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Bergman Paper(s) Outline

Paper 1: Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries:

I. Introduction:
d. Thesis: Bergman uses Antonius Blok in Seventh Seal and Isak Borg in
Wild Strawberries to explain that one can either fight the inevitability of
death—and be unable to enjoy the remainder of life—or accept it and
make peace with one’s past so as to be able to relax and enjoy life while
one still lives it.
III. Seventh Seal: Inevitability of Death
IV. Wild Strawberries: Inevitability of Death
V. Seventh Seal: Reaction Towards Death
VI. Wild Strawberries: Reaction Towards Death
VII. Conclusion
Paper 2: Persona Film Review:
Seventh Seal Notes:
What is Bergman trying to say about the relationship that humans have with the idea of
 Scared
 Will always try to outsmart, outrun, avoid
 Inevitable—you cannot avoid, and trying to do so will make things worse
What do I think, in addition to Bergman’s ideas
 People are afraid of uncertainty
 That’s why Death had to be made into a figure with a form, not just an idea

I. Introduction
d. Thesis:
II. Chess Game:
a. Blok tries and fails to outsmart Death by playing him in chess, but
manages to save Mia and Jof by allowing them to escape Death.
III. Death at Confessional
a. Blok learns that he cannot outrun Death, because Death is everywhere
IV. Blok tries to lean about Satan through Convicted Witch
a. Blok is trying to erase as much uncertainty as possible about Death
V. Ultimate Demise of Blok, Jöns, the Mute Girl, Lisa, Plog, and Karin
a. Blok was unable to outrun or outsmart Death because it is inevitable.
VI. Skat’s Attempt to Plead with Death
a. Skat fails to persuade Death to change his mind; death had the power and
chose to take Skat
VII. Conclusion