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Research document

For my shoot I wanted to do light painting photography for an art magazine i want to do
this as it gives me the opportunity to create different shapes and colours through not
only photographic light but also through combining dance which is something else i love
to do. To do this I needed to look at different styles, creations of light painting
photography and also different ways to create and achieve a perfect light painted
image. I therefore looked at Patrick Rochon who is one of the most famous light painting
photographers today through the images he creates and the lengths he goes to, to
create the images through using multiple people, and different arts such as karate and
dance together to create different images each time. After looking at his work I started
to understand different styles, and the different ways you can create light photography
using different LED light sources and movements.

The following images are images that Patrick Rochon has created which i hope to
create with my own spin on the images using my own colour gels and movements to
create my own fully inspired Rochon images.
To create these photographs I have decided to use a low shutter speed of around 10
seconds or even longer to allow a good structure of light to enter the camera over a long
period of time to get the best possible outcome of the movement of the light. I then have
decided that for the lighting itself i would have to be in a black room with only one or two
small light sources using different coloured gels such as blue, red, yellow and green on
the light sources used in front of the camera allowing me to create the painting of light to
come out in different colours and not just white everytime. For the camera settings i
have decided to use an aperture of around f4 or f2 as it would allow enough light into
the image without making it slightly blurred in places. I have also decided to use this
aperture as it will hopefully allow enough light into the image for the image to work.

The equipment in which i would need to create these photographs is 2 small and
medium LED lights allowing for me to create different sized shapes and lines for the
images, a digital camera, a cable release to allow me to take the image but also be in
front of the camera creating the light paining and a large tripod to rest the camera on to
allow me to not only keep the camera still and in the same position for the 20 seconds
but to also allow the camera to remain in the same place while i create the painting.