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ABB to provide power, propulsion
and automation for the world’s most
advanced port icebreaker

ANTHONY BYATT – To make sure the maximum amount of power possible can be
derived from marine engines such as those used in icebreakers, they are fitted
with turbochargers. ABB has a wide range of turbocharger solutions for marine
craft and are now to supply the new Power 2 800-M turbocharger for the most
advanced port icebreaker ever built, which is currently in planning for construc-
tion by the Vyborg Shipyard in Russia.

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ABB’s Power2 turbocharging solution provides the
power icebreakers need.

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All these additional features mean that an
icebreaker is much heavier than a normal
ocean-going ship of similar size.

Moreover, due to the immense strength

and often unpredictable nature of ice,
icebreakers are equipped to deal with
a plethora of potential dangers. For
e xample, pressurized air and heated
water jets may be forced out of the ship
under the ice to help break it or ballast
­w ater may be pumped rapidly around
the vessel to rock it a further assisting
ice breaking.

Clearly, icebreakers have to have power-

ful engines.

To make sure the maximum amount of

power possible can be derived from
the marine engines such as those used
in icebreakers, they are fitted with tur-
bochargers. ABB has a wide range of
turbocharger solutions for marine craft
and are now to supply turbochargers
for the most advanced port icebreaker

ever built, which is currently in planning
hen John Franklin searched for construction by the Vyborg Ship-
for the North-West Pas- yard in Russia. ABB will also provide
sage in the mid-1800s, the power and automation capabilities
he could scarcely have for the vessel.
imagined by just how much polar sea ice
would retreat in the following 150 years. The main engine will be fitted with
Now, large ocean-going ships regularly Power2 800-M, the most advanced
ply sea routes along the north of Canada two-stage turbocharging system in the
and Russia. These shipping lanes almost industry, enabling highest efficiency tur-
halve the time it takes to voyage between bocharging performance.
the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans and
the routes are remaining ice free for ever- Power2 800-M
longer periods, thus lengthening the Power2 is ABB’s dedicated two-stage
shipping season. turbocharging system. Power2 800-M,
the second generation of Power2, is the
With this increased shipping presence
comes the increased need for icebreak-
ers. Due to the nature of the job they do, The main engine
icebreakers have to be of solid construc-
tion: Thick ice is not often broken by will be fitted with
ramming it, but by lifting the ship above
the ice and breaking it from above. Lift-
Power2 800-M, the
ing an icebreaker is no easy matter as most advanced
icebreakers have very heavy and robust
strengthening cross-members to protect two-stage turbo-
the vessel against the pressure of pack
ice ➔ 1. Further, an icebreaker’s hull dif-
charging system in
fers from a normal hull in thickness, the industry.
shape and material: The bow, stern and
waterline are reinforced with thick steel
specially chosen for its low-temperature most compact turbocharger solution of
performance and the hull’s shape is de- its kind. Space is at a premium in a ship’s
signed to assist the ship to rise above the engine room and with this in mind, ABB
ice before falling and breaking through it. designed the turbocharging system to

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1 Icebreakers have to have powerful engines and be of a robust construction

take up minimal space: This two-stage The Power2 800-M responds to the need
turbocharging system is 20 percent more for new marine engine technology to offer Power2 800-M is
compact than conventional two-stage consistency of performance across con-
turbocharging solutions. Space saving ventional and newer marine fuel options. the most compact
is especially critical in an icebreaker as
the extremely strong hull construction
This application will demonstrate the ad-
vances in efficiency and power density
turbocharger of its
of the vessel leaves less internal space now available for four-stroke engines kind.
than would be available on an equivalent, that operate over a wide range of load
regular ship. profiles and that face added demands
from various bodies who regulate emis-
The Power2 800-M’s extractable cartridge sions. Once the icebreaker is constructed,
enables service to be completed in just commissioned and operating in iced-up
two steps instead of the previous six, port waters, the capabilities of the Power2
making maintenance easy and reducing 800-M will prove to be invaluable in pro-
downtime and service costs. viding the power to keep waters ice-free
for shipping.
On the icebreaker’s engine, the Power2
800-M will enhance fuel efficiency and flex-
ibility of operations. With up to 60 percent
less NOx emissions, the Power2 800-M
also substantially cuts discharges to the
atmosphere – an important aspect for
operation in the pure Arctic environment.

With a low-pressure and high-pressure

stage, the Power2 800-M provides
higher air pressure ratios – up to 12 from
eight in the previous generation. A sin-
gle-stage turbocharger can operate at Anthony Byatt
around 65 to 70 percent efficiency; External author
Power2 800-M exceeds 75 percent effi-
ciency and is the only system currently ABB contact for further details:
available across the large-engine indus- Magdalena Okopska
try with this capability. magdalena.okopska@ch.abb.com

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