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2nd Grade Study Guide- Lesson 13 Adult Initials

Big Bushy Mustache

Story Genre Comprehension
Realistic Fiction When assigned, verbally answer the following questions with your child then initial in the corner box. If needed,
reread the story in our books or use the eBook on our website: www.SecondAtThird.weebly.com
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A story that
1. What genre is this story? Fiction or nonfiction?
could happen
2. What is the character’s main problem?
in real life but
3. Why doesn’t Ricky talk to his dad at dinner about the mustache?
hasn’t 4. How do you know Rickey is nervous about going to school and talking to his
happened. teacher?
5. How is the problem solved at the end of the story?
6. Why do you think the author includes Spanish words in the story?

High Frequency Words Reading Focus

above shoes tough wash wear woman young Skill
The number 12 is ____ the number 11 on the height chart. Fiction vs. Nonfiction
My dad bought a new pair of ____ today.
One of my chores is to ___ the dishes. Fiction=Fake
I will ____ my new shirt to school tomorrow.
Sometimes math is ___, but I never give up.
My aunt is a ____. Nonfiction=Not
That baby bird looks very ___, it must have just been born. fake aka REAL

Grammar/English Robust Words

Skill 1. wilting- when a plant doesn’t get enough water it starts to droop because it is
Plural Possessive Nouns wilting
A possessive noun shows 2. flitted-when something moves swiftly & quickly
3. swirling- when something moves around and around, usually in a circular
ownership. An
apostrophe + s forms the
4. trance- when someone is in a trance they seem to be asleep but their eyes are
possessive. If the noun open
ends in a “s” already you 5. route- a way, plan or course to get to a place
only add an apostrophe 6. semblance- when you make a drawing that looks a lot like the original person,
after the “s”. your drawing has good semblance of the person
7. distraught- when someone is very very unhappy or upset
My three brothers’ shirts are red
8. improvise- when you make something up as you go along

Spelling Words
Focus: consonant sound/s/ made with c; consonant sound /j/ made with –g and -dge
1.slice 2.dodge 3.city 4.huge 5.nice 6.space 7.gem 8.price 9.cage 10.fudge
BONUS: central fireplace gentle gymnast celebrate