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Friends N Smile (FNS) foundation is a not for profit organization.

We the students of
Fortune Institute of International Business were allotted FNS foundation for our
social internship for 15 days.
For the initial two days we helped the organization to organize their 3rd foundation
day. There we learnt how the real operations is done.
Further in the week we volunteers helped Dr. Baxi ma'am to organize a health camp
for the poor underprivileged people residing nearby Christ church, Noida.
On the weekend of Christmas, we kept a charitable stall of handicrafts and games at
Garden Galleria, Noida, so that we could help FNS foundation to raise some amount
of funds for the children and poor cancer patients associated with the organization. It
was really a great experience, we used our marketing techniques in order to sell the
handicrafts and attract people to play games.
On the later days, we were assigned few tasks by Dr. Baxi ma'am
1. collection of all FCRA papers., check requirements, form application and if we
need to talk to CA or lawyer we will do that--NITESH
2. Two persons will work on making pages for FnS on social sites and how to do
Facebook marketing and you tube video of FnS-- AFSAR & KARUNA
3. One person will send Emails to companies for CSR activities--. ANKITA
4. One will write e mails to management institutes and internshala for interns,
pharma companies for tie up for providing medicines at lower rates for patients
whenever needed and for hiring paramedical staff-- PRERIT
5. One will do proposal writing and finding govt schemes and how to do it--
6. Two will go to sector 78 and do field work like what one team worked today--
7. one person will go and check e commerce vendors in Delhi haat or in CP where
handicrafts are their like Jan path—SHUBHAM

We worked on these tasks assigned by mam for 4 days and successfully ended our
internship the results of the tasks assigned as well as the progress name wise is
mentioned below

NITESH GUPTA – I was given the responsibility of Team leader, hence it was a
great learning for me, I had attended all days on time, worked really hard in
operations and making every event a success, enacted a play on cancer awareness
on foundation day, convinced the father of church to put up a heath camp at church,
negotiated with garden galleria’s marketing manager and finalized the venue for stall
,have collected the list of documents required for FCRA and even talked with a
professional regarding his consultancy and quotation has been shared with you, I
have even registered FnS with a funding agency named Impact GURU for raising
funds for FnS
ANKITA THAPA—I am professional in HR, I had to send mails to the corporates in
order to raise funds through their CSR budget, help ma'am in understanding the
NGO's organization structure and also helping her in knowing the recruitment
polices, a detailed report is being shared with you regarding the HR work and I had
mailed to about 10 companies regarding CSR (can be checked from mail).
PRERIT SURI -- Went to GIP mall and Mall Of India & approached the management
to put stall there and tried to negotiate the amount, Prepared the health Performa
and did the survey in the basti area in sector-53 ,Made FNS account
in Internshala for recruiting interns, Mailed to various management institutes for
recruiting interns for FNS, Made FNS account on crowd funding platform Ketto.org
for fundraising, Directly approached retailers near wave silver tower for donations
and even tried at GIP mall
AFSAR ALI – Me and Meghna distributed the pamphlets for Medical camp, boosted
the Facebook page, did a survey in the basti area in sector-53, created FnS pages
on various social sites i.e. YouTube, LinkedIn, twitter, and even suggested some
changes for website.
KARUNA SINGLA-- With the help of one of my fellow mentee Afsar pages and
accounts were created like-Facebook, twitter, YouTube, with the help of one of my
fellow mentee Himanshu we also approached people in Atta market, Indra market
and at the time of stall also, to make them become a part of e-commerce, as the
NGO sells handcrafted things online and people did showed interest in it.
SHUBHAM MAGGO—participated in play on foundation day, had gone in local
market for donation with fellow mates, helped in platform of E-commerce,
approached to approx..30 vendors at various places like Jan path, Delhi haat,
garden galleria fair etc and encouraged them to associate with FnS and successfully
created 12 new members for FnS
HIMANGSHU KHOUND -- Worked on marketing strategies for the foundation, found
out government schemes for NGOs, went on field visit to various malls to encourage
sellers to display their products on the F&S website
NIKHIL GOYAL – attended all days and on time, went to local market for donations,
participated actively in all events, assisted on tax guidelines for research work in the
NGO, went on field work to collect data on health status of people and for marketing
of new clinic in sector-116 Noida.
MEGHNA SINGH— distributed pamphlets for health camp, field work in sector 53 &
116 to collect health data for FnS, an excel sheet would be shared containing all