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Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Muhammad Habibullah

House no.918 Sardar Shaukat Hayat
Colony Opposite mission School Sargodha
Mobile No, +97-150-4652041
Email: - Bashirahmad918@yahoo.com

Employment Objective.

Looking For A Responsible Position Of “In Instrumentation Field” with Growth

Oriented Organization Having Professional Environment.

Personal And Professional Interest.

My personal and professional interests to quench more and more knowledge in

Instrument and Electrical field. This can only be achieved where I can get myself involve
professional & environment.

Personal data.

Father’s Name : Bashir Ahmad

Date of Birth : 28-09-1983

N.I.C no. : 38403-2020932-7

Religion : Islam

Nationality : Pakistani

Martial Status : UN –Married

Language : English and Urdu

Passport No : A 3905265 Expiry 2012

Academic Qualification:

Secondary School Certificate. (Matric with Science in 1st Division) form

Ambala Muslim Model High School Sargodha.

Professional Qualification:
Three Years Diploma in Instrument Technology with 1st Division from Govt. Poly Techinical
Institute Sargodha.
Three Months Diploma In computer Science. (Expert in Working with Ms.Office.)

Working Experience: (5Years)

• I am working as Instrument Technician from 22/02/2009 to till now


• I WORKED as Instrument Technician from 02/05/2008 to 05/01/2009

In Ibrahim Fiber Limited Petrochemical Plant

• I WORKED as Instrument Technician from 15/10/2007 to 03/04/2008

• . I WORKED as Instrument Technician from 03/10/2005 to 10/10/2007 in
Instrument. Ibrahim Fiber Limited Petrochemical Plant, 38 kilometer
SheikhuPura Road Faisalabad.

Jobs Skill

• Well Knowledge of reading Electrical Circuit diagram, Loop Circuit diagram, Piping
and Instrument diagram, Instrument Hook up drawing cause & effect diagrame
instrument index.
• On line troubleshooting and fault diagnostic of field Instruments.
• Software and Hardware calibration, Online and Bench calibration

Test Equipment

• Hart Communicator Fisher Rousmount 375 ,475

• Thermostate bath temperature Calibrator By Lauda
• Wika Deadweight Tester
• Pressure Calibrator 718 Fluke Druck
• Process Meter 789 Fluke
• Loop Calibrator 707 Fluke
• temperature Calibrator 724 Fluke

Temperature Transmitters

• Calibrations check of Temperature gauges (Bimetallic) and RTD, s Pt 100 by

Yokogawa & Rosemount.
• using the thermostat bath UB40 and master Temperature calibrator R400 by
• Parameterize the temperature controllers.

Flow Transmitter

• Calibrate the differential pressure type flow transmitters by Yokogawa &

• Magnetic flow transmitters of Rosemount & Krohne.
• Vortex flow transmitters of krohne.
• Rota meters of ABB.
• Micro motions with corollas type STRAIGHT sensors KROHNE.
• Turbine flow meters of ABB.

Pressure Transmitters & Gauge

• Checked and calibrate the different types of Pressure transmitters with Dead Weight
Tester and Pneumatic calibrator By Yokogawa & Rosemount.
• Calibrate the Hart compatible diaphragm type pressure transmitters of Yokogawa &
Rosemount with the Hart communicator of Fisher Rosemount.
• Calibrate the high-pressure diaphragm type pressure transmitters of Yokogawa &
Rousemounat with dead weight tester.
• Calibrate the Vacuum transmitters of Hartmann Braun using the Vacuum Pump.
• Calibrate the Pressure and Vacuum gauges of different ranges.

Level Transmitter

• Radar Level TX by E&H.

• Servo Level TX by E&H ,keiso japan.
• Intelligent buoyancy transmitter of by Mosnellion Dresser (Displacer type Level
• Ultrasonic type Level transmitter of Endress and Hauser
• Differential Pressure level TX by Yokogawa & Rousemounat

Control Valve

Calibration of all types of control valves

• Temperature valve, Pressure valves, Flow valve, Level valve of FOXBORO,.
Mosnellion ,fisher,flowserve
• Lapping, adjustment and calibration of PSV, s (Pressure safety valves) and Breather
Valves of fisher , B&P (BOPP and RAUTHER) with safety valve calibration bench.
• Fisher DVC 6000 Positioner
• Metso positioner
Vibration System
Benttly Nevada 3500 Monitoring System

DCS (Fisher Rosemount

• Replacement of modules, I/O Files and temperature Cards.
• Starting and resetting of DCS system.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers)

• Have a skilled on Siemens Simatic S5 and S7.

• Start and Stop, Reset of PLC system.
• Changing of IM (Interface Modules), Input and output Modules and CP
(Communication Processor), EPPROM.