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(Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, No.1930600)

Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore 641 114, Tamil Nadu, India

Ph.:0422-2614830 / 31 /32 Mob:09487 846615

For Classes
Pre-KG to IX & XI
Separate Hostel Campus
for Boys and Girls from Class IV
Salient Features:
Technology supported Classrooms Activity based learning
Student centred & collaborative approach
 Well equipped Maths, Science, Computer Labs Well stocked Library
Indoor - Outdoor Sports Activities Emphasis on Personality development & Leadership
skills Club activities Lovely Hill-lock location and pristine environment
 Well-trained Teachers and Care Takers Emphasis on Value Education


of one of the
students in Karunya
 Tax Exemption for you and your Company We are five members in our
under 80 G(2) (a) (iiif) family. My father is working as a
coolie and his income is not
 Enjoy tax exemption along with the pleasure sufficient to meet the needs of our
of helping a poor student to study in the family. So I never imagined that I
Karunya University, with full financial aid. would study in a college. However,
seeing my marks and my poverty
 You may introduce this Educational service to state, the Karunya University has
your colleagues or your company or your given me admission for
friends and relatives who are running B.Tech., My four year
big firms and help them receive tax studies are for free. I would
exemption. study well, progress in life
and help the children who
 Make the dream of a poor student struggle like me.
about his technical studies to come - Rajkumar,
true in his life. Karunya Student.

For details of Educational Fee/donation
for a student (girl/boy): +91 99402 99979
Kindly send your donation by DD or Cheque drawn in favour of
to the address:
Karunya Educational & Research Trust , 16, D.G.S. Dhinakaran Road,
Chennai - 600 028. Email:
Website: - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 3
Hello Friend, Let me turn your focus to a few unfailing promises of
God for you in this month:
“And He will love you and bless you and multiply you; He will also
bless the fruit of your womb and the fruit of your land, your grain and
your new wine and your oil, the increase of your cattle and the offspring
of your flock, in the land of which He swore to your fathers to give
you” (Deuteronomy 7:13)
“And I will make My covenant between Me and you, and will multiply
you exceedingly.” (Genesis 17:2)
“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that
we ask or think, according to the power that works in us”
(Ephesians 3:20 )
It is wonderfully stated in gives a clearer and deepermeaning yond our greatest prayers, hopes,
Ephesians 3:20 which says, “Now in the Amplified version which or dreams], according to His power
to Him who is able to do exceed- says, “Now to Him who is able to that is at work within us.”
ingly abundantly above all that we [carry out His purpose and] do Yes! My friend! The blessings
ask or think, according to the power superabundantly more than all that and promises of the Lord makes
that works in us.” The same verse we dare ask or think [infinitely be- us marvel! The Lord is saying to
4 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
you now, “My son; My daughter! I The same thing happened for He was able to say, “My heart is
am going to give you exceeding Joseph too. He was obedient full of sorrow unto death” (Mat-
abound and increase in abundance to his father. His Father thew 26:38). Are you going the
in this month and in the months to loved him more than all his same path of sorrow and
come”. Yes! My friend! Even as other sons. He gave him a suffering?But remember Jesus
multi-coloured tunic. When
you are reading this message, this rose up in every situation.
his brothers saw how much
blessing that would make you
the father loved him above all When the devil took Jesus to the
abound in abundance will come of them they began to hate peaks of the mountain and tempted
upon you. him. Joseph saw a dream him; Jesus too confronted him by
You need to also note that the and told that to his brothers. the most powerful words of the
devil also knows that the Lord is And that made his brothers scripture. The devil left Him im-
going to bless you with the bless- grow even more jealous mediately.
ing that will make you abound. So against him and hate him
even more. (Gen 37:4,5). When the inquities of this world
even before this abundant blessing
increased in abundance, Jesus
would come upon us he brings in When God gave him visions he
came for our sake and shed His
abundant tribulations and sufferings informed that to everyone. Upon
the word of his father he took bread blood. The blood of Jesus cleanses
upon us.
to all his brothers. But the brothers us from all sin. (1 John 1:7).
He is going to bring a beast that
conspired against him to kill him. Shadrack, Meshak and
will exceeding in abundant terrible-
They threw him into a pit after Abednego were thrown into the
ness against the children of God;
which he was sold as a slave. He blazing fire but the son of the living
against the nation of Israel. (Daniel
worked there faithfully as a slave. God appeared amidst them in the
7:19). We are going to enter such
Then he remained faithful to his fire. The flames of fire could not
days very soon.
master by refusing to fall into sin. harm them in any way. (Daniel
How does the satan work? But eventually he only had prison 3:25).
The devil took Jesus to a moun- as his reward. What a great
agony? This is the way that the When King Herod got furious
tain peak in order to tempt Him the Lord sent His angel and saved
devil brings next path against
(Matthew 4:8). the baby Jesus. (Matthew 2:19,20).
God’s children. King Herod was
Yes! When he makes people very furious that he was not able In the same way He is sending an
sin, he takes them to the peak of to kill Jesus. He was deceived by angel of the Lord for us too. He is
sin and makes them commit huge the wise men and therefore he sent guarding us in all our ways and He
and atrocious sins. (Ezekiel 9:9) out an order to kill all the kids who takes us to the God–destined place
were below 2 years (Matthew in our lives. (Exodus 23:20).
He did the same in the lives of
2:16). The two people who were pos-
Shadrack, Meshak and Abednego.
He brought in an abounding prob- When Jesus was walking on sessed by demons were fierce and
lem by causing the King to punish this earth, when he came to the terrible but Jesus said, “ In My
them by throwing them into a fur- country of Gergesenes there met Name you shall drive out demons”.
nace of fire. The King Him two demon-possessed men (Mark 16:17)He says, “I come to
Nebuchadnezzar increased the fire coming out of the tombs, exceed- destroy the works of the devil” (1
by 7 times. The furnace was su- ingly fierce, so that no one could John 3:8).
perheated against these children of pass that way. (Matthew 8:28). Sorrow unto death may fill our
God (Daniel 3:22). This is how evil Yes! Those who are led by the devil hearts but the Lord says, “You shall
people will work against the chil- are exceedingly fierce. All these
see Me again and when you see
dren of God. Yes! They will con- are the terrible ways that the devil
me your sorrow shall be turned into
spire a super – heated furnace of joy” (John 16:20). Sorrow could
fire to burn them down to ashes. Since Jesus went through the have increased in your life but
This is the work of the devil. sorrow and sufferings of the Cross, Jesus will arise in the middle of that - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 5
sorrow; He will arise in the midst back in great speed because of the abundant blessings in your family.
of sin. air inflated in it. In the same way
Abundant Gladness
the Holy Spiritwill bring you back
The Lord will arise with you in “For You have made him
the midst with you like the furnace from prison – like bondages, from
most blessed forever;You
of fire. The Lord will appear as the all things that enslave you and also
have made him exceedingly
Word when the devil comes to test lift you up and make you be seated glad with Your presence.”
you and tempt you with huge temp- on the throne. Surely God will do
(Psalm 21:6)
tations. Jesus is our refuge.In this this to you in the future. So let us
world we have hope through Jesus plead unto God saying, “Lord! I The LORD will fill us with joy
Christ. Let us invite Him to dwell surrender myself to you. Lord which comes by dwelling in His
in our hearts. Jesus! Please fill me with your Holy presence. But look at the interest-
Spirit”. Then, the Lord will bless ing way in which the Scripture de-
They put Joseph into prison, but scribes the joy. It says “exceed-
you, make you increase with bless-
the Holy Spirit in him and delivered ingly gladness”. Friend! Are you
ings and fill you with exceedingly
him from the agony of prison. Holy sitting in sorrow? The Lord will
abundant blessings.
Spirit rose amidst the evil people make His countenance shine upon
around him and brought him before What are the blessings the
Lord will give us? you and fill you with exceeding and
the King. The Bible says, in
glorious gladness. He said, “You
Ecclesiastes 4:14, “For he comes Abundant Wisdom
will see Me and your sorrow will
out of prison to be king although “And God gave Solomon wis- be turned into joy”. Yes! I will send
he was born poor in his kingdom”. dom and exceedingly great that grace upon you.
In the same way the Lord will de- understanding, and large-
liver you from all bondages and ness of heart like the sand on Abundant Help
struggles. He will lift you up to the seashore.” (1 Kings 4:29) “So I prophesied as He com-
honour in the society, in your work manded me, and breath
God will give you too this abun-
spot and in the nation. came into them, and they
dant wisdom. Through that wisdom
the King Nebuchadnezzar said the Lord will lift you up and make lived, and stood upon their
about Daniel that “The Spirit of the you stand before kings. feet, an exceedingly great
gods are in you”. (Daniel 4:9). army.” (Ezekiel 37:10)
What a wonder! When the Sprit Abundant Wealth
“For at that time they came
of God is in us, whichever prison “Hezekiah had very great to David day by day to help
they put us into, God will turn the riches and honor. And he him, until it was a great
events upside down and make us made himself treasuries for army, like the army of God.”
rulers of the nation. As you are silver, for gold, for precious (1 Chronicles 12:22)
reading this message,that grace of stones, for spices, for shields,
and for all kinds of desirable People came like an army and
the Lord is laying upon you now.
items;” (2 Chronicles 32:27) helped King David.In the same
In this month and in the months way my friend, people of large
to come God will make you King- Great riches,
numbers will come to you from dif-
dom people. Friend! Are you in a great honor ferent directions and help you in
agony, feeling as though you are Friend! Hezekiah built treasur- your ministry. They will stand for
bound and put into the ies to contain the abundant wealth God in this nation.
prison?Forgotten by everyone? he had. To contain what God is
Rejected and betrayed? God will Friend! we are not going to be
going to give you; you need to build
fill you with the Holy Spirit. It is alone anymore. Your family too is
large treasures. Yes! That’s the
important to be filled with the Holy going to arise like an army and
extent to which God is going to
Spirit. You will automatically enter stand as a witness for the Lord.
bless you and give you exceedingly
into the rulership. God will grant you this grace.
abundance and make you prosper.
How much ever you push it into From this month onwards there is Abundant Souls
the water, a rubber ball,will bounce going to be abundant wealth and “So the people of Nineveh
6 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
believed God, proclaimed a neighborhood and your city. I be- city. This is the abundant blessing
fast, and put on sackcloth, lieve the Lord is going to do such a the Lord gives you today. Through
from the greatest to the least miracle in your state. It is for this you your family will be saved. The
of them.” (Jonah 3:5) reason that servants of God gath- anointing of the Holy Spirit. will
The prophet Jonah ran against ered from many other parts of descend upon you.Our Lord will
the command of God. There was Tamilnadu and on 19 th of Decem- meet all your needs according to
a terrible storm in the sea. Jonah ber 2016. There was such a beau- His riches in glory.
was already full of fear saying, tiful harmony of so many churches, The Lord will fill you with a
“Oh! I have sinned against the missionary organizations and de- wealth of wisdom, wealth of riches
Lord” Then he was thrown into the nominations. They united their and wealth of gladness. Further you
sea and a whale that was prepared hearts together and prayed. will also receive a wealth of favour
by the Lord came and swallowed When we pray for our locality in the eyes of men and thus receive
him. Then he came out of the belly and our city the Lord opens the abundant wealth and affection.
of the fish and crossed the huge heavens to bless the city, so that Today is the day you need to
city called Nineveh in three we can bring cities into the bless- surrender your life into the hands
days.He announces the warning of ings and presence of our Lord and of the Lord. And you will experi-
God to the entire city and won all deliver the city from the famine ence the God – given power that
the souls of the whole city for the that the devil is planning to bring, will make you overcome all the
Lord. and usher the city into Gods’ bless- works of the devil against you. Yes!
Friend! The same thing is go- ings and abundant prosperity. The He will fill you with exceedingly
ing to happen in your locality; your Lords hand will descend over our abundant blessings.


Loving Lord, who hears the prayers of all flesh, I have come to your feet believing that
You will hear my prayers too. You have promised saying, “I have established My covenant
between you and Me and make you multiply abundantly.” According to your unfailing word
you will make me multiply abundantly. You will work in me more than what I can imagine or
ask for. May the blessing that would make me multiply more abundantly descend upon me.
O! God! I am going through terrible pain and hurt that are caused by problems that are
too huge for me to handle. I am going through trials and tribulations that are like a superheated
furnace. You, who overcame the devil with your word, please do arise in me and deliver me
from these unbearable tribulations ,destroy all the works of the devil against me and change
all my sorrow into joy. Send your angels before me to lead me to the high position that you
have prepared for me.
O! Lord! Who has planned to multiply my blessings abundantly, please bless me with
abundant wisdom, understanding and expand my mental capabilities like the sands of the
sea shore. Bless me with abundant prosperity and honour. Fill me with the abundant joy that
your presence brings.
Father God! It is your pleasure to bless me abundantly. May the love of God be upon me
and establish the work of my hands. Bless me and make me multiply in all my blessings the
way you blessed and multiplied Abraham. Bless me in such a way that I may increase a
thousand times more that what I am now. Bless me with your favour that I may be a great
success in the work of my hands, reap the good fruits of my sowing and be filled with joy,
favour and goodness. - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 7
Father God! My wealth and prosperity is not needed for you but for the saints on this
earth and to those saintly souls who I love with my whole heart. Father strengthen me so
that I may sow into your ministry liberally and generously and with a cheerful heart and reap
a hundred fold blessings. Help me to sow and reap and to share and to multiply in every
aspect of my life. Help me to be completely blessed in all things and increase in my good
works and grace. You are the One who gives seeds to the sower and food to eat. Accordingly
grant me seeds and help me to multiply those seeds. Open the windows of heaven and bless
me with no-room-to-contain blessings. Let blessings be poured into my bosom, pressed
down, shaken together and overflowing. Let my cup run over and let mercy and goodness
follow me all the days of my life.
Lord Jesus! When your disciple Peter tried fishing all through a night but could not catch
even one, you visited him graciously and blessed him so that he caught boats full of fishes.
You made him cast the net according to your Word and haul boat loads of fish. In the same
way Lord, bless me too that I may do everything in my life according to your Word and reap
abundant blessings. Help me to wisely use the talents that you have given me and be true
and faithful in small things so that I can become master over big things.
Father! Remember my works that I have rendered to the ministry and to the saints of God
and do render, bless me more than I can imagine or pray and make me increase abundantly.
Fulfill all my needs and remove all my insufficiencies according to your riches in glory. Fill
me according to your riches; abundant wisdom; immeasurable wealth and unspeakable joy.
Father! I praise you and thank you because you are going to do all this to me. I pray in the
name of Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.
(Verses from the scripture that were used as the basic for this prayer: Ps 65:2;Gene
17:2;Eph 3:20;Daniel 7:19,3:22-25,Matt 4:3-10, 1 Jn 3:8;Jn 16:20,Exo 23:20; 1 Kgs
4:29; 2 Chro 32:27; Ps 21:6; Num 24:1; Ps 90:17;Gene 17:6,22:17;Deu 1:11;Ps
128:2,5; Ps 16:2,3; 2 Corin 8:2,3; Gene 26:12; Pro 11:24,25, 2 Corin 9:6-10; Isa
55:10; Lk 6:38; Ps 23:5,6; Lk 5:2-6; Matt 25:15-29;Heb 6:10;Jn 1:16;Philipians 4:19)

