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Open Mind


Unit 12  Bright lights, big city

Word / Phrase Translation Part of Speech Phonetic Spelling Definition Sample Sentence
alley Gasse noun /ˈæli/ a narrow street or We explored all the
passage between or narrow alleys of the
behind buildings town.
bustle wimmeln von verb /ˈbʌs(ə)l/ to be a very busy The heart of the city
place, with a lot of bustles with crowds
people of shoppers.
cite zitieren/anführen verb /saɪt/ to use a phrase or You must cite all your
sentence from a sources, otherwise
piece of writing or you could be accused
speech, especially in of plagiarism.
order to support or
prove something
haggle feilschen/handeln verb /ˈhæɡ(ə)l/ to argue with She spent hours
someone in order to haggling with the
agree about the price market traders.
of something
heart Herz noun /hɑː(r)t/ the central part The city is located in
of something that the heart of Morocco.
is farthest from
the outside
heritage Erbe noun /ˈherɪtɪdʒ/ the art, buildings, The city is a UNESCO
[uncountable] traditions and world heritage site.
beliefs that a society
considers important to
its history and culture
paraphrase paraphrasieren verb /ˈpærəˌfreɪz/ to express what You can’t copy and
someone else has paste someone else’s
written using different work into your essay –
words try to paraphrase.
quote zitieren verb /kwəʊt/ to say or write words When quoting from
that someone else has another source, it’s
said or written important to use
quotation marks
around the words.
reference referenzieren/ verb /ˈref(ə)rəns/ to mention what He referenced some
verweisen auf books, websites, etc little-known works in
you have read to his thesis.
help you write your
own work
rooftop Dach/Hausdach noun /ˈruːfˌtɒp/ the outside of the From the top of the hill
roof of a building, we saw the rooftops
especially when of the town spread out
you are looking at it beneath us.
from above

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Word / Phrase Translation Part of Speech Phonetic Spelling Definition Sample Sentence
rural ländlich adjective /ˈrʊərəl/ relating to parts of a Many farmers in rural
country that are not areas are struggling to
near cities and have make a living.
a small number of
people living there
settlement Siedlung noun /ˈset(ə)lmənt/ a place where people Fez is an ancient
have come to live settlement.
site Stätte noun /saɪt/ an area of land Fez is an important
archeological site.
spice Gewürz noun /spaɪs/ a substance made Indian food contains
from plants and a lot of spices.
added to food to give
it a particular flavour
summarise zusammenfassen verb /ˈsʌməraɪz/ to provide a short Don’t mention every
account of the most detail of your trip –
important facts of try to summarise.
synthesise synthetisieren verb /ˈsɪnθəsaɪz/ to combine different The final chapter
ideas, styles, or attempts to synthesise
systems into a single the arguments.
idea or system
trade Handel noun /treɪd/ the activities of buying A lot of people are
[uncountable] and selling goods or involved in the spice
services trade.
urban städtisch/urban adjective /ˈɜː(r)bən/ relating to towns and Workers flocked to
cities rather than the urban areas such
countryside as Boston and
urbanisation Verstädterung/ noun /ˌɜrbənɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/ the process by which Urbanisation began in
Urbanisierung [uncountable] towns and cities grow the USA in the 1800s.
bigger as more and
more people go to
live in them
view Ansicht/Blick noun /vjuː/ the ability to see We had a stunning
something from a view over the old city.
particular place
village Dorf noun /ˈvɪlɪdʒ/ a very small town in We walked through
the countryside the medina, the old
village in the centre of
the city.
waterfront Ufer/Hafengebiet noun /ˈwɔːtə(r)ˌfrʌnt/ an area of a town or Tourists strolled
city at the edge of a by the waterfront,
river, lake or ocean admiring the boats
and yachts that were
moored there.
working model Arbeitsmodell noun /ˈwɜː(r)kɪŋ mɒd(ə)l/ a model of a machine The medina is a
that can do the working model of the
same functions as town as it used to be
that machine on a in medieval times.
smaller scale

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