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Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

International Design
Outline of the Competition Dossier
Definition of Terms ................................................................. 2
Abreviations ........................................................................... 4
Disclaimer .............................................................................. 5
Section 1. Introduction ..................................................... 7
Section 2. Competition description ................................. 11
Section 3. Competition Schedule ................................... 14
Section 4. Competition Jury and Advisors...................... 15
Section 5. Competition Award ........................................ 16
Section 6. Stages of Competition ................................... 23
Section 7. General Terms and Conditions ..................... 31
Section 8. Post Competition Engagement...................... 34

Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

Definition of Terms Foot over bridges (connecting station operation areas, internally),
existing hotels, offices etc. within railway land.

(In this IDC, the following words and expressions shall, unless Developable Area: The area of land demarcated for property
repugnant to the context or meaning thereof, have the meaning development shall be derived after deduction of Station Operational
hereinafter respectively assigned to them and to be used only for Areas from the Station Yard Boundary. It may include developable
the purpose of this competition): air rights above the Station Operational Areas. This shall be used
for absorption of the derived Floor Area Ratios.
Participant: Proposals may be submitted by Students or
Consultants. In case of Consultants, if a participant firm possesses Permissible Floor Area Ratio: The quotient obtained by dividing
the requisite experience and capabilities required for undertaking the combined covered area (plinth area) of all floors, excepting
the Consultancy, it may participate in the competition either areas specifically exempted under respective Local Development
individually (the “Sole Firm”) or as lead member of a consortium of Control Regulations (DCR) and Urban Building Bye Laws (UBBL),
firms (the “Lead Member”) in response to this IDC. The term by the total area of the plot (Multiplied by 100), viz.: -
Participant (the “Participant”) means the Sole Firm or the Lead
Member in case of Consultants, or the Students as the case may Floor Area Ration (FAR) =
be. The manner in which the Proposal is required to be submitted,
evaluated and accepted is explained in this IDC. Selected Total covered area on all floors of all buildings X 100
Consultant shall establish an office in India for this work and this Station Yard Boundary Area
Indian office address shall be treated as address for all official
communications. Permissible Floor Space Index: The quotient obtained by dividing
the combined covered area (plinth area) of all floors, excepting
Project(s): As defined in 0 areas specifically exempted under respective Local DCR and
UBBL, by the total area of the plot, viz.: -
Station Yard Boundary: The (physical/ notional) boundary of land
demarcated by IRSDC including all land parcels, like station area, Floor Space Index (FSI) =
platforms, railway quarters, railway offices etc. under the ownership
of Ministry of Railways, which will be considered for this Total covered area on all floors of all buildings
competition. All calculations related to maximum permissible Floor Station Yard Boundary Area
Area Ratio and Ground Coverage to be done based on this. (As Permissible Ground Coverage: The quotients obtained of dividing
earmarked in station specific data packages) maximum covered floor area on ground floor of all building by
Station Yard Boundary area expressed in percentage.
Station Operational Area: The area of land used for the purpose
of railway station, like Station building, platforms, railway tracks,
ticket counters, toilets, canteen, etc. It shall not include land parcel
for railway employee quarters, DRM’s office, public parking space,
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

