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1. A traffic class in UMTS applications that d. LAN 11. The minimum illumination recommended
includes the request-response type of 2- 6. How long does it take to dial the number for reading is ____ lux.
way communications processes between 781-1225 using pulse dialing with 0.5s a. 800
machines and humans such as Web inter-digit time? b. 850
browsing, database retrieval and server a. 5.6s c. 900
access. b. 7.2s d. 950
a. conversational class c. 6.8s 12. It is a standard designed by ITU to allow
b. streaming class d. 12.5s telephones in the public telephone
c. interactive class 7. A loudspeaker produces an SPL of 85dB- network to talk to computers/terminals
d. background class SPL at 1 meter distance and input electrical connected to the Internet.
2. The method used for measuring the phase power of 1W. How loud is the SPL at the a. H.111
drift between the radio frequency of the distance of 20 meters if this speaker is b. H.123
master signal and that of the same signal driven to 20W of electrical power? c. H.321
in LORAN-C. a. 82dB-SPL d. H.323
a. ground matching b. 72dB-SPL 13. The _____ provides the mathematical
b. hyperbolic matching c. 69dB-SPL representation for using a Gaussian
c. vertical matching d. 79dB-SPL process as a model for a large number of
d. cyclic matching 8. For Group I facsimile, the CCITT different physical phenomena in which the
3. What is the overhead (number of extra frequencies used are ____ Hz for white random variable, at a particular instant of
bits) in the DS-3 service? and _____ Hz for black. time, is the result of a large number of
a. 1.368Mbps a. 1500,2200 individual random events.
b. 1.480Mbps b. 1300,2300 a. Gaussian Theorem
c. 2.048Mbps c. 1500,2400 b. Central Limit Theorem
d. 6.024 Mbps d. 1500,2300 c. Poisson Distribution
4. Noise when measured across the tip and 9. A loudspeaker has an acoustic power of d. Gaussian Distribution
ring terminals of a network shall be ____ 1mW if the electrical power is 10W. What 14. The speed of sequence of musical notes is
dBrnCO. is the rated efficiency? called:
a. 15 a. 40dB a. Pitch
b. 16 b. -50dB b. Tempo
c. 17 c. 50 dB c. Timbre
d. 18 d. -40dB d. Musical Instrument Digital
5. The name given for a set of standards for 10. One of the following is not a primary type Interface
communicating among computers in which of Hybrid data used to combine digitally 15. Asynchronous transmission has low-speed
the primary purpose is to serve as a encoded signals with FDM signal and transmission of less than ___ kbps.
structural guideline for exchanging transmit them as one composite baseband a. 2.4
information between computers, signal. b. 3.8
workstations and networks. a. DIV c. 1.2
a. OSI b. DVD d. 5.6
b. TCP/IP c. DTV
c. Owen bridge d. DAVID

16. Defines the rules of the conversation the 21. In the IS-95 A cellular service, the base c. c. AWG#19
message passing among the network station transmit frequency is ___ above d. AWG#23
users. the mobile station transmit frequency. 27. As per Philippine standard, frequency
a. network protocol a. 65 MHz allocation of AM Radio Broadcast is from
b. Internet protocol b. 60 MHz ____.
c. Data c. 50 MHz a. 535 to 1605KHz
d. Information protocol d. 45 MHz b. 526.5 to 1605KHz
17. In acoustics, the optimum reverberation of 22. A computer monitor has a resolution of c. 535 to 1705 KHz
a recording studio is in the range of ____ 1280 by 1024 pixels. If each pixel uses d. 526.5 to 1705 KHz
seconds. 1024 colors, how many bits are needed to 28. Exact value of color subcarrier frequency
a. 1.3 to 1.6 send the complete contents of a screen? (MHz) is ______.
b. 0.45 to 0.55 a. 12 Gigabits a. 3.579554
c. 2.4 to 3 b. 1.3 Gigabits b. 3.579455
d. 0 to 0.1 c. 12 Megabits c. 3.580545
18. What is the color TV system adopted by d. 13.1 Megabits d. 3.579545
the Philippines? 23. A set of communication facilities allowing 29. In the KBP tv code, a fine of ____ pesos is
a. NTSC direct access to 64 kbps data streams (or imposed on a violation for SEX, OBSCENITY
b. PAL multiples of) for drop and insert. A form of and VIOLENCE.
c. SECAM cell relay, supports B-ISDN. a. P1000
d. none of the above a. Broadband ISDN b. P7000
19. A loud speaker cabinet has an internal b. Asynchronous Transfer Mode c. P2000
volume of 5,184 cubic in(84,950 cubic cm). c. LAN topology d. P6000
It has a port area on the baffle of 50 d. Ethernet 30. The first computer-controlled central
squares in (323 square cm) and a thickness 24. The approximate sound pressure level of a office switching system used in PSTN.
of 0.75 in (19mm). What is the Helmholtz normal conversation is ______ a. No.7 ESS
resonance in Hertz, of this loud speaker a. 30dB b. No.2 ESS
enclosure. b. 60 dB c. No.5 ESS
a. 250 Hz c. 80dB d. No.1 ESS
b. 245 Hz d. 100dB 31. The CCITT structure has a number of study
c. 240 Hz 25. What component in the telephone set has groups that provide the work classification
d. 255 Hz the primary functions of compensating for or specialization for developing the
20. The full IEEE 1394b specifically supports the local loop length? recommendations. The CCITT has ___
connections up to 100 meters in length. It a. Varistor study groups.
also supports data rates up to ___. b. induction coil a. 14
a. 2.4 Gbps c. potentiometer b. 15
b. 100 Mbps d. transformer c. 16
c. 1 Gbps 26. What is the commonly used telephone d. 17
d. 3.2 Gbps wire? 32. An error detection method which uses
a. AWG #22 one’s complement arithmetic.
b. AWG#20 a. Checksum

