immoren before the the heart of all rituals and ceremonies, as since her solitary
unification of Lyoss. return to Ios she is seen as regent for Lacyr.
In Iosan religion, the fane is both a church and a physical
Scyrah home of a god. Once there were eight occupied fanes, one for
Among Iosans the worship of the goddess Scyrah, the each of the gods, but now only Lacyr’s former fane in Shyrr is
goddess of spring, is all but universal. At the same time, there inhabited—and Scyrah, who rests there, is sleeping and
is no race more secretive and unforthcoming about their largely insensate. The physical proximity and tangibility of the
religion or spiritual beliefs than the elves. Even those who goddess nevertheless resonates with all Iosans, as the center
have been exiled and no longer dwell among other Iosans of this church where the goddess of spring lies is literally holy
rarely speak about their faith. With the Iosans’ reputation for ground. Most Iosans visit the fane once in their lives.
being aloof and unapproachable, this is not particularly Scyrah’s return and lack of communication has prompted
surprising to outsiders, but it does mean very little is known division among those who revere her. Three distinct sects
of Iosan religion. In previous centuries, before Ios sealed persist, both in Ios and among those citizens living abroad:
itself from the outside world, some minimal communication the traditional and conservative Fane of Scyrah, worshiped by
on the topic reached human theologians, but they know little the majority; the Seekers, a small but dedicated group who
more than that an elven pantheon exists. Rumors persist that hopes to find evidence of the Vanished elsewhere in the
the Iosan gods walk among their people, but on this topic world; and the Retribution of Scyrah, a growing radical
Iosans are particularly silent. movement who believe human magic is responsible for the
wasting of the gods.
Skorne Philosophy
Outsiders mistakenly believe that the skorne have no religion.
In ancient times the elves of Lyoss called the skorne “godless”
and “faithless.” The first label is accurate, but the second is
not. Their religion comprises a sophisticated form of ancestor
worship that does not venerate any god or pantheon of gods.

    Skorne accept that gods may exist, based on exposure to All dragons originate from one progenitor: Toruk, called
the power of religious figures in other cultures, especially the the Dragonfather. For the last sixteen centuries this creature
ancient Empire of Lyoss. However, the obliteration of Lyoss has been worshiped as a god by those dwelling in the island
convinced them of the fickle nature of gods, and skorne see empire west of Immoren. Those who worship the
deities as a crutch for weaker peoples. Skorne philosophers Dragonfather claim he has always been a part of the world,
take pride in having freed themselves from the divine and although he never participated in the frenzy of fertility and
refuse to acknowledge a creator. They do not refute the generation that gave rise to life on Caen. Toruk and the other
possibility that a god may have had a hand in their creation, dragons may not be alive, by ordinary reckoning—they do not
but they consider this notion irrelevant. They pass down no breed or propagate as other species do, but possess
creation myth, believing instead that they have risen to immortality rooted in a heartstone, an indestructible crystal
greatness as a people on the strength of their will and the called an athanc. Toruk’s worshipers believe that at some
example of their ancestors. point in ages past Toruk became tired of his solitary existence
Skorne ancestor worship focuses on those great and created a brood to serve him. He divided his athanc and
individuals whose deeds are immortalized in legend, from each splinter a new dragon came into being, each
paragons of values the skorne consider vital. Different uniquely terrible.
schools of philosophy center around the legends of specific The followers of the Dragonfather are a rare breed, and are
skorne ancestors, and these comprise the varied “faiths” of universally loathed in Western Immoren. Unlike priests of
the skorne. Myriad cults are dedicated to specific ancestors. otehr gods, who serve their communities, priests of the
Some remain exclusive to a single family or bloodline, while Dragonfather often occupy official positions in the Cryxian
the entire skorne population reveres certain ancient and government. Many can be found as officers of the Black Fleet
singular ancestors. A skorne may venerate multiple or studying as accomplished necromancers.
ancestors, but most choose two for the majority of their
devotion. Usually they first select one of the great ancients Gods of the Iron Kingdoms
whose legend all skorne know and who embodies the virtues Suggested
of their caste. The second, typically exalted within recent God Domain Symbol
memory, possesses a lineage deemed particularly admirable Morrow Knowledge, Sunburst of Morrow, also known as
and has a more direct relation to the individual skorne. Life, The Radiance
Skorne demonstrate veneration in several ways, such as Protection,
maintaining a small dedicated shrine in one’s home or War
keeping an item associated with the ancestor on one’s person. Thamar Arcana, Thamar’s Leash, also known as the
Some skorne inscribe ancestral names and symbols on Death, Ternion Brand
weapons or armor. As in the west, individual piety varies. Knowledge,
Some skorne rarely think of the ancestors, while others Trickery
spend a lifetime painstakingly attempting to emulate them. Menoth Grave, Life, The Seal of Menoth, sometimes
Those who possess the core sacral stone of such a revered Light, War referred to as the Menofix
ancestor, or a fragment thereof, are particularly fortunate and Cyriss Arcana, Masque of Cyriss, also called the
favored, though this rarely occurs outside the extoller caste. Forge, Face of Cyriss
The skorne have a very different depiction of the afterlife Knowledge
than any religion of western Immoren. Skorne have no Devourer Nature, A swirl of talons or fangs around a
equivalent to Urcaen and believe that nothing positive awaits Wurm Tempest, central sphere of darkness called the
them after death. After death, a skorne’s spirit falls into the War Wurm’s Maw, Wurm’s Talons, or the
Void. Only by preservation in a sacral stone can this fate be Wurm’s Eye
avoided. A skorne earns preservation either by rising to Dhunia Life, Abstract runes
greatness and being chosen by the extollers as exalted or by Nature
falling in battle near an ancestral guardian or an extoller who
preserves his essence as an honored companion of the The Forge, Mount Ghorfel, Great Fathers’ Tor,
exalted. The number of individuals thus preserved is small; Great Protection,
Fathers War
and Colossus of Ghorfel
the vast majority are lost to the Void. Most skorne have a
pragmatic attitude toward this reality and consider it a simple Nyssor Grave, Shard of Winter, also Nyssor’s Shard
fact of life. Nature,
Toruk Scyrah Life, Sigil of Life, also called the Spring
Nature Sigil
Dragons exist in the old legends as fiendishly powerful
monsters once thought to be embodiments of the Devourer Toruk Death, Seal of Cryx
Wurm. They were imperishable terrors that passed overhead Tempest,
on shadowy wings and breathed fire on any that offended
them. As scholars learn more of dragons they have become
less certain of their nature, for they have little in common
with anything else that walks or flies or swims.

Chapter 4: Equipment

ndustrialization has hit the Iron Kingdoms hard, and Platinum. The blighted offspring of dragons are vulnerable
it is only because of industrialization that so much is to pure platinum. Unfortunate adventurers who anticipate
possible in Immoren. New machines flood the fighting those abominations can commission a single weapon
markets with cheaper goods and fill the battlefields or ten pieces of ammunition out of pure platinum for an
with ever more creative and effective methods of additional 200 gp per pound that the equivalent mundane
killing. Science has even affected the advancement of item would weigh. This cost represents the price of raw
magic. Enchanting, once a difficult and dangerous materials, the skill to fashion such an item, and the difficulty
process, has been rendered down to the art of producing in tracking it down. Platinum weapons are softer than steel
mechanika, which duplicates the effects of true and hold an edge only poorly. A successful attack with a
enchantments and a much more reasonable cost. platinum weapon against a creature that is not vulnerable to
it reduces the size of the damage die by one step. For
example, a platinum longsword wielded against a human
Adventuring Gear guard will only deal 1d6 damage on a successful hit, rather
On the road, in the dungeon, or while dodging bullets, than 1d8.
adventurers have need of the latest and greatest equipment. Serricsteel. The dwarves of Rhul fashion a fantastic alloy
Below are some of the advancements the last few centuries of that is lighter and stronger than normal steel. They are
engineering have made possible. expensive and must be imported from Rhul. They weigh one
quarter less (75%) and cost an additional 100 gp per pound
New Weapons that the equivalent mundane item would weigh. While
Many weapons have special properties related to their use, as wearing serricsteel armor, any critical hit against you is
shown in the New Weapons table. treated as a normal hit.
Concealable. A character trying to hide this weapon’s Special Materials
presence has advantage on Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) Material Cost
checks to do so. Blessed Silver +100 gp
Grenade. A character can throw a grenade up to 30 feet as
an action. On impact, the grenade deals damage to everyone Lodestone +50 gp
in a radius out to the listed range, or half as much on a Platinum 200 gp/pound
successful DC 15 Dexterity saving throw.
Reload. The indicated number of shots can be made with a Serricsteel 100 gp/pound
weapon that has the reload property. A character must then
reload it using an action. New Weapons
Scatter. When a character makes an attack with a weapon     Amblerose Rivet Gun. Not a conventional weapon by any
with the Scatter quality, the character may immediately make means, a rivet gun can spit out a rapid stream of rivets to
a second attack with disadvantage against a creature within 5 make sure any unruly plates know their place. The rivet gun
feet of the target. This second attack does not use up any can also be used to spray an area with self-peening reminders
additional ammunition. of who’s in charge instead of making a single attack.
When used in this manner, select a point within the
Special Materials weapon’s long range. Every creature within 10 feet of that
    Blessed Silver. Quenched in holy water and blessed by a point must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or take the
holy priest, items made from blessed silver are anathema to weapon’s normal damage. Creatures within the weapon’s
undead. Those who expect to fight such horrors can silver a short range have disadvantage on this saving throw. This
single weapon or ten pieces of ammunition for 100 gp. This action uses 10 pieces of ammunition.
cost represents the price of raw materials, the skill to fashion Bayonet. A bayonet is a blade that can be fitted over the
such an item, and the difficulty in tracking it down. end of a rifle to create a spear-like weapon. When affixed to a
Lodestone. The foul and fickle grymkin make for wily foes, two-handed firearm, it uses the given profile, but when
but naturally magnetic stone disrupts them. Lodestone is not wielded on its own it is treated as a dagger and the wielder
frangible enough to hold an edge or point, so only has disadvantage on attack rolls with it due to the lack of a
bludgeoning weapons can be made from lodestone. A single proper hilt.
lodestone weapon or ten pieces of lodestone ammunition
cost 50 gp more than a normal weapon of that type. This cost
represents the price of raw materials, the skill to fashion such
an item, and the difficulty in tracking it down.

New Weapons
Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Simple Melee Weapons
    Collapsing Baton 12 gp 1d4 2 lbs Concealable, Finesse, Light
Name 3 gp
Cost 1d8 piercing
Damage 1 lb
Weight Special, Two-Handed
    Collapsing Staff 40 gp 1d6 2 lbs Concealable, Versatile (1d8)
Simple Ranged Weapons
    Gearbow, Light 45 gp 1d6 slashing 6 lbs Ammunition (range 60/180), Reload (18), Two-Handed
    Harpoon 1 gp 1d6 piercing 3 lbs Special, Thrown (range 20/60)
    Grenade, Fragmentation 75 gp 5d6 piercing 1 lb Grenade (20 ft)
    Grenade, Incendiary 180 gp 6d6 fire 2 lbs Grenade (10 ft)
    Grenade, Smoke 50 gp — 1 lb Grenade (20 ft), Special
    Grenade, Stun 100 gp — 1 lb Grenade (15 ft), Special
Martial Melee Weapons
    Mechanoflail 50 gp 1d8 6 lbs Special
    Pincer Staff 30 gp 1d6 piercing 8 lbs Reach, Two-Handed, Special
Martial Ranged Weapons,
    Gearbow, Heavy 65 gp 1d8 slashing 14 lbs Ammunition (range 80/240), Reload (12), Two-Handed
    Grenade Launcher 80 gp — 7 lbs Loading, Special, Two-Handed
    Harpoon Gun 95 gp 1d8 piercing 11 lbs Ammunition (range 40/120), Reload (1), Special, Two-
    Shield Gun 320 gp 1d10 piercing 10 lbs Ammunition (range 10/30), Reload (1), Special
Martial Ranged Weapons,
    Amblerose Rivet Gun 75 gp 1d6 piercing 3 lbs Ammunition (range 10/30), Reload (10), Special
    Clockwerk Arms Pepperbox 280 gp 1d6 piercing 5 lbs Ammunition (range 20/60), Reload (4)
    Flare Gun 65 gp 1d6 fire 2 lbs Ammunition (range 10/30), Light, Reload (1)
    Pistol, Dragon 250 gp 1d6 piercing 3 lbs Ammunition (range 10/30), Reload (1), Scatter
    Pistol, Military 250 gp 1d10 piercing 4 lbs Ammunition (range 30/90), Reload (1)
    Pistol, Small 185 gp 1d8 piercing 2 lbs Ammunition (range 20/60), Light, Reload (1)
    Radliffe Firestorm 2,650 1d10 piercing 5 lbs Ammunition (range 30/90), Reload (5)
    Radliffe Quad-Iron 300 gp 4d4 piercing 6 lbs Ammunition (range 20/60), Reload (1)
    Rynnish Hold-Out Pistol 210 gp 1d6 piercing 2 lbs Ammunition (range 20/60), Concealable, Light, Reload (2)

New Weapons, Continued
Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Martial Ranged Weapons, Rifles
    Carbine, Military 375 gp 1d12 7 lbs Ammunition (range 30/90), Reload (1), Two-Handed
    Clockwerk Arms Revolving 705 gp 1d10 14 lbs Ammunition (range 30/90), Heavy, Reload (4), Two-
    Rifle piercing Handed
Name Repeating Long Gun 3,750
Cost 1d12
Damage 8 lbs Ammunition
Weight Properties (range 40/120), Reload (6), Two-Handed
gp piercing
    Radliffe Two-Shot Rifle 400 gp 1d12 7 lbs Ammunition (range 40/120), Reload (1), Two-Handed
    Rifle, Long 285 gp 1d12 7 lbs Ammunition (range 40/120), Reload (1), Two-Handed
    Rifle, Military 375 gp 2d6 piercing 9 lbs Ammunition (range 50/150), Reload (1), Two-Handed
    Rynnish Walking Stick 300 gp 1d6 piercing 2 lbs Ammunition (range 15/45), Concealable, Reload (1), Two-
    Scattergun 250 gp 1d12 7 lbs Ammunition (range 15/45), Reload (1), Scatter, Two-
piercing Handed
    Slug Gun 415 gp 2d10 15 lbs Ammunition (range 15/45), Heavy, Reload (1), Two-
piercing Handed
    Vanar Liberator 545 gp 2d8 piercing 14 lbs Ammunition (range 60/180), Heavy, Reload (1), Two-
    Vislovski Rifle 450 gp 1d12 7 lbs Ammunition (range 60/180), Reload (1), Two-Handed

Clockwerk Arms Pepperbox and Revolving Rifle. The Gearbow. Growing in popularity due to the scarcity of
earliest attempt at creating multi-shot firearms was the ammunition in wartime, gearbows are similar to crossbows
pepperbox, first crafted by the Clockwerk Arms Company, in concept. Instead of firing bolts, however, a gearbow has a
these pistols have a large cylinder of steel with four barrels squat, cylindrical magazine toward the rear of the weapon
bored into it. Due to the stress placed on the cylinder, the that holds sharpened discs pierced through the center. The
caliber of the shot is somewhat limited, giving the weapon a center hole allows the weapon's mechanism to engage with
reputation for limited stopping power. Between shots the the projectile as it accelerates it at high speeds towards the
shooter has to rotate the cylinder by hand to bring the next target. A lever on the bottom of the weapon allows the user to
barrel in line with the mechanism. Though no longer cutting- simultaneously cock the bow and load a new disc from the
edge, pepperboxes are still an affordable way to get more magazine. These weapons count as crossbows for the
shots off between reloads. A rifle-sized version was later purposes of Crossbow Expert and similar feats.
created as a military prototype, but the great weight of the Grenade, Smoke. A smoke grenade deals no damage, but
weapon, along with its limited range and firepower failed to instead creates a 20 foot radius cloud of smoke on impact.
persuade military buyers. This smoke spreads around corners, and its area is heavily
Flare Gun. A flare gun can shoot a flare up to 250 feet, but obscured. It lasts for 1 minute or until a wind of moderate or
when used as a weapon it has a short range of 10 feet. A greater speed (at least 10 miles per hour) disperses it.
creature hit with a flare gun must make a DC 12 Constitution Grenade, Stun. A stun grenade deals no damage, but
saving throw or be blinded until the end of its next turn. A instead on a failed DC 15 Dexterity saving throw, every
flare emits bright light for 60 feet and dim light for another creature within 15 feet is Stunned until the beginning of their
60 feet and burns for 2d6 rounds. Illumination flares are next turn.
available for 5 gp each that burn for 1 minute and have Grenade Launcher. A grenade launcher increases the
parachutes that will keep them suspended for their duration. range at which a character can use a grenade to 80 feet.
Harpoon and Harpoon Gun. A Large or smaller creature
hit by by a harpoon or harpoon gun must make a successful
Strength check or be pulled 10 feet toward the attacker. The
DC of this check is equal to 8 plus the Strength modifier and
proficiency bonus of the harpoon or harpoon gun wielder.

     Mechanoflail. Whenever a creature makes a successful Shield Gun. A character wielding a shield gun receives the
attack with a mechanoflail, it can immediately make another benefits of wearing a shield as well.
attack as a bonus action. Slug Gun. An anti-warjack weapon pioneered by the Devil
Pincer Staff. A Large or smaller creature hit by a pincer Dogs mercenary company, slug guns fire a heavy, large
staff by a creature that is proficient in its use is restrained caliber projectile. Some have even called the weapon a
until it is freed. A pincer staff has no effect on creatures that “sawn-off cannon”, which speaks not only to the weight of the
are formless, or creatures that are Huge or larger. A creature charge, but also the limited accuracy of the weapon at long
can use its action to make a Strength check to free itself or range.
another creature within its reach on a success. The DC of Vanar Liberator. Dubbed the Vanar Liberator by Vislovski
this check is equal to 8 plus the Strength modifier and himself in honor of the Empress, this Khadoran heavy
proficiency bonus of the pincer staff’s wielder. military rifle weighs a full 14 pounds and uses twice the
Radliffe Firestorm and Repeating Long Gun. One of the amount of propellant as a standard long rifle charge, making
greatest gunsmiths of the age, Radliffe’s design incorporates it a true terror on the battlefield.
an “ammo wheel”— a steel cylinder containing five cartridges Vislovski Rifle. This rifle is highly valued by hunters and
that rotate into place between the firing pin and the barrel. snipers throughout the kingdoms and is known for a long
This weapon takes the basic concept of the pepperbox and range and high accuracy. Vislovski rifles use nearly as much
solves the problems with weight and firepower by limiting the propellant as a normal military rifle, but use a smaller bullet
weapon to a single barrel. While the pistol version has seen and a much longer barrel to increase the effective range.
limited success, mostly as a sidearm for wealthy officers, the
revolving long rifle procured a contract with the Cygnaran Ammunition Cost
military that sees Radliffe’s factories working day and night. A Weight
character wielding a repeating firearm can load chambers of Ammunition Type
Cost (per
(each) 10)
the ammo wheel individually or purchase additional ammo
wheels that can be swapped for ease of use. Additional ammo Amblerose Rivet Gun 1 sp 0.5 lbs
wheels cost 15 gp. Note that the price of the weapon Gearbow, Light or Heavy 1 sp 1 lb
accounts for the difficulty in acquiring a quasi-legal weapon
produced solely for military contracts. Clockwerk Arms Pepperbox, Rynnish 5 sp 0.75
Radliffe Quad-Iron. An experimental weapon produced by Holdout Pistol, Rynnish Walking Stick lbs
Radliffe’s armories, the quad-iron is a heavy pistol with a Small Pistol, Dragon Pistol 7 sp 0.8 lbs
large cylinder bored with four barrels. At first, it seems much Clockwerk Arms Revolving Rifle, Long Rifle, 9 sp 1 lb
like a pepperbox, but to those familiar with firearm Military Pistol, Radliffe Firestorm, Radliffe
mechanisms, it becomes apparent on close inspection that all Two-Shot Rifle
four barrels fire simultaneously. Charges for a quad-iron are Harpoon Gun 1 gp 30 lbs
hard to find due to their exotic nature, but quad-irons pack
one hell of a punch when a shot lines up well. Flare Gun, Military Carbine, Military Rifle, 11 sp 1.3 lbs
Radliffe Two-Shot Rifle. Considered a mad design by his Scattergun, Vislovski Rifle
peers, Radliffe’s two-shot rifle utilizes “superimposed Radliffe Quad-Iron, Slug Gun, Vanar 15 sp 1.8 lbs
charges” to get off multiple shots. This appears to be a Liberator
regular long rifle, but a second firing mechanism is
positioned a few inches in front of the trigger guard. The Specialist Ammunition
shooter loads two cartidges into the weapon’s breach, and the Sometimes lead isn’t enough to put down what needs killing.
forward firing mechanism triggers the front-most charge first. Armories across Immoren are stocked with a variety of
The rearward bullet protects the blasting powder behind it, special ammunition. The following ammunition types modify
preventing the whole thing from exploding. A handful of high- firearm ammunition. The additional cost is listed in each
profile accidents involving just such an incident have seen description. Special ammunition types cannot be combined.
that this weapon is anything but a commercial success, Buck and Ball. These long, vicious cartridges have a
however. If a character rolls a natural 1 on their attack roll sachet of shot packed in front of the ball. A weapon firing
with this weapon, they take 2d12 piercing damage and the buck and ball reduces its short range by 15 feet and its long
rifle is broken and unusuable until repaired. range by 45 feet, to a minimum of 5 and 15, but gains the
Rynnish Holdout Pistol. Designed for discretion, the Scatter quality. Buck and ball ammunition costs an extra 2 sp
Rynnish holdout pistol is low-profile and easily concealable. per shot.
Recognizing that many who use it may not have the time to
reload, the weapon considerately bears two barrels with one Specialist Ammunition
firing mechanims. The barrels easily pivot to swing the Ammunition Type Ammunition Cost
loaded one into place. Buck and Ball +2 sp
Rynnish Walking Stick. A favorite among gentlemen and
the seedy underworld alike, a “Rynnish walking stick” is a Incendiary +5 gp
gentleman’s cane with a hollow steel shaft that holds a small Lodestone +6 gp
pistol cartridge hidden within. A Rynnish walking stick’s grip
has a concealed trigger to fire the weapon, and the butt-plate Necrotite +30 gp
swivels out of the way to protect the barrel from mud and Precision +5 sp

