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Arm regenerating valve, Service Information 05/06/2017
EC220D L Volvo

Arm regenerating valve, description

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EC220D L Volvo

Servo hydraulic pressure (5pb5) pushes the arm spool left (arm in) blocking the center bypass passage, and pressurized oil
from the pump opens the load check valve and flows through the U-shaped path, the circular notch of the spool, and port
5B5 to the cylinder large chamber.

Figure 1
Arm regenerating valve

A Arm regenerating valve assembly R Regeneration core

P Pump line H Hole for regeneration path
T Tank passage C2 Check valve

Pressure on rod side (small chamber) is high [5B5 > 5A5]

The return oil flows from port 5A5 to the main spool, through the circular notch of the spool to arm regeneration core (R),
and arm regeneration valve assembly (A). It also flows through hole (H) to the regeneration path in the spool where pressure
rises and opens check valve C2.
When check valve C2 opens the oil flows via the passage in the spool to merge with the flow through 5B5 to the cylinder
piston side. This process prevents cylinder cavitation during arm in operation and is energy saving.
Pressure on piston (large chamber) is high [5A5 > 5B5]
When the pressure at 5B5 is greater than 5A5, check valve C2 closes.
The pressurized oil acts against regenerating valve piston A, as it exceeds the force of spring E, piston A and spool C move
left opening passage (2). The return oil now flows through passage (1) and passage (2) to tank passage (T).

Figure 2
Arm regenerating valve assembly
Pressure on 5pc5, [5A5 > 5B5]
Port (5pc5) is the servo signal for slew priority function.
When servo hydraulic pressure is applied, piston (H) and stopper (G) move to the right as hydraulic pressure overcomes the
force of springs (F,E). This action then moves spool C, closing passage (2).
As the return oil pressure rises, the regeneration process starts.