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8 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -

1 March - Isaiah 65:22- My elect shall long enjoy the mountain.
work of their hands. Meditation: Judg 13:9;1 Sam 1:11-20; Ps 66:18,19; Pro 21:13;
Meditation: Isa 65:20; Ps 128:1-6; Gene 26:12,13; 35:28; Isa 2 Corin 6:1; 1 Jn 5:14,15
43:21; Psa144:15,12-14; Lk 20:36 18 March - Psalms 91:14 - Love your God
2 March - 2 Corin 3:17- where the Spirit of the Lord is, Meditation: 18:1;63:1,2; Jn 3:16; 1 Jn 3:16;Rom 5:8;21:15-
there is liberty. 18;14:15, 21-23;Rev 3:9
Meditation: 2 Corin 3:18; 1 Sam 16:13,23; Judg 6:1-6; 12- 19 March - Psalms 84:11- The Lord bestows grace and
16;15:13,14; Lk 4:14,18;Acts 10:38;1:8;Zec 4:6 favor and honor.
3 March - Psalms 16:8 - I will not be shaken, for he is Meditation: Gene 32:9,12; Ps 128:1-6;34:11-14; Exo 1:20;
right beside me. Job 2:10; 42:10,12-17;Matt 1:5; 1 Peter 3:8-11; 1 Timo 6:17.
Meditation: Pro10:30; 12:3; Ps 112:6,8; 21:7; 15:5; 55:22; 20 March - Jeremiah 33:3 - I will answer you.
62:2; 30:6; 10:6; 125:1 Meditation: Mrk 10:46-52; Matt 15:22-28;Ps 145:18; Judg
4 March -Isaiah 43:2- I will be with you. 18: 22-24; Rom 10:13
Meditation: Job 23:10;Pro 3:6;4:26,27;4:11;2:20;1:15;2:8; Isa 21 March - Joel 2:26-You will have plenty to eat and be
40:3; 42:16;Jere 6:16;31:21;Jn 14:4,6;21:22 satisfied.
5 March - Isaiah 32:18 - My people will live in a peaceful Meditation: Deu 8:10; Ecce 3:13;2:25; 1 Kgs 4:20-25; Isa
and undisturbed resting places. 23:18;65:13,14; 58:11; Esth 1:2-8;Ps 34:10;Lk 14:12-15; 15:23-
Meditation: 2 Kgs 4:13; Job 5:24;Ps 120:6;Gene 15:15; 1 25;22:12-16
Kgs 4:24 22 March - Psalms : 146:9 - He supports and protects.
6 March - Psalms 47:6 -The Lord of hosts is with us. Meditation: Ruth 1:5,16,17;2:12; 3:10; 4: 11-17; Gene 21:14-
Meditation: 1 Sam 1:3; 17:46-50; Isa 40: 26;45:12;41:10;43:5; 21;28:20-22;48:15,16; Jere 49:11; Lk 22:35; Heb 13:5;Philip
Matt 28:20 4:19
7 March - Psalms 81:10 - Open your mouth wide and I 23 March - Deutronomy 15:10 - Lord your God will bless
will fill it. you in all your work.
Meditation: Ps 147:7;12,13;92:1; 2 Chro 20:19,22; Gene Meditation: Ps 1:2,3;Gene 26:12,13; 2 Corin 8:10,11;Pro
29:35;Zec 10:6; Matt 21:9; Ps 103:1-5 28:19,20;Eph 6:7,8;Colo 3:23,24; 1 Corin 15:58;
8 March - Exodus 33:14 -I will give you rest. 24 March - Psalms: 46:1 A very present and well-proved
Meditation: Deu 12:8-10; 1 Kgs 5: 4; 8: 56; 2 Chro 14:6; Ps help in trouble.
116:7;Matt 11:28; Jere 6:16;31:2; Heb 4:3,9; Rev 14:13; Meditation: 94:16,17;Acts 3:19;Isa 12:2; 2 Chro 19:11;1 Kgs
9 March - 2 Corinthians 12:9 - I will give you strength. 22:32,33; Joshua 1:5
Meditation: Isa 41:10; 2 Sam 3:1; Ps 89:21; Acts 1:8;Isa 25 March - Isaiah 60:22 - The least one will become a
40:31;Rom1:16;Acts 3:16 mighty nation
10 March - Psalms 122:7 - prosperity within your palaces. Meditation: Judg 6:12-16;7:23,24;8:22,28;Isa 41:14;Deu
Meditation: 2 Kgs 4:13; Job 5:24; 1 Kgs 4:24; Ps 4:8;Pro 1:10,11;1 Corin1:26-28 ;Matt 4:18,20;Rev 7:9
11:14; Mrk 5:34; 26 March - Proverbs 10:22- The blessing of the Lord brings
11 March - Luke 1:37-with God nothing shall be true riches.
impossible. Meditation: Gene 24:35;26:12,13;1 Kgs 4:9,10;2:55;Mal
Meditation: Jere 32:27,17;Ps 33:9;Gene 1:3-31;Matt 3:9,10;Gala 3:13; 2 Corin 8:9;9:10
8:2,3;Rom 4:17;Mrk 9:23;11:22-24 27 March - Daniel 9:9 - To the Lord our God belong
12 March - Isaiah 1:19- You shall eat the best of the land mercy and lovingkindness and forgiveness.
Meditation: Ps 128:1-3;65:8-11;1 Kgs 4:20-24; 2 Kgs 4:8,13; Meditation: Exo 2:23-25;145:8;Judg 16:28-30; Dan 9:10; Matt
1 Peter 3:8-11; Jam 1:17; 1 Timo 6:17 8:2-17; 15:22-30; Jn 5:2-9; Jam 5:11.
13 March - Psalms 115:14 - May the Lord give you increase. 28 March - Psalms 34:10 - You will lack nothing.
Meditation: Gene 1:28;9:1;17:20;Deu7:13,14;Job 12:23;Isa Meditation: 2 Kgs 4:1-7; Jere 29:13; Ps 37:25;27:8;Amos
40:29;51:2;Heb 6:14 5:14; Matt 6:33;15:29-37;Lk 22:35
14 March - Zechariah 2:5- For I will be a wall of fire 29 March - Isaiah 52:12- God who protects us.
around you. Meditation: Gene 46:2-4; 47:30; Exo 13;14; 1 Sam 23:14;
Meditation: Exo 14:15-22; 1 Sam 25:16; Isa 26:1; 60:18;41:10; Nahum 1:7; Acts 18:9,10; Matt 28:20
Heb 13:5,6; Rev 21:12,14,18,19 30 March - Psalms 121:7 - The Lord will protect you from
15 March - Isaiah 62:3 - A crown of glory all evil.
Meditation: Exo 6:1;Ps 136:12; Hag 2:23; Hos 14:6; 1 Peter Meditation: Isa 43:2; Dan 3:19-26;6:16-22; 1 Corin 10:13;Lk
3:4; Lk 24:39,50;89:21 10:19; 2 Timo 3:11,12;4:18; Rev 3:10
16 March - John 14:13 - whatever you ask in My name. 31 March - Matthew 21:22 - whatever you ask for in prayer,
Meditation: Jn 14:14; Gal 3:13,14;Mrk 16:16,17; Acts believing, you will receive.
10:43;13:39; Pro 18:10;Rom 10:23;Philipi 2:5-11 Meditation: Jn 14:14; 1 Chro 4:9,10;Matt 8:3,4; Mrk 11:21-
17 March - Psalms 3:4-He answered me from His holy 24; Num 23:19; Heb 10:23 - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 9
For the first time, the Jesus Calls Prayer Festival was held in the Sarguja region, which is located in
northern part of Chhattisgarh state. Prayer Festival was held in the city of Ambikapur from January 13 -15
(Friday, Saturday and Sunday), at Rajiv Gandhi Government P.G College grounds. Great multitude of people
from the state of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa thronged to Ambikapaur,
despite the severe cold climate.

10 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran shared the Lord’s message and nearly 1 ½
lakhs of people were blessed directly through these meetings. The Lord touched the thirsty crowd through His
mighty Word delivered by His servants. Many were delivered from the clutches of the devil and many received
healing in their bodies. Thousands received the filling of the spirit and rejoiced. These meetings were held in
the August presence of Shri. Ajit Jogi, former Chief Minister, State of Chhattisgarh, Shri,T. S. Singhdeo,
Opposition party leader of Legislative Assembly, Most Rev. Pascal Topno, Retd. Arch Bishop, Rt. Rev. Amrutjay
Ekka, Bishop, Gossener Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rt. Rev. Robert Ali, Bishop of CNI-Chhattisgarh Diocese.
Dr. Ajay Tirkey, Mayor of Ambikapur not only participated but extended all the support for successful conduct
of these metings. The Organizing committee comprising of Mr. Prabodh Minz (Organising Chairman), Mr.
Munna Toppo-Vice Chairman, Mr. Prabhat Khalko (Vice Chairman), Mr. Ashish Chaurasiya (Convener), Mr.
Anup Toppo-(General Secretary), Mr. Rajesh Philip (Jt.Secretary), Mr. Sunil Palaskar (Jt.Convener), Mr.
Binu Mathai (Treasurer), Mr. K.M. Mathew (Jt. Treasurer), Conveners of working committees - Mr. Anupam
Philip (Publicity), Mr. Shailendra Lal (Accommodation), Mr. Julius Lakra (Volunteers), Ps. Sam Varghese
(Prayer Committee, Bro. Shanu Kuruvilla Mr. Rakesh Lakra, Mr. Budhram, Rev. Pranay Toppo and various
other committee members had made wonderful arrangements of these meetings. Let us praise the Lord who
used His servants mightily and satisfied the people with His miracles and blessings.