Ground Coverage (GC) = Smart Urbanism: Smart Urbanism is a theory integrated by

complex principles that seek new ways of design conception in
Total covered area on ground floors of all buildings X 100 (%) cities. These principles are balance with nature, balance with
Station Yard Boundary Area tradition, use of appropriate technology, institutional integrity,
regional integration, conviviality of the city and its environment
Paid area: Paid area shall be referred to the station premise, where
passenger/ visitors can enter only if they possess travel tickets or Property Development: Development of land parcels and
platform tickets for the respective day. buildings for revenue generation through upfront sale, perpetual
lease or limited lease.
Unpaid area: Unpaid Area shall be referred to all areas outside the
paid area, where anyone can access without the need of buying a Development Control Regulations: Development controls have
ticket. been defined as the mechanism through which the process of urban
development is regulated to achieve the objectives of the Local
Concourse: A common waiting area for passengers/ visitors. Urban Development Plan or Urban Building Bye Laws.
Heritage: As defined in Manual for Standards and Specifications for These comprise of the development norms for different
Railway Stations, Clause 2.6.2 use/activities and on different sizes of plots.
Land Value Capture: Land value capture in general is a Urban Building Bye Laws: Urban Building Bye-Laws are legal
mechanism “by which the agency responsible for the development tools used to regulate coverage, height, building bulk, and
of the urban transport infrastructure captures part of the financial architectural design and construction aspects of buildings so as to
benefits gained by land developers or the community at large. This achieve orderly development of an urban area. They are mandatory
benefit is reflected in an increase in the real property values, which in nature and serve to protect buildings against fire, earthquake,
can be regarded as a comprehensive index of all the benefits noise, structural failures and other hazards.
generated by the development, including improved accessibility and
an increase in business opportunities”. Station Development Plan: Station Development Plan shall
include inter alia passenger, traffic and engineering surveys,
Multi Modal Integration: Planning and design measures that integrated traffic plan, circulation plan, land plans, master plan for
ensure physical and operational integration between all modes of the Station, including architectural concept plan and preliminary
transport used to access the railway station. The aim for Multi design of structures, project facilities in conformity with the TOR
Modal Integration measures is to encourage easy interchange (collectively the “Consultancy”).
between various modes of travel.

Transit-oriented development: or TOD, is a type of community

development that includes a mixture of housing, office, retail and/or
other amenities integrated into a walkable neighborhood and
located within a half-kilometer of quality public transportation.
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

Abreviations SSD : Stage- 2 Start Date

FJD : Final Jury Date

GOI : Government of India

MOR : Ministry of Railways

IRSDC : Indian Railways Station Development Corporation

IRCON : Indian Railways Construction Company

RLDA : Rail Land Development Authority

FAR : Floor Area Ratio

FSI : Floor Space Index

COA : Council of Architecture

IIA : Indian Institute of Architects

DCR : Development Control Regulations

UBBL : Urban Building Bye Laws

MOSSR : Manual for Standards and Specifications for Railway

Stations, 2009, Volume I & II, published by Ministry of Railways,
Government of India

CVC : Central Vigillence Commission

ROFR : Right Of First Refusal

UBBL : Urban Building Bye Laws

CLD : Competition Launch Date

RSD : Registration Start Date

Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

Disclaimer complete or authoritative statement of law. The Authority accepts

no responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise for any interpretation
or opinion on law expressed herein.
The information contained in this International Design Competition-
Competition Dossier (the “IDC”) or subsequently provided to The Authority, its employees and advisors make no representation
Participant(s), whether verbally or in documentary or any other or warranty and shall have no liability to any person, including any
form, by or on behalf of the Authority or any of its employees or Participant, under any law, statute, rules or regulations or tort,
advisors, is provided to Participant(s) on the terms and conditions principles of restitution or unjust enrichment or otherwise for any
set out in this IDC and such other terms and conditions subject to loss, damages, cost or expense which may arise from or be
which such information is provided. incurred or suffered on account of anything contained in this IDC or
otherwise, including the accuracy, adequacy, correctness,
This IDC is not an agreement and is neither an offer nor invitation completeness or reliability of the IDC and any assessment,
by the Authority to the prospective Participants or any other person. assumption, statement or information contained therein or deemed
The purpose of this IDC is to provide interested parties with to form part of this IDC or arising in any way with pre-qualification
information that may be useful to them in the formulation of their and shortlisting of Participants for participation in the International
proposal for competition as per this IDC (the “Proposal”). This IDC Design Competition.
includes statements, which reflect various assumptions and
assessments arrived at by the Authority in relation to the Project. The Authority also accepts no liability of any nature whether
Such assumptions, assessments and statements do not purport to resulting from negligence or otherwise howsoever caused arising
contain all the information that each Participant may require. This from reliance of any Participant upon the statements contained in
IDC may not be appropriate for all persons, and it is not possible for this IDC.
the Authority, its employees or advisors to consider the investment
objectives, financial situation and particular needs of each party The Authority may, in its absolute discretion but without being under
who reads or uses this IDC. The assumptions, assessments, any obligation to do so, update, amend or supplement the
statements and information contained in this IDC may not be information, assessment or assumptions contained in this IDC.
complete, accurate, adequate or correct. Each Participant should The issue of this IDC does not imply that the Authority is bound to
therefore, conduct its own investigations and analysis and should select and short-list pre-qualified Proposals or to award, appoint the
check the accuracy, adequacy, correctness, reliability and selected Participant for the Project and the Authority reserves the
completeness of the assumptions, assessments, statements and right to reject all or any of the Proposals without assigning any
information contained in this IDC and obtain independent advice reasons whatsoever.
from appropriate sources.
The Participant shall bear all its costs associated with or relating to
Information provided in this IDC to the Participant(s) is on a wide the preparation and submission of its Proposal including but not
range of matters, some of which may depend upon interpretation of limited to preparation, copying, postage, delivery fees, expenses
law. The information given is not intended to be an exhaustive associated with any demonstrations or presentations which may be
account of statutory requirements and should not be regarded as a
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

