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Lauren Nielsen

49 Falcon Crescent

Sylvan Lake, Alberta



May 10, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you in response to a job advertisement that was recently posted on The Swim
Outlets Facebook page for a seasonal position as a Sales Associate at The Swim Outlet in Sylvan
Lake. The skills I posses align with your job description as I am a caring individual who is hard-
working a willing to learn. I am a high school student currently in grade ten. I would love to
work in a positive atmosphere where I can help customers in a retail setting.

I would be a valuable asset to your team as I have many positive attributions that are needed
within this position. I have held a volunteer position for several years working the admissions ta-
ble at dance competitions in Red Deer where I demonstrated that I am not only comfortable com-
municating with customers, handling money, and making change, but also responsible and relia-
ble. As a competitive dancer I know how much teamwork and collaboration contribute to ensur-
ing continual success. I have developed strong cooperation skills and am able to effectively work
with my teammates to reach a common goal. I have demonstrated that I am a diligent worker
through my academics and volunteer experiences as I am goal orientated and determined.

I am very enthusiastic and thoroughly interested in this position. I appreciate you considering me
for this job and look forward to hearing back from you. I can be contacted by email at lau-
ren.n@telus.net or by phone at 403-357-9952. Thank you for your time.


Lauren Nielsen