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Using WinTech/SafeTech Recover HDD Data on HP6530b

 Preparation before you start recover

1 Software tools and accessory
1. Build a BartPE Boot CD/DVD with McAfee SafeBoot WinTech and SafeTech Plug-in;
2. Copy Your Original backup key (File name: HpDriveEncryption.dat) to an USB disk;
3. Prepare an External USB HDD with enough big capacity
4. Your problem computer PC1(names the HDD in this computer is HDD1);
5. Prepare another computer PC2 and names the HDD in it as HDD2;
6. Prepare another big capacity HDD3;
7. Ghost tool for backup you original HDD image.
2 Build Bart PE Boot CD together with McAfee SafeB WinTech& SafeTech plug-in. (Yo may refer to McAfee
WinTech and SafeTech Administration Guide.pdf);
3 Running Ghost tool on PC2 to back up image of HDD1 in PC1. (This is most important to guarantee you
still have a backup in case the decrypt process appear fail, and must be executed before you force
decrypt your HDD1.)
4 Get “Daily Authorized Code” to normal use WinTech/SafeTech tool. For example: The Authorized
Code of 2010/01/12 is”0394”, 2010/01/21 Authorized Code is“7674”; You can change the system time to
above date when you boot up in BartPE environment and enter the authorized Code of that day.
 Now preparations are ready, you can take the decrypt process as below steps.
 Decryption Process:
1 Built a Bart PE CD with WinTech plug-in;
2 Install HDD1 in PC1 and insert USB Disk into PC1 USB Port and HDD3 (installed in USB carrier) also insert PC1
USB Port;
3 Boot with BartPE CD Click “GO”select “Programs”  Select “SafeBoot WinTech”;
4 Enter Authorization Code and press “OK” button.
5 From drop-down menu, select “Algorithm”select “0X00000012…” and click “OK” button.
6 From drop-down menu, select “SafeBoot”select “Authenticate from HP Recovery File.
7 Find the backup key (HpDriveEncryptionBackup.dat) from USB disk and click “Open”.
8 At right bottom side of screen there show “Authenticated” and “Authorised”.
9 Click “Disk” and select “Disk Information”Show below information: Logic Disk 0, and there is an error
showed “e002000a”.
10 Click “Partition 0”, Partition 1…, and show the partition sector information; You should record the
information of partition number, start sector and end sector and sector count by pen for next step use.
11 Click “Disk” “Force Crypt Sectors”.
12 After show “decrypt disk successfully ”, Click “GO” “A43 File Management Utility” then there showed
recovered Data as below red circle marked.
13 Copy all the data to the external USB HDD3.
If you finished this step, you have recovered your data. And, Congratulations!!!
Important Notice: Force Decry is an un-recovery process, so must keep your power supply always on and
don’t use TouchPad or any keys during decrypt process, or the system will hang and must restart the
computer and then all the data are lost. And you have to build your image again with your previously
backed up image with HDD2.