required by the Authority or any other costs incurred in connection

with or relating to its Proposal. All such costs and expenses will
remain with the Participant and the Authority shall not be liable in
any manner whatsoever for the same or for any other costs or other
expenses incurred by an Participant in preparation or submission of
the Proposal, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the

Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

Section 1. Introduction Clause 1.2. About Indian Railway Station

Development Corporation Limited
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Limited (IRSDC),
Clause 1.1. Initiatives of Ministry of Railway, is a Special Purpose vehicle and a Joint Venture company of
Government of India IRCON International Limited (IRCON) (A Govt. of India
Indian Railways (IR) owns and manages one of the largest Railway Undertaking, under Ministry of Railways) and Rail Land
networks of the world with over 64,000 Route Kilometers (Km) and Development Authority (RLDA) (a statutory authority under the
7,000 stations. Operations of the Indian Railways (IR) are overseen Ministry of Railways). IRSDC has been mandated to develop/ re-
by Ministry of Railways (MOR), Government of India and 16 Zonal develop the existing/new railway station(s) in India which will
Railways headed by General Managers. The IR carries more than consist of upgrading the level of passenger amenities by new
17.5 million passengers every day and some of the major Railway constructions/renovations including re-development of the station
stations handle 100-200 million passengers per annum. Most of the buildings, platform surfaces, circulating area, etc., to better
Railway stations have been built over 100 years ago, and have a standards so as to serve the need of passengers. The main
limited and aging infrastructure that handles an ever increasing objective of the company is to make Indian railway stations of
number of passengers. The Railway stations are also located in international standards and quality.
the middle of the cities and offer enormous potential for re-
development and commercial expansion. IRSDC is committed to develop identified Railway Stations into a
growth hub with the primary objective of augmenting and improving
passenger related amenities at stations in a holistic manner,

• Rebuilding respective stations into a vibrant Public Transit

• Providing facilities for property development and generation
of revenue for construction and operation of station areas.
• Improving station accessibility.
• Providing better connectivity by all relevant modes with key
destinations around the station areas and ensuring
seamless Multi Modal Integration.
• Creating opportunity for regeneration of the surrounding
urban areas.

Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

Current projects of IRSDC are shown in the map below:

Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

Clause 1.3. About this competition Dossier b. Format F2: Financial Proposal (To be used for Financial
Detailed description of the objectives, competition, scope of Evaluation)
services, Deliverables and other requirements relating to this c. Format F3: Estimate of Personnel Cost
consultancy after winning the competition are specified in this IDC.
Additional Documents/ data to be uploaded at various stages
This Competition Dossier is structured as: on IRSDC website:

