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Programa English Language Teaching Program

Asignatura: Análisis de exámenes Internacionales.

Sede: Talca


Rúbrica N° 01: Para evaluar

Very good Good Weak Poor Observaciones

Dimensiones Puntaje
4 3 2 1
4. Superior completion of 3. Completion of the task, 2. Partial completion of 1. Minimal
the task, responses responses and interaction the task, responses completion of the
Task Completion appropriate and with great appropriate and mostly appropriate yet task and/or
amount of interaction. adequately developed undeveloped and lack responses frequently
interaction inappropriate.
4. Responses are readily 3. Responses are 2. Responses are 1. Responses are
comprehensible, requiring comprehensible, requiring mostly barely
no interpretation on the minimal interpretation on comprehensible, comprehensible.
part of the listener. the part of the listener. requiring interpretation
on the part of the
4. Speech continuous with 3. Some hesitation but 2. Speech choppy 1. Speech halting
few pauses or stumbling. manages to continue and and/or slow with and uneven with
Fluency complete thoughts. frequent pauses, few long pauses or
or no incomplete incomplete
thoughts. thoughts.
4. Enhances 3. Does not interfere with 2. Occasionally 1. Frequently
Pronunciation communication and communication. interferes with interferes with
nothing is misunderstood communication. communication.
4. Rich use of vocabulary 3. Adequate and accurate 2. Somewhat 1. Inadequate
and vocabulary seen in use of vocabulary for this inadequate use of and/or inaccurate
class. level. vocabulary and too use of vocabulary.
Vocabulary basic for this level.

4. Control of advanced 3. Emerging control of 2. Emerging use of 1. Inadequate

language structures. complex language basic language and/or inaccurate
Grammar structures. structures. use of basic