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Fundraising Event

Celebrating 15
Donors (everyone) Love a Good Story

● “Origin Stories” tend to be the most Every Story has a Hero:

compelling content & eventual determinant
for donors ● An anniversary event is an
opportunity to articulate the
Anniversaries are a Chance to: Simply Smiles narrative and
● Build trust & Authority place our supporters at the
● Draw focus to our core goals & values center
● Highlight our past accomplishments & ● Honor key supporters,
needs for continued progress
advocates, and leaders
Key Points

Compelling Pass the Baton

Tell the Future Connect
Origin Story
Get everyone
What is the gap Allow supporters to
Clearly define between where we
Emphasize the share their stories
founding vision, are & where we
importance of our and experiences.
make emotional envision ourselves?
supporters. Provide a social
connection & Provide specific
Position them as network for our
demonstrate actions that are our
the catalyst that Simply Smiles
progress we’ve next step towards
drove us from community. Keep
made in relation to getting there
founding vision to our retention
origin goal
our current status strategy in mind
What do we Want to Get out of it?

● Convert supporters into first time donors

● Increase size of donations
● Increase total number of donors
● Increase awareness/ recognition
● Reconnect past volunteers to the organization & the cause
● Ask for volunteers to submit their
● Interactive timeline
personal stories
● Volunteer Spotlights
● Interview series
● Donor spotlights
● Ask volunteers to submit pictures
● Donor &/ volunteer speech
● Submission Contest
● Create social format matching experienced
● Recruit volunteers to help plan
donors to new volunteers or first time donors
● Invite supporters to come in to the
● Mixed media displays/ layout
● Google Ad grants
● Frequent updates & stories
● Introduce new membership/ club
● Highly targeted/ tailored email
communications & updates for
Understanding the problems



“Once people

contributing to
they often
continue out of

inertia until
happens to
change the

Field Assessment: ● Loosely structured, too ambiguous ● Lack of stamina- allow

● Unclear dates, meeting times, attendance to gradually trim
● While many successful agenda, etc and momentum to be lost
nonprofits attract donors, ● Fail to provide clear expectations ● Not truly engaging and
most fall short with their ● Poor job of marketing and utilizing the talents of
membership program, advertising benefits members
missing an opportunity to ● Poor execution of value ● Relying on goodwill instead
increase engagement and proposition of providing real incentives,
conversion. benefits and empowerment.
Various Models


Donors submit a membership fee, This model has little to do with fundraising This is the most ambiguous type of
receiving in return the satisfaction of and more to do with community-building. membership program.
knowing they’re supporting a good cause.
The nonprofit sets fees relatively low. The Members will offer their voices, actions,
Because donors don’t receive any internal hope is that, in return, the nonprofit will and skills, while the organization provides
influence at the organization, the build a strong network of donors that can a guiding structure for mobilizing
interaction between the organization and support each other, further the cause, and advocates.
the member is usually limited after grow the organization.
members pay their dues. However, since many organizations with
an advocacy focus still need to fundraise,
they’ll also often incorporate a
consumer-based model as well.

In essence: the basic premise of any membership is to provide a feeling of increased importance or “insider”
status within an organization, in return for some kind of contribution. Therefore, we must focus on the feeling and
experience that we provide, and contribution will naturally increase in proportion. (As long as we do a good job of
making people aware)
Club Membership: Fundraising and Stewardship
● Monthly in-office update meeting/ brunch/ social
○ Encourages members to socialize & participate
○ Informal but structured around a set agenda
■ Accepting of absences/ time restraints
■ ‘Cocktail hour” type opening, followed by presentation, then open ended discussion
○ food/ catered, community guest, member contributions
○ Involve family & friends
○ Skype with people in Oaxaca & CRST

● Create separate Facebook/basecamp/discussion board group page Other perks

○ Post pictures & summary of meeting
● Special awards
○ Post pictures and instagram live/ story of meeting
within club
○ Make regular followers aware of upcoming meeting dates & how to become a member/ benefits
● Occasional
● MAKE IT SOCIAL- social & networking opportunities “swag”
○ Plan events, trips & social gatherings
● Personalized
○ Utilize member social capital
● Member Newsletter card
○ Updates, brief summaries, bulletin of upcoming events and objectives
● Annual “coffee table book” generated by member club
○ Utilized as Onboarding/ recruitment kit and fundraising
● Flexible Membership
○ Recurring volunteer commitment for younger people that want to be members
○ Group or Corporate membership- all volunteers can attend meetings when an organization makes a recurring commitment
Questions & Steps Moving Forward
● What is our demographic? Should member meetings be segmented?
● Gauge audience engagement and enthusiasm for the project. Determine if a significant
portion of our supporters are willing and able to participate.
● What are potential members willing to contribute? What do they want to get out of the
experience? Moderate engagement, social opportunity? Structured, goal driven, high
● Gauge logistical challenges challenges and assess willingness to travel. Assess engagement
of supporters out of travel range.