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Belle O’Hara

Mr. Campbell

Religion II

December 15, 2017

Saint Catherine of Bologna is the patron saint of the arts and temptation. She excelled as

a painter and writer, but was also an inspiring faith figure. She was admired for her holiness by

her peers and other religious. Saint Catherine of Bologna is very inspiring to me as a saint, and I

look up to her as a religious role model. She is my conformation saint, and I strive to be like her


Saint Catherine of Bologna was born into an aristocratic family with a very diplomatic

father. She was born as Catherine de’ Virgi on September 8, 1413 in Bologna, Italy. She grew up

having a very good education in reading, writing, singing, and drawing. She excelled in painting

and writing. At a very young age she felt drawn towards the religious life, but was encouraged

by her family to get married and continue her school work. She joined the convent at age 13, and

was determined to live a life of perfection and holiness. In 1426, she entered the convent of

Corpus Domini at Ferrara. Later in 1432, she and other sisters founded the monastery of the

Order of Poor Clares. There at the convent she worked very humble jobs like being the

laundress, baker, and caretaker of animals. Along with working, she also continued to paint and

write. Her painting of Saint Ursula still remains on display in the Venice gallery. She wrote a

guide for the incoming novices coming into the convent called The Seven Spiritual Weapons.

Many people still read and study the book. The book is known for the quote, “To believe in that

alone we will never be able to do something good.”

Saint Catherine also had incredible visions of Mary, Jesus, and Satan. When she was

spending Christmas Eve in the chapel intending to pray 1,000 Hail Mary’s. Mary appeared to her

at midnight with the swaddled baby Jesus in her arms. She gave him to her and let Catherine

hold him and kiss him. She has also had visions of both Jesus and Satan. Saint Catherine became

ill at age 49, and died on March 9, 1463. She was buried in her homeland, Bologna, Italy.

However, she was exhumed eighteen days after she was buried because of reports of a sweet

scent coming from her grave, and many miracles that happened near her grave. When she was

taken out of her grave her body was found to be incorrupt and flexible. The corpse was then

relocated to the chapel of the Poor Clares in Bologna. Her body is now on display in the church

with her in a nun robe and sitting on a throne encased in glass.

I chose Saint Catherine to be my confirmation saint because I am very artistic and she

inspires me to resist temptations and improve my faith. She was inspiration to everyone around

her, and brought positivity to everyone she met. I want to be able to be as close to God as Saint

Catherine, and bring as much positivity to the world as she did.

Saint Catherine of Bologna, teach us to love like you, and inspire others. You were so

loved by Jesus and Mary, and help us resist all temptations by the devil. You are a model for all,

and continue to inspire all artists and Catholics. May we one day be as holy and pure as you.
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