b. CRC d. V modem 44. How many central office allotted for each
c. Simple-parity check 38. Determine the visual carrier frequency of exchange?
d. Two-dimensional parity check TV channel 19 a. 2
33. The channel capacity of a 6KHz bandwidth a. 507.25 MHz b. 1
binary system is ___ bits/s. Assuming no b. 501.25 MHz c. 3
noise. c. 471.25 MHz d. 5
a. 1,000 d. 495.25 MHz 45. In an S/N circuit, the time that it must hold
b. 2,100 39. In telecommunications, the acronym NAM the sampled voltage is:
c. 10,000 stands for ______. a. Aperture time
d. 12,000 a. Non Alterable Memory b. Acquistion time
34. Also known as pin 21 of RS-232 interface b. Numeric Assignment Module c. Flat-top time
on D connector, this connection allows c. Numbered Access Module d. Dmin
signals to be transmitted from the DCE to d. Number Allocation Manager 46. Part of broadcasting in a day that refers to
the attached DTE whenever there is a high 40. A cable type used in CCTV system that has that period of time between 1000 UTC to
probability of an error in the received data a maximum run length of 250m. 2200 UTC. UTC stands for Universal Time
due to the quality of the circuit falling a. URM-50 Coordinates.
below a predefined level. b. URM-80 a. Daytime period
a. DCE transmitter signal element c. URM-90 b. Nighttime period
timing d. URM-70 c. Experimental period
b. color quality selector 41. In cellular telephony, a burst lasts d. primetime period
c. signal quality detector approximately ___ microsends? 47. An AM broadcast service area in which
d. DTE transmitter signal element a. 0.577 groundwave field of 1mV/m (60dBu) is not
timing b. 477 subject to objectionable interference of
35. Interoperable LAN Security standard. c. 577 objectionable fading.
a. 802.13 d. 0.477 a. primary service area
b. 802.9 42. What is a typical distance by a LAN using b. secondary service area
c. 802.7 Ethernet? c. intermittent service area
d. 802.10 a. 500 to 2500 km d. none among these
36. The typical amount of voltage in dc used in b. 10 to 1000km 48. What is the maximum allowable ERP for
the battery of the central office with c. 500 to 2500 m channels 7-13 in Metro Manila and Metro
respect to ground. d. 10 to 1000m Cebu?
a. -48 43. Determine the peak frequency deviation a. 100 KW
b. +72 for a binary FSK signal with a mark b. 316KW
c. +48 frequency of 63 kHz, space frequency of c. 350 KW
d. -72 75kHz and an input bit rate of 2kbps. d. 1MW
37. What protocol uses the checksum method a. 6KHz 49. The most versatile and popular crossbar
of error-detection? b. 7KHz switch was ____.
a. Y modem c. 9KHz a. #4YB
b. Z modem d. 8KHz b. #5YB
c. X modem c. #5XB