    Incendiary. Coated in an alchemical substance that burns A character can make ranged attacks with a firearm-melee
hot and bright, but degrades the ballistic trajectory, combination normally, but the short range of the pistol
incendiary ammunition sears its targets. Incendiary component is reduced by 10 feet and the long range is
ammunition deals an extra 1d6 points of fire damage on a hit, reduced by 30 feet, to a minimum of 5 and 15 feet. A firearm-
but reduces the short range of a weapon by 10 feet and the melee combination costs twice as much as the base melee
long range by 30 feet, to a minimum of 5 and 15. weapon and pistol combined.
Additionally, the bright streak it cuts through the air Magelock. Highly sought after by gun mages, and rarely
immediately reveals the shooter’s location unless disguised found outside the military orders of gun mages. These
by magic. Incendiary ammunition costs an extra 5 gp per weapons offer no benefit to most shooters, but the peculiar
bullet. brand of magic used by gun mages resonates more closely
Lodestone. Anathema to grymkin, monster hunters with these weapons. When a character with the Gun Bond
occasionally load their weapons with bullets chiseled out of ability bonds to a magelock weapon gets a +2 bonus on attack
magnetite. These have poor ballistic qualities, and a weapon and damage rolls instead of +1. A one-handed magelock
firing lodestone bullets reduces its short range by 30 feet and firearm costs four times as much as a regular firearm of its
its long range by 90 feet, to a minimum of 5 and 15. type, and a two-handed magelock firearm costs five times as
Lodestone bullets cost an extra 6 gp per shot. much.
Necrotite. The foul coal infused with necromantic energies Multiple Barrels. This modification adds an additional
that powers the Scharde Isles has a toxic quality that will barrel to a firearm. This modification may be applied multiple
sicken those it is embedded in. Some unsavory pirates out of times. Each additional barrel modifies the reload value a
those blood-soaked coves risk fighting with it, despite its firearm by +1 and multiplies the weight by +50%. This
otherwise poor quality. A weapon firing necrotite bullets modification costs 75% the base cost of the firearm.
reduces its short range by 30 feet and its long range by 90 Scope. Optics mounted above a weapon’s barrel can make
feet, to a minimum of 5 and 15, but deals an extra 1d8 far off objects appear closer, thereby increasing a weapon’s
necrotic damage. Bought in the black markets of the effective range. A weapon mounting a scope increases its
mainland, necrotite bullets cost an extra 30 gp per shot short range 20 feet and its long range by 60 feet. This
Precision. Rather than the regular spherical lead ball, modification costs 175 gp.
these bullets have a conical shape that causes them to fly Suppressor. This cylinder attaches to the end of a firearm
straighter. Precision ammunition adds 10 feet to the short and is filled with both alchemical gels that absorb sonic
range of a weapon and 30 feet to the long range. Precision energy and vents to redirect the escaping gases. This reduces
ammunition costs an extra 5 sp per bullet. the noise made by a gunshot, but reduces the amount of force
behind a shot as well. A weapon mounted with a suppressor
Firearm Modifications can only be heard by creatures within 30 feet, and those
The creation of firearms is far from a standardized process, creatures have disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks
with each gunsmith having his own methods. The following to pinpoint the shooter’s location. A weapon with this
details some common modifications seen throughout the modification reduces its short range by 10 feet and its long
Iron Kingdoms. A firearm may possess more than one range by 30 feet, to a minimum of 5 and 15 feet. A weapon
customization unless otherwise stated. with a suppressor cannot mount a bayonet. A weapon with
Breakdown Customization. This customization indicates multiple barrels cannot mount a suppressor. A suppressor
that a weapon has been built in such a way that it can be costs 150 gp.
easily disassembled into component parts. The enhanced
concealability makes this a valued customization for Firearm Modifications
assassins. The weapon can be assembled or broken down Modification Cost
with 1 minute of work. While broken down, the weapon gains Breakdown Customization 2x base cost
the Concealable quality, but cannot be used. This
modification doubles the base cost of the firearm. Firearm-Melee Combination 2x base cost
Firearm-Melee Combination. An attempt by Magelock (one-handed) 4x base cost
weaponsmiths to overcome the slow reload of firearms in Magelock (two-handed) 5x base cost
close quarters, this customization builds a pistol into a melee
weapon. This combination is imperfect at best, as it handles Multiple Barrels 75% base cost
like a particularly heavy pistol or a particularly unbalanced Scope +175 gp
melee weapon. Still, these weapons are occasionally seen in
the hands of the wealthy or those with specialized needs in a Suppressor +150 gp
A military pistol, small pistol, or dragon pistol may be built
into any melee weapon. A firearm-melee combination weighs
as much as both weapons combined, and when a character
makes a successful melee attack with a firearm-melee
combination, they may immediately make a ranged attack
against the same target with the pistol portion as a bonus

New Gear Adventuring Gear
Item Cost Weight
A wide variety of goods and services are available throughout
the Iron Kingdoms and beyond. The following lists include Alchemist's Beard 450 gp 3 lbs
most common goods and services.     Replacement Filters 100 gp 1 lb
Alchemist’s Beard. This device is a face mask which fits to Arcane Condenser 3,000 gp 8 lbs
the head with a series of buckles and straps, and when tightly
affixed to the face it creates an impermeable seal around the Arcantrik Torch 260 gp 4 lbs
mouth and nose of the wearer. The “beard” of the mask is a Backpack, Framed 45 gp 4 lbs
large oblong leather sack affixed to the mask with a metal
screw cap. Alchemically treated fibers in the filter allow clean Bandolier 1 gp 1 lb
air in, but prevent particles and alchemical substances from Cartridge Box 5 gp 3 lbs
permeating the filter’s membranes. While wearing an Chair, Camp 4 gp 3 lbs
alchemist’s beard you are immune to inhaled poisons and
harmful gaseous substances. Once the filter is exposed to a Coal (10 pounds) 5 sp 10 lbs
contaminant, it continues to provide protection for 24 hours, Flintstriker 4 gp —
after which it needs to be replaced. Alchemist’s beards are
also available for horses and dogs, which derive from military Goggles 8 gp —
uses. Gunner's Kit 35 gp 12 lbs
Arcane Condenser. A hemispherical device about 6 to 8 Holster, Wrist-Loader 30 gp 1 lb
inches in diameter, two metallic, rune-engraved arms reach
upward from the device ending in copper clamps that latch Lantern, Magnified Bullseye 15 gp 3 lbs
onto an accumulator. Arcane condensers are the primary tool Mechanik's Drill 120 gp 11 lbs
used to recharge arcanodynamic accumulators. Use of
arcane condensers are detailed later in this chapter. Mechanik's Kit 50 gp 18 lbs
Arcantrik Torch. A simple mechanikal device, arcantrik Pocket Watch 100+ gp —
torches are used to cut through sheet metal. An elemental Spyglass 35 gp 2 lbs
filament called a firethread is placed in the torch and an
arcanodynamic charge is run across a simple rune plate and Steam Saw 105 gp 16 lbs
through the firethread, creating an adjustable and continuous
flame of intense heat. The torch is handheld, with a socket for Cartridge Box. A wood box covered in oiled leather or
a capacitor in the handle. The torch has three settings, and some other weather-resistant material, cartridge boxes
switching between settings requires an action. protect ammunition from moisture and crushing, while
Primed. The flame is reduced to bright blue glow, casting keeping them easily accessible during battle. Typically, a
bright light in a 15 foot radius and dim light for an additional cartridge box will hand from a baldric or bandolier and can
15 feet. This setting uses a negligible amount of power from hold up to 50 bullets.
the capacitor. Chair, Camp. A folding stool consisting of three legs fixed
Heat. Orange flame jets from the nozzle of the torch, together at their center points, with a triangle of durable cloth
casting bright light in a 30 foot radius and dim light for an on one end to provide a seat.
additional 30 feet. While on this setting, the wielder can use Coal. Coal is the fuel for many of Immoren’s latest
an action on each of their turns to replicate the effects of the innovations, and is widely available. This represents common
heat metal spell. When used in this way, the heat metal has a quality coal. Coal used in industrial applications or for
duration of 1 round, a range of touch, and is DC 15. On this military or alchemical purposes can cost as much as 1 gp per
setting, the torch drains 1 charge per minute from a pound.
capacitor. Flintstriker. A small brass cylinder containing a spring and
Fuse. Bright white flame obscures the tip of torch, casting a steel wheel, with a set of calipers mounted on top to hold a
bright light in a 45 foot radius and dim light for an additional flint. When the spring is wound and released, the flint grinds
45 feet. This setting is used to weld or cut through metal against the steel, producing a spray of sparks. Using it to light
objects. While on this setting, the wielder can make a melee a torch-or anything else with abundant, exposed fuel-takes a
weapon attack with the torch as part of the attack action on bonus action.
their turn. The torch is a simple melee weapon with the Goggles. Originally used for protection by mechaniks and
Finesse property that deals 4d6 fire damage on a successful other industrial workers, goggles protect the eyes from
hit. This damage ignores the damage threshold of metal environmental hazards. A character wearing goggles has
objects. On this setting, the torch drains 1 charge per round disadvantage on all Wisdom (Perception) checks, but has
from a capacitor. advantage on any saving throw that would impose the blinded
Backpack, Framed. Also known as a rucksack, a framed condition.
backpack distributes weight more efficiently for the wearer. Gunner’s Kit. This kit includes a number of tools useful for
While wearing a framed backpack, you count as one size disassembling, cleaning, and assembling firearms and
larger when determining your carrying capacity. firearm accessories. It also includes scales for measuring out
Bandolier. A leather strap that runs from shoulder to belt, blasting powder, tools for casting bullets, and space for
a bandolier can hold up to 10 pieces of rifle or pistol storing completed rounds. Note that this kit is not used in the
ammunition or up to 4 potions. production of blasting powder, which is produced

    Holster, Wrist-Loader. A wrist-loader holster is a sturdy Steam Saw. Typically found in the forestry industry, steam
leather bracer fitted with a spring mechanism that can put a saws spin at high speed to cut through wood. Traditionally
firearm with the Light quality into your hand instantaneously. powered by steam, most are fixed in place in sawmills or
A pistol requires 1 minute to properly fit into a wrist-loader mounted to industrial laborjacks. A handheld version exists
holster, as the spring needs to be loaded and the delivery arm powered by arcanodynamic capacitors. The handheld version
needs to be carefully attached to the firearm. The pistol can drains 1 charge per minute of operation from a capacitor and
be drawn without using any action (preserving your object can be wielded as a simple melee weapon with the Heavy and
interaction for your turn), whereupon the delivery arm Two-Handed properities that deals 3d6 slashing damage on a
releases the pistol and retracts up your sleeve in the bracer in successful hit.
order to prevent interference with the weapon’s operation.
Lantern, Magnified Bullseye. This otherwise normal Steam Armor
bullseye lantern has been fitted with a sliding magnifying Sometimes, the abilities of men fall short of the needs of war.
lens. With the lens in place, the lantern casts bright light in a Engineers have sought many ways to improve these abilities,
120 foot cone and dim light for an additional 120 feet. Once but one of the more successful methods has been steam
lit, it burns for 6 hours on a flask (1 pint) of oil. armor. Steam armor puts the strength of a warjack in the
Mechanik's Drill. Used to bore holes in metal, wood, or hands of a highly trained soldier. Suits of steam armor are
other materials, drills can easily bore holes in people too. A bulky affairs, covered in pistons that bear the significant
mechanik's drill is a heavy, two-handed version of the hand- weight of the plate and back-mounted boiler. That armored
cranked kind used by carpenters. A mechanik's drill can be bulk affords significant protection to the wearer, however,
mounted on a steamjack, fixed in place and connected to a who operates the suit from within the aptly nicknamed
steam engine, or powered from a capacitor. The arcantrik “coffin” that is impossible to enter or exit with anything
version drains 1 charge per minute of operation from a resembling haste. The tight confines also prevent the
capacitor and can be wielded as a simple melee weapon with operator from wearing anything more than heavy clothing
the Heavy and Two-Handed properities that deals 2d8 and stashing a dagger or pistol in with them. The operator’s
piercing damage on a successful hit. A mechanik's drill can arms and legs extend from the coffin into the limbs of the
also be used to destroy a lock if the operator isn't concerned steam armor, grasping manipulators and other controls that
about making a lot of noise. A drill takes a number of rounds give a skilled operator a degree of dexterity approaching that
to drill through a lock equal to the lock's DC. Once a lock has of an unarmored man. Especially skilled pilots often are given
been drilled, it cannot be picked afterwards, even if the the moniker “Ironhead” to denote their aptitude.
drilling was incomplete. Steam armor comes in two broad size categories: light
Mechanik’s Kit. A kit containing an endless variety of steam armor, which is superficially similar to a suit of plate
ratchets, pliers, tongs, spanners, calipers, conductance awls, armor a few sizes too large, and heavy steam armor, which
etching tubs, rune scrivers, conduit grips, glyph irons, leaves the operator towering over common warriors in a hulk
arcanometric slide rulers, warding sticks, and countless other of steam and steel.
tools. Proficiency with these tools is required for many tasks Small characters, such as gobbers, can only operate light
involving mechanika and mechanikal constructs. steam armor, while Medium characters with the Powerful
Pocket Watch. Most clocks are large affairs mounted on Build or a similar trait (such as ogrun) are too big to fit into
towers bestride Morrowan cathedrals or town squares. Only even heavy steam armor. Large and larger creatures, and non-
in the past 50 years have locksmiths in the aptly named anthropomorphic creatures, cannot wear steam armor.
Clocker’s Cove created mobile clocks. These small, intricate A character must be proficient with heavy armor to wear
“pocket watches” have become immensely valuable for ship steam armor, and even then, it requires a period of
captains, who use them to aid in calculating location and familiarization to be truly comfortable in it. Steam armor
distances. From ships they have spread throughout the Iron offers unparalleled protection to it’s wearer, however the true
Kingdoms, becoming useful as an everyday timepiece for appeal is more than just protection. Steam armor grants the
businesses, railroad workers, soldiers, and the wealthy. following benefits to its operator:
Pocket watches vary widely in quality and cost of
construction, but basic models possess a steel or brass body, Donning steam armor and bringing the boiler up to steam
a fine chain to attach it, and an hour hand. More expensive requires 30 minutes and an assistant. Doffing steam
models can be gilded or etched, might have jewels mounted, armor requires 5 minutes.
and might possess a minute hand. Watches are spring While wearing steam armor, you use the suit’s Strength
powered and do not unwind at a constant speed, meaning score in place of your own.
that they “lose” time between windings and are generally only Suits of steam armor have their own pool of hit points.
accurate to within an hour or two. Watches with minute Whenever you take damage, you first subtract from the
hands are more accurate, but there is little need for extremely suit’s hit points before your own. When a suit of steam
accurate timekeeping in the lives of most people. armor is reduced to 0 hit points, it is wrecked and you are
Spyglass. A collapsing metal tube with one or more Restrained until you free yourself. Repairs to a suit of
magnifying lenses, spyglasses magnify far off objects to twice steam armor cost 10 gp per hit point. A character who has
their size. When extended for use, a spyglass is about 18 proficiency with smith’s tools, tinkerer’s tools, or
inches long, but can collapse to about 10 inches for storage. mechanik’s tools may repair 10 hit points of damage per
hour of work.
Steam armor is heavy armor that grants the listed armor
class. You may use a shield while wearing steam armor.

While wearing steam armor, you have disadvantage on all Cargo Rig. Not the greatest feat of engineering, but
Dexterity (Stealth) checks, and others have advantage on undoubtedly useful, a cargo rig is simply a space to store
Wisdom (Perception) checks to detect you. things on the steam armor’s back. It provides an armored
While wearing steam armor, you have a walking speed of compartment that can hold up to 200 lbs of gear and external
30 feet. webbing capable of holding another 100 lbs. Gear stowed in
Your unarmed strikes deal 1d6 bludgeoning damage while the compartment is not accessible by anyone wearing the
wearing steam armor. suit. This modification occupies one slot.
Steam armor has a set number of Rig Slots, which allow Cloud Venting. Evolving from emergency exhaust vents, a
for customization of the armor with specialized systems. cloud venting rig allows the operator of a suit of steam armor
Additional slots may be designed into the armor, but each to produce a cloud of vented steam and exhaust smoke that
additional rig slot reduces the armor’s hit points by 10. accumulates in the rig during the armor’s operation. As an
Light steam armor usually weighs 300-500 pounds when action, the operator can produce a 20 foot radius cloud that
unloaded. Heavy steam armor usually weighs around 400- spreads around corners. This area is heavily obscured and
750 lbs. lasts for 5 rounds or until a wind of moderate or greater
While wearing heavy steam armor, you are considered speed (at least 10 miles per hour) disperses it. After being
large sized. Your reach is 5 ft. Whenever you wield a expelled, the smoke and steam require 1 minute to build back
weapon with the Versatile property, you deal damage as if up after venting before they can be used again. This
you were using it in two hands. modification takes up one slot.
Operating steam armor on standby power for 4 hours, or Escape Coffin. Some ironheads are uncomfortable with
combat power for 1 hour, requires 10 pounds of coal and being trapped in their coffins if their armor becomes disabled.
5 gallons of water for light steam armor, and 20 pounds of As a bonus action, the operator of a suit of steam armor
coal and 8 gallons of water for heavy steam armor outfitted with an escape coffin can trigger shaped explosive
charges that blast the specially armored coffin 15 feet in a
Building Steam Armor random direction. This coffin has AC 18 and 50 hit points
A prospective engineer faces many decisions when designing and is air tight. The coffin has enough air for 1 minute, after
a suit of steam armor. Below are the attributes for each type which the occupant begins to suffocate. Exiting the coffin
of chassis. uses up half the occupant’s movement. Many ironheads will
Steam Armor Chassis stock their escape coffins with a small survival kit. This
Chassis Type Cost AC Strength HP Rig Slots
modification occupies one slot.
Extra Armor. When ironheads need to shrug off more than
Light 6,000 gp 18 20 50 1 just small arms fire, they add extra armor to their suits. A suit
Heavy 11,000 gp 20 22 100 2 with extra armor plating increases its AC by 2, but reduces its
speed by 10 feet and increases the armor’s weight by one
Equipment Rigs
quarter. This modification takes up one slot.
With the exception of the man-o-war suits of steam armor Internal Starter. Steam armor equipped with an internal
produced by the Khadoran Empire, no two suits are alike. starter is designed so that the operator can get his steam
Each was designed differently, and this is most commonly armor to operational status without any assistance. By
seen in the different equipment rigs they mount. Equipment carefully designing the suspension harness, the operator can
rigs are additional mechanical systems that add to the utility strap himself in while the automated boiler is firing itself up.
of steam armor suits. They must be purchased separately An internal starter reduces the amount of time required to
from the chassis. Some rigs take up multiple slots or may be don the armor to 10 minutes, though the boiler still takes 15
taken multiple times, as noted in their description. minutes to get up to steam. No assistants are necessary for
Amphibian Adaptation. This rig addresses the this process. If a mechanika mounting rig is also included in
vulnerability of the steam armor’s boiler to water by sealing it the armor, 1 charge from the armor’s capacitor can be
off completely and utilizing advanced gaskets, valves, and expended to bring the boiler up to operational power within
exhausts to operate in the presence of water, even if one minute. An internal starter takes up one slot.
completely submerged. Rather than the typical helmet Jump Jets. The jump jet rig is a very recent invention
mounting, amphibious suits of steam armor have a large inspired by Cygnar’s “Minuteman” warjack. Using steam
helmet with thick glass portals through which they view the rockets and extensive shock absorbers, a suit of steam armor
world. equipped with jump jets can leap great distances.
The suit is completely air tight, which allows the user to This rig is activated as a bonus action. A suit of light steam
operate underwater for up to 15 minutes (as the suit’s engine armor with this rig leaps up to 40 feet into the air, while
consumes much of the operator’s air supply) and renders heavy steam armor can only manage 20 feet. Because of the
them immune to any harmful gases (in or out of water). The shock absorbers, a suit of steam armor with this modification
thick, armored glass that the operator has to look through treats the distance of any fall as if it were 20 feet shorter
imposes disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks. when calculating fall damage. Once this rig is activated, it
This rig is integral to the design of the steam armor and cannot be used again for 10 minutes while the system
does not require an action to activate. This extensive charges. This modification requires significant rerouting of
modification takes up two slots. the armor’s power supply and occupies two rig slots.