1. Competition Dossier, comprising of: 1. At start of Registration:

a. The process for the competition a. Annexure F: Station specific design brief for Nagpur Station
b. All relevant rules and regulations of the competition i. Design Brief
c. Conditions for eligibility of teams ii. Drawings and details of the site
2. Competition Design Brief (Annexure- A): Contains a generic b. Annexure G: Station specific design brief for Gwalior Station
design brief for Railway Station Regeneration works in India. i. Design Brief
3. Annexure- B: Indicative Terms of reference (TOR) for ii. Drawings and details of the site
preparation of Station Development Plans. c. Annexure H: Station specific design brief for Beiyappanhalli,
4. Annexure C: Registration forms for consultants: Bengaluru Station
a. Format C1: Consultant registration form i. Design Brief
b. Format C2: Particulars of Consultant ii. Drawings and details of the site
c. Format C3: Statement of Legal Capacity 2. After the last date for Stage-1 submission:
d. Format C4: Power of Attorney a. Annexure I: Additional details for Nagpur Station
e. Format C5: Statement of Financial Capacity i. Topographic Survey for detail design
f. Format C6: Particulars of Key Personnel ii. Report for Soil Bearing Capacity test
g. Format C7: Experience of Consultant b. Annexure J: Additional details for Gwalior Station
h. Format C8: Experience of Key Personnel i. Topographic Survey for detail design
i. Format C9: Eligible Assignment Consultant ii. Report for Soil Bearing Capacity test
j. Format C10: Eligible Assignment of Key Personnel c. Annexure K: Additional details for Beiyappanhalli, Bengaluru
k. Format C11: Format for CV of Key Personnel Station
l. Format C12: Statement of Deployment of Personnel i. Topographic Survey for detail design
m. Format C13: Tentative Work Program ii. Report for Soil Bearing Capacity test
n. Format C14: Schedule of Surveys and field investigations d. Annexure L: Format For Bank Guarantee
o. Format C15: Proposal for Sub Consultant
5. Annexure D: Registration form for team of students
6. Annexure E (To be submitted with Stage-II submission):
Formats for Financial Proposal:
a. Format F1: Covering letter for Financial proposal

Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

Clause 1.4. Competition Intent

IRSDC has decided to organize competition for award of
consultancy services towards Preparation of Station Development
Plans for three (3) identified railway stations at Nagpur, Gwalior and
Beiyappanhalli (Bengaluru) (hereinafter referred to individually as
the “Project” and collectively as “Projects”) across India. IRSDC
therefore invites Multi Disciplinary teams of experts/ consultants to
participate in International Design Competition for selection of
schemes for Station Development Plans of these stations.

• The competition would be conducted in two stages.

Stage 1 of the Competition is open for Consultants as
well as Students (of planning, architecture and other
allied disciplines studying in India or abroad).

• Stage-2 of Competition is limited to Consultants

shortlisted after Stage-1 as per the terms of the IDC.

10 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

Section 2. Competition description Clause 2.2. Registration Information

Sl. Item Information
No. (IDC No. – IDC/27/2017)
Clause 2.1. Registration of Teams 1 Organizing Indian Railway Stations Development
Prospective teams (with maximum 10 members) can register as Authority Corporation Ltd.
any ONE category: 2 Details of 4thFloor, Palika Bhawan, Sector-XIII,
Communication R.K. Puram, New Delhi – 110066.
2.1.1. Category-1- “Consultant(s)”,
i.e. a participant entity possessing the requisite experience and 3 Web page www.indianrailways.gov.in
capabilities (as outlined in Clause 2.3 of this dossier) required for address www.irsdc.in
competing in this competition and undertaking the Consultancy https://sites.google.com/irsdc.co.in/idc
assignment on winning. It shall participate in this Competition either 4 FB Page address https://www.facebook.com/IRSDC/
individually (the “Sole Firm”) or as lead member of a consortium of 5 Email id for IDC.2017.MOR@GMAIL.COM
firms (the “Lead Member”) in response to this call for participation. submission of
The term Participant (the “Participant”) means the Sole Firm or the entries
Lead Member, as the case may be. The Participant shall be 6 Contact person Mr. Sumeet Kumar
represented in this competition by a multi-disciplinary team and his details for Tel: +91-11-2467-2719/23, Ext.260
comprising of relevant experts led by an Urban Designer, who meet queries etc.
the eligibility criteria laid out in this dossier. An Architect 7 Registration Fee Rs. 10,000/- or US$ 160 per Proposal
registered with the Council of Architecture has to be a part of (Non-refundable)
the team. (for category one
OR 8 Details of Name: Indian Railways Station
depositing the fee Development Corporation Limited
2.1.2. Category-2- “Student(s)”, (for consultant Bank Name: Indian Overseas Bank
i.e. a team comprising of enrolled students or young professionals category only): Bank Branch: R. K. Puram
(should have appeared/ passed the final semester of a certified IFSC Code: IOBA0000408
course within the last five years upto the CLD) of planning, A/c No: 040802000002256
architecture or other allied disciplines. They need to be enrolled in
an accredited course either as Bachelor`s or Master`s or PhD
students. One team and its entire member can participate only
for one station area.