d. #5ZB d. Run length code 61. Reed-Solomon codes utilize a technique

50. When watching TV programs, considering 56. In digital broadcasting standards, MPEG1 called ___ to rearrange the data into a
the NTSC standard receiver, the best compression uses a technique in which nonlinear ordering scheme to improve the
viewing distance from TV screen is about each 8x8 block is encoded by first applying chance of data correction.
___ times the picture tube height. ___ and then a quantization process. a. Pseudorandom
a. 10-20 a. Progressive scanning b. BSC
b. 100-20 b. Fourier Transform c. Interleaving
c. 50-60 c. Discrete Cosine Transform d. Quantizing
d. 4-8 d. Progressive Transform 62. In April 2002, the IEEE published their
51. The thick coaxial cable implementation of 57. In antenna mast or tower construction, the 802.16 standard for “broadband wireless
standard Ethernet. required obstruction painting and/or access” (BWA), more commonly known as:
a. 1000 Base-T lighting must be imposed on mast or tower a. WIMAX
b. 10 Base-T more than ___ from the ground level. b. Zigbee
c. 10 Base-2 a. 100 ft c. Wi-Fi
d. 10 Base-5 b. 150ft d. Bluetooth
52. Jitter is term used to magnify phase shifts c. 200ft 63. An ordinary SIM card used in most cellular
of the information transmitted. Jitter d. 250ft phones today has a typical dimension of
above 10Hz is called ______. 58. The AT&T T1 lines ___.
a. Alias a. use 16-bit PCM code and include a. 10x15mm
b. Impulse 24 voice channels b. 20x25mm
c. Wander b. use delta modulation and include c. 15x10mm
d. Parity 48 voice channels d. 25x15mm
53. The NRZ digital signal-encoding format has c. use 8-bit PCM code and include 64. The operating frequency range of low
a ______ component in the waveform. 24 voice channel frequency CATV amplifier.
a. Dc d. use delta modulation and include a. 1 Hz to 150MHz
b. Sinusoidal 24 voice channels b. 10 to 100 MHz
c. Harmonic 59. What term is used in asynchronous c. 10 to 150 MHz
d. Parity transfer mode (ATM) system to describe a d. 1 Hz to 100 MHz
54. It is a four wire Gigabit Ethernet byte? 65. Contains seven bytes (56bits) of
implementation a. Harmonic alternating 0s and 1s that alert the
a. 1000 Base-SX b. Octet receiving system to the coming frame and
b. 1000 Base –LX c. Octave enable it to synchronize its input timing.
c. 1000 Base-T d. Bit a. Padding
d. 1000 Base-CX 60. In FDM, how many mastergroups b. Preamble
55. Codes that have a restriction on the constitute a Jumbo group? c. CRC
number of consecutive 1s or 0s in a a. 6 d. Signalling
sequence. b. 12 66. The central office detects a request for
a. Fixed weight code c. 10 service from a telephone by:
b. Linear Block codes d. 8 a. a flow of loop current
c. Systematic code b. no loop current