Equipment Rigs Additionally, the operator of a suit of steam armor
Rig Rig Slots Cost equipped with a salvage rig can attempt to grapple a target
Amphibian Adapatation 2 2,000 gp
with the crane. This works like a normal grapple, except the
operator has a reach of 10 feet for the grapple attack and
Cargo Rig 1 250 gp disadvantage on Strength (Athletics) check to initiate the
Cloud Venting 1 600 gp grapple due to the clumsiness of the claw. When grappling
with the claw, both of the pilot’s hands remain free. A salvage
Escape Coffin 1 500 gp rig occupies one rig slot.
Extra Armor 1 1,000 gp Serricsteel Chassis. By reinforcing and replacing parts of
Internal Starter 1 750 gp
the steam armor’s chassis with the legendary Rhulic metal
serricsteel, a canny and wealthy mechanik can cut the weight
Jump Jets 2 1,800 gp of a suit of steam armor without sacrificing durability. A suit
Mechanika Mounting 1 3,000 gp of steam armor equipped with a serricsteel chassis weighs
80% what it normally would and uses one quarter less fuel.
Performance Power Plant 1 4,000 gp Since the mobility systems are less stressed, the armor’s
Pneumatic Venting 1 2,500 gp speed is increased by 10 feet. A serricsteel chassis does not
Reinforced Chassis 0 500 gp
take up any rig slots.
Servitor Bay. A servitor bay rig provides safe storage and
Salvage Rig 1 1,000 gp battlefield deployment systems for up to 4 tiny sized servitors
Serricsteel Chassis 0 4,000 gp or 1 small sized servitor. These servitors are held inside an
armored compartment on the back of steam armor. As an
Servitor Bay 1 1,750 gp action, the operator of the steam armor may deploy 1 small
Weapon Mounting 1 800 gp sized or 2 tiny sized servitors to any unoccupied adjacent
space. This leaves both the steam armor and the servitors
Mechanika Mounting. This rig outfits the steam armor vulnerable, provoking opportunity attacks. A servitor bay
with arcane conduits that allow it to channel energy from occupies one equipment slot and can be taken twice.
rune plates, as well as a socket for a capacitor or mounting Weapon Mounting. A weapon mounting rig is a reinforced
for an arcane turbine (which must be purchased separately). hard point on the shoulder of a suit of steam armor that
Steam armor may mount rune plates with up to 5 rune mounts a weapon. This weapon can be any simple or martial
points. ranged weapon.
Performance Power Plant. One of the simplest ways to Firing controls are linked to the manipulator gauntlets of
get more power out of a machine is to make the engine the steam armor. The mounting does not have the ability to
bigger. Ironheads who don’t worry about fuel can install this traverse in any direction, however, and so the whole suit must
deluxe engine to increase their steam armor’s performance. be moved to aim at the target. Consequently, attacks made
A suit of steam armor with a performance power plant with mounted weapons reduce their effective range by 10
increases its Strength score by 2 and its speed by 10 feet. feet, to a minimum of 5 feet. A weapon mounting occupies
This heavyweight engine increases the armor’s weight by one one rig slot.
quarter and requires twice as much fuel as a normal engine.
This modification takes up one rig slot. Alchemy
Pneumatic Venting. This system adds extra pneumatics to
the limbs of a suit of steam armor, increasing its Strength Alchemy is arguably the oldest arcane art in the Iron
score by 2. This modification occupies one rig slot. Kingdoms. Its roots and practices predate the Gift of sorcery
Reinforced Chassis. Sometimes an ironhead realizes that by centuries. Alchemical formulae and discoveries have
they need more metal between them and the enemy. They become an essential element in mechanikal invention. Like
realize this dream by reinforcing the chassis of their steam most sciences, it also has applications in war. Alchemists
armor, adding thicker steel to shore up weak points and more crafted the first firearms, using them to equip the Army of
unconventional defenses elsewhere. Thunder against the Orgoth. Over the centuries keen minds
This rig does not take up an rig slot and may be purchased have continued to enact new and deadly uses of these
multiple times. Each time it is taken, the steam armor’s hit principles. Only recently have such weapons become
points are increased by 10 and the weight is increased by 5%. available for individual use. Today mercenaries, rebels, and
Salvage Rig. A salvage rig is a crane mounted to the suit of rogues find alchemical weapons excellent tools for achieving
steam armor and using its mass as a counterweight. Though their goals both on and off the battlefield.
the crane’s claw is very strong, it is not very dextrous and True alchemy is the synergy of natural ingredients and
often requires several tries to grab the intended target. A arcane lore. What began as a simple study of herbs and their
salvage rig increases a suit of steam armor's strength score properties has evolved into a vast field of study. Alchemy
by 5, but only for the purposes of lifting, dragging, or includes everything from the brewing of love potions and the
otherwise moving things. mixing of healing salves to the careful creation of blasting

    Though many alchemical concoctions can be derived from Primary Alchemical Ingredients
simple plant, animal, and mineral components carefully
extracted by a trained practitioner, in the hands of an Alchemical items are created from a formula of ingredients
alchemist these mixtures can be enhanced with magic to give and processes. Although complex formulae can include
them greater potency and duration. This results in safer unique and rare ingredients, nearly all formulae contain
elixirs and balms as well. In some cases, magical techniques ingredients from this list of core alchemical ingredients.
are necessary to isolate the key ingredients from their Ingredients valued at less than 100 gp are readily available in
original source. most mid-sized cities. Ingredients that cost 100 gp and over
Early alchemy was simply the process of deriving potent can be more difficult to procure, at the DM’s discretion.
concoctions directly from plant and animal mixtures, but
modern alchemy is as firmly enmeshed with arcane magic as Alchemical Stone
is the study of mechanika. The early forms of alchemy are     Cost. 10 gp
still practiced by modern apothecaries, while true alchemists Alchemical stone is a dense but easily ground white stone
have moved on to perfecting magically enhanced alchemicals. that serves as a foundation for allowing other alchemical
The rigorous science that evolved as part and parcel of ingredients to bond together more strongly than is otherwise
alchemy was incredibly important to the later development of achievable.
the Gift of magic. Without this precise scientific approach,
the folk of western Immoren would have had a very difficult Alchemical Waste, Crystal
time embracing and understanding the difficult rituals and     Cost. 15 gp
formulaic castings necessary to wield the Gift. This crystalline byproduct of the alchemical brewing
process is often left behind when more valuable alchemical
The Art and Science of Alchemy compounds have been distilled during brewing.
The key components of any alchemical creation are its Alchemical Waste, Liquid
ingredients. A character wishing to create an alchemical item     Cost. 15 gp
must first gather all the ingredients listed in the formula. In a Liquid waste is often drained off or filtered out during the
location where the ingredients can be readily purchased, the alchemical brewing process to achieve the desired mixture of
character can simply pay the material costs listed in the item alchemical effects.
description. If the character is creating the item in the field
where ingredients are not available for purchase, he must use Arcane Extract
ingredients from his inventory. Without access to all the     Cost. 115 gp
proper ingredients, an alchemical formula cannot be brewed. This mildly luminescent liquid is infused with residual
Once a character has gathered the necessary ingredients arcane energies. Its sources are as varied as the tint of its
for an alchemical formula, he must spend time brewing the faint glow and include plants and creatures with arcane
formula by combining, cooking, and stabilizing the powers or long term exposure to arcane energies.
ingredients using an alchemy lab. A character must be
proficient with alchemist’s supplies to brew an alchemical Arcane Minerals
formula. Ingredients and alchemical formulae are listed in     Cost. 150 gp
the entry for each item that can be created using alchemy. Sacred geological sites and arcane constructs are the most
Once the character has spent the allotted time brewing the common source of arcane minerals. Usually the substance is
formula, he must make an Intelligence (Alchemist’s Supplies) sand-like and granular, although it can sometimes be
check. Each formula produces a different result if the check procured in solid pieces the size of a marble.
fails. The DC, success results, and failure results are listed in
the entry for each item that can be created using alchemy. Bioluminescent Extract
    Cost. 25 gp
Distillation This ingredient is usually a liquid or a paste and is
Just as a character can brew alchemical formulae, he can also collected from a variety of fungus, insects, and aquatic
distil ingredients from existing alchemical substances. creatures. The substance gives off a faint glow that can be
Distillation of an alchemically created item requires a manipulated with a variety of alchemical processes.
character to spend half the time it requires to brew the item
processing the alchemical materials with an alchemy lab. At Burrow Mawg Adrenal Gland
the end of the process, make an Intelligence (Alchemist’s     Cost. 100 gp
Supplies) check with a DC equal to the synthesis DC of the A powerful alchemical ingredient, this pea-sized gland rests
formula. On a successful check, the alchemical substances at the base of the brain of a burrow mawg in a small, bony
are destroyed, but the character can extract one unit of a cavity covered by a dural fold. Burrow mawg adrenal glands
single ingredient listed to create that substance and one unit need to be fresh for inclusion in most alchemical compounds,
of alchemical waste (crystal or liquid). On a failed check, the though some call for dried glands. Upon removal from the
alchemical item is destroyed and the character produces one burrow mawg’s skull, the gland must be alchemically
unit of alchemical waste (crystal or liquid). preserved, so only characters proficient with alchemist’s
supplies can perform the procedure.

Ectoplasm Alchemical Items
    Cost. 500 gp The following attributes describe how alchemical items
This dense, gray, translucent ooze is left behind when an function in the game:
incorporeal undead creature moves through a solid object. Cost. The amount of money required to purchase the
The ooze rapidly dissipates, so it must be collected quickly alchemical item.
and stored in an airtight jar. A living creature coming into Description. The description of the alchemical item.
direct contact with ectoplasm feels a sickly cold sensation Special Rules. This is the effect the alchemical item has in
moving rapidly through his body as long as contact persists. the game.
Ingredients. This is the list of ingredients required to brew
Heavy Metals the alchemical item and the associated costs for any non-
    Cost. 30 gp standard ingredients.
Toxic metals such as iron, copper, and mercury are Total Material Cost. This is the total cost of all required
common in most industrialized areas of the Iron Kingdoms. ingredients to brew the alchemical item.
Most alchemical formulae that require them use only trace Alchemical Formula. These are rules for brewing the
amounts. alchemical item once the character has the required
ingredients in hand. The character can double or even triple
Menoth’s Fury the ingredients described for a single batch to produce two or
    Cost. 50 gp three doses at the same time without adding any additional
Derived from crudely refined and treated oil, Menoth’s Fury manufacturing time.
is a highly flammable alchemical agent that ignites on contact
with air and burns with incredible intensity. Alchemical Acid
    Cost. 300 gp
Mineral Acid Description. Alchemical acid is a potent corrosive
    Cost. 25 gp alchemical compound.
This caustic liquid can be found in nature at the bottom of Special Rules. Vials of alchemical acid can be used as
deep cave pools or pushed through to the surface in geysers. thrown weapons, but due to the inaccuracy of thrown
It is most commonly acquired as a by-product of metal glassware and the low cost of reliable grenade housings, acid
smelting. bombs (see “Alchemical Grenades” below) are the preferred
delivery method for the substance.
Mineral Crystals As an action, you can splash the contents of this vial onto a
    Cost. 50 gp creature within 5 feet of you or throw the vial up to 20 feet,
Various salts and other rock crystals are a common shattering it on impact. In either case, make a ranged attack
element in alchemical brewing, as their nature allows the against a creature or object, treating the acid as an
bonding and retention of various energies desired by improvised weapon. On a hit, the target takes 5d6 acid
alchemists. Occasionally a formula calls for more valuable damage.
gems, which are not part of this category. Ingredients. 2 units of alchemist’s stone, 1 unit of mineral
acid, 2 units of organic acid.
Mutagenic Extract Total Material Cost. 135 gp
    Cost. 350 gp Alchemical Formula. Brewing an alchemical acid requires
This highly prized liquid can be gathered only from an alchemy lab and two hours of labor spent combining,
creatures that undergo physical transformations. cooking, and stabilizing the ingredients. At the end of this
time, the alchemist makes a DC 16 Intelligence (Alchemist’s
Organic Acid Supplies) check. If the check succeeds, the character creates
    Cost. 45 gp one dose of alchemical acid. If the check fails, he creates one
Corrosive bile and caustic natural weaponry are harvested unit of alchemical waste (liquid).
to create this alchemical ingredient. It can also be refined
from some plant extracts, although the process to do so is Alchemical Antitoxin
lengthy and expensive.     Cost. 225 gp
Description. This pungent elixir can be injected to help
Organic Oil counteract many natural and alchemical poisons. It is
    Cost. 10 gp provided in a syringe for ease of use.
Whale oil is one of the most common animal-based organic Special Rules. As a bonus action, a character can inject
oil in the Iron Kingdoms due to the creatures’ high this formula into themselves or an ally. When you administer
concentration of blubber. Organic oil can also be harvested this formula, the recipient has advantage on saving throws
from a variety of other animals, nuts, seeds, and fruits. against poison and resistance to poison damage for 1 hour.
Ingredients. 1 unit of alchemist’s stone, 1 unit of organic
Organic Toxin acid, 2 units of organic toxin.
    Cost. 100 gp Total Material Cost. 155 gp
Venomous creatures of all shapes and sizes sting, spit, and
bite with a variety of deadly toxins. Alchemists harvest and
use the venom of such creatures to create dangerous poisons
or brew anti-venom to halt the effects of life-threatening

Alchemical Items Total Material Cost. 660 gp
Names Cost Weight Alchemical Formula. Creating Ashes of Urcaen requires
Alchemical Acid 300 gp 1 lb
an alchemy lab and two hours of labor spent cooking the
ingredients and grinding them to ash. At the end of this time,
Alchemical Restorative 500 gp 1/2 lb the alchemist makes a DC 18 Intelligence (Alchemist’s
Alchemical Antitoxin 500 gp 1/2 lb Supplies) check. If the check succeeds, the character creates
one application of Ashes of Urcaen. If the check fails, he
Ashes of Urcaen 1,250 gp 2 lbs creates one unit of alchemical waste (crystal).
Bottled Light 200 gp 2 lbs
Fortemorphic Elixir 900 gp 1 lb
Bottled Light
    Cost. 200 gp
Healing Liniment 250 gp 2 lbs Description. This is a two-part oil tightly sealed in a liquid
Rust Agent 150 gp 2 lbs filled lantern or jar. One part is a thick, viscous oil. The other
is a sickly yellow grease that floats atop the oil. When shaken,
Somnolence Elixir 400 gp 2 lbs the two oils mix to give off light
Spirit Salts 1,500 gp 4 lbs Special Rules. Bottled light can be shaken as a bonus
Trench Rations 10 gp 3 lbs
action. Once shaken, the substance gives off bright light out
to a range of 60 feet and dim light for another 60 feet for 1
Vitrioloic Fire 200 gp 1 lb minute. After it goes dark, the bottle can be shaken again
activate the light once more.
Alchemical Formula. Brewing an alchemical antitoxin After two weeks, bottled light becomes inert and no longer
requires an alchemy lab and one hour of labor spent reacts when shaken.
combining, cooking, and stabilizing the ingredients. At the Ingredients. 1 unit of arcane extract, 2 units
end of this time, the alchemist makes a DC 16 Intelligence bioluminescent extract.
(Alchemist’s Supplies) check. If the check succeeds, the Total Material Cost. 165 gp
character creates one dose of alchemical antitoxin. If the Alchemical Formula. Brewing bottled light requires an
check fails, he creates one unit of alchemical waste (liquid). alchemy lab and two hours of labor spent combining, cooking,
and stabilizing the ingredients. At the end of this time, the
Alchemical Restorative alchemist makes a DC 16 Intelligence (Alchemist’s Supplies)
    Cost. 500 gp check. If the check succeeds, the character creates one does
Description. This is a fast acting alchemical of bottled light. The fluid components of bottled light must be
pharmaceutical that promotes rapid blood clotting and poured into a jar or airtight liquid lantern for storage. If the
regeneration. It is provided in a syringe for ease of use. check fails, the character creates one unit of alchemical
Special Rules. As a bonus action, a character can inject waste (liquid).
this formula into themselves or an ally. When you administer
this formula, the recipient regains 8d4 + 8 hit points. Fortemorphic Elixir
Ingredients. 2 units of alchemist’s stone, 1 unit of     Cost. 900 gp Description. This clear, red solution is a
mutagenic extract, 1 unit of organic oil. strength-enhancement serum intended for injection. The side
Total Material Cost. 380 gp effects can outweigh the benefits with periodic usage.
Alchemical Formula. Brewing an alchemical restorative Special Rules. As a bonus action, a character can inject
requires an alchemy lab and two hours of labor spent this formula into themselves or an ally. When you administer
combining, cooking, and stabilizing the ingredients. At the this formula, the recipient has advantage on all Strength-
end of this time, the alchemist makes a DC 16 Intelligence based attack rolls, Strength checks, and Strength saving
(Alchemist’s Supplies) check. If the check succeeds, the throws, and all melee attacks deal +5 damage of the weapon’s
character creates one dose of alchemical restorative. If the type on a successful hit. Fortemorphic elixir lasts for 2d6
check fails, he creates one unit of alchemical waste (liquid). rounds, after which the recipient gains a level of exhaustion.
Ingredients. 1 unit of alchemist’s stone, 1 unit of burrow
Ashes of Urcaen mawg adrenal gland, 1 unit mutagenic extract.
    Cost. 1,250 gp Total Material Cost. 460 gp
Description. This ashen powder has the faint smell of Alchemical Formula. Brewing fortemorphic elixir requires
sulfur and is laced with energy from beyond the living world. an alchemy lab and two hours of labor spent combining,
When cast into the air, the powder binds with disembodied cooking, and stabilizing the ingredients. At the end of this
spirits and drags them into the physical world. time, the alchemist makes a DC 17 Intelligence (Alchemist’s
Special Rules. When you use an action to throw the Supplies) check. If the check succeeds, the character creates
powder into the air, each incorporeal creature and object one dose of fortemorphic elixir. If the check fails, he creates
within 10 feet of you becomes solid for 2d4 rounds. The one unit of organic toxin.
duration is the same for all subjects, and the powder is
A creature that turns corporeal loses its immunity or
resistance to nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing
damage and loses its incorporeal movement ability.
Ingredients. 1 unit of alchemist’s stone, 1 unit of arcane
minerals, 1 unit of ectoplasm.