11 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

Clause 2.3. Category-1 Eligibility Criteria fulfilled by members other than Lead Member, subject to
Lead Member having the Team Lead (as defined in Clause
To be eligible for Registration and participation in the 5.2) on the payroll of the firm for atleast two years prior the
competition, the Category-1 participant needs to fulfill Competition Launch Date
the following:
2.3.1. Eligible Assignments
(a) Technical Capacity: The Participant shall have, over the
past 7(seven) years preceding the Competition Launch Date For the purposes of determining Conditions of Eligibility, registration
(CLD), undertaken a minimum of 2 (two) Eligible and for evaluating the Proposals under this IDC for appointment of
Assignments as specified below. consultant through an International Design Competition,
consultancy assignments in respect of architectural planning,
(b) Financial Capacity: The Participant shall have received an master planning, urban design, or feasibility report for the following
average income of Rs.1 (One) Crore or US $ 0.5 (Half) projects shall be deemed as eligible assignments (the “Eligible
million from professional fees in the 3 (three) financial years Assignments”):
preceding the Competition Launch Date (CLD). For the
avoidance of doubt, professional fees hereunder refer to I. Development of transportation hubs such as railway station/
fees received by the Participant for providing advisory or metro station/ Inter State Bus Terminal/ Multi Modal Transit
consultancy services to its clients. Hub/ airport and having an estimated capital cost (excluding
land) of at least Rs. 50,00,00,000 ( Rupees fifty Crore) in case
(c) Availability of Key Personnel: The Participant shall offer of a project in India, and US$ 50,000,000 (US$ fifty million) for
and make available all Key Personnel meeting the projects elsewhere;
requirements specified in sub-clause (d) below.
(d) Conditions of Eligibility of Key Personnel proposed for
mandatory positions in the team: Key Personnel II. Development of urban projects such as commercial center (or
proposed for each mandatory position in the Category-1 district centre), shopping mall, sports complex, exhibition
(Consultants) Team must fulfill the Conditions of Eligibility complex, convention centre, mixed use developments and
specified in Clause 5.2, Column (E) hotels covering an minimum area of 5 (five) hectares each and
For successful registration, the Participants shall be required having an estimated capital cost (excluding land) of at least Rs.
to fulfill the eligibility conditions of Clause 2.3(a)- Technical 50,00,00,000 (Rupees fifty Crore) in case of a project in India,
Capacity, Clause 2.3(b)— Financial Capacity, Clause 2.3 and US$ 50,000,000 (US$ fifty million) for projects elsewhere.
(c)— Availability of Key Personnel & Clause 2.3 (d)— Provided that the Participant entity claiming credit for an Eligible
conditions of Eligibility of Key Personnel proposed for Assignment shall have, prior to CLD, received professional fees of
mandatory positions in the team. However, in case of at least Rs.50,00,000 (Rupees 50 lakh) in case of a project in India,
Consortium/JV, eligibility conditions of Clause 2.3(d) may be and US$ 500,000 (US$ five hundred thousand) for projects
12 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

elsewhere, for the respective assignment, and where credit is being

claimed by a Key Personnel, she/he should have completed the
relevant assignment prior to CLD.

The Participant shall enclose with its Proposal, certificate(s) from its
Statutory Auditors$ stating its total revenues from professional fees
during each of the past three financial years and the fee received in
respect of each of the Eligible Assignments specified in the
Proposal. In the event that the Participant does not have a statutory
auditor, it shall provide the requisite certificate(s) from the firm of
Chartered Accountants that ordinarily audits the annual accounts of
the Applicant.


$ No separate annual financial statements should be submitted.

