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Stormzy ‘Big For Your Boots’

Camera Editing
 Low-angled shots to represent In ‘Big For Your Boots the editing is fast like the
power. In most cases it signifies rapping and when the rapping stops the editing
male dominance. In Stormzy ‘Big slows down at 3:52, shot is slowed down as
For Your Boots’ music video the well.
Mise En Scene
low angled shots at 0:18 and
0:40 symbolised female power. Costume: mostly baggy clothes, tracksuit,
 Lots of artist close-up gym wear or sporty attire. In ‘Big For Your
representing the star image. For Boots’ the sporty brand adidas is being
instance, in Stormzy ‘Big For worn at 0:15, at 2:38 a brown jacket.
Your Boots’ at 0:10. Clothes are quite plain not colourful mostly
black and white. At 2:36 there is a woman
Hip Hop Codes and Conventions wearing a red dress perhaps the colour red
connotes power.
Male gaze at 1:18 and 1:46
Location: places the black community were
brought up in, rough areas. In Stormzy’s
Hip Hop is associated with black culture the main component is video at 1:15 a fried chicken shop is shown;
rapping but it may also include beat boxing and DJ. The lyrics are fried chicken is popular in the black
normally about society or politics. community. At 3:16 council apartments are
in the background; the city of London is
Stormzy lyrics were about arrogance and self-importance:
also in this video around 2:03.
“You're getting way too big for your boots
You're never too big for the boot
I've got the big size twelves on my feet
Your face ain't big for my boot”