Healing Liniment Larger doses can be administered through drinks or
    Cost. 250 gp injection. When a creature receives a larger dose, they must
Description. This divinely infused alchemical salve is make a DC 17 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned for 1
applied to grievous wounds and wrapped with clean hour. If the saving throw fails by 5 or more, the creature is
bandages to accelerate healing. also unconscious while poisoned in this way. The creature
Special Rules. A healing liniment can be applied by a wakes up if it takes damage or if another creature takes an
character proficient with the Medicine skill before a short or action to shake it awake.
long rest. Whenever the patient rolls a 1 or 2 on a hit die they A vial contains enough elixir for 3 of these larger doses.
expend during that rest, they can reroll the die and must use Ingredients. 1 unit arcane minerals, 1 unit organic acid, 2
the new roll, even if the new roll is a 1 or a 2. units organic oil.
Ingredients. 1 unit of alchemist’s stone, 1 unit of arcane Total Material Cost. 215 gp
minerals, 1 unit organic oil, 1 flask holy water (25 gp) Alchemical Formula. Brewing a somnolence elixir
Total Material Cost. 195 gp requires an alchemy lab and two hours of labor spent
Alchemical Formula. Brewing a healing liniment requires combining, cooking, and stabilizing the ingredients. At the
an alchemy lab and two hours of labor spent combining, end of this time, the alchemist makes a DC 17 Intelligence
cooking, and stabilizing the ingredients. At the end of this (Alchemist’s Supplies) check. If the check succeeds, the
time, the alchemist makes a DC 13 Intelligence (Alchemist’s character creates one vial of somnolence elixir. If the check
Supplies) check. If the check succeeds, the character creates fails, he creates one unit of alchemical waste (liquid).
one dose of healing liniment. If the check fails, he creates one
unit of alchemical waste (liquid). Spirit Salts
    Cost. 1,500 gp
Rust Agent Description. The homes in many Cygnaran coastal towns
    Cost. 150 gp have a tradition of keeping lines of salt in front of their doors
Description. Rust agent is a fast-acting alchemical to keep evil spirits from entering their homes. When the
compound that temporarily softens and rapidly corrodes minerals that this symbolic defense originated from are
metals. The agent is made up of two reactive substances that properly prepared and poured in a line upon the ground, the
must be mixed to take effect. alchemically treated salt forms a barrier that undead
Special Rules. Vials of rust agent can be used as thrown creatures and infernals cannot cross.
weapons, but due to the inaccuracy of thrown glassware and Special Rules. A character can spend a minute pouring
the low cost of reliable grenade housings, rust bombs (see out the spirit salts. There are enough salts in one jar to ward
“Alchemical Grenades” below) are the preferred delivery up to twelve 5-foot squares. Several jars can be used to ward
method for the substance. a large area. Spirit salts affect celestials, fey, fiends, and
As a bonus action, you can break the wax barrier undead. Creatures of those types can’t willingly cross the
separating the two substances comprising a vial of rust agent barrier by nonmagical means. If a creature tries to teleport
and mix them. As an action, you can splash the contents of a inside a closed barrier, it must first succeed on a DC 19
mixed vial onto a creature within 5 feet of you or throw the Charisma saving throw. Affected creatures have disadvantage
vial up to 20 feet, shattering it on impact. In either case, make on attack rolls against targets on the other side of the barrier.
a ranged attack against a creature or object, treating the rust Targets on the other side of the barrier can’t be charmed,
agent as an improvised weapon. On a hit against a construct frightened, or possessed by affected creatures.
or a target wearing metal armor, all attacks the target have The salts remain potent for 1 hour, after which the
advantage for 1d4 rounds. A target with resistance to acid ectoplasm evaporates out of them and they become inert.
damage is unaffected. Ingredients. 2 units alchemist’s stone, 1 unit ectoplasm, 2
Ingredients. 1 unit of alchemist’s stone, 1 unit alchemical units mineral crystals
waste (crystal), 1 unit heavy metals, 1 unit mineral acid Total Material Cost. 610 gp
Total Material Cost. 80 gp Alchemical Formula. Brewing spirit salts requires an
Alchemical Formula. Brewing the two parts of rust agent alchemy lab and two hours of labor spent combining, cooking,
requires an alchemy lab and two hours of labor spent and stabilizing the ingredients. At the end of this time, the
combining, cooking, and stabilizing the ingredients. At the alchemist makes an INT + Alchemy roll against a target
end of this time, the alchemist makes a DC 13 Intelligence number of 14. If the roll succeeds, the character creates one
(Alchemist’s Supplies) check. If the check succeeds, the jar of spirit salts. If the roll fails, he creates one unit of
character creates the two parts of a single dose of rust agent. alchemical waste (crystal).
If the check fails, the ingredients are wasted.
Somnolence Elixir
    Cost. 400 gp
Description. Imbibing just a few drops of this opalescent
liquid quickly dulls one’s senses and helps him to have a
peaceful night’s sleep. A larger dose can knock out a grown
man almost immediately.
Special Rules. One vial of somnolence elixir is enough to
provide peaceful sleep for a month, though chirurgeons note
that dependence on the substance can develop.

Trench Rations Alchemical Formula. Brewing vitriolic fire requires an
    Cost. 10 gp alchemy lab and two hours of labor spent combining, cooking,
Description. Soldiers fighting at the front lines need to be and stabilizing the ingredients. At the end of this time, the
supplied with their daily rations, but poor conditions, alchemist makes a DC 16 Intelligence (Alchemist’s Supplies)
alchemical weapons, and a lack of time and equipment to check. If the check succeeds, the character creates one dose
prepare regular meals means that fresh food is often of vitriolic fire. If the check fails, he creates one unit of
unavailable. Military logisticians and alchemists have joined alchemical waste (liquid).
their efforts to produce alchemically preserved and packed
meals known as “trench rations.” Contained in tin cans Alchemical Grenades
covered with a layer of treated canvas to silence their The standard for a grenade in the Iron Kingdoms is a small
clanking and protect from weather and alchemical weapons, clockwork or fuse-triggered bomb that relies on blasting
trench rations remain edible for up to 15 years but are hardly powder, heat, the mixture of reactive agents, or spring-
appetizing. The canvas covering is labeled with the contents released venting to disperse noxious or explosive alchemical
of each can, with a small rotation of meals for variety. compounds. More exotic, complex, and expensive compounds
Soldiers subsisting off trench rations can look forward to are typically found only in the hands of mercenary specialists,
meals containing a 6 ounce can of meat (corned beef, combat alchemists, and adventurers.
sardines, ham, salmon, bacon), two 8 ounce cans of hard Alchemical weapons are specially treated clockwork
bread or hardtack biscuits, 5 ounces of wax-flavored vessels for containing and detonating alchemical compounds.
chocolate, 10 ounces of canned vegetables or beans, and 11 Each alchemical weapon holds one application of an
ounces of sundries such as sugar, salt, coffee, cigarettes, or alchemical substance. Pulling the weapon’s pin starts the
liquor. clock’s very short timer, which detonates the alchemical
Special Rules. A single trench ration can sustain a weapon soon after. The effects depend on the alchemical
character for 1 day of heavy activity. Trench rations will not compound used. Filling and arming an empty vessel with an
spoil unless their packaging is destroyed. A trench ration alchemical substance requires 10 minutes. Alchemical
weighs 3 pounds and is held in a squat tin can about the size weapons have the following properties:
of a wheel of cheese.
Ingredients. 1 unit alchemist’s stone, 1 day’s rations Alchemical Weapons
Total Material Cost. 10 gp, 5 sp Name Cost Weight Properties
Alchemical Formula. Preparing trench rations requires a Alchemical Grenade 30 gp 2 lbs Grenade (10 ft)
kitchen and an alchemy lab, and two hours of labor spent
combining, cooking, and stabilizing the ingredients. At the Blast Arrow 50 gp 2 lbs Grenade (10 ft), Special
end of this time, the alchemist makes a DC 11 Intelligence Rifle Grenade 75 gp 3 lbs Grenade (10 ft), Special
(Alchemist’s Supplies) check. If the check succeeds, the
character creates one day’s worth of trench rations. If the Alchemical Grenade. An alchemical grenade is thrown by
check fails, the ingredients are wasted. hand and releases the alchemical agent loaded inside of it,
affecting every creature within the area of effect. Use the
Vitriolic Fire saving throw DCs for the alchemical agent.
    Cost. 200 gp Blast Arrow. A blast arrow is designed to be fired from a
Description. Vitriolic fire is a dangerous alchemical oil bow and increases the range at which a character can use a
that bursts into superheated flame upon exposure to the air. grenade to 60 feet. A blast arrow releases the alchemical
Some alchemical arms producers make huge batches of this agent loaded inside of it, affecting every creature within the
substance for use in cinder bombs (see “Alchemical area of effect. Use the saving throw DCs for the alchemical
Grenades,” below). agent.
Special Rules. Vials of vitriolic fire can be used as thrown Rifle Grenade. A rifle grenade fits on the end of a military
weapons, but due to the inaccuracy of thrown glassware and rifle and increases the range at which a character can use a
the low cost of reliable grenade housings, cinder bombs (see grenade to 80 feet. A rifle grenade releases the alchemical
“Alchemical Grenades” below) are the preferred delivery agent loaded inside of it, affecting every creature within the
method for the substance. area of effect. Use the saving throw DCs for the alchemical
As an action, throw the vial up to 20 feet, shattering it on agent.
impact. Make a ranged attack against a creature or object,
treating the vial as an improvised weapon. On a hit, the target
takes 2d6 fire damage at the start of each of its turns. A Mechanika
creature can end this damage by using its action to make a Once, using magic to permanently enhance items was a
DC 15 Dexterity check to extinguish the flames. dangerous practice. A mage would have to permanently
Ingredients. 2 units alchemist’s stone, 1 unit heavy metals, sacrifice some of their life force to fuel such an enchantment,
1 unit Menoth’s Fury. and the best enchanters died early because of it. Now, science
Total Material Cost. 100 gp has enabled the production of mechanika- the merging of
technology and magic that allows for the production of
smaller components requiring negligible amounts of life force
to produce. This also drives the price down considerably.

Mechanikal Items Mechanikal Item Attunement
Truly magical weapons still exist, often as ancient relics of Just as with magical items, many mechanikal items require
past eras. They are rare, however, and no modern producers attunement. Mechanikal weapons, armor, and shields all
are known. When the Immorese need a better version of require attunement.
something, they go to an arcane mechanik. With the Fabrication
heightening tensions in the world, many mechanikal items
are weapons and armor, but there are also utility items that Mechanika has three primary components: the housing, the
are created using mechanikal methods. rune plate, and the capacitor.
Some items require specialized runes and rune plates that
function only with that item. Other devices can work with a Housing
host of different runes, and switching between rune plates The housing of a mechanikal item is the chassis upon which
gives the item different arcane effects. For example, a it is built and all other components are mounted. Typically,
mechanikal sword can function with either a Flaming rune the housing is the item that is to be enhanced. A mechanikal
plate or an Accuracy rune plate, with different arcane effects. sword, for example, might become the housing by fitting it
A mechanikal sword cannot be made to function with the with a socket for the power source and a protective covering
Fleet rune from a suit of mechanikal armor. for the rune plate.
All mechanikal weapon and armor rune plates integrate The costs for housings of mechanikal weapons and armor
glyphs that compensate for the added weight of mechanikal are discussed above. Mechanikal housings for other items
augmentation. These glyphs are constantly active but draw cost 100 gp and weigh 5 pounds unless otherwise noted.
only a minute amount of power from the device’s capacitor.
Note that a magical item may not be fitted with mechanikal Rune Plates
components. Attempting to do so will destroy both items. Rune plates are the functional aspects of a mechanikal
device, which makes the discovery of mechanika runes by
Mechanikal Weapons Sebastien Kerwin one of the most important in the history of
Mechanikal weapons are considered magical weapons while Immoren. These eponymous runes are etched upon plates or
they are charged. If a mechanikal weapon loses its charge, strips of copper, silver, or gold. When an arcane charge is
any attacks made with it suffer a -1 penalty on attack rolls applied to the plate, it is directed and shaped by the wholly
until the capacitor is replaced. magical runes until it produces the desired effect.
The painstaking craftsmanship required to manufacture a Rune plates are discussed in more detail below.
mechanikal weapon means the base cost is multiplied by 10.
For example, a longsword fitted to house mechanika would Capacitor
cost 150 gp instead of 15 gp. The last major component is the capacitor. Arcane charge is
The size constraints of manufacturing mechanikal required to power all mechanikal devices, and that charge
weapons means that darts, slings, whips, blowguns, and nets can be provided in a multitude of ways. By far the most
cannot be manufactured as mechanikal weapons. common method is the arcanodynamic accumulator, a sort of
Ammunition for anything smaller than siege weapons cannot rechargeable magical battery that mages can pour power
be manufactured as mechanikal. into, if they have the right equipment. Other methods include
arcane turbines or the specialized stormchamber. All power
Mechanikal Armor and Shields sources provide magical charges, measured in units called
Mechanikal armor requires a high degree of craftsmanship to kerwins, that are shaped into the desired effect by rune
integrate and protect mechanikal components without plates. Power sources are connected to the housing by a
compromising the armor’s integrity. Due to this, the base cost socket built into it, or by cables of conduit. These same
of mechanikal armor is multiplied by 5. For example, a conduits are also responsible for connect the rune plate to
breastplate with mechanika fittings would cost 2,000 gp the object to be enhanced.
instead of 400 gp. Arcanodynamic power sources are volatile, and are prone
Mechanikal armor must have rigid plate components in to exploding if they are ruptured. For this reason, they tend to
order to properly mount the components and focus the be encased in hardened metal, giving them and AC of 19, 20
enchantment. Because of this, only shields and suits of hit points, and a damage threshold of 5. If a capacitor is
breastplate, half plate, and plate can be manufactured as reduced to 0 hit points, it explodes, dealing 1d10 damage for
mechanikal armor. each charge that remained within. Alchemical capacitors deal
If a suit of mechanikal breastplate or half plate loses its acid damage, arcanodynamic accumulators and clockwork
charge, the wearer can only apply their Dexterity modifier to capacitors deal force damage, soul cages deal necrotic
their armor class to a maximum of +1 as the added weight of damage, and stormchambers deal lightning damage.
the mechanikal components throws off the wearer’s balance. Arcane turbines are substantially larger than other power
sources, making them more resilient. Additionally, arcane
Activating Mechanikal Items turbines lose functionality as they take substantial damage,
Depending on the construction and nature of the mechanikal avoiding rupture.
item, its magical properties will either constantly be on or Alchemical Capacitor. A fairly recent invention, the
require a trigger to activate. Items that must be triggered alchemical capacitor produces arcane charge from a volatile
require an action to do so unless otherwise stated. alchemical reaction within their casing that can be dangerous
outside of a controlled environment.

Soul Cage. Foul necromantic devices that are universally
Arcane Condenser illegal, soul cages are magical items that absorb the souls of
A hemispherical device used to recharge the recently departed and convert them into arcane charge
accumulators, arcane condensers turn raw magical that is rumored to be used in the powering of necrotech.
energy harnessed by spellcasters into When a creature with a soul is slain within 30 feet of a soul
arcanodynamic charge ready to be stored in an cage, its soul is captured by the cage instead of passing on to
accumulator. Urcaen. Each hit dice that a captured soul has provides one
In order to recharge an accumulator, a kerwin of charge to the soul cage, up to a maximum of 100
spellcaster must place both hands on two large charges. While the soul is so held, it cannot pass on to
contact points on the side of the condenser. After Urcaen, and thus cannot be targeted by any spells that raise
concentrating for 1 minute, the spellcaster can the dead. It is believed that souls that are exploited this way
begin channeling magic into an accumulator that is are left so drained and weak that they cannot pass on and will
mounted on the condenser. The mounted
accumulator regains 1 charge for every 3 spell
linger on Caen as ghosts, hungry for the energy they are
levels expended by the spellcaster.
devoid of.
Only an accumulator with zero charges left can Stormchamber. These highly specialized devices are
be recharged. Accumulators with residual charge alchemically strengthened glass coils protected by brass and
rupture when they are recharged. copper caging, all containing the force of raw, elemental
Only characters with levels in artificer, bard, lightning. Stormchambers are currently only available
sorcerer, or wizard can use an arcane condenser. through the Cygnaran military, and their manufacture is
highly classified. Stormchambers produce 3 charges
    Arcane Turbine. Arcane turbines are the most efficient Capacitors
way to produce large volumes of arcane power, however they Capacitor Type Cost Charges
are somewhat less than mobile and far from cheap. Arcane Alchemical Capacitor 100 gp 5
turbines function by using steam power to turn an enchanted
wheel that produces a small arcane charge, which spins Arcane Turbine 5,000 gp 8*
around a ring wrapped in gold or silver wire, charging the Arcanodynamic Accumulator 500 gp 10
wire through the process of arcane induction. An arcane
turbine can run for eight hours on a hopper full of coal and a Clockwork Capacitor 1,000 gp 5
topped-off boiler. Arcane turbines that are small enough to be Soul Cage 30,000 gp 100*
mounted on armor or carried around holds 3 pounds of coal Stormchamber 2,500 gp 3*
and 1 gallon of water. These personal turbines produce 8
kerwins of charge while they are running. Larger turbines *See description for special rules
exist for industrial purposes and are proportionally more
expensive and fuel-intensive. Conduit cables to connect the
turbine to mechanikal objects cost 50 gp. Assembly
Arcanodynamic Accumulator. The conventional way of Once a character has gathered the three necessary
powering mechanika is with the trusty accumulator. Steel components for constructing a mechanikal device, he or she
cylinders built around a great many layers of gold foil, must spend time assembling the device. Assembling a
between which arcane charges are stored in an alchemical handheld device requires one hour of work. At the end of the
solution, accumulators emit a bright blue glow visible hour of assembly, the character must make an DC 15
through notches in the casing, which dims and turns yellow Intelligence (Mechanik’s Tools) check. On a failure, the device
as charges drain. does not function and the character can try again.
Clockwork Capacitor. Operating on the same principle of Assembling larger devices requires 8 hours of work, at the
arcane induction that an arcane turbine uses, these devices end of which the character must make a DC 20 Intelligence
are two stacked cylinders of brass, which when turned in (Mechanik’s Tools) check.
opposite directions, wind a mainspring inside. That A character may also dismantle mechanikal items with a
mainspring turns an enchanted wheel that produces a small DC 13 Intelligence (Mechanik’s Tools) check. This requires
arcane charge, which spins around a ring wrapped in gold or 30 minutes for handheld devices and 4 hours for larger ones.
silver wire, charging the wire through the process of arcane Note that the nature of a rune plate is not immediately
induction. Since the mainspring has to release a constant and obvious. A character may discern the nature of a rune plate
steady amount of energy to provide continuous power, a with an identify spell or a DC 17 Intelligence (Arcana) check.
clockwork capacitor will only hold a charge for one day. Changing a capacitor is much easier than mounting rune
Winding a clockwork capacitor takes fifteen minutes of plates to housings, and requires 5 minutes, but no specialized
continuous winding. knowledge.