13 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

Section 3. Competition Schedule

Stage Sub-stage Reference Deadline Details

Competition Launch Date CLD 6th November 17 Launch of competition

(17:00 Hrs IST)

Pre Competition meeting 13th November 17 Last date of receiving online queries.
(11:00 Hrs IST) A meeting shall be held at office of IRSDC in New Delhi.
Participants interested to attend the meeting may seek prior
confirmation by sending their details at competition email id.
Start of registration RSD 20th November 17 Registration as per process mentioned in IDC to start and
(11:00 Hrs IST) station wise data packages to be published on website
Last Date of Registration 30th November 17
Stage- 1

(18:00 Hrs IST)

Last Date of online 31st December 17 Stage-1 online submission closes

submission (18:00 Hrs IST)
Last Date of hard copy 4th January 18 Stage-1 hard copy submission closes
submission (18:00 Hrs IST)
Start of Stage-2 Date SSD 6th January 18 Stage-1 Jury to be conducted for selection of Stage-2
(09:00 Hrs IST) participants
Stage- 2

Last Date of Submission 24th February 18 (18:00 Stage-2 Submission (physical copies) of Documents, models,
Hrs IST) financial proposals etc.
Final Jury Date FJD 3rd March 18 Announcement of winning entries
(18:00 Hrs IST)

14 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

Section 4. Competition Jury and Advisors

The panel of jurors may include experts from the following domains:

1. Urban Design
2. Urban Transport Planning
3. Architecture
4. Environmental Planning
5. Real Estate and Finance
6. Architectural Conservation
7. Railway station planning and construction

15 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

Section 5. Competition Award

Category-1 winners

Prize Nos Prize Money

Stage-1 winners

Participants selected and qualified for stage 2 Maximum 5 per station Rs. 1,30,000/- each

Stage-2 winners

1st Prize winner 1 per station Rs. 10,00,000/-

2nd Prize winner (1st Waitlist) 1 per station Rs. 3,00,000/-

3rd Prize winner 1 per station Rs. 2,00,000/-

Category-2 winners

Prize Nos Prize Money

First Prize 1 per station Rs. 80,000/- each

Second Prize 1 per station Rs. 60,000/- each

Third Prize 1 per station Rs. 40,000/- each

# All prizes mentioned above are inclusive of all applicable taxes. Payments shall be made in INR in India Only.

16 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

Clause 5.1. Registration for Category-1 8. On successful receipt of the application format and
confirmation of Registration, a Unique ID will be issued to
(Consultants): the Participant. The Unique ID (UID) has to be used by the
1. The Participant team should meet the Eligibility Conditions Participant in all further communication and submissions.
mentioned in Clause 5.2 of this dossier 9. Registration process shall include evaluation of eligibility
2. The registration fee mentioned in Clause 2.2 above has to criteria of the Participant. The process of registration may be
be submitted through details mentioned. Subsequently, considered as successfully completed on receipt of the UID,
transaction details have to be provided at the time of the Participant can proceed with the preparation of the
registration. Stage-1 schemes.
3. The registration of consultant has to be done by filling 10. To facilitate Registration, IRSDC may, at its sole discretion,
Formats C1- C15 and emailing scanned copies along with seek clarifications from any Participant regarding its
all relevant documents in a single email (Maximum size documents submitted for registration. Such clarification(s)
24Mb) before the last date of registration. Hard copies of shall be provided within the time specified by IRSDC for this
all documents shall be preserved by the Participant. The purpose. Any request for clarification(s) and all
same shall be submitted along with Stage-2 clarification(s) in response thereto shall be in writing.
submission. In case of any discrepancy between the online 11. If a Participant does not provide clarifications sought as
submission and hard copy submission, the online above within the specified time, its request for registration
submission will be upheld. Incase there are significant shall be liable to be rejected. In case the registration
differences; IRSDC reserves the right to disqualify the document is not rejected, IRSDC may proceed to evaluate
Participant without providing any reasons. The Participant the contents of the document by construing the particulars
may also be black-listed as per prevailing rules. requiring clarification to the best of its understanding, and
4. All registration, communication and submission in relation to the Participant shall be barred from subsequently
this competition shall be done by the authorized signatory of questioning such interpretation of IRSDC.
the Consultant. In case of a JV/ Consortium it should be the 12. Consultants can compete for more than one station with
authorized signatory of the Lead Member. separate registrations accompanied by separate registration
5. The Authorised signatory shall self attest (sign and seal) all fee.
pages of the documents for registration before submission. 13. Prior to registration for evaluation of Proposals, IRSDC will
6. IRSDC shall not take responsibility of any failed transaction. determine whether each Proposal is responsive to the
The same has to be directly resolved by the Participant with requirements of the IDC. IRSDC may, in its sole discretion,
the relevant bank branch. reject any Proposal that is not responsive hereunder. A
7. Incase, Participant has submitted registration fee twice, the Proposal shall be considered responsive only if:
Participant may write to IRSDC along with a copy of (a) the Proposal is received in the forms specified at
requisite documents, which clearly mention the transaction Annexure C or Annexure D as applicable;
details etc. IRSDC will initiate the refund of additional (b) it is received by the Last Date of Registration for the
amount after reviewing the authenticity of the request. The purposes of registration and Last Date of Stage 1
refund may take 30-45 days.
17 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

