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Live Tank Circuit Breakers

Routine testing
Routine tests
Live tank circuit breakers

2 | ABB Live tank circuit breaker routine testing

All circuit breakers are tested Performance of routine tests
ABB has a well established process to ensure on-time delivery The main steps of the order process related to routine testing
of circuit breakers to its customers with the highest level of are described in the example timeline shown below. The exact
quality and reliability. At the live tank circuit breaker produc- timing of these steps may vary depending on the size and
tion facility in Ludvika, over 3000 circuit breakers are manu- complexity of the order.
factured and routine tested annually.
An invitation to witness routine testing is part of the order
The routine tests are performed for the purpose of ensur- acknowledgement, when planned dates for routine testing
ing the quality and guaranteed performance of the material, and shipping are given. Confirmation is sent to the customer
design and assembly of the circuit breaker and are made normally six weeks before the planned routine test dates.
on each apparatus manufactured. We welcome customer
witnessing of these tests. The routine tests are part of the When the final dates have been advised, participation of any
process of producing the circuit breakers and are always per- inspector(s) shall be confirmed by the customer at least three
formed with the same test procedures, irrespective whether or weeks before the planned dates for routine tests.
not the tests are witnessed by the client’s representative.
Any requests for special or additional test procedures shall
always be advised well in advance, preferably with order
placement, but at the latest with the confirmation of witness-
ing participation.

It must be noted that any requested changes to the test

process or the planned date for routine testing will affect the
deli­v ery time.

Week Activities
1 Order received from customer
2 Order acknowledgement sent by ABB with preliminary date for routine testing
Order design work complete. Drawings sent for customer approval. After customer design approval, materials
purchased for circuit breaker
X-7 ABB confirms date for routine tests and requests confirmation of customer intention to witness testing
X-4 Customer confirms intention to witness or not
X-2 Circuit breaker assembly work
X-1 Routine testing done
X Circuit breaker packed and shipped ex-works

Delivery time = "X" weeks, ex-works

After each routine test, a test review meeting is held together

with the client's witness in order to summarize the tests,
documentations and for resolving any questions which may
have arisen during tests.

For each circuit breaker a complete routine test report,

approved and certified by an ABB test supervisor, is issued
and distributed to the customer as part of the order

ABB Live tank circuit breaker routine testing | 3

Production process

Goods receiving Routine test

Materials and components for circuit breaker assembly are The final routine test process is described further on pages 6
inspected on arrival and before use for compliance to ABB and 7.
requirements. Many items are also routine tested in advance
by the suppliers in accordance with ABB instructions, the Packing
documentation for which can be shown on request. After completion of routine testing the circuit breaker is disas-
sembled into its shipping modules for packing.
Breaker pole, Mechanical and Electrical assembling
Tests are also conducted on major modules of the circuit Delivery to customer
breaker during the factory assembly process, prior to the After packing the circuit breaker is shipped to the customer
final routine testing of the complete circuit breaker poles and according to agreed order requirements.
operating mechanism(s).

Any non-compliant components are clearly marked and

isolated from production for further analysis.

4 | ABB Live tank circuit breaker routine testing

Manufacturing Breaker pole
Interrupters assembly

Delivery to
Goods recieving mechanism Routine test Packing
Mechanism assembly

Electrical assembly

ABB Live tank circuit breaker routine testing | 5

Routine test process

Summary of routine tests IEC ANSI/IEEE ABB

Nameplate and design check X X X
Resistance measurement X X X
(Components in auxiliary and control circuits)
Function check of auxiliary and control circuits X X X
Mechanical operating test X X X
Resistance measurement (Main circuit) X X X
Dielectric test (Auxiliary and control circuits) N/A X X
Dielectric test (Main circuit) X X X
Tightness test X X X

Delivery time = "X" weeks, ex-works

Meeting the standards

Routine testing of ABB circuit breakers is a tightly controlled The main routine test steps with respect to IEC, ANSI and ABB
part of our quality production process. All testing follows the standards are summarized in the table on this page. A more
protocols strictly, and is highly automated to ensure accuracy detailed description of these steps can be provided on request.
of the applied test levels and result measurements, in
accordance with international standards.

6 | ABB Live tank circuit breaker routine testing

Minutes Activities completed
0 Start of routine test
10 Nameplate and design check
40 Function check of auxiliary and control circuits
60 Operating mechanism adjustment tests
90 Mechanical operating test
100 Motor and closing spring charging tests
115 Resistance measurement (Main circuit)
125 Dielectric test (Auxiliary and control circuits)
155 Overpressure test, tightness test
175 Dielectric test (Main circuit)
180 Transfer to packing department

The entire process is normally completed within approximately 3 hours per three pole operated breaker.
The routine test report is automatically generated from the computerized test system and can be reviewed in full by the customer witness shortly after test completion.

To ensure timely production flow and maintain on-time deliv- The entire routine test for each circuit breaker is documented
ery commitments for all customers, the routine test process in a detailed routine test report, generated by the computer-
is planned to follow a strict time schedule. The timing of the ized testing system. After verification by the ABB certified test
routine test process for a three-pole operated breaker (or one supervisor, this report is provided to the customer as part of
phase of a single pole operated breaker) is summarized in the the order documentation.
timeline on this page.

ABB Live tank circuit breaker routine testing | 7

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