Praying for the Nation - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 11

When Dr. Paul Dhinakaran Now I am able to lift up my left Dhinakaran prayed, my body be-
prayed…. hand and can move it without any gan to tremble. I began to move
20 year old pain gone pain. The Lord has completely around and by the power of God
healed me. All glory and honour to my back pain was completely
I suffered from
the Lord Jesus. gone. Now I am able to bend
severe pain on my
- Gloria, Ambikapur. down. The sister who brought me
shoulder for the
here is a witness to this. I praise
past four months 20 year old pain gone
the Lord, who has healed me.
because of which I I was suffering
could not lift my left hand. In this - Kusum Kirkitha,
from severe back
meeting, when Dr. Paul Ambikapur.
pain for the past 20
Dhinakaran was praying I too years. I could not Bleeding stopped
joined him in the prayer telling the bend and doctors Since the past 2
Lord that He should heal me. Dur- recommended an injection for me, months, I had
ing the prayer time Dr. Paul every day. I did not want to go for bleeding from my
Dhinakaran said that all the weak- treatment. Knowing about the nose. Even this
nesses is vanishing. That time I felt Jesus Calls meeting, a Sister morning there was
the Lord’s power touching me. brought me here. When Dr. Paul bleeding. But during the prayer
12 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
t h e
pain, I did so
and I had no pain. I
share this testimony to glory
of God.
- Hannah Imiyal,
future. Glory to Ambikapur.
God who has delivered me God who convicted me
from suicidal thoughts. This is the first
- Vishwa Ranjan Kumar, time that I have at-
when Dr. Paul
Bihar. tended the Jesus
Dhinakaran was praying the Lord
Stroke Healed Calls meetings. On
touched me and stopped the
the first day’s
bleeding. Now my nose is clean. I had severe
prayer time, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
I praise the Lord with joy. pain on the right
said, “I see a person by name
- Binitha Yadav, side of my body. I
Santosh. You wrote your exams
Gwalior. went to doctor for
using wrong method. Your heart is
the treatment. I
Suicidal thought full of sin. So there is no peace in
had a stroke and I could not do
vanished. you. There is no prosperity in your
anything. I could not lift up my
My parents life. Jesus wants to forgive your
hands and suffered a lot. It was
joined me in my mother who did everything for sins. Remove the sins from your
B.Tech., and they me. I came to this meeting with se- life. Cry unto Jesus that He should
spent a lot for my vere pain. But after the prayer was come into your life. Right now com-
studies. But be- over, I felt that the Lord had mit your life to Jesus. Santosh!
cause of wrong friendship I could touched me and healed me. I am Come to the stage; I want to pray
not finish my studies. I discontin- able to lift up my right hand. Glory for you”. “Everything that the Lord
to God who has healed me. spoke through Uncle Paul
ued my studies and did not get a
- Ankitha Srivathsava, Dhinakaran is true. Since I always
job also. I felt guilty over the money
Ambikapur opted for wrong methods to write
spent by my parents. Not knowing
my exams, I had been failing in
what to do further I decided to com- Chest pain healed
many papers. Because of my short
mit suicide. The next day I came I suffered from chest pain since
tempered nature, my parents were
to this meeting and was praying. more than 4 years. I was seated in
often facing troubles. I was also
During the prayer time, Dr. Paul the last row of the meeting. Dur-
not morally good. Now I repent and
ing prayer time, Dr. Paul
Dhinakaran said, “Vishwa Ranjan ask the Lord’s forgiveness. Praise
Dhinakaran said, “Here is a sister
Kumar, the Lord has given you a be to Him. - Santhosh,
who is suffering from chest pain.
new life”. That time the Lord spoke Madhya Pradesh
Now that pain vanishes”. At once
in my heart that I should not de- I was healed completely. The next Fits healed
stroy the life given by Him. I had a day when my husband asked me I used to have fits since when I
hope that He would give me a good to carry water to check if I had was doing my 6th std., So my stud- - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 13
ies were affected. healed me completely. now healing you”. That time I felt
My parents were - Sita Kaina, something coming out of my mouth.
in agony. I took Panjkula. I was filled with the Holy Spirit and
many treatments Addiction Gone jumped up in joy. My stomach pain
but in vain. During was gone completely.
I used to follow Christ. But I
the prayer time Uncle Paul began to take alcohol and drugs. - Saroj, Ranchi.
Dhinakaran said, “I see a young girl In due course I became an alco- When Sis. Evangeline Paul
by name Arpana. You have fits. holic. I started using drugs five Dhinakaran prayed…
You cry whether the Lord wouldn’t times a day. Also I used to encour- Nervous weakness
help you. Arpana, the Lord heals age others to use drugs. I used to
I suffered from
you. Witchcraft has been done leave my job and go for drinking.
severe back pain
against you. But the Lord Jesus So I went far away from the Lord.
for the past 5
comes to you. I tell you what the During the prayer time, Dr. Paul
years. I could not
Holy Spirit tells me. He comes to Dhinakaran said, “I see a name
bend or lift heavy
you to change you into His child. Philomen; you were once follow-
things or even clean the house. I
Devils are fleeing. Divine strength ing the Lord. Now you are an ad-
could not stand for a long time also.
comes upon you. Get up and re- dict. Philomen, the Lord is deliver-
When Sis. Evangeline Paul
ceive your healing. Let the life of ing you. When you pray to Him,
Dhinakaran prayed, I too joined her
the Lord enter into your body and He will deliver you”. That time the
in the prayer and that time I re-
spirit. Lord, thank You for the heal- Lord filled me fully. I did not touch
ceived the anointing of the Lord.
ing that you are giving. Thank You alcohol or drugs till the next night.
My whole body trembled. I was
for delivering this daughter. Thank I feel a complete deliverance.
completely delivered from my pain.
You for changing her into Your - Philomen, Chhattisgarh Thanks to Sister who prayed for
child”. That moment I felt that I Miraculous Healing me. - Nirmala Tricky,
was healed fully. I thank my heav- I had been suf- Ambikapur.
enly Father whole heartedly. fering from severe Nervous weakness
- Arpana Bada, Bhilai, stomach pain for gone
Chhattisgarh. the past 8 years. The left side of
Complete healing Every time when I my whole body
I suffered a lot had this pain I used to go to the
was paining since
from piles since the hospital and take treatment. Yet I
more than 15
had no relief. Through the Jesus
past 5 years. I used years. I used to cry
Calls magazine, I got the phone
to writhe in pain. out in pain and keep my head
number of the Prayer Tower in
When Dr. Paul pressed. I would ask even my hus-
Patna and contacted it. I was in-
Dhinakaran prayed for healing the band and children to press my
formed about the Prayer Festival
Lord’s power came upon me. I head. During the prayer time when
to be held here and that the
received the anointing of the Holy Dhinakarans would be coming to Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran
Spirit. The Lord immediately gave pray. So with the faith that the Lord was praying I felt giddy and that
me healing. The Holy Spirit urged would heal me, I was praying here time my nervous problem vanished
me to share my testimony. I give in this meeting. Dr. Paul from me completely. I am very
all glory to the Lord Jesus who has Dhinakaran said, ‘Saroj, Jesus is happy. - Neeru, Ambikapur.
14 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
Beloved in Christ,
This is the blessing that God has kept
for the family of David and for the people of Is-
rael. We too belong to this family because we too love
the Lord. We are the children of the God. (1 John 3:1). And
so it is to us too that God is saying, “I will pour out the Spirit of
grace and supplication”
Why is the Lord pouring the Spirit of Grace and supplica-
tion? He is pouring these two blessing so that we can abide in
His presence.
What is the Spirit of grace?
Spirit that strength us
“The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
(Matthew 26:41; Mark 14:38)
We humans are made of flesh and the flesh is weak, but
the Spirit is strong and that is why God pours out the Sprit
of grace in order to strengthen our flesh. By pouring the
Spirit of grace the Holy Spirit makes us Spirit –filled;
makes us His own; makes us live with Him and in
Him (Deuteronomy 14:2)
The Holy Spirit is soft like a dove but He is also a
powerful person. He is also like a mighty flood. When
the enemy comes-in like a flood against us, the Holy
Spirit will lift up a banner for us. (Isaiah 59:9)
He will lift up a banner that would say, “I am with
My child.” He will pour the love of God upon us like a
river and will establish the truth saying, “This is my son/daugh-
ter”, and thus make the enemy flee from us. He will make our
enemies grind their teeth in shame and defeat. The scripture - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 15
says that He will destroy those gins took no oil in their vessels Let us always be filled with the
who speak falsehood (Psalm 5:6; though they had lamps. Since the Holy Spirit and let our requests and
31:18). God will close their mouths bridegroom delayed to come, they supplications be made known unto
and render them unable to speak. went to sleep. When the bride- God. How much ever we put in all
The Holy Spirit who strengthens groom came they awoke from our efforts in our endeavours, in-
and who is able will abide with us sleep, looked at the wise virgins and cluding preparing for our exams,
(Isaiah 28:2). No eyes have seen; said, “Oh! There is no oil in our when we take those efforts with-
no ears have heard nor has it en- vessels. Please lend us some oil.” out praying we will not be able to
tered into the heart of any man” The wise virgins said, “Go to the see any progress. And we need the
what the Holy Spirit does (1 shop and by oil for yourselves lest help of the Holy Spirit to always
we give oil to you and all of us go pray being filled with the Holy
Corinthians 2:9). The Spirit of
without oil when the bridegroom Spirit. The Lord has said that he
grace will do gracious wonders for
comes. When the foolish virgins will pour the Holy Spirit upon all
us. He who is in you is greater than
went to buy some oil and returned flesh. (Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17). We
he who is in the world (1 John 4:4).
to the bridegroom’s house the have come into the last days.
Therefore do not worry or lose
doors were closed. When they Therefore we need to come into
heart if problems come in your life.
tapped the door the Lord said, the presence of God and cry with
Be courageous and confident.
“Who are you. I don’t know you!” a broken heart saying, “Lord! I
God has given us a Spirit of love, what a tragedy!
courage and of a sound mind (2 have lived without remembering
Let us be like the wise virgins you. Please have mercy upon me”
Timothy 1:7). Nothing will harm us
who filled their vessels with oil. Friends! Let our eyes look at the
this month; in this year and in the
Somehow we have to receive the Lord, like the eyes of a servant will
months to come. The wicked one
oil of the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of look upon the face of his/her mas-
shall no more pass through you; He preparation, who will prepare us ter (Psalm 123:2). Let us wait at
is utterly cut off (Nahum 1:15). for the coming of the Lord. We His feet. The Lord will surely have
What are the blessings that God need to ask God and receive the mercy upon us.
has in store for those who receive Spirit of grace and supplication like
How should we pray?
the Spirit of grace the Holy Spirit the oil in the vessels. The days are
and the Spirit of Supplication? coming when there will be such Daniel prayed three times a day
scarcity of the Word of God. (Amos (Daniel 6:10). We too can pray
Spirit that Prepares thrice a day. We can also pray more
8:11). The days of scarcity are
“But you are not in the flesh than three times a day. The Psalm-
coming when we will not be able
but in the Spirit, if indeed the
to receive the life and power of ist says, “Because of your justice
Spirit of God dwells in you.
Now if anyone does not have God; when we will not be able to and righteousness I will praise you
the Spirit of Christ, he is not receive the Holy Spirit. Therefore seven times a day” (Psalm
His.” (Romans 8:9) we need to redeem our time 119:164). The Lord Jesus kept on
In Mathew 25:1-11, when the (Ephesians 5:16) and get ourselves praying throughout the day to do
Lord Jesus explains about the filled with the Holy Spirit. the will of His father. In the com-
Kingdom of God he explains about ing months, we too should set aside
Spirit that Helps
the 10 virgins. The virgins who some time to spend in the presence
to Pray
were wise, took oil in their vessels of God and in prayer. The Holy
“Be anxious for nothing, but Spirit will pour upon you this Spirit
along with their lamps, to meet the
in everything by prayer and
bridegroom. They were so pre- of supplication. We are weak but
supplication, with thanksgiv-
pared to meet the bridegroom Jesus ing, let your requests be the Holy Spirit who is dwelling in
Christ, when He comes and to go made known to God” us is strong. He will help us in our
along with Him. But the foolish vir- (Philippians 4:6) weaknesses. When we don’t know
16 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
how to pray He will pray in our prayer even if you want to stop the Spirit upon them. That is why God
behalf with mournings that cannot prayer; the Holy Spirit within you has chosen us – the Jesus calls
be uttered in words. The Holy Spirit will not allow you to stop it. You family. Every time we go to
will pray for us and through us. will keep on speaking in tongues. Jerusalem, we will weep and pray
(Romans 8:26) This is the Spirit of supplication in tears for Jerusalem. I encour-
Many years back we had our given by the Holy Spirit. How age you too to receive the Spirit of
wedding anniversary and so we many people do you think we can Supplication and pray for Jerusa-
gathered together as a family to remember and pray for? But the lem. Then you will be blessed.
pray in the morning. Sam and Holy Spirit will make you pray for
Sharon were kids during that
Spirit that
every one who has requested you Helps to Wait
time. I was suddenly filled with
to pray for them. He will fill you
the Holy Spirit and I was crying “Behold, I send the Promise
with the Spirit that will pray for the
and crying and crying and pray- of My Father upon you; but
ing in tongues. I prayed in servants of God and for all those tarry in the city of
tongues for 45 minutes. Others who requested you to pray for Jerusalem[a] until you are
too were filled with the Holy Spirit them. You may be in sorrow think- endued with power from on
and they prayed but stopped af- ing that your own family is not yet high.” (Luke 24:49)
ter some time and were waiting saved. In the days to come they The Lord Jesus Christ said,
for me to finish the prayer but I will be saved through your prayers. “You need to tarry in my presence
kept on praying. It was a really
Salvation has come to your house until I anoint you with heavenly
different experience. My dress
today (Luke 19:9). Through you power that will strengthen you to
became wet with my tears. On the
one side of my mind I was think- who believe in the Lord Jesus go around the world and serve God.
ing, “Oh! Everyone have finished Christ, your household shall also be Tarry in Jerusalem until you are
their prayers and are waiting for saved. (Acts 16:31). endued with the power and
us; but I am keeping on praying”, It is not an easy thing to seek strength of God”.
yet I was not able to stop myself
the Lord. You may seek Him alone Many days ago, I suddenly
from praying. I was speaking in
but God will use you and bring your had severe stomach ache. At that
tongues and praying in the
entire household into salvation. He time my husband had gone out
Spirit. After I ended my prayer I
will also bless those who are of town. Therefore my mother
went to my Father and asked
Stella Dhinakaran took me to a
him, “What was I praying? I around you. This is why He is giv-
hospital. When we reached the
could not understand anything ing us the Holy Spirit; the Spirit of hospital I thought the doctor will
please tell me the meaning of my grace and the Spirit of supplication. examine me, prescribe me some
prayer” I asked him again and
Spirit that Prays for medicine and then send me
again. Then he said, “You were
Jerusalem away but they gave a form in our
filled with the Holy Spirit and you
hands to fill –out. The Doctor
were praying in tongues for your “Pray for the peace of said, “Please fill – out this form
own family; for those who re- Jerusalem: “May they pros- and come and then I’ll try and
quested you to pray for them and per who love you.” send you away as soon as pos-
for our family. “I was filled with (Psalm 122:6) sible.” Meanwhile I was having
great joy saying, “Oh! I never
The Lord will pour out the Spirit unbearable pain. I thought, “Oh!
even thought of all these things
of Grace upon the city of Jerusa- How good it would be if they
but the Holy Spirit had prayed
could start the treatment imme-
through me” I praised and lem and upon the family of David
diately. Why are they delaying so
thanked God for that wonderful – the family of Israel. They still
much?.” I got a bit angry at the
experience. have not known who Jesus is. What hospital officials. I fell on my
This is exactly what is going to a tragedy for the Jews themselves mother’s laps and began to cry.
happen to you too my friend. You to be in such ignorance. But the My mother said, “You want to do
will not be able to control your Lord has promised to pour our His it immediately, but these doctors - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 17
are asking us to wait for 5 min- was on this earth, people kept flock- their shoulders and then carry
utes” For me those 5 minutes ing to him for prayer. He touched them again on their way.
were like 5 hours. This is how and healed everyone individually. Even we my friend, whenever
we will feel when we are in suf- He never even had time to eat. Yet, we are over burdened with cares
fering and we are asked to wait. and worries we can keep our wor-
he kept all his busy schedules aside
Sometimes we may think, “Why ries on our life’s stone – stand
and took time to spend with His
is the Lord not responding to my
heavenly Father. He went up to the called the Holy Spirit. But there is
cries? Why is He delaying so
mountains to pray: a difference between the stone –
much? Why is He not hearing my
stand and the Holy Spirit. Travel-
cry? Am I not His child?” We “And when He had sent the
may also get a worried and an- multitudes away, He went up ers can place their baggages on the
gry. But my friends! The Spirit on the mountain by Himself stone – stand only for a little while
of Grace sometimes makes us to pray. Now when evening after which they need to carry
wait. That is why God has given came, He was alone there.” them again on their shoulders but
us ‘the Spirit of waiting.” God is (Matthew 14:23) those who cast their burdens on the
allowing us to wait saying, “Wait “And He said to them, Hsp. need not carry them again.
for a little while. Only then you “Come aside by yourselves to They can lay their burdens forever
will understand how loving I a deserted place and rest a on the Holy Spirit and rest forever.
am.” Especially when we are while.” For there were many We need not carry our burdens
praying for our children and we coming and going and they
again because the Lord cares for
don’t get answers from God, we did not even have time to
eat.” (Mark 6:31) us (1 Peter 5:7). The Holy Spirit
get upset and angry. We say, “Fa-
ther! My children are like this.
will ask us saying, “My son! My
He took His disciples to the
Are you not worried? Do you not daughter! What do you want me
desert to spend time with them too.
care? We lament and weep. to do to you”, and help us in our
That is exactly how He draws us
God will surely hear your voice. needs. This is the Spirit of Grace
to spend time with him personally.
We call God for our needs, but we that is received by us!
He will make us alone and take us
hesitate to wait for His time. How- to a place in life where no human Teaching Spirit
ever busy we are with our lives, being will be able to help us. We “I will put My Spirit within
God expects us to wait on Him. you and cause you to walk in
may sometimes think, “Our rela-
When we wait like that the Lord My statutes, and you will
tives will help us; our friends will keep My judgments and do
will pour upon us the Spirit of grace.
help us” but no one will come to them.” (Ezekiel 36:27)
When the Lord Jesus Christ your help when you desperately It’s not enough we just pray to
was on this earth, though He was need them. The Lord takes us alone the Hsp. for rest but we need to
so busy with His ministry, He away from all human dependencies learn from Him. When the Lord
chose to wait on His father. He set
so that we can rest in him. This is chastises us let us say, “It is good
aside all his busy demands and
called the Spirit of Rest. that I go through these trials and
spent time with His father.
If you visit the villages of tribulations.” Our God says, “I will
Spirit that gives Rest Tamilnadu you can find on the put My Spirit within you and cause
“Come to Me, all you who la- paths to the villages stone-stands you to walk according to my stat-
bor and are heavy laden, and that are built upto our shoulders.
utes. I will make you obey my
I will give you rest. Take My In the olden days people used to
commandments and do according
yoke upon you and learn walk from village to village with
from Me, for I am gentle and their things for travel packed in to my directions.” Yes! He will do
lowly in heart, and you will baggages which they’ll carry on everything for us. That is His grace.
find rest for your souls.” their shoulders. These travelers He says, “I am compassionate and
(Matthew 11:28-29) use these stones to place their humble.” He says, “Carry my yoke
When the Lord Jesus Christ baggages and give some rest to upon you and learn from me”.
18 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
When the Holy Spirit Himself be- Spirit of Glory need not fear! Friend! You are hav-
comes our teacher we don’t need Though we are not able to see ing the Lord before you; you are
any man to teach us. The Holy Him if we keep our faith and love having the Lord at your right hand
Spirit Himself will teach us every- on Him and abide in His presence and so you will not be shaken. You
thing. (1 John 2:27). what will the Lord give us? He will will stand strong like a rock.
Spirit that makes give us unspeakable joy! Yes! He’ll This world is full of challenges,
you Talk give a glorious joy. (1 Peter 1:8). troubles and tribulations. But we
“…for it is not you who Yes! He is going to give us the will keep praying through the Holy
speak, but the Spirit of your Spirit of Glory. The people of the Spirit (John 16:33). The horse will
Father who speaks in you.” world will be suffering and grop- be made ready for battle but vic-
(Matthew 10:20) ing in darkness but the Lord will tory will come from the Lord. It
When we stand up to talk for give us unspeakable and abundant will come through the Holy Spirit.
God – to preach His Word – the joy. There will be problems wait- (Proverbs 21:31). Not my power;
Holy Spirit will make us talk. If you ing around you, but the Holy Spirit not by might but it will all happen
have not talked for Him on stages will keep you happy. The devil will through the Spirit. (Isaiah 4:6).
so far, you will begin to talk for Him expect you to sit and cry and live Friend! Get ready to be filled with
in future. The Holy Spirit will make like dead people in the darkness. the Holy Spirit; the Spirit of grace
you go up on stages to speak for Yes! Scripture says, “Psalm 143: and the Spirit of Supplication. God
God. Yes! God will use you to For the enemy has persecuted my will send the comforter to abide
preach the Gospel. The Spirit of soul; He has crushed my life to the with you and comfort you;
Grace that He will give you will ground; He has made me dwell in strengthen you and guide you to
make you do this. You will stand- your God – given destiny.
darkness, Like those who have long
up and talk to your family; amidst
been dead”. But the Lord will fill FORM IV (See Rule 8)
your relatives and neighbors. You
us with joy – abundant joy. Statement about ownership and other particu-
will preach in your work spot. Yes! lars about Newspaper
When we rejoice in the pres- JESUS CALLS
You will preach boldly for the Lord!
ence of the Lord, our problems 1 . Place of publication: Chennai
The Lord who said, “Harvest is 2 . Periodicity of its
plenty; but labourers are few” will become light and easy for us. publication : Monthly
surely use you mightily (Mathew “For by You I can run 3 . Printer’s Name : Paul Aravamuthan
against a troop, By my God Nationality : Indian
9:37; Luke 10:12). He is there
I can leap over a wall.” Address : Bapuji Printers,
among us like a brilliant morning 5, Kurban Ali St.,
(Psalm 18:29)
star!(Revelation 22:16). We can- Woods Road, Chennai-2.
‘Prayer’ is like a weapon in our 4 . Publisher’s Name : Mrs. Stella Dhinakaran
not light a lamp and hide it under
Nationality : Indian
the bushel or cover it’s light. You hands. Let us be filled with the Spirit
Address : 16, Dr.D.G.S. Dhinakaran
are the light of the world (Mathew of Supplication and pray for our Road, Chennai -28
children, husband, wife, parents 5 . Editor’s Name : Mrs. Stella Dhinakaran
5:14). Your are the salt of the world
Nationality : Indian
(Mathew 5:13). Therefore God will and all the dear ones in our family.
Address : 16, Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran
make you shine as a brilliant light This year the Lord reveals tremen- Road, Chennai -28
(Ephesians 5:14). Arise and shine; dous things through my husband. 6. Names and addresses of individuals who
own the newspaper and partners or share-
your light has come. The glory of When we were so worried think- holders holding more than one percent of the
total capital: No. 16, Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran
the Lord has risen on you. Yes! My ing, “How is this year going to Road, Chennai -28
friend! The Holy Spirit will pour His be?”, the Lord said through my I, Stella Dhinakaran, hereby declare that the par-
ticulars given above are true to the best of my
Spirit of grace that will make you husband, “Fear Not! I will com- knowledge and belief.
talk on you and use you mightily. mand the angels for you”. Yes! Sd/-
(Isaiah 60:1) Angels will work for us. So we (Stella Dhinakaran) - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 19

