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CHH682 – Sace Breaker Emax

Course goal
The goal of this course is to provide participants with the required theoretical knowledge to switch
on-off-reset a specific breaker of Sace family.

Main learning objectives Course type and methods

The participants will be able to: This is an instructor-led course (various
— Identify the hardware components and subject-matter experts) with discussions,
the installation principles demonstrations and associated theoretical
— Understand the functionality of the main exercises. Limited practical hands-on activi-
components of the Sace breakers ties are also part of this basic course.
— Assist the ABB commissioning engineer
on-site during installation, erection and The duration is approx. 1 hour.
commissioning phase
— Use, set and document Sace workouts Remarks
during erection and operation of the This training course will be executed at ABB
plant factory and training facilities in Switzerland
before installation and commissioning of
Participant profile the MNS and MNSiS system at customer
This training is focused on commissioning, site and shall be scheduled accordingly.
maintenance and service personnel.
Course map
Prerequisites — Welcome, personnel introduction
Participants should have basic know-ledge — Course introduction
about electro technic skills. — Short presentation about ACB and
Topics MCCB overview
— Main protection options — Short introduction, how to set the pro-
— Emax minimum features tection of the breakers
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— Sace communication modules for Mod- — Short introduction how to operate
bus manually the breakers (ON, OFF, Reset)
— Operation — Questions and answers
- Rating plate — Evaluation
- Rating plugs — Course close
- Operating and signaling parts
- Covers
- Manual loading of closing spring
- Electrical loading of closing spring
- Closing/opening the circuit-breaker
- Racking-in/out operation
- Racking-in/racking-out positions
— Documentation

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