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We all go to God and we beg. We beg for healing. We beg for a new
job. We beg for our problems to go away.

This is how we were conditioned to approach God.

I personally don't believe begging is the answer.

I believe and have experienced, that when we beg for immediate

solutions, what we are doing is sending out energy that is desperate
and rife with negativity from suffering.

Our hearts are electromagnetic. Whatever we put out there, we will

attract. If we're pushing out negative energy, that's exactly what we'll

There's this fellow I met at temple once. Every month he was

conducting puja. Puja after puja in his fight to "send back to people
what they were doing to him".

He had explained that "these people" did a puja to hurt him and he did
a puja to break it, but bad things kept happening to him every few

He believed that “these people” were still trying to hurt him and so he
had to keep doing "return pujas". Long story short, after many dollars
spent, he learned that by continuously offering pujas with the negative
energy of suffering and urgency to fix his life “now”, he was attracting
more negativity to himself. No one was continuously doing anything
bad to him. It was him hurting himself.

Negative energy, whether intentional or not will attract more negative

things into your life.


I know it’s hard to be positive when it seems that your world is

crumbling. But you CAN be positive, because having faith in Amman,
so much faith that you’ve come to pray to her in your hour of need, is
positive energy. Faith is positive energy.

Release the negative thoughts.

Pray knowing that Amman is with you and ready to guide you
because she wants you to live a life of abundance. Pray knowing that
you have access to her power to create the life you want.

Though God, in any form, is this enormous power that we all must
respect, we seem to forget that we all carry God within us. Heck, we
actually carry multiple forms of God within us. The Creator resides in

...All creation is made of me; ...I am all men, women and every eunuch too.
Be sure that if you see anything at all, I dwell in it and that is why it exists."
said the Devi.

~ Taken from an abridged literary rendering of the Devi Bhagavatam
By this belief alone, we can understand that we have the power, our
Amman's power/energy within us, to create the life we want. That's
the secret. Your first impression may be "that's a load of woowoo
craziness", but keep in mind, that's what others say about Shakti
Worship. Or you may say "that sounds like that self-help junk". Well to
that, I must say, God helps those who help themselves.

It's not an easy road. But it can be done. You can have the life you

They say this is an age of desperate times.

I say we allow it to be such. We can better these times, for ourselves,

for others.

No matter who you pray to, Shiva Bhagwan, Kali Ma, Mari Amman,
Kateri Ma, Bhairo Baba, Lord Krishna - no matter who your ishta-
devi/deva is, they can help you attain that which your heart desires.
Not just wealth. Health and happiness too.

There's only a few basic things you need to understand first:

1.   The Creator and all her forms, are all a huge mass of
energy/power. You'll find that during service, most people go
into trance or at the very least feel strong vibrations during pujas
for Mari Amman, Kali Amman, Ganga Amman, Shiva Bhagwan,
Nag Devta, Master Sangani and Bhairo Baba. The enormous
energy that is present when they are invoked, causes a strong
current of energy throughout the bodies of those whose chakras
are open. (If you're unfamiliar with this connection between the
Divine and chakras, no worries, I'll be sharing this via the
newsletter and future online classes.)

2.   Sound is a form of energy; this is why words have power.

3.   Intentions/thoughts are a form of energy.

4.   Your Ishta-devi/deva, that lives within your heart chakra, powers

the intentions you set.

5.   All intentions, good or bad, come from the heart.

6.   Your heart is electromagnetic. ( Whatever

energy you put out, will come back to you.

7.   God doesn't cut checks or drop the love of your life into your lap.

8.   The Creator wants you to live a life of abundance. Jai Kali Mata!
Jai Mahadeva! Jai Adi Parashakti Mata!

Now, if you understand or at least feel comfortable with the above 8

points, let's proceed.

Step One: Decide on what you want/need.

What is it that you want to be able to accomplish? Are you looking for
that perfect someone? Are you behind on your bills?

Step Two: Get specific about what it truly is that you want/need.

What is your heart's desire? Do you want that "perfect someone" or

do you want someone who will love you for who you are? Which
would you rather? Do you want money to pay your current bills or do
you want to always be able to support your family?

Step Three: Set clear intentions.

Write down your heart's desire to increase the clarity of what you

My intention is to have a fulfilling relationship filled with love and

happiness and mutual respect and interests.

My intention is to always be able to support my family.

Say it out loud. Words have power.

Step Four: Feel the intention.

Our true feelings resonate in our heart. It resonates in our soul.

Because it’s that “thing” that are soul is crying out for.
When you can feel that this intention is truly what you want, it will
resonate with the energy that lies within you. You will be able to feel
in your chest the acceptance of this intention.

For some it will feel like vibrations. Others whose chakras are not so
aligned with their shakti yet may feel a complete calmness or a burst
of excitement... a feeling of rightness.

Please note: For everyone, this feeling is different, but for those whose
chakras are open and aligned, you can expect to feel energy – an
explosion of warmth - in the chest area.

Step Five: Pray

Whatever your praying routine is, when it comes time to put your
hands together to pray to your ishta-devi/devta, simply say
“Ma/Master, my intention is xyz.”

Say it knowing that your ishta-devi/deva wants to shower you with


Say it with complete faith that she/he will guide you on this path to
your intention.

Say it knowing that you carry Amman’s power to create within you.

Say it knowing that you are a part of the creator and she only wants
the best for you.

I'm sure you've heard the old tale of the man whose village was
flooded and he had complete faith God would save him. Boats and
helicopters came to save this man but he had complete faith The Lord
would show up to save him. And then he died. When he stood before
God he said, “Lord, why did you not save me, I had every faith in you.”

And the Lord replied, “Son I sent a boat to save you, I sent a
helicopter to save you. You never got in.”

When you pray with positive energy and set your clear intentions, you
will see that opportunities that can lead you to what you want will
start to arrive. You will literally pull them into your life the way a
magnet pulls a paper clip.

The End Beginning


Sati Maloo is a spiritual counselor on a journey to help her brothers

and sisters walk the road to Shakti. With ten years of experience in
Shakti Worship she hopes to help educate people on the greatness of
Kali Ma and the greatness that they carry within. She hopes to change
lives for the better and recruit more brothers and sisters to do the
same for others.