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Everlasting Light Design Direction

Production Concept We want to bring the

cantata to the present
and make the story of
the nativity as a
continuing story of the

Costume Direction Characters of the

Nativity brought to the
present time.

Characters Narrator 1, Narrator 2, Please make a guideline

Mary, Joseph, 2 for children’s choir
shepherds, 3 wisemen costumes. And
Revelation Choir.

Suggestions Play with silhouettes Keep the suggestion of

that they suggest the the characters with the
character but when light colors traditionally
hits them, will reveal associated with them.
that they are wearing
modern day clothes.


Scene Breakdown

Season of Light Narrator 1

Narrator 2

Christmas Shines Children’s Choir

Little Yeshua Joseph

Pathway of Light Mary

shepherd 1

shepherd 2

wise man 1

wise man 2

wise man 3

People Need The Lord Soloist 1

Light of a Million Soloist 2


Everlasting Light