Beloved in Christ, This verse brings out the bless- have a God who is able to bless
It gives me great joy to meet ing nature of our God. It does not you exceeding abundantly .He will
you through this March Month is- just say, “more than what we could grant you beyond what you are
sue of the Jesus Calls Magazine. imagine or ask for” it says im- praying for in this month. He will
It is my fervent prayers that the measurably more than all we ask meet your needs beyond your ex-
Lord who took care of you in all or imagine. The amplified version pectations and prayers because He
the past months like the apple of says “exceeding abundantly”. That is a God who blesses double-por-
His eye will continue to care for is the nature of our God. He is able tion and a hundred –fold.
you and protect you and your fam- to do exceeding abundantly above (Zachariah 9:12, Gen 26:12). Gold
ily from all the snares and decep- all that we ask or imagine. I like and silver belong to Him (Haggai
tions of the devil. May He protect the way this verse is expressed in 2:8). He spoke and it was done;
you in all your going out and com- the Amplified version. "Now to He commanded and it stood fast
ing in. May He bless you with His
Him who is able to do exceeding (Psalm 33:9). There is nothing im-
perfect blessings.
abundantly above all that we ask possible with him. Therefore do not
"Now to him who is able to or think beyond our greatest hopes be disturbed at the situations that
do immeasurably more than
or dreams, according to His power are challenging you.
all we ask or imagine, ac-
cording to his power that is that is at work within us," During acute famine in
at work within us" (Ephesians 3:20) Zaripath, the prophet Elijah was
(Ephesians 3:20) So my Friend! Be cheerful! You sent to meet a widow who was
20 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
dying of hunger. There were none appointed seventy others also auguration happened at the
to feed her during the peak of her and sent them two by two be- Madurai Jesus Calls Prayer Tower.
hunger but God saw the hand full fore His face into every city These people who have already
of dough and a little oil that she had and place where He Himself been trained in the Academy and
and was moved by her needs. He was about to go."(Luke 10:1) completed their training success-
sent his prophet and not only took God is expanding the boundaries fully will conduct these classes. I
care of her immediate need but of the Jesus Calls Ministry day – request you to please pray for
also made arrangements for her by –day. The ministry is expand- these ministries. I believe that
and her family to live till rain came ing its services into new districts, these sessions of the Academy will
down (1 kings 17:8-18). There states and even nations around the carry the revival of the Lord
could be famine in the nation but world. Having the concern of Jesus throughout the country. You too are
God cares for His children and sees in our hearts that it is not His will welcome to join these sessions in
to it that their needs are met and that even one soul should be lost, the area nearest to you and be
the work of their hands are blessed. we are doing our best and every- blessed and be a blessing to oth-
He is the one that cares for you thing possible in fulfilling Gods will ers.
(1Peter 5:7). So be confident my with total dedication, commitment Praying for your
friend! and with all integrity , as a family Children
"To deliver their soul from together (Matthew18:14). At the "For God gives wisdom and
death, And to keep them alive same time we also realize that our knowledge and joy to a man
in famine." (Psalm 33:19) family alone cannot meet this great who is good in His sight; but
The devil may bring different challenge . We alone cannot fulfill to the sinner He gives the
problems every month. He can the great mission of preaching the work of gathering and col-
bring negative changes in our situ- gospel and healing the sick , com- lecting, that he may give him
ations, in our relationships. But God fort the broken hearted and express who is good before God. This
fills us with appropriate strength at the compassion of God to the also is vanity and grasping
the correct time to overcome the countless people in this world. for the wind."
onslaughts of the evil one, because Therefore according to the (Ecclesiastes 2:26)
His grace is new every morning clear guidance of the Lord, we This is a very important month
(Lamentations 3:22). We need not started the Jesus Calls Prayer for those of our children who will
be troubled in our mind and heart Academy. In the Prayer Academy be writing their public and board
about how we could overcome our we are offering practical training exams. Thousands of such students
problems and challenges. The and teaching for those who have received blessings by participating
grace of God will fill you with the the thirst to know more of the scrip- in the Students Prayer Meetings
strength and power to overcome ture; who desire to learn the se- we conducted in Bethesda (Janu-
your challenges and problems. The crets of spiritual life; who have the ary 8) and Chennai (February 5). I
thirst for souls and those who are continue to pray that special wis-
Jesus Calls Prayer Warriors and I
interested in learning the ways and dom and Divine Health be given
are praying for you everyday.
methods to conduct ministries. The to students by God and also Godly
Please be cheerful since we have peace to fill the minds and hearts
a God who can keep us alive in sessions and classes in the Acad-
emy are designed towards this end. of students and their family mem-
famine. bers during this season of exams.
These who complete their train- If you take your children to the
Be Blessed and be a Blessing
ing in this Prayer Academy learn Jesus Calls Prayer Tower nearest
While we are blessed by Jesus, how to lead a soul towards Christ
we also need to be a Blessing to to your place the Prayer Warriors
besides learning the foundations of will pray for your children and their
others. In this context , as we are the truths of scripture. These exams. There you can also get a
co- workers in the Ministry and that classes that began in Chennai city copy of the Students Prayer writ-
I consider you as my own brothers alone are being now expanded to ten by me. And you can get prayer
and I sisters, I thought of sharing various places in Tamil Nadu. On through Telephone Prayer Tower ,
with you the growth, expansions January 28th, 2017 we inaugurated working round – the – clock by just
and also the needs of the ministry. Prayer Academy classes in the cit- dialling 044-3399000. Anointed
Prayer Academy ies of Tiruchi, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Jesus Calls Prayer Intercessors
"After these things the Lord Tuticorin and Nagercoil. The in- are waiting for you to pray for your - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 21
children and their performance in Tower nearest to you. There, please visit or
the examinations anointed prayer warriors are wait- simply call 1800 425 4300 to get
The Jesus Calls Young Partner ing for you to talk to you, counsel complete information about the
Plan was given by God for the you, teach you form the scriptures Karunya University.
blessing of the children and youth. and pray for you. You can call the This year, according to the guid-
Those who are already supporting toll free No 1800 425 7755 from 7 ance & leading of God, we are of-
the Jesus Calls Ministries can now am to 9 pm and get more informa- fering many scholarships for stu-
enrol their children too in the Jesus tion and details about these meet- dents to pursue their ambitions and
Calls Ministries through the Young ings. dreams in studying in Karunya.
Karunya University is also offer-
Partner Plan. God will remember Karunya University ing concessions in the college fees
the support given in the name of Admissions for the children of missionaries
your children into a ministry that
"...He has filled him who serve the Lord, the children
works for the salvations of souls
(Bezalel) with the Spirit of of pastors, evangelists and teach-
and bless them abundantly. The ers of scripture , Jesus Calls young
God, in wisdom and under-
Prayer Intercessors in the 24 hours Partners who uphold the ministry
standing, in knowledge and
Prayer Tower are praying inces- with their offerings and also the
all manner of workmanship,
santly for the Young Partner’s pro- children of Karunya Alumni.
to design artistic works, to
tection, wisdom and bright future.
That is why I encourage you to
work in gold and silver and Karunya Christian
bronze, in cutting jewels for School
motivate your children too to sup-
setting, in carving wood, and The Karunya Christian School
port the ministry by enrolling them
to work in all manner of ar- has been established in a spacious
in the Young Partners Plan. You
tistic workmanship." campus surrounded by the beauty
can enrol them in the Young Part-
(Exodus 35:30-33) of nature, to offer high graded edu-
ner Plan through the Jesus Calls
Ambassadors or through our The Karunya University was cation to the kids. Admissions are
established with the goal of train- going on for classes from KG Std
website To get
ing the students in Engineering and to 9th std and the 11th std. The
more information about Young
technological knowledge and skills school follows the CBSE curricu-
Partner Plan feel free to call 1800 lum and has hostel facilities. To
in a godly atmosphere to experi-
425 7755 from 7 am to 9 pm. know more about this school call
ence the Love of Jesus and send-
Blessing Meetings in ing them out to shine brightly for 09487846615/0422 – 2614830/314,
Prayer Towers the Lord all around the world. This email at or visit
"Then all the multitude kept University that was established as at
silent and listened to after facing numerous challenges, It is through the cheerful and
Barnabas and Paul declar- is today a channel of blessing to generous offerings we are taking
ing how many miracles and thousands of young men and the love and compassion of our
wonders God had worked women. Besides receiving world Lord to the broken – hearted ,re-
through them among the class technical education, the stu- jected and hurt. God is faithful to
Gentiles." (Acts 15:12) dents also receive spiritual educa- bless you and your family who up-
tion, training and experience. hold the ministry with your sacrifi-
Many special Blessing Meet-
High quality education is given cial offerings
ings are being conducted in the
Jesus Calls Prayer Towers to re- through Exchange Programmes "You shall eat in plenty and
ceive anointing, to receive bless- with several other International be satisfied and praise the
Universities abroad. Even before name of the Lord your God,
ing; to receive healing in the body
completing their studies, students Who has dealt wondrously
and also healing in the family life.
are being selected by reputed with you; And My people
These meetings are conducted ev- MNCs for highly remunerative jobs shall never be put to shame."
ery week by the Jesus Calls asso- through campus interviews. Many (Joel 2:26)
ciate ministers and evangelists who are those who studied in Karunya
are called and anointed by God for According to this verse may the
who are now shining as excellent Lord perfect you with His mighty
this purpose. These meetings not businessmen. I encourage you to hands and bless you. He will surely
only happen in the Jesus Calls join your children in the various satisfy you. I am praying for you
Prayer Tower campuses but in courses of technology, Masters everyday.
other places as well. I encourage Degree Programme, and Several
you to go and participate in the courses in Arts & Science in the Your brother who prays for you,
meetings conducted at the Prayer coming Academic year. You may Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
22 JESUS CALLS March 2017 - - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 23
are damaged and tattered and need to be replaced. The
dome has to be air conditioned to provide a pleasant
atmosphere for the visitors. Using the current technol-
ogy, we are planning to form a fountain with God’s words
proceeding from that. Owing to the limited space in the
vision spot, many are unable to use it. Hence, a spacious
dome for meditation has to be set up.
The Bethesda Prayer Centre was built in the You may help us for the above things. When we re-
year 1993 and the Seven Stations of the Cross ceive your offering to renovate a particular portion, it
were set up in 1995. It is nearly 24 years since would help us to display your/your family’s name in that
its inception and hence most of the areas need area and remember you in the presence of the Lord with
mending and restoration. Because of long term the prayer, “Lord, these dear ones – this family – have
use, the waterfalls and the Bethesda Pool are renewed this place. Hence several lakhs of people are
damaged and arrangements have to be made to being blessed. So, please bless this family…”
clean the waters. The Dome chapels of Bethesda
Through this renovation service, surely you would
have to be renovated. The Lord has been doing
bring rich blessings to crores of people. Build the Lord’s
awesome deeds for those who pray in these
house; He will build your house. As you will be instru-
rooms. We need your help for these renovations.
Also, the pillar of the Angel, the main dome, and mental in bringing down His healing power, the Lord will
the pathway to the dome have to be renewed. send forth His life into you and strengthen you.
The decorative lights and carpets in the dome - Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
24 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
Come, together
let us build
God’s house,
establishing His
- Dr. Paul
Silver Jubilee Project of Dhinakaran
Name:....................................................................... Partner code: (If any)...............................................
Address:.............................................................................................. PIN code.......................................
Mobile 1:..................................... Mobile 2............................... Email: ......................................................
I would like to support the Bethesda Renovating Project by sending
Rs.300/- for renovating 1sq.ft Rs.1500/- for 5sq.ft
Rs.3000/- for 10sq.ft Rs.7500/- for 25sq.ft
Or Rs……………/- for …………sq.ft.
Rs.2,00,000/- for Prayers room or Porch in the Bethesda pool or Portion of path .
Rs. 5,00,000/- Co- Sponsor Dome Chapel.
For those who provide support for the construction of the counselling rooms, their name will be
displayed in the Bethesda Prayer Tower, those providing support for the path way work will have
their names placed along either side of the path.
Contact Number for Bethesda Prayer Centre : 0422-2614580/2615515/(0) 9487846601/
(0)8754426134 (7.30 AM to 8.30 PM).
Kindly send us the duly filled form along with DD or Cheque drawn in favour of Jesus Calls and sent by
registered post or by Money Order.
You may donate through debit cards in the nearby Jesus Calls Prayer Tower.
Donations can be made online in the website using Credit card/ Debit card/ net banking in
a secure way
For details: 1800 425 77 55 (Toll Free service – 7.00 AM to 9.00 PM) - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 25
The Jesus Calls Prayer Festival was held on three days - 27th, 28th and 29th (Friday,
Saturday and Sunday) of January 2017, at Thamukkam Grounds, Madurai. These meetings
held in Madurai after a span of 4 years, were of great blessing to the people in and around
Madurai. Sis. Stella Dhinakaran, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran
shared God’s messages in these meetings. Though it was raining, people gathered ea-
gerly to hear the Lord’s word, without minding the rains. When Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
prayed for the rains to stop, the Lord accepted his plea, stopped the rain and made
the people heed His Words, and feel His touch. Thousands of people received bless-
ings in their personal as well as family life through these three days meetings. People,
who received anointing, miracles and blessings shared their testimony on the dais
and glorified the name of God. The Madurai Jesus Calls Prayer Festival was
graced by the August presence of Rt. Rev. M. Joseph, Bishop in CSI Madurai
–Ramnad Diocese, Rt. Rev. S.Jeyapaul David, Retd. Bishop, CSI Tirunelveli
Diocese, Rev. D. Jesu Sahayam, Moderator's Commissary for CSI Tuticorin –
Nazareth Diocese, Pr. Dudley Thangiah, Pr. Joseph Balachandran, Pr. J.J.Y.
Arul, Pr. B.A. Daniel and Bro. Elisha Anbu. Mr. Manual Jeyaraj, the (Chair-
man – Organizing Committee) and Mr. PTR Daniel Thangaraj (Treasurer)
and various other committee members had made excellent arrangements of these meetings.
26 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
Leaders of Churches and dignitaries who graced the festival. - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 27
When Sis. Evangeline Paul on my head and prayed for me. ache for the past
Dhinakaran prayed… ten years. My
Within 2 minutes of the prayer, I
Deliverance from stomach was
did not know what was happen-
Demonic bondage bloated. When Sis-
ing and I saw angels surrounding
I was suffering ter Evangeline Paul
me. I fell down. When I got up I
under the clutches Dhinakaran
realized that God had come and I
of the devil for the prayed I too joined her in the
was filled with joy and peace. I prayer and cried. The Lord deliv-
past 6 years. None
of my relatives have come to the stage to testify ered me from the torment of the
that I don’t need anybody and that stomachache. It vanished from
took care of me. I came to this
the Lord Jesus alone is enough for me. Also I felt some evil spirit de-
meeting, placing my trust on the
me. The Lord has given me com- parting from me. Now I am
Lord. When Sister Evangeline
plete healing from the torment of healed completely. No more
Paul Dhinakaran was praying say- the devil. - Esther, Madurai. stomach ache. Millions of praises
ing, “Lord, deliver those who are to the Lord.
Stomach ache of
in the bondage of the devil..’ a 10 years gone - B.Meenakshi,
Karunya student placed his hands I was suffering from stomach Manamadurai.
28 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
When Dr. Paul Dhinakaran upon you. He opens your ears. His When Stella Ramola Prayed…
prayed… glory is manifested. You would be Knee pain gone
Called by name a prophet and go all over the When Sweety
and healed world. Thank you Jesus for Your was singing a song
I was weak hand is coming upon Stephen’ on God sustaining
because of fits After that when I felt for the tu-
us through
problem. During mour it was not there. I had
struggles, I could
the prayer time, I wanted to do ministry as a
not control my tears. I was suf-
prayed in the spirit, prophet. The Holy Spirit revealed
“Lord, this fits problem should not that also through Dr. Paul fering from severe knee pain since
be there in me. You should give Dhinakaran. the past six months. When dear
me complete healing..” The Lord daughter was singing I was hold-
- Stephen, Madurai.
touched me. Since the power of ing tight to my leg and was singing
Ulcer Gone
the Holy Spirit was poured upon along with her. After the song was
I had been suf-
me in an immeasurable way, I fell over, the pain just vanished. Now
fering from ulcer
down unable to bear it. That time I don’t have any pain. The Lord
and gastric prob-
I saw a light. I began to talk in new has granted me healing, hearing
lem since the past
tongues. That time when Dr. Paul Sweety’s prayer.
1 ½ years. I had
Dhinakaran prayed, he said that
difficulty in digestion. I came to the - Malar Devasahayam,
the sickness of fits was vanishing
Jesus Calls meeting with great de- Madurai.
and said, “Senthil, Jesus fills you.
sire and a prayer that I should be Leg pain healed
All your weaknesses are vanish-
healed of ulcer and digestive prob-
ing now. You are not alone. You I had a fracture
lem. When Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
are not forsaken. Jesus would be since I was hit by
prayed for this, the Lord gave me
your Father and make you live a two wheeler in
complete deliverance from gastric
well. Commit your life into His the month of No-
problem and indigestion.
hands’ He thus spoke by the
- Simon, Madurai. vember. I had to
power of the Holy Spirit. The
Called by name be in cast. Yet I had pain. I had
Lord Jesus has promised me that
I would not be weak anymore and I was praying great faith on the Lord but satan
that I would be healthy. for my husband to used to discourage me by whis-
- Senthil, Madurai. be delivered from pering negative things in my ears.
Tumour vanished his alcohol addic- This morning I prayed to the Lord
I am doing min- tion. When Dr. saying, “Lord, pour faith into me.
istry among the Paul Dhinakaran prayed, he said, Make me stand as a witness. Re-
youth. I had a ‘Mahalakshmi, the vision of the move my leg pain. Fill me with the
small tumour on Lord is given to you. His life Holy Spirit and heal me”. Dear
my left ear. When comes upon you. It touches your
daughter Sweety was praying that
I was praying here, filled with the husband. The power of Christ
time. Immediately the Holy Spirit
anointing, the Lord told me that comes upon your husband. Eter-
nal blessings come upon you. His came upon me. Even when He was
He would call me through Dr. Paul
presence fills you in order that you filling me, I placed my hand on my
Dhinakaran. When I was thus in
His presence, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran would hold on to Him”. Glory to leg and prayed for healing. My leg
said, “Stephen, you are not able God for hearing my prayers. pain was completely gone.
to hear properly. Jesus is coming - Mahalakshmi, Madurai. - Kamatchi, Madurai. - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 29
On behalf of the Jesus Calls ministry, a special prayer meet was conducted for the students appearing for
their government public/annual exams. This Meet which was held on February 5th, at 2.00 PM in the Madras
Christian College Hr.Sec. School campus, Chetpet was attended by several students in groups, as friends and
as schools in Chennai as well as from suburban areas like Kanchipuram, Thiruvallur and Vellore. The Karunya
students enthralled the crowd with their inspiring skit, songs and choreography. Stella Ramola rendered a heart
melting special song. Students, who had scored high marks last year because of the prayers offered for them,
shared their testimony for the glory of God. Dr. Paul Dhinakaran shared God’s message on the success given
by the Lord. Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran offered special prayers for the thousands of students gathered
there. Both Dr.Paul Dhinakaran and Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran offered individual prayers for the stu-
dents, at the end of the meeting.
The meeting was begun with the prayers of Rev. Fr. M.Arulraj, Vicar General, Madras – Mylapore Arch
diocese. Mr.G.J. Manohar, Principal of the School, gave the welcome speech.
Students from different parts came for the meeting by school vans and were blessed. Everyone said that
the Lord had removed their fear of exam through this meeting and had given them the courage to face the
exams boldly, with faith on the Lord.
30 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
For details: 1800 425 77 55 ( 7.00 AM to 9.00 PM)
For Prayer help, during exam time: 044- 33 999 000 (24x7)