Rune Plates
Rune plates are the surfaces on which magical runic Arcanika
formulae are inscribed. They are created from rare magically Tales told by those who have been to Ios suggest
attuned materials that can harness powerful arcane energy. that elven mechanika is vastly superior to human or
Mechanika runes are the magical formulae inscribed onto dwarven designs. Called arcanika, elven devices
rune plates. These runes transform the magical energy utilize the geomantic energy produced by friction
charging the rune plate into arcane effects. Each rune is a between Caen and Urcaen that coalesces along
true expression of the arcane mechanik’s craft, and the magical ley lines in order to power their effects. In
inscription of different runes upon powerful rune plates game terms, this means that arcanika functions like
allows for almost unlimited combinations of arcane effects. a regular magical item, since it doesn’t need
Each mechanika rune has an associated rune point value replacement capacitors. Because of this, arcanika is
that describes its complexity. The more complex the rune, the not designed to be disassembled, and so the rules
for crafting mechanika do not apply to it.
higher its rune point value. Each rune plate can have up to
five points of runes. Rune points are also a measure of the
amount of power output required from the device’s capacitor
to power the rune plate. Take care to make sure that the     Effect. While this armor has power, you have a swimming
power source can in fact power the plate. speed equal to your walking speed. In addition, whenever you
Each rune point drains one kerwin of charge from a start your turn underwater with 0 hit points, the armor
capacitor per day. Few capacitors can sustainably charge causes you to rise 60 feet toward the surface.
complex rune plates.
A mechanik can purchase rune plates or inscribe them on Blessed
their own. Inscribing a rune plate takes 1 day for every 250     Type. Melee or Ranged Weapon
gp of its cost, and requires half the cost in raw materials. If a Cost. 17,150 gp
rune plate has not reached its rune point allowance in runes, Rune Points. 3
it can have additional runes inscribed on it. Effect. When you hit a fiend or undead with this weapon
The following attributes describe how rune plates function while it has power, that creature takes an extra 2d10 radiant
in the game: damage.
Type. This describes what sort of object can accept this Additionally, while powered and wielded, the weapon
rune plate. creates an aura in a 10-foot radius. You and all creatures
Cost. The amount of money required to purchase the rune friendly to you in the aura have advantage on saving throws
plate. against spells and other magical effects.
Rune Points. This is the number of rune points the rune
takes up on a rune plate. Compensator
Effect. This is the effect the rune has.     Type. Armor
Cost. 900 gp
Accuracy Rune Points. 1
    Type. Melee or Ranged Weapon Effect. While this armor has power, you may add an
Cost. 900 gp additional point of your Dexterity bonus to your armor class.
Rune Points. 1 Medium armor can add up to +3, while heavy armor allows
Effect. While this weapon has power, you gain a +1 bonus +1.
on attack and damage rolls with it. You may inscribe this rune up to two times. The second
You may inscribe this rune up to three times. The second instance costs 1,800 gp.
instance costs 1,800 gp, and the third instance costs 5,400
gp. Corrosive
    Type. Melee or Ranged Weapon
Aegis Cost. 1,750 gp
    Type. Armor or Shield Rune Points. 1
Cost. 1,500 gp Effect. While the weapon has power, the character
Rune Points. 1 wielding it deals an extra 1d6 acid damage on a successful
Effect. While this armor or shield has power, you have a +1 hit. On a critical hit, the target takes 2d6 acid damage at the
bonus to AC while it is equipped. end of their next turn.
You may inscribe this rune up to three times. The second This rune plate cannot be combined with the venomous
instance costs 3,000 gp, and the third instance costs 9,000 rune plate.
    Type. Armor
Cost. 750 gp
Rune Points. 1

Flaming Shining
    Type. Melee or Ranged Weapon     Type. Melee or Ranged Weapon
Cost. 1,250 gp Cost. 1,800 gp
Rune Points. 1 Rune Points. 1
Effect. While the weapon has power, the character Effect. While the weapon has power, it emits bright light in
wielding it deals an extra 1d6 fire damage on a successful hit. a 30 foot radius, and dim light for an additional 30 feet. On a
On a critical hit, the target takes 2d6 fire damage at the end successful hit, the character wielding it deals an extra 1d6
of their next turn. radiant damage. On a critical hit, the target is blinded until
This rune plate cannot be combined with the freezing or the end of their next turn.
venomous rune plates. This rune plate cannot be combined with the vampiric rune
    Type. Armor Shocking
Cost. 2,500 gp     Type. Melee or Ranged Weapon
Rune Points. 1 Cost. 1,450 gp
Effect. While this armor has power, your walking speed is Rune Points. 1
increased by 15 feet and your speed isn’t reduced if you are Effect. While the weapon has power, the character
encumbered or wearing heavy armor. wielding it deals an extra 1d6 lightning damage on a
successful hit. On a critical hit, a bolt of electrical energy leps
Fortification from the target to a different creature of your choice that you
    Type. Armor can see within 10 feet of it, dealing 2d6 lightning damage.
Cost. 815 gp This rune plate cannot be combined with the flaming rune
Rune Points. 1 plate.
Effect. While the armor has power, any critical hit against
you becomes a normal hit. Slaying
    Type. Melee or Ranged Weapon
Freezing Cost. 6,500 gp
    Type. Melee or Ranged Weapon Rune Points. 2
Cost. 1,250 gp Effect. When you hit a creature of a specific type with this
Rune Points. 1 weapon, it takes an extra 3d6 damage of the weapon’s type.
Effect. While the weapon has power, the character The type is specified when the rune is crafted from the
wielding it deals an extra 1d6 cold damage on a successful following list: aberration, beast, celestial, construct, dragon,
hit. On a critical hit, the target is restrained until the end of elemental, fey, fiend, giant, monstrosity, ooze, plant, or
their next turn as ice freezes them in place. undead.
This rune plate cannot be combined with the flaming rune
plate.#### Heightened Strength     Type. Armor Speed
Cost. 6,000 gp     Type. Melee Weapon
Rune Points. 2 Cost. 4,800 gp
Effect. While this armor has power, your Strength score Rune Points. 2
increases by 2 and can exceed 20, but not 30. Effect. While the weapon has power, you can make one
You may inscribe this rune multiple times. The second attack with it as a bonus action on each of your turns.
instance costs 12,000 gp.
Spell Ward
Repulsor     Type. Armor or shield
    Type. Shield Cost. 27,750 gp
Cost. 900 gp Rune Points. 4
Rune Points. 1 Effect. While this armor or shield is powered, you have
Effect. Whenever you shove a creature while this shield advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical
has power, you have advantage on your Strength (Athletics) effects, and spell attacks have disadvantage against you.
checks and if you succeed, the target takes 1d6 force damage,
is knocked prone, and is pushed 10 feet away from you Stall
instead of the normal effects of a shove.     Type. Melee or Ranged Weapon
Cost. 11,250 gp
Resistant (Damage) Rune Points. 2
    Type. Armor or Shield Effect. When you hit a construct with this weapon while it
Cost. 4,500 gp has power, that creature takes an extra 2d10 force damage.
Rune Points. 2 On a critical hit against a construct, it is paralyzed for 1
Effect. While this armor or shield has power and is minute. At the end of each of its turns, the target can make a
equipped, you have resistance to one type of damage from the DC 16 Wisdom saving throw to end the effect.
following list: acid, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, poison,
psychic, radiant, or thunder.
You may inscribe this rune multiple times. The second
instance costs 9,000 gp.

    Type. Armor
Cost. 1,800 gp Cyrisstech
Rune Points. 1 The followers of Cyriss are aware of the same
Effect. If an effect moves you against your will along the geomantic energy that the Iosans draw upon and
ground while the armor has power, you can use your reaction use it to power many of their devices as well.
to reduce the distance you are moved by up to 10 feet. In Priests of Cyriss, unlike other divine casters, can
inscribe rune plates with divine spells from the
addition, you have advantage on saving throws that would cleric or paladin spell lists. These devices, known as
result in you being knocked prone. Cyrisstech, utilize geomantic energy to power their
effects. Unlike arcanika, which uses ambient
Throwing energy, Cyrisstech requires energy to be
    Type. Melee Weapon transmitted to the devices. Temples of the Maiden
Cost. 1,300 gp of Gears have large chambers designed specifically
Rune Points. 1 to transmit power to Cyrisstech devices in the
Effect. While the weapon has power, it has the thrown immediate area. Larger temples can power devices
property with a normal range of 20 feet and a long range of at a longer range, but most temples have an
60 feet. In addition, immediately after you make a ranged effective range of about 1 mile. Cyrisstech is built
attack with this weapon, the weapon flies back to your hand. like any other form of mechanika, except that rune
plates use divine spells instead of arcane and they
Thundering include no capacitor. When Cyrissists need to
    Type. Melee or Ranged Weapon operate abroad, they bring mobile transmitters for
geomantic energy. These range from as small as a
Cost. 1,750 gp backpack-sized unit to large enough to fill a wagon.
Rune Points. 1 These mobile transmitters can draw on some
Effect. While the weapon has power, the character ambient energy, but peak performance requires a
wielding it deals an extra 1d6 thunder damage on a priest of Cyriss to charge it by expending spell
successful hit. On a critical hit, the target is knocked prone. slots.

    Type. Melee Weapon
Cost. 1,800 gp Dedicated Mechanikal Devices
Rune Points. 1 There are many mechanikal devices with a dedicated form
Effect. While the weapon has power, the character and function that work only when empowered with a very
wielding it deals an extra 1d6 necrotic damage on a specific set of runes. The makeup of these devices can
successful hit. On a critical hit, that target takes an extra 10 change only slightly and still remain functional. The power
necrotic damage if it isn't a construct or an undead. You also source and specific look of the housing can change, but the
gain 10 temporary hit points. rune plates themselves cannot be altered in any way.
This rune plate cannot be combined with the shining rune A character fabricating such a device uses the rules above
plate. to determine the cost of materials and length of time required
to construct the device’s housing and capacitor. Each device
Venomous then requires a specific rune plate described in the text of
    Type. Melee or Ranged Weapon each item below.
Cost. 1,250 gp Additionally, mechanikal versions of many magical items
Rune Points. 1 exist. These mechanikal versions sometimes take a slightly
Effect. While the weapon has power, the character different form, but their functionality remains the same. For
wielding it deals an extra 1d6 poison damage on a successful example, a mechanikal deck of illusions might look like a
hit. On a critical hit, the target takes an additional 1d6 poison jack-in-the-box styled device. Capacitors are socketed into the
damage and is poisoned until the end of their next turn. items where possible, and otherwise connect via conduits to
This rune plate cannot be combined with the corrosive or a belt-mounted socket.
flaming rune plates. Items that provide passive effects draw a number of
charges from a capacitor based on their rarity. Common
Vicious items draw 1 charge per day, uncommon items draw 2
    Type. Melee or Ranged Weapon charges per day, rare items draw 3 charges per day, very rare
Cost. 500 gp items draw 4 charges per day, and legendary items draw 5
Rune Points. 1 charges per day.
Effect. While the weapon has power, you deal an extra 7 Items that have charges, such as a wand, instead draw
force damage on a critical hit. power directly from a capacitor. These items expend of a
number of charges based on the level of spell the recreate, as
described in the table below.

Charged Items Farsight Goggles
Spell Level Charges     Cost. 1,150 gp
1st 1 Rune Points. 2
Effect. Farsight goggles are a complex piece of optical
2nd 2 mechanika. Originally developed for forward observers to
3rd 3 monitor troop movements, the high cost of the goggles has
4th 3 dramatically restricted their use. Notably, they have found a
place among the agents of the Cygnaran Reconnaissance
5th 4 Service who use the goggles on desperate missions when
6th 5 they must navigate hostile terrain in the dead of night. The
goggles appear as a pair of heavy, three-lensed goggles with
7th 5 glowing green lenses, attached to a heavy belt with a low-
8th 6 slung alchemical capacitor supplying power to the device.
9th 7 While these goggles have power, you have darkvision out to
a range of 60 feet. As an action, you can switch them to focus
The following items are available as mechanikal items: at range. In this mode, you can see up to 1 mile away with no
amulet of proof against detection and location, boots of difficult, and are able to discern even fine details as though
elvenkind, boots of levitation, boots of speed, boots of striding looking at something no more than 100 feet away from you.
and springing, boots of the winterlands, bracers of archery, While focused at range, you have darkvision out to a range of
bracers of defense, cap of water breathing, chime of opening, 120 feet, but have disadvantage on attack rolls and Wisdom
circlet of blasting, cloak of arachnida, cloak of displacement, (Perception) checks within 30 feet of you.
cloak of elvenkind, cloak of invisibility, cloak of protection,
cloak of the bat, cloak of the manta ray, crystal ball, cube of Warcaster Armor
force, deck of illusions, dimensional shackles, driftglobe, dust The militaries of the Iron Kingdoms equip their warcasters
of dryness, eversmoking bottle, eyes of minute seeing, eyes of with mechanikal armor so advanced that only the most
the eagle, gem of brightness, gem of seeing, gloves of missile skilled armorers and arcane mechaniks understand the
snaring, gloves of swimming and climbing, gloves of thievery, techniques behind its construction. All warcaster armor is
hat of disguise, helm of brilliance, horn of blasting, custom-fitted to the individual. Plate armor is used as the
horseshoes of a zephyr, horseshoes of speed, immovable rod, basis for warcaster armor, but a wide variety of types can be
instrument of the bards, iron bands of Bilarro, lantern of modified to suit the needs of the ’caster, some sacrificing
revealing, mantle of spell resistance, necklace of adaptation, greater protection for augmented mobility. Every suit of
periapt of health, periapt of proof against poison, periapt of warcaster armor is unique, and the cost, look, and specific
wound closure, pipes of haunting, pipes of the sewers, robe of materials vary considerably. The most expensive and refined
eyes, robe of scintillating colors, robe of the archmagi, rod of suits are built from the finest alloys by wealthy kingdom
absorption, rod of alertness, rod of lordly might, rod of the militaries and include small, precisely tooled components.
pact keeper, rod of rulership, rope of climbing, rope of Those built by mercenary companies or poorer nations are
entanglement, saddle of the cavalier, sending stones, slippers usually more cumbersome and employ heavier metals and
of spider climbing, staff of charming, staff of fire, staff of frost, thicker pipes and gauges. Even these are marvels of modern
staff of power, staff of striking, staff of swarming insects, staff mechanika, employing scores of dedicated rune plates
of the adder, staff of the magi, staff of the python, staff of the connected by an intricate lattice of arcane conduits.
woodlands, staff of thunder and lightning, staff of withering, Most important, all warcaster armor is integrated with an
tentacle rod, wand of binding, wand of enemy detection, wand arcane turbine, a highly efficient and advanced type of steam
of fear, wand of fireballs, wand of lightning bolts, wand of engine worn on the back and fueled by coal. The steam
magic detection, wand of magic missiles, wand of paralysis, engine in an arcane turbine powers small internal
wand of polymorph, wand of secrets, wand of the war mage, mechanisms, the negligible weight of which allows the
wand of web, wind fan, winged boots, and wings of flying. turbine to run for many hours on a small quantity of coal. A
turbine should be refueled once a day, although if its wearer
Arcantrik Scope has not been in active combat it can sustain itself at its lowest
    Cost. 5,500 gp setting over several days of use. Warcaster armor includes
Rune Points. 3 exhaust pipes for venting smoke and excess steam pressure.
Effect. This is a mechanikal rifle scope that enables its These expel thick plumes when running at full power but only
user to pierce the most obscuring magic. While it has power, a trickle when dampened. Warcasters must be wary of
you have darkvision out to a range of 120 feet and can see running turbines at full power in enclosed spaces, such as
invisible creatures and objects within 120 feet when looking aboard a passenger train, where emissions quickly become a
through the scope. An arcantrik scope also provides the breathing hazard.
benefits of a mundane scope.

    The heart of the turbine is a complex series of wire-coiled Mechanikal Prosthetics
wheels spinning inside a thinly layered metal lattice, all
constructed of arcane-sensitive alloys. This turbine powers a The Iron Kingdoms can be a dangerous place to live at times,
protective field around the warcaster that also helps negate and while the advent of modern medicine can save many
the encumbrance of the armor and ensures heat generated by lives, limbs are not always spared. More than a few farmers
its boiler is safely dispersed. This field absorbs damage that have lost extremities to new industrial farming tools, but the
would otherwise be sustained by the wearer. Spellcasters biggest producer of amputees is war. New weapons are
attuned to the armor can enhance the field’s protective capable of increasingly horrific injuries, and sometimes a
qualities by overboosting the field, which can allow a soldier needs to be put back in the fight.
warcaster to walk unscathed through explosions and direct Mechanikal prosthetics are cutting edge designs that
fire that would otherwise be instantly fatal. replace missing limbs with a degree of functionality
Military warcasters are usually aided in the process of approaching the original. Mechanikal prosthetics utilize
donning armor and priming its turbine by an assisting highly specialized rune plates, mechanikal triggers, and reflex
adjutant, but practiced mercenaries can don their own armor arrays that make up the prosthetic’s animus assembly. The
with a bit of hassle and additional time. The turbine requires animus assembly is a finely tuned sensor package that is
only a couple of minutes to be stoked and quickly reaches meticulously calibrated to the wearer and detects the motor
peak efficiency. impulses of the stump which the limb fits over. This
calibration uses up one of the wearer’s attunement slots.
Power Fields Although the animus assembly provides a dramatic
While its boiler is fueled and its arcane turbine is in improvement over mundane prosthetics, any mechanikal
operation, an attuned suit of warcaster armor generates a limb still moves sluggishly in comparison to flesh.
power field that absorbs damage. This field has either 30 or Mechanikal prosthetics require a degree of concentration
60 hit points, based on its rating. Whenever you take damage, on the user’s part in order to compensate for the delay
the power field takes the damage instead. If this damage between their intended movement and implemented effect
reduces the power field to 0 hit points, you take any and to pay attention to the limb, which lacks any sort of
remaining damage. sensory feedback. This confers certain disadvantages on the
While the power field has 0 hit points, it can't absorb user, described below.
damage, but its magic remains and can be replenished with Typically, mechanikal prosthetics drain 1 charge per day
magical energy. As an action, you may expend a spell slot. from a capacitor, though certain enhancements can increase
The ward regains 1d6 hit points per level of the spell slot. that.
During peaceful interludes, the power field will replenish Mechanikal prosthetics are not especially sensitive to
on its own. At the end of a short rest, the power field regains water and operate fine even when submerged, though
all hit points. prolonged exposure can corrode the sensors of the animus
Note that non-attuned warcaster armor cannot generate a assembly. Mechanikal limbs are attached to their user via a
power field. harness, holding them in place as they move around.
Strapping a limb on takes 5 minutes without assistance or 2
Warcaster Armor minutes with assistance and requires one free hand. Cryxian
Armor (breastplate, half plate, or plate), very rare or necrotechs are the exception to this rule, and they make a
legendary (requires attunement) common practice of surgically attaching prosthetic limbs,
Cost. 12,800 gp for the very rare version, or 25,600 gp for mounting a socket to the user’s skeleton. Such implanted
the legendary version. prosthetics almost always are powered by corpus converters,
Effect. This mechanikal armor mounts an arcane turbine described below. Mechanikal limbs require 8 hours of weekly
that produces 8 kerwins of charge. The armor’s power field maintenance by someone proficient with mechanik’s tools.
and mechanikal assist abilities draw 5 points of charge. This maintenance does not have to be consecutive.
Additional rune plates can be incorporated into the armor, or Mechanikal prosthetics have their own Strength and
other devices can be connected via arcane conduits that cost Dexterity scores, which are used whenever that limb in
50 gp. particular is used in an activity. When an activity involves only
While powered, this armor’s weight does not count against the prosthetic is determined by the DM, but when in doubt
the encumbrance of the wearer. Additionally, powered use the character’s own scores. Common situations when the
warcaster armor provides a power field, as described above. limb’s attributes are used include:
The very rare version of the armor has a 30 hit point power Making an attack with a weapon that does not have the
field, while the legendary version has a 60 hit point power two-handed property, including an unarmed strike.
field. Grappling or shoving a creature when your free hand is
If the armor loses power, the wearer may not apply their the mechanikal prosthetic.
Dexterity bonus to their armor class as the weighty boiler
assembly throws their balance off. Additionally, the wearer’s If weekly maintenance is missed, the limb’s Strength and
walking speed is reduced by 5 feet. Dexterity decrease by 1 for each week that is missed.
The boiler must be stocked with fuel to power the arcane Restoring a limb to working order requires a DC 20
turbine. Warcaster armor consumes 1 pound of coal and 2 Intelligence (Mechanik’s Tools) check.
gallons of water for each 8 hour period of operation.

Mechanikal Prosthetics The temples of Cyriss, Maiden of Gears, are strange places
Charges per where technology is advancing at a rate hitherto unknown to
Name STR DEX day Cost Immoren. Cyrissists are supposedly capable of reproducing
Mechanikal Arm 10 8 1 1,500 the intricacies of the eye or functions of the lungs with
gp mechanikal parts, bringing the mortal ever closer to a
mechanical state more aligned with their goddess.
Mechanikal Leg 10 8 1 1,000
Finally, many mechaniks suspect that the borders of Ios
hide more than a few technological marvels, including
Piston Array +1 — +1 250 gp advanced prosthetics.
Reflex Array — +1 +1 300 gp
Mechanikal Prosthetics and
Arcane — — +1 4,500
Compensator gp Enhancements
A variety of enhancements are available for mechanikal
Armored Frame — — — 500 gp limbs, and are described below. Unless otherwise noted, an
Cerebral Relay — +2 +1 2,500 enhancement can only be taken once. Enhancements can be
gp built into the limb at creation or added afterwards.
Compartment — — — 50 gp
Arcane Compensator. Based off the grammatic circuits of
arcane capacitors in warcaster armor, arcane compensators
Concealed Weapon — — — 150 gp allow the user of a mechanikal arm to concentrate on spells.
Corpus Capacitor — — Special 8,000 If a spellcaster has multiple mechanikal arms, then all of
gp them must be equipped with an arcane compensator if they
want to concentrate on a spell.
Punch Piston Special — +1 830 gp Armored Frame. Warriors are at a much greater risk of
Servitor Hand — — +1 1,600 losing limbs than the rest of the population and therefore
gp require limbs that can stand up to battle. A mechanikal limb
Spikes — — — 15 gp built with an armored frame eschews all semblance of
natural appearance in exchange for durability. Whereas a
Mechanikal Arms. Mechanikal arms are the closest the normal limb might be unnoticed beneath clothing and at a
wounded can get to a flesh and blood replacement, and they distance, a mechanikal limb with an armored frame will be
provide a fully articulated range of motion that enables a user obviously asymmetrical. Armor-framed limbs are based upon
to perform most of the tasks they could when they had two warjack designs, and often borrow traits from them, such as a
arms. Attack rolls made by a mechanikal arm with a weapon limited number of fingers. The armored frame enhancement
held in one hand use the attributes of that limb. Attack rolls must be included when the limb is built and cannot be added
made by a mechanikal limb with a two handed weapon use afterwards. A character wearing a mechanikal arm with this
the lower of both limbs’ attributes. An unarmed strike made modification and carrying nothing in that arm gains a +1
with a mechanikal arm deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage. Due bonus to AC as they can turn blades with it much like a shield.
to the bulk of a mechanikal arm, a character cannot wear Cerebral Relay. Cerebral relays are tiny mechanikal
magical gloves over one. Mechanikal arms that replace limbs devices possessed by a numina, the same energies that
amputated below the elbow function identically to regular control servitors and steamjacks. Those with the talent for
mechanikal arms, except that they cannot be modified with a communicating with such energies, such as warcasters, can
punch piston (see below). Due to the attention that a control the limb as if it were their own. An outfitted
mechanikal arm demands, the user cannot maintain mechanikal arm no longer prevents concentration on spells,
concentration on a spell during any turn the carry something and mechanikal legs no longer reduce their wearer’s speed.
in their mechanikal arm. Additionally, a linked wearer can push their limb beyond its
Mechanikal Legs. Mechanikal legs are a vast normal limits, though their mechaniks scold them for it.
improvement over simple peg legs and crutches. Each Whenever the wearer makes a Strength check or saving
mechanikal leg a character possesses reduces his speed by 5 throw, or makes an attack roll using that limb, they can
feet due to the required concentration and resulting limp. A immediately expend one charge from the limb’s accumulator
character with one mechanikal leg suffers no further to gain advantage on the roll.
penalties, but a character with two mechanikal legs may not A character with the Warcaster feat, or the Mechanical
take the Dash action. Due to the size of the limb, a character Servant feature from the Artificer class may benefit from a
cannot wear magical footwear over one. cerebral relay.
Other Prosthetics. While conventional science and Compartment. A skilled mechanik can design a prosthetic
mechanika can only replace limbs, and still not quite to a limb so that it has extra space within it to stow small items.
satisfactory level, rumor tells of other sources by which one An arm with this modification can store one item weighing 1
might find replacements for such organs as eyes, lungs, or pound or less. Legs are more accommodating and can store
hearts. Two main sources are cited in these rumors: Cryxians up to 3 pounds. This enhancement cannot be included in a
and Cyrissists. limb with the concealed weapon enhancement. Detecting the
The necrotechs of Cryx are capable of more violent or compartment requires a DC 15 Intelligence (Investigation)
crude methods of replacement, leading to creatures that are check by someone specifically examining the character.
not living, undead, or constructs, but somewhere between.

