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Respected Madam

We Dr Kapila Padmavathi and Dr Kapila Sriprakash working as Doctors in Hyderabad and

holding Burgundy Bank account number’s # 915010064803096 and 914010048476668
respectively from your Bank.

We are writing with deep regret as a last resort on your banking service and this was not
expected from a renowned bank like yours We both are renowned Doctors in Hyderabad and
are esteemed customers of Axis Bank for last 5 years .We even have opened accounts for
our children in Axis Bank .Madam you being Awardee of outstanding business woman of the
year we are pleading you to attend our grievance and take necessary action immediately.

We placed our hard-earned money in your bank because of the trust we repose in it.
However, both our accounts got siphoned off fraudulently and total amount of Rs 4,93,235/-
got transferred to fraudulent person whose account was also with Axis Bank. We have
blocked our accounts on the same day and Immediately, next day morning 9:15 AM we went
to Mehdipatnam branch to report the fraudulent transaction’s and met the burgundy
Relationship Manager & Branch Manager and tried to convey our concerns and requested to
block the Axis Bank Account of fraudulent person’s A/c Number # 917010073026598. But,
Branch has not responded and requested for an FIR to initiate the action.
We have requested for statement copies to file FIR for our account’s but branch responded
that bank server’s are not working to generate statement copies.
We requested to block fraudulent person’s account but branch responded carelessly that you
can block only after submission of FIR and which indirectly helped culprit rather than victim.
We went to cybercrime cell and submitted the FIR on 27 th Dec itself at your Mehdipatnam
branch and till date no body concerned to call or update the status on the fraud.
We have been faithful Patrons of your Bank from past couple of years. There has never been
any overdraft or loan availed against our account’s during our whole banking relationship
with your bank and we have been supportive all the times to meet your Quarter & Year end
budget’s. but, today when we are in trouble, we have been neglected by your bank. Axis
bank talks a lot about Burgundy premium services while taking business from us and We
were fully neglected when we are in need of your Services.
Please respond to some of our concern’s :
1. How Can Your Bank open an account to a Fraudster?
2. Have you followed RBI KYC Policies while Account Opening. If followed, how can
fraudster opened account with your Bank ? We have heard a lot of bad news about
your bank in demonetization time and now we feel your bank won’t take KYC
3. There is delay in blocking our debit cards. It took 15 Minutes to block the card and I
request you to check call details. If you could have improved the turn around time we
could have saved amount.
4. We have submitted the FIR on 27th Dec(4 days back) at your Mehdipatnam branch
and till date no body concerned to call or update the status on the fraud. Now a days,
Even TV or Refrigerator Service Provider’s will call/text us to update on timeline of the
resolution but being Great Burgundy Client of your Bank we are still awaiting a call or
mail from you people. Is it Prompt from your end ? Will you Bank in case if it is
happen to any one of you ?
5. We feel some of your bank official’s perpetrates this fraud and misappropriated our
money with out that it’s difficult to open an account of a fraudster. But this does not
come to light till you check our compliance process.
6. Often, there is a considerable time lag between the our reporting and your action.
I regret to inform you that your branches and burgundy managers are not rendering
satisfactory services to its customers and more importantly they are not bothered to
respond when we were in need. There is something wrong, so here I am making an official
complaint so that you can step in this matter and find out what the problem is and how to fix

Thanks for your time and I will appreciate an immediate action on this matter by reversing
the fund’s transferred by Axis bank from the fraudulent customer

Thanks and Regards,

Dr Padmavathi & Dr.Kapila Sriprakash

Phone no Drk.padmavathi 9393339792

9/4/84/29 Kakatiyanagar Hyderabad 8