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My name is Am.

My name is Is.
I am
My name is Are. is
no SheIt no
We You areThey
no t

My name is Not. I
help the verb to be
to form negative

Fill in the verb to be. Look at the

pictures. Cross out not where
Hello! We are the verb to
Hello! My name is Plog. Help
me to do my homework, Ex. Lucy is not a dog.

1. Make the sentences negative. 1. Tom _____ not happy.

Look at the example.
2. We _____ not boys.
Ex. Dan is my sister.
Dan is not my sister. 3. They _____ not pupils.
It is my ball.
4. It _____not a cake.
Emma is a football player. 5. I _____ not a teacher.
I am at home. 6. She _____ not at school.
You are a dragon. 7. You _____ not a dancer.
Tim and Anny are friends. 3. Look at the table about Plog, Dotty and Draggy.
________________________ Help Plog to write a letter. Fill in the verb to be and
We are funny. not (where necessary).
I am Plog. (1)It _______ my family, it
Sam is sad today.
________________________ _______very small. (2)Dotty and
Draggy_________my friends, they
__________sad. (3) I_________a tennis
Plog Dotty Draggy player, I________a football player. (4) Draggy
1big family2friends, happy3football __________ big, he_________ small.
player4small5green6good dragons7pupil, not a
(5)Dotty________green, she_______orange.
(6) We________bad dragons, we_______good
dragons. (7) You _________a dragon, but you
________ a pupil.