Reflex Array. Reflex arrays allow a limb more graceful
New Skill: 'Jack Handling movement, smoothing out the normal jerkiness by using finer
Steamos, junkers, and mechaniks all have to deal clockwork and reducing reaction times by enhancing the
with steamjacks and other mechanikal constructs. conduiting throughout that triggers the pistons and actuators.
Whenever you issue instructions to a mechanikal Reflex arrays require the limb to also be equipped with a
construct that it hasn’t been trained in, but is cerebral relay. Reflex arrays may be taken up to 10 times.
physically capable of doing, the DM might call for Regardless of how many times it is taken, reflex arrays
an Intelligence (‘Jack Handling) check. You can also increase the daily power requirement of a limb by 1 charge.
make an Intelligence (‘Jack Handling) check to Servitor Hand. An eccentric upgrade, this fits a
issue orders to a steamjack in combat. mechanikal arm enhanced with a cerebral relay with a
secondary cerebral matrix that lies dormant until the wearer
detaches the hand from the arm as an action, at which point
    Concealed Weapon. Prized by those who get in fights it becomes a servitor. The separated hand counts as a tiny
often or who dabble in assassination, this enhancement adds servitor and can be upgraded as any other mite of its size.
concealable offense to a mechanikal limb. By designing a While detached, the limb’s loses use that hand. In order to
mechanikal arm with extra space, it may contain any weapon power itself, the hand charges built-in arcane capacitors that
that does not have the heavy, two-handed, or versatile drain an extra charge per day from the arm’s accumulator.
properties. If the weapon has the thrown property, it cannot Spikes. This simple, yet brutal upgrade makes the
be used. This weapon retracts into the arm when not in use, unarmed attack of a mechanikal limb deadlier, dealing 1d8
requiring a DC 20 Intelligence (Investigation) check to spot bludgeoning damage.
by someone specifically examining the character. This
weapon can be deployed as a bonus action. The price of this Mechanikal Servitors
enhancement is in addition to the weapon to be mounted. Any Servitors are small automatons that are commonly seen in
weapon mounted in this way can be mechanikally enhanced, industrial settings throughout the Iron Kingdoms. Servitors
but must draw power from the capacitor mounted in the arm come in a great range of size and form, some as tall as a man
itself. and some small enough to fit in a pocket. While a great many
Corpus Capacitor. This highly illegal augmentation is are bipedal, they also can be designed as quadrupedal
banned virtually everywhere outside of Cryx. Luckily for “mites”. Servitors operate via their cerebral matrix, which is a
those who use it, virtually nobody but an arcane mechanik or much more basic form of the cortex seen in their larger
inquisitor would even recognize the device. Based on the cousins, steamjacks. Most servitors only have the capacity to
necromantic soul cages used to power some forms of perform a handful of functions, being similar in intelligence
necrotech, a corpus capacitor siphons the life force of the to a reptile, so long as they are operating within their design
user to whom a mechanikal limb is grafted in order to power parameters.
that limb. A corpus capacitor obviates a mechanikal limb’s A mechanik setting out to build a servitor must first gather
need for a power source. A corpus capacitor can only be several components: the chassis, the engine, the cerebral
installed in a mechanikal limb that is grafted to the user. A matrix, and extra enhancements.
corpus capacitor drains one hit die from the user for each
charge the limb would normally require per day. This Chassis
includes the cost for any integrated mechanika. Servitors are popularly built in one of two chassis
Piston Array. Piston arrays are additional actuators that configurations, “manikins” and “mites”. Manikins are bipedal
can be built into a mechanikal limb, increasing the force the and basically humanoid in form, looking like miniature
limb can exert. Most commonly seen in mechanikal arms in steamjacks. Mites appear almost insectoid, and possess
order to allow the user to lift heavy loads or swing harder in multiple legs and manipulators.
combat, piston arrays are also used for especially heavy Servitor chassis have the following characteristics:
wearers of mechanikal legs, or simply to allow them to jump
further. This enhancement may be taken up to 10 times. Servitor Chassis
Regardless of how many times it is taken, piston arrays Chassis STR DEX AC HP Speed Weight Cost
increase the daily power requirements of a limb by 1 charge. Manikin, Small 12 10 13 14 20 ft 60 lbs 200 gp
Punch Piston. A punch piston is an enhancement
designed with combat in mind. By including a number of Manikin, Medium 14 8 12 23 25 ft 120 lbs 400 gp
arcane capacitors, arcane charge can be built up and released Mite, Small 10 12 12 12 20 ft 60 lbs 200 gp
in a violent punch. Used by some warriors as a surprise
weapon, and by some as an efficient way to end brawls, a Mite, Tiny 8 14 12 8 15 ft 15 lbs 150 gp
mechanikal arm outfitted with a punch piston draws an extra
charge per day from the limb’s power source. In return for the
increased power burden, a character can take an action to
make a single melee attack with the mechanikal arm. This
attack is resolved as if the character’s Strength score were 4
points higher than the arm’s normal Strength score. This
attack deals 1d8 bludgeoning damage, plus the arm’s
Strength modifier. If the arm is equipped with the spike
modification as well, then it deals 1d10 bludgeoning damage,
plus the arm’s Strength modifier.

Engine Burdewelle Alchemical Tracer. Using special alchemical
The power source for the servitor, some engines are better substances to emit an arcane wavelength, a mechanik can
suited for powering servitors designed for different roles. tune a a pair of alchemical goggles to visualize the lingering
Sandleton Steam Engine. A basic steam engine powering effects of this emission. The tracer leaves a glowing trail
a small arcane turbine, the Sandleton steam engine is a visible only to the wearer of the attuned goggles. The
favorite for industrial servitors for the readily available fuel alchemical emission is slightly heavier than air and slowly
source and powerful pneumatics. Steam engines can only be settles to the ground. Recent passage is indicated by a
installed in medium and small servitors. A steam engine runs vaporous glowing cloud floating above the ground while older
for 5 hours on 1 gallon of water and 5 pounds of coal. trails settle on the ground and leave a glowing smudge where
Servitors powered by steam increase their Strength score by the servitor has passed. The servitor must be instructed to
2. Sandleton steam engines cost 175 gp. leave a trail, and the trail persists for 48 hours. The
Devenrew Crank Engine. Operating off the same accompanying goggles are included with the enhancement.
principles as a clockwork capacitor, the Devenrew Crank Equipment Mount. Used to equip servitors with
Engine is often installed by mechaniks on a budget, who specialized equipment, this replaces their arm or manipulator
value the rechargeable design. Crank engines can only be with a specific industrial tool. Servitors are proficient with
installed in medium and small servitors. A crank engine any equipment mounted on them. The weight and cost of the
requires 5 minutes of cranking for each half hour of tool is added to that of the servitor, plus an additional 50 gp
operation, and the mainspring can store enough torsion to for the equipment mounting itself.
power a servitor for 8 hours. Servitors powered by crank Fortification. Reinforced with armor plates and heavier
engines have disadvantage on all Dexterity (Stealth) checks clockwork, the servitor is made more durable. Fortification
due to the noisy clockworks. Devenrew crank engines cost 85 provides a +1 bonus to AC each time it is installed. Every two
gp. of these enhancements reduces the servitor’s speed by 5 feet.
Novotski Accumulo-Inducer. The most advanced solution James & Willet Task Plate. A specialized rune plate
for powering servitors is the Novotski Accumulo-Inducer, etched with knowledge of a particular skill that interfaces
which uses an arcanodynamic accumulator to power the with a cerebral matrix. For each task plate installed, the
construct. Accumulo-inducers can be installed in servitors of servitor gains proficiency with one skill, tool, or weapon.
any size thanks to the lack of moving parts. Accumulo- Jasenov’s Eye. This enhancement equips the servitor with
inducers drain 1 charge per hour of operation. Servitors advanced optics that are capable of fine, precision work. The
powered by an accumlo-inducer increase their Dexterity servitor has a +10 bonus to all Intelligence (Investigation)
score by 2. Novotski Accumulo-Inducers cost 285 gp. checks and Wisdom (Perception) checks. Additionally, the
servitor has advantage on tasks involving the manipulation of
Cerebral Matrix fine mechanisms, such as the use of Thieves’ Tools.
Cerebral matrices are the brain of the servitor, and even the Jasenov’s Glyph Plate. A security countermeasure
best of them is only equal to the worst quality cortex in a installed in servitors to prevent unauthorized people from
steamjack. All cerebral matrices provide a Wisdom score of commanding the servitor, this enhancement allows a servitor
10 and a Charisma score of 1. The matrix’s Intelligence score to learn the appearance of person and designate them as
depends on the grade of the matrix. their sole operator. Once set, only that person may issue
orders to the servitor, though use of a disguise kit or illusion
Cerebral Matrices magic may trick the servitor.
Grade Intelligence Cost Physical Augmentation. By utilizing more robust coils,
Plumbum 1 250 gp
springs, and gears, a servitor’s physical abilities can be
improved. The servitor gains either +4 Strength or Dexterity.
Ferrum 2 350 gp Alternatively, the structure of the servitor can be reinforced,
Cupernum 3 500 gp granting +5 hit points. This enhancement may only be
installed once for either ability, or up to twice for hit points.
Aurum 4 650 gp Porter’s Scabbard. A simple upgrade that installs a
concealed compartment in the servitor. The servitor can
Enhancements carry up to 10 pounds of equipment without appearing to
Mechaniks often tailor the form of a servitor to meet the use have any equipment at all. The servitor may retrieve items
they were designed for. A Tiny servitor may accept only 1 from its porter’s scabbard as an action.
enhancement, while a small servitor may have 2, and a Speed Enhancement. By fine-tuning the timing of a
medium up to 3. A servitor may have a given enhancement servitor’s mobility mechanisms and increasing the drive
more than once. strength, a servitor’s movement speed can be increased by 5

Servitor Enhancements Steamjack Enhancements
Name Weight Cost Name Cost
Burdewelle Alchemical Tracer 3lbs 400 gp Arc Node 7,500 gp
Equipment Mount Special Special Armored Cowling 2,500 gp
Fortification 5 lbs 50 gp Equipment Mount 750 gp
James & Willet Task Plate - 250 gp Mechanika Mounting 7,000 gp
Jasenov's Eye 2 lbs 425 gp Performance Power Plant 2,000 gp
Jasenov's Glyph Plate 1 lbs 325 gp Pneumatic Venting 1,500 gp
Phyiscal Augmentation 20 lbs 100 gp Reflex Array 2,000 gp
Porter's Scabbard 10 lbs 30 gp
Armored Cowling. Common on warjacks and steamjacks
Speed Enhancement 5 lbs 50 gp used in demanding industries, this modification adds
additional armor plates to the chassis. A steamjack with this
Steamjacks enhancement increases their armor class by +1 and their
The bread and butter of modern Immorese militaries, ‘jacks weight by 5%.
are the imposing, steam-powered, metal giants that stomp A steamjack can take this enhancement multiple times. For
through battlefield and factory alike. Useful in a vast array of every two times this enhancement is installed, reduce the
circumstances, ‘jacks are far from cheap. The high demand of steamjack’s walking speed by 5 feet.
parts, especially cortexes- the mechanikal brains of Equipment Mount. This enhancement replaces one of the
steamjacks- means that it is easy for an enterprising steamjack’s hands with a specialized piece of equipment. In
businessman, adventurer, or mercenary to beggar himself in industrial laborjacks it is common to see rock drills, cargo
an attempt to purchase and fuel a ‘jack. For those that can clamps, or powered saws in place of hands, while warjacks
maintain them, however, ‘jacks promise to add their mount enormous weapons. A ‘jack is automatically proficient
prodigious strength and durability to any operation. with any piece of equipment mounted on its chassis, and it
Steamjacks are built in 4 steps: chassis design, cannot be disarmed of it. If a ranged weapon is mounted to a
enhancement installation, cortex installation, and steamjack, it can hold a magazine of 100 pieces of
construction. Building a steamjack requires 1 day for every ammunition for small arms or 20 pieces of ammunition for
500 gp of it’s price. siege weapons.
Mechanika Integration. Although all steamjacks
Chassis incorporate an arcane turbine to power their cortex, this
While warjacks dominate the battlefields of Immoren, the upgrade increases the output of their turbine in order to
vast majority of steamjacks serve as laborers in industrial and power their mechanikal weapons. A steamjack with this
commercial settings. Steamjacks are categorized as light or enhancement produces 10 kerwins of charge that can be
heavy. used to power rune plates installed on the ‘jack’s armored
The statistics below are a baseline for light and heavy cowling or any integrated weapons.
laborjacks and warjacks. The Intelligence score and Performance Power Plant. By installing a larger engine,
proficiency bonuses are for ‘jacks with a cupernum-grade the steamjack’s performance can be increased at the cost of
cortex. The price is for the chassis alone. fuel efficiency. A steamjack with a performance power plant
increases its Strength score by 2 and its walking speed by 5
Enhancements feet. Additionally, its fuel requirements are increased by 50%
No steamjack model is without its distinguishing features. and its weight is increased by 10%.
The installation of these enhancements are often a labor of Pneumatic Venting. This enhancement adds more
love by the mechaniks that maintain the steamjacks. After- pneumatics to the steamjack’s chassis, increasing its
market installation takes one day for every 1,000 gp an Strength score by 2 each time it is installed.
enhancement costs. Reflex Arrays. This enhancement increases the density of
A light steamjack can install 3 enhancements, while a the arcane conduiting that makes up the steamjack’s reflex
heavy steamjack can install 5. Enhancements can be installed arrays, increasing its Dexterity score by 2 each time it is
above this limit, but the cost for any such enhancements installed.
doubles and the steamjack’s hit point total decreases by 15 Cortex Installation
for each enhancement. Installing the cortex takes one day for every 1,000 gp the
Arc Node. An invention that has altered the roles of cortex costs. Each cortex has the following attributes:
warjacks on the battlefield, the glowing arc node sits above Cortex Grade. The quality of the cortex
the cortex housing and allows a warcaster controlling a ‘jack Intelligence. The Intelligence score of a steamjack
to cast spells as though the ‘jack was the point of origin for installed with this cortex.
the spell. This does not allow the ‘jack to benefit from spells Proficiency Bonus. The proficiency bonus a steamjack
with a range of “self”. Arc nodes are restricted to military installed with this cortex. Cost. The market value of the
warjacks in all of the Iron Kingdoms. cortex.

After the chassis is constructed, the cortex must be
Steamjack Logistics connected. This requires a DC 20 Intelligence (Arcana) check
Running steamjacks over an extended period of and 16 hours of work. The tight confines of such work means
time requires occasionally burdensome logistics, that the mechanik connecting the cortex can only be aided on
since coal runs out and water for steam boilers the task by one individual, who grants advantage on the skill
must be replaced. On long journeys it is common check. A failed skill check at this stage requires another 16
for steamjacks to be hauled by trains or wagons as hours to troubleshoot which connections are erroneous and
close to their destination as possible, to save on to solder them to the proper reflex arrays.
coal. Most steamjacks can run without refueling for Once the cortex is installed, a mechanik must perform the
most of a day if involved only in travel or light preliminary programming of the cortex. This requires a DC
activity, but active combat burns fuel far more 15 Intelligence (‘Jack Handling) check and 16 hours spent
quickly. A steamjack should be refueled every day with the steamjack. Because the steamjack will only
that it is functional, whether or not it is in combat.
For game purposes, a light steamjack requires
recognize one primary marshal, this skill check can not be
30 pounds of coal and 12 gallons of water for a day
aided by another. However, advanced cortex designs take
of light activity. Heavy steamjacks require 50 more easily to the training, and programming an Aurum or
pounds of coal and 20 gallons of water a day for Arcanum grade cortex grants advantage on this check.
light activity. Any day in which a steamjack engages It is not necessary for the same individual to do every skill
in heavy labor or combat doubles the amount of check. In fact, in modern factory settings, the lead engineer
fuel required for operation. for construction seldom has any part in cortex installation,
and initial programming is usually performed by a specialist.
Steamjack Command Protocols
Cortex Grades Whenever a ‘jack is assembled and first lumbers out of the
Grade Intelligence Proficiency Bonus Cost factory it knows the language that was hard-coded into its
Cupernum 4 +2 5,000 gp cortex and a few simple tasks that were programmed into it.
Though a ‘jack understands a particular language, it lacks the
Ferrum 6 +3 8,000 gp ability to speak. “Jacks can communicate some ideas through
Aurum 8 +3 13,000 gp steamy hisses, clanks, and metallic groans. ‘Jacks are not
Arcanum 10 +4 20,000 gp literate, though they may grow to recognize certain symbols
and associate them with meanings.
More importantly, a fresh ‘jack is a clean slate. The first
Construction person that addresses it is designated its primary handler.
The assembly of a steamjack is a complicated process, and The primary handler installs a series of verbal passcodes that
involves many parts. After the ‘jack’s body is put together allow the primary handler to designate secondary handlers,
comes the intricate installation of the cortex, which houses as well as preventing unauthorized users from issuing orders
the mind of the ‘jack. Connecting the cortex requires a to the ‘jack. The primary handler may designate secondary
mechanik to solder hundreds of feet of wire in place. Once handlers with a DC 15 Intelligence (‘Jack Handling) check, or
the installation is complete and the engine is brought up to designate a new primary handler with a DC 20 Intelligence
steam, the lead mechanik will perform a basic functions (‘Jack Handling) check. The primary handler has absolute
check to ensure construction has been completed to standard authority over a steamjack, and their orders take priority over
and that all the cortex connections are in their proper place. all secondary handlers. In order to change a ‘jacks primary
If an error has been made somewhere, the ‘jack has to be handler without their consent, a character must gain access
powered down and the malfunction identified and fixed. Once to the cortex access panel. Cortex access panels are always
the problems are solved, the cortex needs to be programmed well protected. A standard laborjack’s cortex access panel is
by an expert ‘jack marshal with the basic tasks the steamjack hidden behind a keyed lock requiring a DC 20 Dexterity
is expected to perform, before being sold. (Thieves’ Tools) check to bypass. Warjacks have even higher
These stages of construction are represented by a series of DC locks, and sometimes include additional security
skill checks. First, a DC 15 Intelligence (Mechanik’s Tools) measures such as traps or magical wards. Once a cortex
check is required to put together the chassis. This process access panel is opened, an array of levers are exposed that
takes 160 hours to complete, but can be split among several allow the cortex to be wiped and restored to a blank slate
mechaniks as long as they are all proficient with mechanik’s with only the encoded language. The proper configuration of
tools. Each enhancement installed on a steamjack adds 1 to these levers to initiate a cortex wipe is unique to each model
the check’s DC and 8 man-hours to the time required to of steamjack. If the configuration is unknown, a DC 20
construct it. The lead engineer is the one who makes the skill Intelligence (Mechanik’s Tools) check can be used to discover
check, and additional workers on the task only reduce the the sequence. After a cortex wipe has been initiated, the
time required instead of granting the lead engineer cortex will require about 4 hours to finish the process, during
advantage. If the check is failed, then the construction is which the chassis is locked in place on standby mode. When
faulty. Attempting the skill check again requires another 80 the cortex comes back online, the first person the ‘jack sees
man-hours, or another 160 man hours if the check was failed is designated as the new primary handler. Of course, if a
by 5 or more. creature other than an approved handler tries to gain access
to its cortex access panel, the steamjack will resist their
efforts so long as it remains activated.