Testimony of a Young Partner

I appeared for my 10th public exams last year. My parents are doctors. Through one of my
mother’s colleagues, we came to know about the Jesus Calls ministry.
My parents joined me and my younger sister in the Young Partner’s
Plan. Until then I had very poor memory power and could not retain
what I had studied. After joining this Plan, I started studying well.
Particularly I could feel the Lord Jesus being with me. Every day I
used to contact the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower before appearing
for my exams. The Prayer Warriors too prayed earnestly for
me. Also I offered the special prayer for students compiled by
Uncle Paul Dhinakaran. Through these, I felt a divine wisdom
coming upon me and I completed my exams. When the results
were published the Lord helped me to obtain State Second
with a score of 498/500 (Centum in Maths, Science, and Social
and 99 in Tamil and English). Glory to God.
- Sri Sanmathi, Madurai. - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 31
‘For He has not despised nor abhorred the
affliction of the afflicted; Nor has He hidden
His face from Him; But when He cried to Him,
He heard’ (Psalm 22:24).
This is how David had written about his experi-
ence in life and the divine comfort he received. David
was a man, who passed through the path of tribula-
Dear ones, are you too passing through the path of
affliction today? The Lord, who helped David and
comforted Him, would surely help you.
The Lord Jesus Christ, who was manifested in the
flesh, has promised,
"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you
may have peace. In the world you will have tribula-
tion; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."
(John 16:33).
In Psalm 22:24, the word used is ‘affliction’
whereas in John 16:33, it is ‘Tribulation” which is stron-
ger than affliction. ‘Tribulation’ means ‘anguish’ (be-
wilderment) or despair (frustration) or sorrow (much
worry and grief) (II Corinthians 2:7). This is not an
ordinary grief but a grief that would sink us in de-

