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Matthew Zavolta

Mr. Campbell
Religion 2
December 15, 2017

Saint Patrick Prayer

This prayer is through the
Intercession of Saint Patrick.
May God be with Saint
Patrick and everyone in the
world who is living. That we
know Saint Patrick Is resting
in heaven and that we may
forgive those who has hurt
him or us, Amen.

The Saint I chose to do is Saint Patrick. He is the Patron saint of Ireland and his symbol is

a three-leaf clover. The reason I chose Saint Patrick is because he is one of my favorite saints.

Saint Patrick was also my Confirmation name which led me to choose him. He was born in

Roman Catholic and he would go on to spread faith across Ireland.

Saint Patrick was born around 387 AD. His real name was not really Patrick when he

was born. It was said his name was Maewyn Succat, but he was named Patrick later on in his

life. His mother’s name was Conchessa and his father’s name was Calpurnius. He lived a normal

childhood when he was growing up. He had two loving parents and a sister named Darerca.

Things started to take change in his teenage years. When Patrick was 16, Irish pirates captured

him. He was taken to Ireland to be held captive as a slave and he had to do hard work. He did

hard labor for a little bit until one night he had a dream, but it was no ordinary dream. The dream
was about how he would escape slavery by going to the coast of Ireland, where sailors would

take him back to his homeland and be free again. I am sure Patrick missed his family and they

did not know where he had gone. His parents thought he was killed or kidnapped, which he was

kidnapped. After he got back to Ireland, they walked for 28 days in the wilderness and the people

Patrick was with and him were getting very hungry. Patrick to God and then they encountered a

heard of wild boar. That was their source of food they needed, and Patrick told the people he was

with, to put their faith in God and he will provide. When he returned to home to his family he

wanted to go back there to go preach to the people that held him captive. Also, he wanted to

preach to Ireland. That is how he is the patron saint of Ireland. If he never got captured, he might

have never become a saint at all. That is how you can turn something bad into good. Patrick

learned to forgive those who had hurt him because of God’s guidance. We can use his guidance

today if we choose so. In Patrick’s later life he became a bishop. We do not know exactly where

he worked but is said to be across Ireland. Patrick was just like any of us, but he was special in

the way he prayed to God and how he listened to Him. Saint Patrick died on March 17, 461 AD

at Saul. It did not say how he died but it might have been of his age or illness.

There are many saints I could have chosen from, but Saint Patrick stood out the most

because of how he believed in God even at the worst times. It was rough for him when he was

held captive and was forced to do things he did not want to do. He seemed to never question

God and just let God guide his life. When he prayed he was thankful and God helped him out of

slavery. If I could take something out of this, it is this. I am going to trust in God instead of

always questioning about why things happen. Everything happens for a reason, and you can

change that into something good.

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