The exception to this is warcasters, who are capable of
mentally commanding steamjacks. A warcaster can bond to a
steamjack they are touching as an action, so long as they
know the ‘jack’s native language. Warjacks receive an
additional layer of security to protect them from unauthorized
access by warcasters in the form of cortex locks. A cortex
lock is similar to the verbal passcodes that allow ‘jack
marshals to control steamjacks, but they take the form of a
series of mental images that a warcaster must project into
the ‘jack’s mind to bond to it. In the process of bonding to a
‘jack, a warcaster creates a personal layer of mental code that
allows the ‘jack to recognize them, effectively creating
another cortex lock. While a ‘jack is bonded to a warcaster,
no verbal passcodes can assert authority over them. A ‘jack’s
cortex locks can be erased only by a cortex wipe. Cortex locks
do not prevent an authorized ‘jack marshal from
commanding a warjack that is not bonded to a warcaster.
If a bonded warcaster dies or falls unconscious, the psychic
backlash whips through all of their bonded ‘jacks. ‘Jacks who
suffer backlash have their cortex overloaded and they shut
down, remaining inert until they are reactivated.
Steamjack Personalities
All steamjacks, whether bonded or not, develop unique
quirks, affectations, and character traits over time.
Steamjacks with higher grade cortexes develop positive
personality traits faster than those with lower grades, and
steamjacks with a lot of contact with ’jack marshals and
warcasters develop even faster. Lower grade cortexes are
more likely to develop quirks that interfere with their
functions or at least require small efforts to compensate by
their controller. Example of personality quirks include: a ’jack
that simmers with anger and takes a threatening posture with
approaching strangers; an overprotective ’jack that is eager to
leap to the defense of its controller or other allies; an easily
distracted ’jack that pays too much attention to small shiny
things or sudden movements despite more important things
going on; an imitative ’jack that regularly picks up small
bodily mannerisms from those around it, even those it just
meets; a twitchy ’jack that eagerly points its ranged weapon
or raises its melee weapon against otherwise innocuous
individuals that happen to be nearby. Such quirks do not
impact the steamjack's rules but can come up in play,
particularly during social interactions.
Players controlling characters with steamjacks should
discuss potential quirks with their Game Masters. Ideally
every steamjack should have at least a relatively entertaining
and interesting, if simple, personality. This can sometimes be
defined in a single word or sentence such as: overly
protective, sullen, clumsy when handling fragile things, or
easily angered. ’Jacks manifest personality through non-verbal
communications such as body movements, posture, and the
use of certain primitive sounds such as venting steam from
engines, clanks from fired pistons, and other signals. Other
ways personality can manifest have to do with unusual
requirements for obeying commands, such as a preference
for unusually constructed sentences, orders needing to be
shouted since the ’jack’s hearing apparatus is faulty, or a ’jack
that has trouble realizing when it has actually completed a
given task. Personality traits should be used to add to a
scene, to make the ’jack seem individual and distinct, rather
than sabotaging players or the ’jack’s controller in an
important situation.

Light Laborjack Light Warjack
4,000 gp, 2 tons 9,000 gp, 3 tons
Large construct, unaligned Large construct, unaligned

Armor Class 13 (natural armor) Armor Class 15 (natural armor)

Hit Points 115 Hit Points 146
Speed 25 ft. Speed 30 ft.

18 (+4) 8 (-1) 16 (+3) 4 (-3) 10 (+0) 1 (-5) 20 (+5) 10 (+0) 18 (+4) 4 (-3) 10 (+0) 1 (-5)

Damage Resistnaces Bludgeoning, piercing, and Damage Resistnaces Bludgeoning, piercing, and
slashing from nonmagical weapons that aren’t slashing from nonmagical weapons that aren’t
serricsteel. serricsteel.
Damage Immunities Poison, Psychic Damage Immunities Poison, Psychic
Condition Immunities Charmed, Exhaustion, Condition Immunities Charmed, Exhaustion,
Frightened, Petrified, Poisoned Frightened, Petrified, Poisoned
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 10 Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 10
Languages understands one language, but can’t Languages understands one language, but can’t
speak speak
Challenge 3 Challenge 7

Actions Actions
Slam. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5ft., Slam. Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 5ft.,
one target. Hit 2d6 + 4 bludgeoning one target. Hit 2d8 + 5 bludgeoning

Heavy Laborjack Heavy Warjack

7,000 gp, 4 tons 16,000 gp, 5 tons
Huge construct, unaligned Huge construct, unaligned

Armor Class 15 (natural armor) Armor Class 17 (natural armor)

Hit Points 152 Hit Points 212
Speed 20 ft. Speed 25 ft.

22 (+6) 5 (-3) 20 (+5) 4 (-3) 10 (+0) 1 (-5) 24 (+7) 8 (-1) 22 (+6) 4 (-3) 10 (+0) 1 (-5)

Damage Resistnaces Bludgeoning, piercing, and Damage Resistnaces Bludgeoning, piercing, and
slashing from nonmagical weapons that aren’t slashing from nonmagical weapons that aren’t
serricsteel. serricsteel.
Damage Immunities Poison, Psychic Damage Immunities Poison, Psychic
Condition Immunities Charmed, Exhaustion, Condition Immunities Charmed, Exhaustion,
Frightened, Petrified, Poisoned Frightened, Petrified, Poisoned
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 10 Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 10
Languages understands one language, but can’t Languages understands one language, but can’t
speak speak
Challenge 5 Challenge 9

Actions Actions
Slam. Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, reach 5ft., Slam. Melee Weapon Attack: +9 to hit, reach 5ft.,
one target. Hit 3d6 + 5 bludgeoning one target. Hit 3d8 + 7 bludgeoning

Chapter 5: Magic

t its most fundamental, magic is a supernatural Such natural aptitude is rare and has historically been met
energy and medium that can be manipulated to with fear and persecution in the Iron Kingdoms. This was
affect the underlying fabric of reality by an effort exacerbated by incidents wherein incautious sorcerers
of will. The world of Caen normally exists in a unleashed destruction through unrestrained manifestations
state of stability and natural law, where matter of elemental powers. Numerous organized efforts have
and energy follow predictable and otherwise cropped up over the years seeking to find and eliminate
inviolable patterns. Magic allows those who sorcerers. In the present day, sorcerers are no longer
master its principles to defy or bend natural law, whether universally loathed and feared, but they are still seen as
subtly or overtly, creating causality that would not be possible potentially dangerous. In many regions sorcerers are
without the manifestation of the arcane. Practitioners of encouraged to seek formal training so their powers can be
magic have at their disposal tremendously useful but also put to productive ends, such as within a kingdom’s military.
singularly dangerous forces. Gifted individuals with any degree of instruction are
Some would say this is the power of the gods made deemed wizards, even if their occult education is limited to
manifest—a way mortals can perceive and affect the weft and the self-directed study of tomes. Wizards make systematic
weave that is the ineffable essence of reality. Many arcanists efforts to understand and improve their control over magic.
view it rather as a natural force that has its own strict laws, Some sorcerers pursue formal arcane study after realizing
limits, and predictable interactions that are simply not yet the limits of intuition, and join the ranks of the educated.
fully understood. Some practitioners make it their life’s work Many of the most successful arcanists began their careers as
to add to the understanding of these powers and pass this sorcerers and eventually learned to temper and amplify their
lore to their peers. For others, magic is purely an outpouring natural power through diligent study.
of one’s own will and is wielded intuitively like a weapon. Some individuals are born without the Gift, but seek out
Mortal minds find it difficult to control the vast and powerful patrons that can grant them magical powers. These
dangerous energies required to shape reality, but a very few individuals are referred to as warlocks, or by less polite
reach levels of power that blur the line between mortal and names outside of academic circles. Most warlocks make their
divine. deals with infernal entities, pledging their souls or those of
Producing magic requires the ability to tap into a source of others in return for the Gift. Some warlocks instead treat
this supernatural energy and shape it by mentally visualizing with the Grymkin who wander the wilderness of Urcaen,
and manipulating formulae comprised of mystical runes. It is damning themselves to the same fate upon death. Some
by these runes that magical effects become fixed, their other entities are powerful enough to bestow the gift, but
energies lying dormant but ready. Once an arcanist is these are few and far between.
satisfied with his formulae, he activates the runes to trigger The gods also give magic to their faithful mortal
the release of energy, by which the spell is completed and the supplicants. Since before written history there have been
magic invoked. For those practiced in these arts, this entire those who invoke magic through faith: priests and shamans.
sequence takes mere seconds. These spiritual leaders mix prayer and formulae to create
In order to accomplish this exploit, one must have the magic through small miracles they credit to their divine
special Gift to see and shape mystical runes. This is patron. The greatest priests occasionally manifest miracles
sometimes described as an unlocked talent inherent to fully sent directly from the gods, and these serve as a tangible
awakened immortal souls. This Gift can be found in humans, reminder that higher beings are watching and intervening in
dwarves, elves, trollkin, and some other races, but remains the world through their mortal intermediaries.
dormant and unharnessed by most. Humanity has had a Most arcane scholars and theologians believe divine magic
complex relationship with this talent, as for most of recorded flows from the connection between the immortal soul and
history only priests could manifest magic. This changed Urcaen, serving as a bridge for the energies of the gods.
during the Orgoth Rebellion, and as the ability became more Others insist faith has inherent power and that truly divine
widespread it also began to appear unpredictably in young energies are present only for the rarest and most spectacular
individuals. Those who spontaneously manifest arcane miracles. Though the source of a faith caster’s magic differs
potential and develop this power without formal training are from that of secular arcanists, the fundamentals of how it is
known as sorcerers. They still use mystical formulae when wielded are not dissimilar. Some faith casters rely on the
working magic, but their runes are less distinct and their force of their will to summon magic appropriate to their faith,
formulae less precise and complex. The power of sorcerers is whereas others tap into their powers with effortless ease or
linked to a particular elemental affinity, such that the magic facilitate their magic by a connection to living beasts. All must
they can summon gives them power over rock and stone and still manipulate the mystical runes and formulae that allow
manifests as blazing fire, flashes of lightning, or freezing magic to shape reality.
winds. Faith casters rarely possess a deeper understanding of the
complex rules by which magic functions and manifest magic
strongly associated with the attributes of their divine patron.
They sacrifice some flexibility to stand as an unwavering
mortal conduit for the power of their god on Caen. In
compensation, those who are truly faithful and become
favored might be granted access to miracles beyond the
power of scholarly arcanists.

Runes and Formulae Necromancy
Harnessing power that can ignore the laws of nature or be Necromancy in the Iron Kingdoms is a broad category of
transformed into tremendous surges of awe inspiring occult study that encompasses power related to death.
elemental force is not a subtle or invisible practice. Although Necromancy includes energy generated by dying tissue and
their techniques of summoning and shaping magic varies, all from the moment of death as well as what lingers in the
casters work through runes and formulae and these become bodies of the dead. Higher forms of necromancy involve the
visible to those around them when a spell is cast. manipulation of the power of the soul itself and the
The exact shape and color spectrum of these runes varies connection between the body and the soul. Like other arcane
by a caster’s background and training, although there are studies, the dark art of necromancy is not fully understood
fundamental sigils shared by many groups. For example, all and its principles and possible applications are being
modern human arcane orders draw from the same continually expanded and refined by its practitioners.
foundation, based on sigils developed during the early The practice is believed to be inherently corruptive and is
rebellion against the Orgoth. A caster inherits the runic forms forbidden by the majority of religions. Necromancy is illegal
of his source material, whether from a tutor or tome of everywhere in the Iron Kingdoms. The only nation in western
recorded lore. Untrained sorcerers have less distinct runes Immoren where this art is openly practiced is Cryx.
and simpler formulae for this reason, pouring raw power into Nonetheless, individual Thamarites have been studying
their sigils to make up for a lack of finesse. Sorcerer runes necromancy longer than Cryx has existed, with the art
are closely aligned with their elemental affinity, being a more predating the Gift of Magic and thought to have originated in
limited vocabulary describing manifestations of fire, ice, the Kingdom of Morrdh. Among Thamarites, the study of
lightning, or earth. Some arcanists learn to customize the necromancy dates back to Scion Delesle.
manifestations of their runes, but this requires considerable The most common and widely practiced necromantic
practice. process is the use of complex runes to give motion and
When a mage casts a spell, glowing runes depicting a mobility to the dead. Thrall runes are glyphs of great power
tangible manifestation of formulae appear briefly derived from Telgesh that can be used to animate the dead to
surrounding his person, in a size and scope relative to the serve the living, representing necromancy in its most
power being invoked. Less potent spells are prefigured by straightforward form. Like mechanika runes, thrall runes can
circles of runes around the caster’s hand or an item used as a be used to many different effects depending on the skill and
point of focus, such as a weapon. Larger effects result in imagination of their crafter and the time he spends inscribing
concentric rings of runes around the caster’s body, the runes. Generally, the more complex the runes, the more
sometimes at waist height, at the shoulders, or around the powerful a thrall can be created. The simplest thrall requires
head. If a spell is affecting someone else nearby, runes briefly only rudimentary runes, whereas more powerful thralls
manifest around that person as well. require sophisticated inscriptions covering every square inch
To most people these glowing runes are indistinct and of their forms.
quickly forgotten manifestations of magic, with no meaning Less permanent spells of animation exist for dabblers, but
other than as an ominous sign of gathered supernatural these produce undead that are less durable, less capable, and
forces. For other arcanists, it is possible to anticipate the more free-willed than thralls.
scope and nature of the magic being gathered by witnessing To create a thrall, a necromancer needs to assemble the
the runes, an aptitude that can provide a tremendous tactical required body parts and then carefully inscribe the runes
advantage. While bright, the appearance of these runes is too upon the bones and flesh. Most thralls require a complete set
brief and focused to be utilized as a source of light, although of bones, generally human. These might be mixed and
they certainly draw attention to a caster in a dark place. matched from any number of rifled graves as required. It is
Casters involved in clandestine activities sometimes also worth noting that a “fresh” thrall is by no means better
develop the ability to mask these runic formulae. Runes must than one crafted from aged bones, or vice versa. Only the
always manifest for magic to function, but a skilled runes matter. For some necromantic processes, the type of
practitioner can change the hue and minimize the size and corpse and the potency of the body or its history are relevant,
intensity to the point that they are all but unnoticeable. but this is beyond the scope of the most commonly employed
Certain spells specifically designed to augment stealth methods of animation.
include these techniques as part of their casting. Animating a body has no impact on its soul, which has
usually already departed.
The runes are applied in a number of different ways.
The Dark Arts Painting the runes on a simple thrall is an easy expedient, but
There are many taboo practices among magical circles, but complex creations take considerably more work. Bones are
few are as persecuted as necromancy and infernalism. These generally etched and then filled with pigment. Flesh is
two are universally proscribed by the laws of the Iron stitched together and tattooed. In all cases, the more
Kingdoms (except for in Cryx), and practitioners must find permanent the medium, the better.
ever more creative ways of hiding their arts. Once a necromancer has procured his tools, a corpse, and
a private location in which to operate, he can commence his
work. A clandestine place where the necromancer can work
undisturbed is of vital importance. Not only can distractions
be disastrous to such painstaking work, but necromancy is
also highly illegal. If caught, its practitioners are certain to
face execution in every civilized land in western Immoren.

Corpse Preparation Thrall Types
The necromancer must first ensure the corpse is intact, at The primary complexity involved in creating a thrall is the
least with regard to the type of thrall he wishes to create. type of thrall being animated. The simplest thralls are
Most thralls created for labor or defense must have a pair of relatively easy to create, but they are poor combatants and
arms and legs, but this is not always the case. Cryxian can follow only the simplest instructions. For all intents and
necrosurgeons are particularly skilled in their dark craft, purposes, they can be thought of as mindless. More complex
manufacturing thralls barely recognizable as having once thralls have greater combat ability and can be imparted with
been human. All thralls must have a head or skull. a semblance of rudimentary intelligence. Some
If the corpse is not in one piece, the necromancer needs to necromancers are so skilled they can use their runes to instill
stitch, brace, bolt, or otherwise see to its assembly. Though personalities in their thralls, and advanced thralls can
the animating energies of thrall creation hold the creature’s develop personalities over time. Usually these personalities
form together with arcane force, the complex process of are completely artificial, a result of the animation process, but
inscribing the thrall runes requires an intact working surface. thralls might display residual traits inherited from the
Some thralls are so complex that they must be inscribed in corpse(s) utilized in their construction. These entirely
stages and concentric layers. When faced with such a superficial qualities do not impact a thrall’s readiness to obey
challenge a necromancer might prefer to work piecemeal, orders.
completely rendering the runes on the innermost location Risen are the simplest of thralls. They are utterly mindless
before attaching it to the rest, then moving to the next most and can follow only the simplest instructions. They are poor
difficult location, and so on. combatants but tireless workers. A risen is generally
Corpse preparation requires a DC 20 Intelligence (Arcana) animated by a simple glyph inscribed on its forehead.
check to ascertain the necromantic requirements of a corpse, Warrior thralls are simple combatants typically used as
and a DC 15 Wisdom (Medicine) check or Intelligence sentries and bodyguards. Though unintelligent, a warrior
(Herbalism Kit) check to successfully modify the corpse to a thrall fights well and can follow simple orders. Its runes are
usable state. Making both of these checks requires 8 hours of fairly simple and are mostly contained to its head.
work. Thrall lieutenants are complex thralls that are covered with
intricate runes imparting them with uncanny intelligence.
Runic Inscription They are semi-autonomous creatures capable of limited
Following thrall creation, the body takes on supernatural decision making. They are entirely devoted to the will of their
qualities. Its flesh becomes increasingly taut and leathery, but creator and follow his orders even to the point of their own
it also dramatically increases in strength and durability. destruction. Thrall lieutenants can speak their creator’s
Natural decay is arrested and after a few weeks any stench of language and do so with a dry, quiet rasp that is the product
putrefaction is reduced to a musty, sickly odor. of no mortal tongue. These creatures are usually dispatched
Once the corpse has been suitably prepared, the to command more simple thralls.
necromancer is ready to begin the painstaking process of
inscribing the animating runes. The length of time this
process takes and its difficulty depend on the complexity of Risen
the thrall being created. The complexity of thrall runes are Rune Points: 1
measured in rune points, as with mechanika (see Chapter 4). Medium undead, neutral evil
The more complex the thrall, the higher its rune point value.
The length of time required to create a thrall depends on
its total number of rune points. Once completed, a thrall Armor Class 13 (armor scraps)
exists until it is destroyed. A completed thrall cannot have Hit Points 16
Speed 25 ft.
additional runes added to it.
Though not standardized among necromancers, the rare
inks used in inscribing thrall runes are invariably quite STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA
expensive. These inks include alchemical solutions imbued
with distinct arcane qualities, ash from supernaturally active 13 (+1) 6 (-2) 16 (+3) 3 (-4) 6 (-2) 5 (-3)
battlefields or grave sites, distilled bodily fluids, or traces of
rare metals. The more complex the thrall’s runes, the more Damage Immunities Necrotic, Poison
the necromancer should expect to pay for the appropriate Condition Immunities Charmed, Exhaustion,
inscribing inks. Frightened, Poisoned
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 8
Thrall Runes Languages understands one language, but can’t
Rune Points Time Required Cost speak
Challenge 1/8
1 1 hour 250 gp
2 6 hours 750 gp Actions
3 12 hours 1,500 gp Slam. Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5ft.,
one target. Hit 1d6 + 1 bludgeoning
4 24 hours 3,000 gp
5 72 hours 6,000 gp
6+ +24 hours +2,000 gp

Thrall Upgrades
Warrior A necromancer can weave a number of refinements and
Rune Points: 3 unnatural traits into his thrall runes during the creation
Medium undead, neutral evil process. These upgrades add to the rune point value of the
thrall being created. New upgrades cannot be added to a
Armor Class 14 (armor scraps) thrall after the creation process is complete. Thrall upgrades
Hit Points 54 have the following attributes that define how they function in
Speed 30 ft. the game. Each upgrade can be taken only once.
Artificial Intellect
STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA     Rune Points. 2
14 (+2) 8 (-1) 16 (+3) 7 (-2) 8 (-1) 6 (-2) Effect. The thrall increases its Intelligence, Wisdom, and
Charisma scores by +4.
Damage Immunities Necrotic, Poison
Condition Immunities Charmed, Exhaustion, Dark Power
Frightened, Poisoned     Rune Points. 3
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 8 Effect. The thrall gains a modicum of mystical talent that
Languages understands one language, but can’t allows it to cast spells. The thrall is a 5th level spellcaster. Its
speak spellcasting ability is the same as it’s creator’s. The thrall
Challenge 1/2 knows 4 cantrips and 4 spells. These must be cantrips and
spells the creator knows.
Light Crossbow. Ranged Weapon Attack: +1 to hit,
range 80/320 ft., one target. Hit 1d8 - 1 piercing
    Rune Points. 3
Effect. The thrall gains resistance to acid, cold, fire,
Longsword. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach lightning, and thunder damage, as well as bludgeoning,
5ft., one target. Hit 1d8 + 2 slashing piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical attacks.
Additionally, the thrall can move through other creatures and
objects as if they were difficult terrain. It takes 5 (1d10) force
damage if it ends its turn inside an object.
Lieutenant Grave Chill
    Rune Points. 3
Rune Points: 4
Medium undead, neutral evil Effect. The thrall emanates an aura of unnatural cold. The
thrall is immune to cold damage and any creature that starts
Armor Class 16 (armor scraps and shield)
its turn within 10 feet of the thrall takes 2d6 cold damage and
Hit Points 86
its speed is reduced by 10 feet until the start of its next turn.
Speed 30 ft. On a successful DC 14 Constitution saving throw, a creature
takes half damage and is not slowed.
16 (+3) 11 (+0) 18 (+4) 12 (+1) 12 (+1) 8 (-1)     Rune Points. 2
Effect. As a reaction when a creature makes an attack
Damage Immunities Necrotic, Poison
against an ally of the thrall, the thrall grants a +2 bonus to the
Condition Immunities Charmed, Exhaustion,
ally’s AC if they are within 5 feet of the thrall.
Frightened, Poisoned
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 8 Killer
Languages understands one language, but can’t     Rune Points. 2
speak Effect. The thrall’s proficiency bonus increases by +1.
Challenge 3 Additionally, when the thrall scores a critical hit with a melee
weapon or reduces a creature to 0 hit points with one, the
Actions thrall can make one melee weapon attack as a bonus action.
Longsword. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach Language
5ft., one target. Hit 1d8 + 3 slashing     Rune Points. 1
Effect. The thrall learns two additional languages, which
must be languages the creator knows. The thrall gains the
ability to speak if it could not already.