32 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -

Ezra has written, ‘Unless Your of tribulation caused by the When affliction assails us, dark-
law had been my delight, I would enemy camp prompted them to ness first covers us. The presence
then have perished in my affliction’ kill their mother and siblings in of God, suddenly vanishes. We
(Psalm 119:92). a horrible way. would try to pray but cannot. Our
Jesus says, “I have overcome This was reported in the heart would be broken to pieces.
newspaper several years after the Darkness everywhere; forsaken by
this grief; so be of good cheer’.
war was over. Yes, surely man, doctors, and friends. We
When afflictions assail, many oppression destroys a wise would feel that God has forsaken
suffer unable to bear it. The Bible man's reason. us and wonder where to seek Him.
But the Psalmist says, “God has Our gracious Lord Jesus too
‘Surely oppression destroys a
not despised the afflictions of the passed through this same problem
wise man's reason’
(Ecclesiastes 7:7). afflicted saying, ‘What’s the big underwent by the Psalmist. That’s
deal about this affliction’? He why He cried out loudly, "My God,
When oppression or affliction
comes, even the wise men helped me”. My God, why have You forsaken
stumble. I read an incident in the Me?" (Matthew 27:46).
Our gracious Lord too would
newspapers. During the II World Job said, “The days of afflic-
never despise the affliction of the
War, the American army entered tion take hold of me. Days of af-
afflicted. Neither would He hide
into Japan and there was a big fliction confront me” (Job
battle to seize an island called His face from us. His face would
30:16,27). If He goes by me, I do
‘Okinawa’. 66,000 Japanese always appear to us. His eyes not see Him; If He moves past, I
soldiers died in that island and would always be upon us. When do not perceive Him (Job 9:11).
Japan was defeated. When the we call to Him, He would heed. "Look, I go forward, but He
American army was proceeding
This is because Jesus too is not there, And backward,
forward, the people of that city
walked through the same path of but I cannot perceive Him;
were frightened about their fate When He works on the left
and killed one another which tribulation. The Bible says, ‘God
hand, I cannot behold Him;
resulted in 800 deaths. In a made the captain of their salvation When He turns to the right
particular family, there was a 16 perfect through sufferings’ (He- hand, I cannot see Him’
year old young boy who had an brews 2:10). It pleased the LORD (Job 23:8,9).
elder brother, a 10 year old sister
to bruise Him; He has put Him to In Job 2nd chapter he says,
and a 6 year old brother. They
grief… (Isaiah 53:10). Surely He ‘The Almighty was with me. His
were four children. Both the boys
were scared what would happen has borne our griefs and carried our countenance was upon me. But
if the American troops entered sorrows (Isaiah 53:4). He endured when affliction comes, I see on the
their village. So, fearing the sufferings patiently, for our sake. left and right side but cannot per-
worst, they decided to kill their Hence, we have a hope. ceive Him. I feel as if something is
family before they fell into the working on my left side. I hear
What sufferings and tribulation
hands of the Americans. Both the some noise at the right side. I turn
did Jesus undergo?
brothers began to pelt stones on back and I do not perceive Him.
their mother who did not know
Bible Scholars opine that Psalm
22 is a prophetical Psalm. The Finally he laments, ‘Oh, that
why they were doing so and
many things that we see in this I knew where I might find
pleaded them to stop. They did
Him, That I might come to
not stop and kept on pelting Psalm were fulfilled in the life of
His seat! (Job 23:3).
stones at her till she died. Then Christ.
When afflictions or trouble
they strangled their own sister AFFLICTION OF
come or when grief overwhelms
and youngest brother to death. BEING FORSAKEN
They did not pay any heed to the us, our soul would lament, ‘Where
‘My God, My God, why have
pitiable cries of their siblings and can I find Him?”
You forsaken Me?’
killed them ruthlessly. The fear (Psalm 22:1). ‘I will be glad and rejoice in - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 33
Your mercy, For You have Lord would come again, embrace There is one who speaks like
considered my trouble; You us and reestablish us. the piercings of a sword…
have known my soul in (Proverbs 12:18).
Many are the afflictions of
adversities..’ (Psalm 31:7). Jesus went through such paths.
the righteous, But the LORD
‘The troubles of my heart delivers him out of them all’ Several years ago, one of my
have enlarged; Bring me out (Psalm 34:19). friends in South Africa shared
of my distresses!’ with me a news: In South Africa,
(Psalm 25:17). AFFLICTION OF
there is a place for wild animals
The trouble of our soul is when like lion and it is called the Park.
the face of God suddenly gets hid- "He trusted in the LORD, let Many people visit this Park. This
Him rescue Him; Let Him friend was staying in a hotel near
den from us.
deliver Him, since He the Park. One day, as he was
At times of sorrow or when delights in Him!" watching, he was shaken to see
agonies torment us, many times, (Psalm 22:8). a terrible sight. A lion came out
we wonder where God has gone, When Jesus passed through the of a cave. The moment it came
without listening to us.’ path of affliction, He faced re- out, 6 dogs from all directions
Who is he who speaks and it proach. fell upon it, tore it apart with their
comes to pass, When the Lord teeth and killed it. A lion, does
David says, ‘Reproach has
has not commanded it? not turn away from any (Proverbs
broken my heart’
(Lamentations 3:37). 30:30). But just as how those 6
(Psalm 69:20).
dogs surrounded the lion and
David says, “My times are in When everything is well, every- killed it, wicked people
Your hand (Lamentations 31:15).
body would praise us. But once, surrounded our gracious Lord to
Who is he who speaks and it comes
afflictions attack us as it did to Job, kill Him. They stood around His
to pass, When the Lord has not cross and blasphemed Him. This
the same mouths would deride us.
commanded it? would happen to us also, when
This is how, when Jesus was hang-
Yes, nothing will happen in our ing on the cross, those who passed afflictions attack us.
lives, without His permission. You by blasphemed Him, wagging their Our gracious Lord Jesus is full
should be very clear about this. We of comforts (Philippians 2:1,2).
heads; even the robbers who were
say, ‘somebody has done witch-
crucified with Him reviled Him with ‘A (true) friend loves at all
craft’. Where is it written that the times, And a brother is born
the same thing (Matthew 27: 40-
witchcraft done by them would for adversity’
44). About this ungrateful people,
come to pass? Do not be afraid. (Proverbs 17;17).
David says thus:
Why does God allow afflictions in … there is a friend who
our lives? Why is He silent as if ‘For dogs have surrounded
Me’ (Psalm 22:16). sticks closer than a brother
He does not hear our cries? ‘When (Proverbs 18:24).
He has tested me, I shall come The Bible also says,
‘Sticking closer’ means ‘ with
forth as gold’ (Job 23:10). It takes ‘Deliver Me from the sword,
rights’. The Lord Jesus loves us
time to refine gold. So, be patient. My precious life from the
with the rights more than a brother.
Do not think that He has forsaken power of the dog’
He comforts us in the midst of our
(Psalm 22:20).
you. afflictions and reproach. So don’t
‘At evening they return, They be afraid when you see re-
‘If a trumpet is blown in a
growl like a dog, And go all proaches. Let reproach, scoffing,
city, will not the people be
around the city. Indeed, they shame and words piercing like
afraid? If there is calamity
belch with their mouth; sword come against you. Jesus,
in a city, will not the LORD
Swords are in their lips; For who passed through them, would
have done it?’ (Amos 3:6).
they say, "Who hears?" appear on the other side. He will
First of all you should think that (Psalm 59:6,7). embrace and kiss you. He will
affliction has not come, without ‘These bloodthirsty men have comfort you in so many other
God telling. But, we are not going swords in their lips…’ ways. He will give you victory over
to stay forever in the affliction. The (Psalm 59:2). affliction. 

34 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -


“...that though He (Jesus) was rich, yet for your

sakes He became poor, that you through His
poverty might become rich” (II Corinthians 8:9)

n order to know the suffer ample, that you should follow worrying can add one cubit to his
His steps” (I Peter 2:21).
ings undergone by the poor, stature? (Matthew 6:27). Suffi-
the Lord Jesus Christ, despite Accordingly, it is the will of
cient for the day is its own trouble
being rich, committed Himself to God that we too should follow His
(Matthew 6:34). Accordingly, if
be born on this earth in a poor steps, and press every day toward
we hold onto the Lord Jesus, who
family. God the Father too, sent the goal for the prize kept for us.
bore all the sufferings and tell Him,
Him, who was beside Him as His ‘Therefore we also, since we “Lord, You are my thoughts; there
beloved Son, into the world as a are surrounded by so great
a cloud of witnesses, let us is none but You to help with love”,
Sacrifice for redemption of sins. lay aside every weight, and He will surely deliver us. Remem-
He grew up as the Son of an or- the sin which so easily en- bering the physical sufferings that
dinary carpenter; He underwent snares us, and let us run with
endurance the race that is set
He underwent when He was in
all the sufferings of the people of
before us’ (Hebrews 12:1). this world, He would intercede for
the world. According to the will
‘…forgetting those things us at our times of trouble.
of God, He gave up His life on
which are behind and reach- “For we do not have a High
the cross; on the third day He rose
ing forward to those things Priest who cannot sympa-
again by the power of God. Since which are ahead, I press to- thize with our weaknesses,
He bore all the sufferings for the ward the goal for the prize but was in all points tempted
sake of man’s redemption, He ob- of the upward call of God in as we are, yet without sin”
tained the grace to be seated on Christ Jesus’ (Hebrews 4:15).
(Philippians 3:13,14). How did the Lord successfully
the right hand of God (Romans
8:34). As the Apostle Paul thus says, overcome His sufferings and what
what is the use of worrying over are the blessings that we obtain by
“For to this you were called,
because Christ also suffered the sufferings or trials or burdens following them? – Let us meditate
for us, leaving us an ex- of the world? "Which of you by on these things: - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 35
Grace given by glory and miracle. He will grant your needs accord-
obedience ing to your request.
"For what great nation is
‘Then He went down with there that has God so near to
them and came to Nazareth,
Depth of Love
it, as the LORD our God is to
and was subject to them, but us, for whatever reason we ‘God is love….he who abides
His mother kept all these may call upon Him?’ in love abides in God, and
things in her heart’ (Deuteronomy 4:7). God in him’ (I John 4:8,16).
(Luke 2:51). Once, the scribes and Phari-
The LORD is near to all who
At the age of 12, knowing the call upon Him, To all who sees brought to Jesus a woman
purpose for which God, His Fa- call upon Him in truth
caught in adultery. People too sur-
(Psalm 145:18).
ther sent Him into this world, the rounded Him curious to know
Lord Jesus sat in the midst of the When we believe these prom-
what form of judgment He would
teachers in the Temple and spoke ise verses and obey Him, He
pass on her.
to them. And all who heard Him would be near us.
‘He had no need that anyone
were astonished at His under- My dear sisters, like King should testify of man, for He
standing and answers. His mother David, who sought the Lord early knew what was in man’
in the morning (Psalm 63:1), learn (John 2:25)
said to Him, "Son, why have You
done this to us? Look, Your fa- to seek Him early in the morning. Accordingly, knowing what
ther and I have sought You anx- According to the verse, ‘He was in their minds, Jesus kept
iously." And He said to them, awakens Me morning by morn- quiet for sometimes. Then He said,
"Why did you seek Me? Did you ing’ (Isaiah 50:4), He would give ‘"He who is without sin among
not know that I must be about My you the grace for that. Get up early you, let him throw a stone at her
Father's business?” Yet, knowing in the morning and interact with first.". Then those who heard it,
Him; hand over your worries to being convicted by their con-
well that obeying His parents was
Him; you, who seek Him early in science, went out one by one. He,
the will of God, He subjected Him-
the morning, would find Him who is the personification of love
self to them and went with them.
(Proverbs 8:17). Then the wisdom and who hates sin but loves the
Hence, He increased in wisdom
from heaven would rule over you. sinner said to that woman with real
and stature, and in favor with God
Seeing your obedience, your firm
and men (Luke 2:46-52). burden and concern, ‘"Neither do
faith and humility, the Lord will de-
Once, a mother spoke to me I condemn you; go and sin no
light over you. He will increase His
over the phone and cried for her more." (John 8:1-13). Is there
grace in your life to do His will.
son’s long term sickness. I re- anything comparable to the love
But those who wait on the
minded her about God’s promise, of the Lord who forgave that
LORD Shall renew their
‘if you would believe you would strength; They shall mount woman caught in adultery and
see the glory of God?" (John up with wings like eagles, who was a laughing stock to the
They shall run and not be
11:40), and explained to her about people and delivered her from the
weary, They shall walk and
the Lord’s love, miracles and not faint (Isaiah 40:31). hand of the wicked?
signs. After that also, she kept on Also, if you read the Word of My dear sisters, likewise, this
talking about her problems and did God daily, obey His Word and heart of love looks at you too! Is
not obey the Lord’s Words and wait in His presence in reverence, everyone blaming you and caus-
give room to thoughts about His the Lord would dwell with you. ing you pain? Don’t be worried.
36 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
Look up to the Lord, who hates will change everything in your life ‘…the fruit of the Spirit is
love, joy, peace,
sin but loves the sinner. He will and divine peace and joy would
longsuffering, kindness,
forgive your sins. He will protect rule over you. goodness, faithfulness,
you from not falling into the mud Blessing of Patience gentleness, self-control’
(Galatians 5:22,23).
of sin. He will remove from you ‘He was oppressed and He The only way for these fruits
all the worldly things such as the was afflicted, Yet He opened
of the spirit to be seen in us is to
love of the world, lust of the flesh, not His mouth; He was led
as a lamb to the slaughter,
meditate on Jesus saying ‘You
and pride of life (I John 2:16,17). alone are my thoughts’ and to fol-
And as a sheep before its
He will transform you into a new shearers is silent, So He low His steps.
creation (II Corinthians 5:17). He opened not His mouth’ ‘…when that which is per-
will draw you with gentle cords, (Isaiah 53:7). fect has come, then that
with bands of love (Hosea 11:4). Through the above verse, we which is in part will be done
come to know how Jesus was away’ (I Corinthians 13:10).
A sister was leading a tormented by the jealous people Let us pray to get filled with
happy family life with her and how He was silent even the Holy Spirit, the Perfect. Let
husband and dear children. amidst that, without opening His us think of the benefits that we
Suddenly the quiet family
mouth. For whom did He bear all have got from God and praise Him
was assailed by a storm like
these sufferings? In order to de- from the bottom of our heart. Then
situation. How? That woman,
liver us from sicknesses, trials, and He will pour His Holy Spirit upon
who should have submitted
afflictions, He patiently endured all us in such a measure that there will
herself to her husband, de-
the sufferings and trials that came not be room enough to receive it.
veloped friendship with an-
against Him. Then the Holy Spirit will remove
other man. The family life be-
A young girl was a busy- all our shortcomings and lacks.
came hell. Seeing the
mother’s adulterous life, the body and had the habit of My dear sister, it is the will of
talking openly about every- God that we should receive good
children began to lead a way-
thing. Her terrible nature qualities such as love, obedience,
ward life. But, the husband, frightened everyone, who
the head of the family, held and patience from the Lord Jesus.
tried to avoid her as much as
on to the feet of Christ, who possible. Once she went to a Hold on to Him right today! Don’t
was his only hope. His love Gospel meeting where she think of man and things of the
and unshakable faith on Him, heard the Word of God which world and get disappointed. In-
gradually changed that pierced her heart like a two stead let your thoughts be filled
woman’s heart. She too be- edged sword. She repented with Jesus! Let your vessel over-
and confessed her sins to the flow with Christ’s characteristics!
gan to love Jesus and her
Lord with tears. She received
family. Divine love flooded May you receive His priceless and
divine peace and joy. Her life
into that family and peace was totally transformed.
inexpressible, glorious blessings
and joy was restored. From then on, only godly and live happily! 
My dear sisters, who are words came out of her mouth BIBLE QUIZ 59 - WINNERS
and those who were scared
caught up in such sinful tempta- Chennai: Godvia D. Sumithra
of her came seeking her with
tions, hold onto Jesus. ‘If anyone David Pudhucherry: P. S.
love. Who did this wonder? Moorthy Karnataka: Manna
is a worshiper of God and does Who else can do this but the Prasad, Florence Nirmala
His will, He hears him’ (John 9:31). Lord Jesus who patiently Kesari, K. Dhanamani, Annie
gave Himself up on the cross Evangeline New Delhi: G. Raja
Accordingly, commit yourself to to change our sinful life and Haveela Andhra: J. Thanuja
be godly and do His will. His love sanctify us? Telangana: Helen Cornelius - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 37
Reunited after 16 years! ing. By the grace of God, 13 sis- Prayer Group in our area. The time
Sis. Sarah Gandhimathy of our ters attended the prayer. Glory to of prayer is of great blessing to all
Esther Prayer Group, was living God. of us. All the sisters were filled
separated from her husband since - G.Tharamani Grahadurai with fire anointing. Heaven was
16 years. We had written to Sis. Sivakasi. opened and God’s glory came upon
Stella Dhinakaran seeking prayers Helped me to be us. During the prayer, the Lord
for her. Also we prayed for her in patient appeared in our midst. The sisters
When Sis. Kalaimathy of our saw the vision of angels walking in
our Esther Prayer Group. The Lord
Esther Prayer Group prayed, she our midst. The promise verse is of
heard the prayers and helped her
great blessing to us. All glory to the
to get reunited with her husband had the vision of Jesus.
Lord for the divine blessings be-
on December 7th. Our thanks to As per my prayer request, the stowed upon us during the Esther
the sisters who prayed for her! We Lord gave me the grace to be pa- Prayer Group fellowship.
give all glory to the Lord. tient in everything.
- Aysha Selwyn Christian,
Also, Sis. Gethsial Ezekiel of Hearing the prayers offered for Amhedabad.
our group faced hindrance in her Sis. Kaaleeswari to get a job, God The hand of God; the
prayer life and spiritual growth. The granted her a good job. touch of the Spirit
same prayer point was given to her
- A.Shalini, Madurai. I am the leader of the Esther
for prayer and she prayed with
burden. The Lord gave her per-
Blessed with a job Prayer Group in our area. This
I am the leader of the Esther month’s promise verse was of
fect peace.
Prayer Group in our area. Sis. great comfort to all of us. During
- P. Zacharial Prince,
Mamatha of our group was living the Esther Prayer Group prayer,
Chennai – 27 Sis. Sangeetha saw the vision of
in a hut and she was praying for a
Increase in the Esther house of her own. Hearing the the Lord’s hand coming upon her.
Prayer Group The Lord strengthened the sisters
prayer, the Lord granted her a good
For the past three months of our job. He has also blessed her with a who attended the prayer. He
prayer, there were only 5 sisters nice accommodation. We are all granted us the gift of prophecy.
and I felt bad and even thought of
happy now. The Lord is doing mi- Everybody enjoyed the touch of
stopping the prayer. Sis. Glory
raculous things in our Esther Prayer the Holy Spirit. Heavens were open
Rajayogam, the co-coordinator of
Group. I give all praise and glory and they were thrilled to see the
our area met us and encouraged
to Him. angels. They received the Lord’s
us to continue with the prayer, by
- Kirubamani, Telungana. powerful touch and fire anointing.
giving us many counsels. Accord-
ingly before this month’s Esther Fire anointing, Glory to God.
Prayer Group fellowship – on De- divine vision - Selvina Amit Christian,
cember 19th – I prayed with fast- I am the leader of the Esther Gujarat.
38 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
Grace to pray and read the Bible
Last month, Sis. Karishma of our Junior Esther Prayer Group did not know how to pray. She struggled to
read the Bible. But this month, she read the Bible and prayed for the prayer point. We were so happy. Jebina
said that she was happy to attend the prayer. - G.Emima, Coimbatore.