c. a ringing signal 72. A multiplexer combines four 150kbps b. 0.876Vmax

d. dial pulses channels using a time slot of 5bits, c. 0.867 Vmax
67. As per Philippine standard, what is the determine the frame duration. d. 0.752 Vmax
minimum frequency separation in any a. 33.33 us 78. Class B FM broadcast stations in the
service area for adjacent AM radio b. 3.33 us Philippines are to limit the height of the
stations? c. 53.33 us antenna to ___ above average terrain.
a. 40 kHz d. 1.33 us a. 500 ft
b. 200 kHz 73. Using 802.11 legacy, the maximum data b. 200 ft
c. 36 kHz rate is ___. c. 100 ft
d. 300 kHz a. 11 Mbps d. 400 ft
68. In acoustics, it is a measure of sound b. 2Mbps 79. A ___ converts information from non-ISDN
pressure (dB SPL), over the frequency c. 64Mbps format to ISDN format?
spectrum, for which a listener perceives a d. 8Mbps a. TE1
constant loudness when presented with 74. A telephone signal takes 6ms to reach its b. TE2
pure steady tones. destination. Calculate the via net loss c. TA
a. Equal-loudness Contour required for an acceptable amount of d. NT1
b. Loudness echo. 80. A classification of telephone system using
c. Even-Intensity Level a. 4.4db PCM and TDM
d. Even-Pitch control b. 1.6db a. T1
69. Class of switching office which is the local c. 0.4db b. S1
exchange where the subscriber loops d. 0.8 db c. B1
terminated and received dial tone. 75. Switching systems d. K1
a. Class 5 a. improve the efficiency of data 81. A block coding technique in which four bits
b. Class 4C transfer are encoded into a five bit code.
c. Class 3 b. are not used in data systems a. Baudot
d. Class 1 c. require additional lines b. 2B1Q Encoding
70. It is the interdisciplinary study of the d. are limited to small data c. 4B/5B Encoding
structure of regulatory systems and closely networks d. 4A/BA Encoding
related to control theory and systems 76. Non regular advertisements are commonly 82. In negative transmission what is the
theory. called relative amplitude of the modulated
a. Biometrics a. casual plug picture carrier wave for black in the
b. Aerospace b. t-plugs picture?
c. Cybernetics c. back-to-back announcements a. 12.5%
d. Astrodynamics d. traditional advertisements b. 67.5&
71. What is the bit rate of STS-1? 77. A signal at the input to a mu-law c. 75%
a. 51.84 Mbps compressor is positive with its voltage d. 100%
b. 64 kbps one-fourth of the maximum value. What 83. The high frequency range of CATV
c. 100 Mbps proportion of the maximum output amplifier.
d. 2.4Ghz voltage is produced? a. 300 MHz to 50,000 MHz
a. 0.786 Vmax b. 500MHz to 50,000 MHz

c. 500MHz to 30,000 MHz 89. A set of charts used in color TV to verify 95. The 802.11b and 802.11g divide the
d. 300MHz to 30,000 MHz hue, brilliance and chroma. 2.4GHz spectrum into how many
84. Telephone switch that connects only to a. Hunsell Color Scale overlapping, staggered channels whose
other switches, and not to individual b. Munsell Color Scale center frequencies are 5MHz apart?
customers. c. Runsell Color Scale a. 13
a. central office d. Dunsell Color Scale b. 14
b. toll station 90. What is the typical output voltage of c. 15
c. tandem office magnetic microphone? d. 16
d. PSTN a. 100mV 96. Indicate which of the following is not a
85. For Ethernet system with a length of b. 1mV submarine cable
3.5km on coaxial cable with a velocity c. 150mV a. TAT-7
factor of 0.65. What is the propagation d. 15mV b. INTELSAT V
delay? 91. How long does it take to horizontally scan c. ATLANTIS
a. 12.6us 550 pixels? d. CANTAT 2
b. 8.33us a. 62.5 us 97. In negative transmission, what is the
c. 17.95us b. 53.5 us relative amplitude of the modulated
d. 13.88us c. 68.75us picture carrier wave for maximum white?
86. What kind of microphone used in d. 52.75 us a. 12.5%
broadcasting that needs a tiny amplifier 92. The ITU-T recommendation for error b. 67.5%
built in it called the head amp? detection and correction for asynchronous c. 75%
a. Condenser microphone transmission. d. 100%
b. Spider microphone a. V.41 98. What is the aural carrier for channel 6?
c. Cardiods Microphone b. V.43 a. 87.75 MHz
d. Carbon Microphone c. V.42 b. 81.75MHz
87. What is the maximum power allowable for d. V.40 c. 65.75 MHz
remote pick-up stations used as broadcast 93. This OSI layer is responsible for network d. 59.75 MHz
auxiliary services for AM and FM broadcast availability, data storage and processor 99. In acoustics, ___ is generally used as a
stations. capacity. It also determines the type of standard in tuning.
a. 10W dialogue available. a. A (la)
b. 15W a. Session Layer b. C (do)
c. 35W b. Network Layer c. E (mi)
d. 200W c. Data Layer d. G(sol)
88. Given the pulse spreading constant equal d. Transport Layer 100. The first fixed-length character code
to 10ns/m and the cable length equal to 94. What frequencies would be generated by a developed for machines rather than for
100 meters, determine the maximum bit telephone using DTMF signalling, when the people.
rate in Mbps for UPNRZ transmission. # key is pressed? a. ASCII code
a. 500Mbps a. 697 Hz and 1633 Hz b. Gray code
b. 1.0Mbps b. 941 Hz and 1477 Hz c. EBCDIC code
c. 1000Mbps c. 852 Hz and 1336 Hz d. Baudot code
d. 0.5Mbps d. 941 Hz and 1209 Hz