Lock Step
    Rune Points. 1
Effect. The thrall has advantage on an attack roll against a Necrotech
creature if at least one of the thrall’s allies is within 5 feet of Cryxian necromancers often seek to improve their
the creature and the ally isn't incapacitated. thralls using nonmagical methods in order to keep
the cost of inscribing tunes down. “Necrotechs”
fuse undead flesh with blighted steel, stitching
Preternatural Awareness furnaces and steam engines powered by necrotite
    Rune Points. 2 into their thralls. Thralls so enhanced cost an extra
Effect. The thrall’s supernatural perception keeps it 1,000 gp in parts and production of the engine,
constantly aware of its surroundings. It has advantage on but can be upgraded with enhancements normally
initiative rolls and can see invisible creatures within 10 feet. only suitable for mechanikal prosthetics. These
prosthetic enhancements are not exactly the same
Rune Hardened design, but provide the same benefits and operate
    Rune Points. 1 on similar principles. Instead of drawing charges
Effect. The thrall increases its Constitution score by +4. from a capacitor, necrotech is fueled by a necrotite
engine. The engine can run for 24 hours on 1 lb of
Rune Powered necrotite. If the engine loses power, the thrall loses
    Rune Points. 1 Effect. The thrall increases its Strength its immunity to exhaustion and immediately suffers
score by +4 one level of exhaustion. Each day that a thrall
remains unpowered results in another level of
exhaustion. Necrotite coal is contraband outside of
Speed in Death Cryx and can be quite costly. In remote areas it can
    Rune Points. 1 cost as much as 50 gp per pound. Near battlefields
Effect. The thrall increases its Dexterity score by +4. Its where it can be mined or in cities with a robust
walking speed increases by 10 feet. black market, the price can drop to 20 gp per
pound. In Cryx itself, prices average 10 gp per
Watch Thrall pound.
    Rune Points. 1
Effect. The thrall becomes proficient with the Perception
skill and has advantage on all Wisdom (Perception) checks.
    By way of a combination of this lingering imprint and
Caring for and Commanding animating runes, a thrall can understand basic spoken orders
and act as bid by its creator. More complex functionality is
Thralls artificially endowed by the nature of the runes employed in a
Thralls are thought of as mindless, but this belief is not thrall’s animation. The simplest thralls are extremely literal
entirely true. Most thralls entirely lack for self-will and have in the execution of its orders and cannot exercise judgment in
no desires other than a persistent urge to harm the living. processing commands. The complexity of the thrall
Left to their own devices they simply stand in place, determines the scope of the tasks it can perform. Even the
potentially indefinitely, and have no physical needs. The simplest thrall can undertake tasks such as rudimentary
animating process largely halts or at least greatly slows most labor, including digging or moving heavy objects.
aspects of rot and decay. Thralls do not fall apart simply from Advanced thralls can make complex decisions and
the passage of time, although they can suffer damage and demonstrate qualities that suggest a personality. Most still
eventually collapse when their physical integrity is lost. Once lack inherent motivation and exhibit only superficial
destroyed, a previously animated corpse usually cannot be indications of anything resembling individuality, such as
animated again, although in some cases repairs can be made posture, mannerisms, and responses to orders. Advanced
by replacing lost or shattered body parts. thralls can be empowered to speak and relate messages.
It is believed that some aspects of the deceased persist as Death magic is inherently inimical to the living and most
an indelible imprint on the remains of the dead. These thralls naturally seek to do violence against the living. This
characteristics are exploited for a variety of necromantic tendency is easily exploited to use them as warriors and
processes. For thralls, the animating runes establish a basic guardians. Thralls can be instructed not to attack certain
pattern of behavior but also exploit deeply imprinted behavior individuals and might have limited ability to distinguish
to facilitate a thrall’s functioning. For example, bodies contain friends from foes, although obvious markings might be
persisting knowledge of how to move, walk, maintain necessary to avoid accidents. For example, a simple thrall
balance, use their hands, and so on. Regardless of the state might not be able to tell two people apart but could be told
or lack of physical sense organs, thralls are aware of their not to attack anyone wearing a red armband.
surroundings and can see and hear to a similar degree as the Simple thralls require short and direct commands, and
living. Even in total darkness, thralls inherently sense living most thralls cannot remember more than one or two orders
beings and can move directly toward them. at a time. More advanced thralls can be given long-term
objectives and layered orders that include contingencies. As a
general rule, necromancers do not entrust vital and complex
tasks to thralls, which perform best when given direct
supervision or extremely simple tasks, such as an order to kill
anyone other than the necromancer himself who enters a

The summon greater demon, summon lesser demons, and
Infernalism and Other unseen servant spells do not exist in the Iron Kingdoms.
The conjure celestial spell uniquely beseeches one of the
Forms of Witchcraft gods for aid, and will be answered if the caster is in
The study and invocation of infernal entities is a discipline exceptionally good standing with the god. Otherwise, the spell
more blasphemous and feared than necromancy. Few are has no effect.
mad or desperate enough to truck with these creatures from The conjure animals, conjure elemental, conjure fey,
realms beyond Caen and Urcaen. Contacting the infernals is conjure minor elementals, and conjure woodland beings
perilous, and those who possess the knowledge guard it spells all summon entities from the wilderness of Urcaen.
jealously. Despite having learned how to summon infernal Summoned entities are always fey creatures and are
creatures, bind them into service, and make terrible bargains nefarious grymkin. These creatures will follow the
with them, infernalists often know little about the creatures instructions of whoever summoned them for the duration of
themselves or what deeper desires they may foster beyond a the spell. After the spell ends, or if the caster’s concentration
hunger for the souls of the living. Most infernalists are is broken, the summoned creatures remain and act of their
arcanists who have opened a font of power that grants them own accord.
frightening and terrible gifts. The price is invariably paid in The infernal calling and planar ally spells can be used to
souls, and infernalists often barter pieces of their own summon infernals, but do not bind them in any way. Planar
essence as well as selling souls stolen from others. The ally can also call grymkin.
dreadful actions of infernalists have magnified the suspicion Planar binding can be used to bind any conjured creature,
and distrust heaped on all who practice magic, making them including infernals, to your will. A bound creature, when
as hated by other magic practitioners as by the pious. released from service, will seek retaliation against its captor.
Grymkin are malevolent and devious supernatural The find familiar, find greater steed, and find steed spells
creatures that visit mischief and violence on all those they can only summon fey and fiend creatures, which are grymkin
encounter. The nature of grymkin is little understood and and infernals respectively. Canny witch hunters can
remains a topic of debate amongst extraordinary zoologists sometimes identify a witch by their servants.
across western Immoren. These creatures are almost
certainly not of the natural world, although their origins are Teleportation and Translocation
as uncertain as their inscrutable motives. Some scholars Some wizards have experimented with crossing distances
believe they come from a realm beyond Caen, linking them to instantaneously, however translocational magic seems to be
beings such as infernals; others consider them to be tangible more common amongst sorcerers who work it instinctively,
manifestations of dreams and nightmares. All agree that they for the written lore is closely guarded and known to only a
seem to visit suffering on intelligent creatures alone and few. One reason these spells are so carefully guarded is that
rarely interfere with ordinary animals or beasts. All grymkin they are dangerous and known to attract unwanted attention.
seem driven by perverse whims rather than ordinary Infernals who happen to be in the right place at the right
predatory instincts. Some grymkin are believed to have time, metaphysically speaking, can “tag along” on
specific vulnerabilities that circumvent their impressive teleportation or summoning spells, even if uninvited. This is a
supernatural capabilities. Some of these claimed rare, but very real, danger that a mage might not discover
disadvantages are incredibly esoteric, but others are quite until it is too late. Indeed, since these spells are so rare, it is
common, such as the weakness of gremlins against feline fairly common for Infernals to provide them as boons to
predators. Regardless, grymkin have given rise to colorful wizards they seek to corrupt, bestowing corrupted versions of
folklore, though separating fact from fanciful exaggeration the spells specifically designed to attract their attention.
can be difficult. In many cases, the demonstrable facts are as Careful or paranoid wizards use teleportation magic only
outlandish and unlikely as the many stories that have been when necessary, often taking precautions against trouble
invented out of whole cloth. such as a protection from evil and good spell or similar
Those who study grymkin have discovered that not all measures.
grymkin are equally powerful. At the breed’s apex exist a Lesser teleportation spells, such as misty step and
series of individuals known as the Defiers. These are beings dimension door, carry less risk than spells such as
attested to have god-like power, and as with any powerful teleportation circle (some claim that the risk is negligible for
being, they have their mortal followers. Some of these line-of-sight teleportation). Also, practitioners of druidic and
followers receive powerful boons from their patrons that divine magic that are granted teleportation magic do not need
compete with any blessing handed down from a god. to pass through the infernal realms and are relatively safe
Whether a witch or warlock deals with infernals, grymkin, when they teleport.
or other unsavory entities, their practices are considered evil
and illegal by virtually every government. When found out, Planar Magic
witches face torture or execution.
As far as the inhabitants of Immoren know, there are only two
Summoning worlds: Caen, where they live, and Urcaen, where their souls
The denizens of Urcaen and the Infernal Realms are not go when they die. Some have studied and postulated the
standing ready to be summoned at the beck and call of mortal existence of other realms, such as the infernal realms or the
spellcasters. Spells that summon creatures often do not work Void of skorne philosophy, but these studies have been less
as intended in the Iron Kingdoms, if they work at all. These than fruitful and are seldom encouraged by authorities.
spells are discussed below.

    Magic that draws on the energy of other planes doesn’t Raising the Dead
exist in the Iron Kingdoms, and items that create
extradimensional spaces don’t exist. Astral projection, Returning from the dead is no simple matter. The gods need
demiplane, gate, Leomund’s secret chest, maze, souls and will relinquish them only begrudgingly. Once a
Mordenkainen’s magnificent mansion, plane shift, and similar priest has agreed to perform the ritual, the return from
spells are not known to Immorese spellcasters. Urcaen is not without risk to the priest or the deceased. The
Spells that have multiple functions may not have all options more powerful a soul is, the less willing the gods are to part
available to them. For example, the imprisonment spell can with it. The dangers of returning a soul are intertwined with
use the “chaining” option, but not the “hedged prison” option the dangers of regular healing magic as well, making the
because it creates a demiplane. Similarly, the banishment process complicated and painful.
and banishing smite spells can be used to send an infernal or Whenever a character attempts to raise the dead, they must
grymkin back to their native realms, but will have no effect make a Wisdom saving throw with a DC equal to 15 + the
when used on a mortal. level of the character being raised. If the save is successful,
Spells that interact with the ethereal plane, such as then there are no side effects to the ritual. On a failed saving
etherealness, still function. Instead of shunting the subject of throw, the character casting the spell must roll 1d8 and
the spell to another plane, however, the subject just takes on consult the table below.
an incorporeal form on Caen. Raising the Dead
Some creatures, such as infernals, break these rules
regularly and possess magic beyond mortal knowledge. From Roll Effect
such entities, a mortal mage might be capable of some of the 1 Your constitution is weakened by the intimacy with
otherwise impossible spells listed above. death. You have disadvantage on Constitution saving
throws and vulnerability to poison damage. This effect
may be removed by a greater restoration spell after
Magical Restoration 1d6 weeks.
Nothing in this world is free, and healing is one of the more 2 You are plagued by spirits that also seek to return to
common prayers sent up to the gods by mortal followers. life. These spirits permanently drain your three
Sometimes, the gods will see fit to aid mortals, but doing so highest level spell slots. This effect can be removed
by a series of 1d10 banishment spells.
invariably comes at a price.
3 Your god humbles you by withdrawing their blessing.
The Pain of Healing You cannot cast spells for 3d6 weeks.

True healing is not a natural aspect of magic; knitting living 4 Your hands are crippled and deformed by the ritual,
leaving them unable to properly grasp or hold
flesh and organs is a complex and difficult endeavor better anything heavier than a few pounds. Additionally, you
served by surgeons or allowing a body to rest and recover. cannot cast spells with somatic components. This
Mystical restoration is possible only through a manifestation effect can be reversed by a regenerate spell.
of divine energy, which makes all healing a minor miracle. 5 Your eyes incinerate and are left as blackened pits.
Such miracles carry risk and inflict a toll on the body, You are blinded. This effect can be reversed by a
whether as temporary weakness or, in the case of repeated regenerate spell.
healing, permanent marks or impairment.
When a character is healed by a spell or a supernatural 6 You permanently reduces their Wisdom score by 1d6
and suffers an indefinite madness (DMG pg 260).
ability, roll a d6 and reference the table below, adding +1 for
each time the character has been healed since their last long 7 One of the your limbs, determined at random, is
rest. If the creature being healed worships a different god turned to dust. This effect can be reversed by a
that the one bestowing the healing, add +2 to the roll. regenerate spell.
8 The gods demand a soul in exchange and 1 humanoid
Magical Healing character within 100 feet of the ritual is instantly
Roll Effect slain. If no other characters are present during the
ritual, the caster is slain.
1-3 You have no side effects from the healing.
4-5 You suffer from a mild and temporary side effect of Raising the dead can be just as harrowing for the deceased
the healing. You might take ill with a fever, feel as for the caster. If the caster failed their Wisdom saving
extraordinarily tired, or suffer some other mild
affliction. Gain 1 point of exhaustion.
throw, then the character being raised must immediately roll
1d8 and consult the following table. If the caster succeeded
6 You are afflicted by extreme fatigue. Gain 2 points of on their saving throw, then there is still a chance the
exhaustion. character will suffer a side effect. Roll 1d100, and if the result
7 You are struck dumb. You cannot speak or cast spells is less than three times the character’s level, roll on the table
for the next 2d6 hours. below.
8 You are marked by the rigors of healing. You add A character always returns from the dead with 4 levels of
2d10 years to your age. If you die from old age as a exhaustion.
result of magical healing, you dissolve into a pile of It should be noted that reincarnation is less disruptive than
dust. resurrection. A character who is returned to life through a
reincarnate spell will never roll on the Returning from the
Dead table. A spellcaster who casts the reincarnate spell has
advantage on their Wisdom saving throw.

Returning from the Dead Foxhole
Roll Effect 1st-level transmutation
1 You give off a foul stench, as if you are rotting. You Casting Time: 1 action
have disadvantage on Charisma (Persuasion) and
Dexterity (Stealth) checks.
Range: 60 feet
Components: V, S, M (a spade or shovel)
2 You are disturbed by fleeting memories of Urcaen. Duration: Instantaneous
You suffer from an indefinite madness and a long-
term madness (DMG pg 260) until cured. You create a 5 foot deep hole up to 10 feet in diameter
centered on a point within range. You must create the hole on
3 One of the your limbs, determined at random, is
turned to dust. This effect can be reversed by a
a horizontal surface made of dirt, sand, or clay. A Medium or
regenerate spell. smaller character standing in the hole has half cover from
creatures outside the hole, unless the attacker is directly over
4 You are physically deformed. You permanently reduce the hole.
your score in one ability by 2 points. Roll a d6 to
determine which ability is reduced. Additionally, your
At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell
appearance gives you disadvantage on Charisma slot of 2nd level or higher you can create another hole for
(Persuasion) checks, but advantage on Charisma each spell level above 1st. You can overlap multiple holes to
(Intimidation) checks. create a trench network.
5 Your eyes become the color of tombstones and see
nothing. You are blinded. This effect can be reversed Polarization
by a regenerate spell. 4th-level transmutation
6 An aura of death hangs around you. Plants with and Casting Time: 1 action
die, and animals are hostile in your presence. Range: 30 feet
Components: V, S, M (iron filings and a small magnet)
7 Your constitution is weakened by the intimacy with
death. You have disadvantage on Constitution saving
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute
throws and vulnerability to poison damage. This effect Choose a creature you can see within range. You surround
may be removed by a greater restoration spell after the creature with a magnetic field that attracts or repels
1d6 weeks. metallic objects.
8 Another soul has followed you back to the land of the Attraction. Small metallic objects are pulled toward the
living and taken up residence in your body beside you. target. Metallic objects within 5 feet weighing less than 10
You are treated as an undead creature for the pounds fly toward the target and cling to their person. This
purposes of spells and effects. Undead creatures
believe you are also undead. If an undead targets you
attraction does not have enough momentum to cause
directly with an attack or a harmful spell, that creature damage. Any time the target wishes to drop a metallic object,
must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw (an undead they must make a Strength saving throw or the object
needn't make the save when it includes you in an area remains attached to them. Ranged and melee weapon attacks
effect, such as the explosion of fireball). On a failed against the target with metallic weapons have advantage. The
save, the creature must choose a new target or forfeit target has vulnerability to lightning damage.
targeting someone instead of you, potentially wasting Repulsion. Small metallic objects are repelled from the
the attack or spell. On a successful save, the creature
is immune to this effect for 24 hours. An undead is
target, out to a range of 5 feet. Any time the target attempts to
also immune to this effect for 24 hours if you target it grasp a metal object weighing less than 10 pounds, they must
with an attack or a harmful spell. make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failed saving throw, the
object is repelled from their grasp before they can secure it.
Ranged and melee weapon attacks against the target with
New Spells metallic weapons have disadvantage. The target has
The spells are presented in alphabetical order. Foxhole is a vulnerability to lightning damage.
ranger, sorcerer, and wizard spell. Polarization and repair At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell
damage are artificer, bard, sorcerer, and wizard spells. slot of 5th level or higher, you may target one additional
creature for each slot level above 1st.
1st-level transmutation
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Tocuh
Components: V, S
Duration: Instantaneous
A construct you touch regains a number of hit points equal
to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier. This spell has no
effect on creatures that are not constructs.
At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell
slot of 2nd level or higher, the healing increases by 1d8 for
each slot level above 1st.