My Dear sisters,
Accordingly, if the Spirit of the Lord prompts you to start an Esther Prayer
Group or Youth Esther Prayer Group in your area or in your home or hostel or
in any place convenient to you, so that the women in your area could be
blessed, and revived, please come forward. This is the end time.
Contact Address:
Sister. Stella Dhinakaran (Esther Prayer Group)
16, D.G.S.Dhinakaran Road, Chennai - 600 028

Dear sisters, who pray in the Prayer Group, pray with

much burden for the each and every prayer point sent
to you and hold on firmly to the promise word given
to you with fervency in the spirit. The Lord will do a
miracle. He will also bless you.

1. Who was like no one? From which part to which part, what was not in him?
2. When will who give what?
3. What was done to which thing and what departed from where?
4. What was upon whom? What did he do and ran ahead of whom to the entrance of which
5. Who was as what? How was he?
6. According to what of the Lord was which thing and what else sold for how much?
7. What is as great delight to whom in doing what?
8. What did who give to whom and like what?
9. When who did what using which thing, what happened to whom?
10. What has pleased whom so that He will not do which thing for His great what?
Answers must reach us before MARCH 20, 2017
Address: Bible Quiz - 61,
Prayer Tower, 16, D.G.S.Dhinakaran Road, Chennai - 600 028. - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 39
“…he who abides in love abides in
God, and God in him’
(I John 4;16)

rom this verse, we can proceeded out of His mouth chosen that good part which
understand how pow were full of love and life, sat will not be taken away from
erful and glorious at His feet whenever He vis- you”.
God’s love is! The God of ited them and listened to His Today, if our life lacks this
gods, the Lord Jesus Christ Words. The reason, her love divine state and fulfils Bible
and the Holy Spirit give us was filled with godly fear. reading and prayer as some
this divine love. Father, Son That’s why the Lord tells about duty, there is no way to enjoy
and the Holy Spirit are the her to Martha, the divine peace and joy given
same. So, we are able to taste "Martha, Martha, you are by God.
God’s love in three forms be- worried and troubled about In the Esther Prayer Group,
cause of which divine peace many things. But one thing
many sisters gather as groups
and joy fill our life. Let us is needed, and Mary has
chosen that good part, and learn to pray for others.
meditate on a few women, who which will not be taken When we send them the
thus loved the God of gods and away from her." Prayer Points along with Bible
received blessings. (Luke 10:41,42). verses, they read them ea-
Martha and Mary My dear sisters, what kind gerly, meditate upon them and
Both were sisters. They, as of love do you show to the pray earnestly for other
well as their only brother Lord? Mary chose the good women, holding on to those
Lazarus had much love for the part which could not be taken promises. This prayer be-
Lord Jesus Christ (John 11:5). away from her. This is the big- comes a blessing to many
Yet their love differed from gest blessing that He gave for women’s lives and also the
each other. Martha showed her the love she had for Him. Even sister who prays gets filled
love for the Lord by welcom- today, like Mary, if you too with great peace and joy.
ing Him in her home and by would wait at the feet of the Don’t you want this kind of
taking care of Him. Lazarus Lord Jesus, read and meditate blessing which the Lord gives
too loved Jesus dearly. Mary, on His Word diligently and for the sisters in the Esther
on the other hand, knowing seek Him, the Lord would Prayer Group? For your life
pretty well that the words that proudly tell of you, ‘You’ve to be pleasing to the Lord, if
40 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
you spend your time in prayer sins. Wash me with the sacred no longer sad’. What does it
and in reading the Bible with blood which You have shed for mean? The moment Hannah
reverence, there is no doubt me on the cross and give me poured out her heart in the
that your life too would be the grace to seek You with all presence of God, He filled her
filled with divine peace and my heart” with divine peace. Also, He
joy. About this we read in "And whatever things you made her realize with faith that
Psalm 29:11, ‘The LORD will ask in prayer, believing, you only His love would give joy
give strength to His people; will receive."
in her life. Accordingly God
The LORD will bless His (Matthew 21:22).
blessed her with, not a single
people with peace’. Accordingly, the Lord will
child but with many children (I
surely hear your prayers and
Today, there is no peace in Samuel 2:21).
grant you victory. The Bible
the lives of many people.
says, ‘this is the victory that Anna, the Prophet:
Their hearts are filled with
has overcome the world; our Like Hannah, we read about
worries, burdens, jealousy,
faith’ (I John 5:4). Anna in the New Testament
anger, enmity, hatred, filth and
Hannah, mother of (Luke 2:36-38). How was her
lust which are brought by the
Prophet Samuel: life filled with sorrow? She
devil (James 3:14-16). They
In the Bible, we see lived with her husband only for
are far away from the Lord.
Hannah, the mother of seven years and became a
The devil easily enters into
Samuel, languishing without a widow at quite a young age.
them and gives them a life of
child since several years. But, Just imagine how her life
unrighteousness, filth and in-
her husband’s other wife, would have been. Today, so
Peninnah, had many children.
many sisters who go through
My dear sisters, have you You can imagine how much
given your life to the devil? Or this path are deeply troubled.
suffering and tears would have
have you given your whole They languish without peace
been there in Hannah’s life.
heart to the Lord Jesus? Do saying, ‘What will I do next?
Yes, she was tormented by
you seek the Lord with rever- How will I live in loneliness?’
sorrow, pain and agony and
ence like Mary? – Examine she had absolutely no peace But this Anna, ran to the
your life. If these lacks are and joy. At this juncture, she Temple of God and prayed for
found in your life, kneel down remembered the love of God. God’s love. Don’t we get His
in the presence of God and Immediately, she ran to the love, care and blessing when
plead to Him saying, “Lord, Temple of God and opened up we seek His presence? Many
You know about all the short- her heart to Him. She said, ‘I widows of these days fail to
comings in my life; change my have poured out my soul be- understand this. They think
life upside down to choose the fore the LORD’ ( I Samuel more about their remarriage
good part like Mary did and 1:15). In the same Chapter, and wonder how they would
taste your love. Forgive all my 18th verse says, ‘her face was live in loneliness. Sometimes, - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 41
they undergo yet another sor- lived for 48 years and was left united with Him. A man of
rowful situation in their lives. alone, I chose this life like God sings, “I am nothing with-
Anna did. God is leading me
But Anna held on to the feet out You…”
always to abide in Him, read
of God. Not departing from Let us also sing about Him
and meditate upon His Word,
the temple, she served God and with His help, comfort the thus. Let us come out of all
with fasting and prayers night sisters/families that need the things of the world, seek
and day. When her love got comfort. I cannot describe in
Jesus, be on fire by the Holy
united with the Lord’s love, words how much peace and
joy I enjoy from this. Spirit and be victorious enjoy-
she was filled with the joy and
Yes, dear ones, like the ing a life filled with God’s
peace of knowing the Lord at
above mentioned sisters, you love and be always filled with
the ripe old age of 84.
too should love Him dearly in divine peace and joy. The love
In my life too, by the grace
of God, when I lost my order that the love of Christ of the Lord will wipe away
husband with whom I had should flow into you. Get your tears.

11 & 12
God’s Message & Prayer:
Come as a family and be blessed!
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sayings of the Saviour from the Cross.
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42 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -

Reunited Family! band, who hated Jesus earlier, has started walking. Now I walk well
I am married since more than now accepted Him as his personal and am going for my job. Glory to
30 years. We have two sons and a Saviour and is praying along with God who has done this miracle.
daughter. My husband was an ex- me in the Prayer Tower. Our fam- - S.Vimala, Chennai - 74
treme alcoholic because of which ily is filled with peace and joy. Glory Power came down;
we underwent terrible sufferings in to God. - K.Kanchana, tumour vanished
the family. Chennai - 108 I am married and have a child.
Also, quite unexpectedly my Delivered from death I am working in a company in
husband left me in the year 2007, Last August I fell sick and went Chennai. I had a tumour in my
taking my two sons with him. My to the hospital as my fever spiked throat because of which I could not
daughter, who was then studying up. The doctors gave me some eat properly. Also whenever I ate
7th std., was with me. I did not medicine but the next morning something my stomach would
know what to do and both of us when I woke up, my both legs were bloat. So I suffered a lot and could
languished without food. We ap- swollen and I could not walk. I not even drink water properly.
proached our relatives but they too could not pass urine also. Immedi-
Because of this, I could not con-
rejected us. I had no way to live. ately my children took me to the
hospital. Again the doctors tested centrate on my job. As I became
Then I got a chance to work as a
me and said that my both kidneys sick I went to the hospital and took
maid in a house and with that in-
had failed and that I needed urgent medicines. But still I was not
come I brought up my daughter
treatment. I was taken to the ICU. healed.
with great difficulty.
My condition worsened as days At this juncture, while I was
At this juncture, the mistress of
went by and I became bedridden. watching the Jesus Calls TV
the house where I was working told
Finally doctors gave up hope and programme, Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
me about the Jesus Calls Prayer
said that I wouldn’t live long. Even was sharing God’s message and
Tower. I began to visit the Prayer
the chief doctor had told my chil- she prayed specially for the sick. I
Tower. Particularly, in 2012, I at-
dren that there was no chance for too joined her in the prayer and
tended the meeting conducted by
me to live and that I should be ad- cried out to God for my healing.
Sis. Stella Dhinakaran in the
mitted in the government hospital Suddenly Sister said, ‘Let the thy-
Vanagaram Prayer Tower. I was
since the cost would be low. I was roid tumour vanish’. I felt as if the
surprised when she said that day
admitted there and here too doc- prayer was for me. When these
that God would do a miracle. I
tors said that I would not live. I too words came from her, the power
trusted God more. Since then I held
felt the same. Since the hospital of God came upon me and imme-
on to Him and became His child.
was becoming crowded, I was sent diately the tumour in my throat van-
Also I continued watching the
back home after a week. That day
Jesus Calls TV programmes and ished. I was healed completely.
my daughter contacted the Jesus
joined Sis. Stella Dhinakaran in After that when I again went
Calls Prayer Tower to pray for my
prayer for my husband and for my healing. The Prayer Warrior said to the hospital for check up, the
family to get reunited. What a won- that the Lord would surely heal me. report came out to be normal. Since
der! In 2014, my husband came Also when Sis. Stella Dhinakaran then I am in perfect health. I am
back to me. Above all, he was was praying for the sick in the TV able to eat well without any prob-
completely delivered from alcohol- programme, I too joined her in the lem and also do my job. My thanks
ism. prayer. What a wonder! I began to God who did this miracle.
Presently, my husband, children to pass urine. Not only that, the - M.Leema Murali,
and I are living happily. My hus- swelling on my leg vanished and I Chennai -74. - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 43
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44 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -

- Yesupatham
Savitha halted as she came out dumb, I was a laughing stock. I forget everything and sit here with
of her room, taking her lunch bag. could not bear it at that young age me?” Wondered Divakar.
“Is he Divakar? It’s years since and even decided to commit sui- “I wrote bank exams and fi-
I saw him in person… seen him cide. But God comforted me nally got this post last month. My
only in the photo’ – As she was through my Sunday School husband’s family willingly ac-
thus musing, “You are Savitha, teacher. It was she, who intro- cepted me and now we are
right?” – the question asked him, duced Jesus to me as a close happy”.
confirmed her suspicion. friend. Since then I started telling Divakar was stunned on hear-
him my difficulties and shame, on ing this!
“Yes, I was wondering if you
my knees. He gave me peace “O.K I’ve been talking only
are Divakar… How are you and
which made me take my impedi- about me Divakar. What about
how is your mother?”
ment as a challenge. By His grace, you? How many children do you
“Mom had a fall and her hip is
my ears were opened and my have?”
injured. So she’s not able to
tongue was loosened. I began to With a grim look, he talked to
talk well. Through my education, himself, “After listening to you, I
“Oh, gosh! O.K come with in Sashtri Nagar, Adyar, Chennai feel that I can also achieve some-
me, let’s us have lunch. Give me I concentrated on my studies and thing. I don’t have a job and so
your mother’s address. I’ll visit shifted to English Medium when I am not able to take care of
her” was in my 7th Std., Everybody mom…”
Divakar, who was about to discouraged me but I committed “What happened Divakar?
decline her offer for lunch, hesi- everything to Jesus and continued You are not telling anything? His
tated and finally decided to go with with my studies. I could complete thoughts were interrupted by
her to the dining hall as ordained my schooling and did my college. Savitha.
by God. Here again some people teased ‘After coming here, I have also
‘Savitha! You talk well now. Its me. But I was not bothered. I become a new man. I’ll tell you
quite surprising that you could hear came college first much to when the time comes…’ So say-
now. I never thought that I would everyone’s surprise…” ing he got up to wash his hands.
see you working in a bank”. Finishing their lunch, they con- Both looked happy!
Hiding her moist eyes, she tinued with their conversation. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
spoke, “Yes, it is a surprise for “Mom and I had teased he is a new creation; old things
many. But this is an easy thing for Savitha a lot. We’ve made her cry have passed away (II Corinthians
the Lord. When I was deaf and quite often. How is she able to 5:17). - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 45
Victory given by the Promise
My son is now doing second year in college. For several months, he had been practising for weight lifting
competition. He told me that he had to attend a competition on November 17th. But he faced many obstacles.
He could not get the certificates needed for that. He was told that he could participate in the competition only
if he had those certificates. We tried for many days but in vain. So my son was totally upset and we did not
know what to do. It was painful to see him suffer.
At this state, as a family we visited the Vanagaram Prayer Tower Chennai, on November 1st. I was
wondering about that month’s promise word. That time, the special promise message for that month was being
broadcast in the Prayer Tower and I started listening to it with prayer. Sis. Stella Dhinakaran mentioned the
verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ (Philippians 4:13), and said that the Lord would
strengthen us. I claimed this promise verse for my son and began to pray every day. My husband and son too
joined me in the prayer at 4.30 in the morning every day and pleaded to the Lord to help him take part in the
competition. What a wonder! Within few days after hearing the God’s message, he got the two certificates
which he needed and the obstacle was removed. After getting prayers from the Prayer Tower, he attended the
competition on November 17th and he got the first place. He got a certificate and cash prize. Glory to God.
- Latha Wilson, Chennai -116
I was suffering from the problem of varicose vein because of which my whole body, especially legs and
hands would tremble. I was scared. I attended the Family Blessing Meeting conducted by Sis. Stella Dhinakaran,
with hope. That day she gave God’s message and prayed for the sick. That prayer was for me. I too joined
dear sister in prayer. The power of God came upon me and in a moment all my fears vanished. Also my
trembling stopped and now I am in good health. My thanks to dear sister, who prayed for me.
- Saravanakumar, Chennai -28
Obstacle gone; Marriage took place
My daughter was not married for a long time. So we were in agony. I attended the last Women’s Confer-
ence. When Sis. Stella Dhinakaran offered God’s message and prayed for those who were not married, I too
joined her in the prayer. Hearing the prayer, the Lord blessed my daughter with a suitable partner and helped
us to have the marriage in a grand manner. Glory to God. - R.Prema Ravi, Kanchipuram.


1. The voice of Abel’s blood; from the groud - (Genesis 4:9,10)
2. Bribe; the discerning; the words of the righteous – (Exodus 23:8)
3. Fire went out from the Lord; Nadab & Abihu, the sons of Aaron – (Leviticus 10:2,1)
4. The Lord God’s mercy & truth; Abraham – (Genesis 24:27)
5. All the tithe of the land; the seed of the land; the fruit of the tree; to the Lord – (Leviticus 27:30)
6. As a tale bearer; against the life of your neighbour – (Leviticus 19:16)
7. Rebekah; her life; the daughters of Heth – (Genesis 27:46)
8. The scepter; From Judah; until Shiloh comes – (Genesis 49:10)
9. A fire; on the altar – (Leviticus 6:13)
10. Spirit of God; Bezalel; and in wisdom and understanding and in Knowledge & all manner of
workmanship – (Exodus 35:30,33)
46 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
Is godly fear necessary in our daily
life? How to follow that and live a
pleasing life to God?
The Bible says, ‘His delight my parents’ love. I was 16 everything only according to
is in the fear of the LORD’
then. Many friends were there His will and walk in fear of
(Isaiah 11:3).
but still one day I was crying Him.
‘Happy is the man who is al-
ways reverent’ thinking that I was far away “I will instruct you and teach
(Proverbs 28:14). from my parents’ love and you in the way you should go;
Hence, my dear sisters, care. That time, I saw the pres- I will guide you with My eye”

read this diligently and follow ence of God coming down. I (Psalm 32:8).

this in reverence, with the help did not see anyone. I heard the Yes, dear ones! This divine
of God and then He would Lord’s voice in my ears. Yes, love has given me reverence
change your life into a blessed the Lord Jesus Christ came and a holy life until now, as a
and sweet smelling life, pleas- into my room and spoke to result of which it is of great
ing to Him. me. I felt Him asking me, help to me to live closely with
“Daughter, I have given My Him, to have fellowship with
WOMEN’S LIVES: life for you. Won’t you seek Him and to walk in the ways
The Bible says, ‘But a My love?” Also, I was drawn shown by Him. This is a life
woman who fears the LORD, of godly fear. What does the
she shall be praised’ by His divine love. I cannot
describe this in words. Even Bible say about this?
(Proverbs 31:30).
without my knowledge I ‘I will put My fear in their
Let me elaborate on my
hearts so that they will not
life to you. I was born in a opened my heart to Him. Right depart from Me’
Christian family. My parents then I accepted the Lord Jesus (Jeremiah 32:40).
brought me up in godly ways as my Saviour. I felt His divine During my betrothal, the
as much as they knew. We at- peace and joy filling me. Since pastor read from Proverbs
tended church every Sunday, that day, the love of my friends 31:10-31. As I listened to it, I
without fail. I was in the Sun- or even my parents did not was afraid and worried that I
day school and won many appear great to me. The Lord did not have such a life. But
prizes. This was my spiritual gave me a divine life of always after marriage as we lived as
life! For the sake of studies I meditating on Him and living couple, God gave me godly
had to join a hostel. When I in unison with Him. From this, fear and taught me step by step
was there, I used to long for He Himself taught me to do to live as a virtuous woman - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 47
and as a vessel pleasing to Accordingly, hold on to the to her in each and every battle.
Him. He thus led me and Lord firmly. Read the Bible What about you, my dear
blessed me. Hence, dear sis- verse diligently every day. sisters? Do you want to fill
ters, God will surely increase Memorize the promises in the your life with this divine
godly fear and divine love in Bible. At the due time, during power and fear? The Bible
you in order that you would your difficult times, these says, ‘"For everyone who asks
live as priceless and virtuous promises of God would come receives…’ (Luke 11:10).
women. to your mind. Holding on to For I will pour water on him
GOOD PART THRU’ these promises, when you who is thirsty, And floods on
GODLY FEAR: the dry ground; I will pour
pray for your problems, the My Spirit on your descen-
When we read about the Lord will surely heed your dants, And My blessing on
sisters Martha and Mary in the prayers. Like Mary, your life your offspring
Bible, as the Lord said, Martha (Isaiah 44:3).
would be a life that has cho-
was content doing ‘much serv- sen the good part and will be Accordingly, if you kneel
ing’. Hence she had no godly full of godly fear. down with thirst, longing and
fear because of which worries godly fear and ask Him for
STRENGTH this kind of life, the Lord will
and burdens in her life op-
Today, many women are surely grant you such kind of
pressed her. On the other
not worried, ‘How to live for life, filled with divine power.
hand, her sister Mary, had
the Lord? How to arise and The wife of a particular ser-
committed her life to always
shine? And how to fulfil His vant of God never used to re-
holding on to the feet of God
will?’ They do their routine spect her husband’s untiring,
and in meditating His Word. day and night service for
regular works and do not pay
Hence, the Lord Jesus Christ God. Whenever he came
any attention to seek God and
Himself testifies about her, home late, finishing his min-
to walk in His ways. In the
‘Mary has chosen that good istry, she would keep a bowl
Bible we read about a woman of cold porridge before him
part, which will not be taken judge by name Deborah and and go back to her room, pre-
away from her." (Luke 10:38- how she lived. She was a wife tending to sleep. But, he
42). So, my dear sisters, as the who had many responsibilities would take up the bowl in his
Bible says, as every wife has. Since she hands and pray loudly, ‘Lord,
‘Be anxious for nothing, but had a close fellowship with I praise You for this porridge.
in everything by prayer and God, He had filled her with So many poor are there who
supplication, with thanksgiv- are denied of even this por-
the power of His Holy Spirit.
ing, let your requests be ridge. I thank You for the food
made known to God; and the Having the gift of prophecy,
You have given”. After that
peace of God, which sur- she had been chosen by God
he would go to sleep peace-
passes all understanding, as a Judge of Israel. God also
will guard your hearts and fully. But this woman used to
minds through Christ Jesus’ used her to gain victory in ev- be restless in the bed, angry
(Philippians 4:6,7). ery battle by revealing His will and annoyed with him.
48 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
At this juncture, that ser- out of her. Whenever she down before the feet of God
vant of God died quite unex- prayed for people, filled with and cry out to Him, like that
pectedly. After that, she was this love, she would shed sister did. Let us commit our-
left alone and she longed for tears. Her life was totally selves by praying, “Lord, re-
someone to help her. But transformed. Through her, move my pride and haughti-
none was there. Only then many churches were estab-
ness and give me godly fear
her eyes and heart were and reverence. Forgive my
lished. Many were the
opened. She immediately sins and change me into your
miracles done because of
looked up to the Lord. Our daughter. As Paul said, give me
godly fear in her life. Even
gracious and merciful God, the divine life of living for
today, her children are serv-
forgave all her transgres- Christ. Give me the grace to
ing the Lord in different
sions and changed her into a follow You every day, with
places. fear”. Then, the divine power,
new creation. Also, as she
began to wait in the Lord’s
Yes, dear sisters, do you gifts and the filling of the Holy
presence more and more, He live a foolhardy life, without Spirit, which the Lord gave
anointed her with the filling, any fear of God? Is your life for that woman, would fill you.
power and gifts of the Holy filled with filth and You would arise and shine for
Spirit. The love of God flowed unrighteousness? If so, kneel the Lord.

Thru’ Letters…
God, who rebuilt the broken family
I got married in 1991. In 1993, my husband died in a road accident and I was heartbroken. I
did not know what to do.
I came to know of the Prayer Tower and wrote a letter seeking prayers for me. I was com-
forted by the reply. After that I was in contact with the Prayer Tower regularly. I also supported
the ministry with what offering I could give.
After this, I who had studied up to 6th std., did my higher studies. I had
requested for a good job. By the grace of God I got a government job. Now I
am doing well.
I educated my son with great difficulty. By the grace of God, he has also
completed his B.E and is holding a good job. Thanks to you, who prayed for
me! Praise be to God who has done miracles in my life.
- T. Roja Mani, Chennai - 70
Sister Stella Dhinakaran is eagerly waiting to pray
for you. Please feel free to send your prayer
requests to Sister Stella Dhinakaran,
16, D.G.S.Dhinakaran Road, Chennai 600 028
or mail to - March 2017 JESUS CALLS 49
At SEESHA, we see women of indomitable spirit in the rural and urban poor communities where we work.
They may be uneducated, without a job, widowed or dealing with an alcoholic spouse – but they never stop
seeking ways to support and uplift their families. That is why we support such women through trainings,
awareness campaigns and financial assistance, building their capacities to play the roles they have so passion-
ately taken up in their homes and communities.
Though SEESHA awareness on a range of topics including health, hygiene, disease, financial management,
rights, government schemes, water conservation, waste management, etc. are made. Help to improve the
health, financial status and quality of living in their families, long-term and short-term skill training courses such
as tailoring, jute-bag making, cosmetology, etc. equip them to become breadwinners and entrepreneurs who
can financially support their families, is given. Self-help groups and women’s groups help them manage revolv-
ing funds and support the financial needs of their families. Monthly financial assistance for women who are
widowed or have been made destitute is provided. Motivated women are trained in various areas of health and
environment, and groomed into Community Health Facilitators (CHFs) who act as ambassadors to promote
health and prevent disease within their own local communities.
Last year 430 women were trained in tailoring through 13 centres. 39 sewing machines distributed to
women who completed tailoring training. 731 women received awareness and skill training in various short-
term programmes. 222 widows/destitute women were supported financially.

“I am S. Sasikala from Keelkavarapettu village. My husband passed away 6 years
ago, leaving me with my two children – one son and one daughter. I am a daily-wage
labourer, working in agricultural fields. I do not get regular work, and the wages I earn
is not sufficient. As we live below poverty line, I find it difficult to fulfil the growing needs
of my children. Thanks to SEESHA, I am now being supported financially on a monthly
basis to take care of my children’s needs. Moreover, I am being trained at SEESHA
Tailoring Centre so that I can start my own business and support my family without having to depend
on anyone else. I am truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity that gives me hope for the future.”
To donate or know more, visit or call +91 9300600600.
*Donations made to SEESHA are eligible for tax savings as per Section 80G of the
Income Tax Act (for Indian citizens).*
50 JESUS CALLS March 2017 -
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