submissions for the purposes of evaluation of Proposal-

Stage 1, including any extension thereof
(c) if applicable, it is accompanied by the registration fee as
specified in Clause 2.2.
(d) it is signed, submitted as stipulated in Clause 5.1;
(e) it is accompanied by the Power of Attorney as specified
in Clause 5.1;
(f) it contains all the information (complete in all respects)
as requested in the IDC;
(g) it does not contain any condition or qualification; and
(h) it is not non-responsive in terms hereof.
14. Proposals received by IRSDC after the last date of
submissions shall not be eligible for consideration and shall
be summarily rejected.

18 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

Clause 5.2. Consultant Team Composition

Out of the ten members of the team, following six members are mandatory in any team of consultant. The eligibility criteria for the mandatory
team members are as follows:

Position Educational Nationality Length of Experience on Responsibility

Qualification Professional Eligible Assignments
(B) (C) (D) (E) (F)

Team Essential: Any Minimum 15 He/She should have led the He/She will lead, co-ordinate and supervise
Leader years urban design/ planning/ the multidisciplinary team and be responsible
Bachelor of architectural design/ for:
Architecture planning for three (3)
Eligible Assignments.. • prepare and present a comprehensive
WITH Station Development Plan
• Overall Deliverables
Post Graduation
in Architecture/ • Adhering to timelines
Urban Design/ • incorporating suggestions
Planning • addressing queries
• representing client/ stakeholder in
various meetings, consultations and
overall delivery of project
• Ensuring presence of the Architect,
Transport Planner, Real Estate Expert
and Railway station and construction
expert in all meeting.
• shall be responsible to assure the
Station Development Plan is in
consonance of the Terms of reference
and the Design Brief.

Architect Essential: Indian Minimum 10 He/She should have played He/She shall be the architect of record and
(Foreign years a major role in the delivery responsible for
Bachelor of nationals of comprehensive
19 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

Architecture can only architectural services for • delivery of comprehensive

apply, if three (3) Eligible architectural services including
they meet Assignments. integrating all outputs from other
the clause experts and consultants.
37 of The • delivery of comprehensive
Architects architectural services in consonance
Act, 1972 to the design brief and the terms of
• to sign on all municipal and statutory
• represent the client with all statutory

Railway & Graduate in Civil Any Minimum 10 He/She should have worked He/She shall be responsible for:
Constructi Engineering with years as Civil Engineering Expert
on Expert 10 years of for at least three (3) projects • providing outputs related to railway
experience in in railway sector/ metro station planning, construction,
railways/ metro rails. operation and maintenance which
sector or railway shall be used as inputs by the design
engineer (Civil) team
(Degree/ Diploma • ensuring that the design is in
hoder) with consonance of various railway
minimum 10 standards, manuals, standard
years of working operational procedures, standards
experience as JA and specification of construction,
Grade or above. operation, maintenance of stations.

Transport Post Graduate in Any Minimum 8 He/She should have played He/She will be responsible for:
Planning Transport years a major role as part of the
Expert transport planning teams for • supervising traffic and transportation
Planning two (2) Eligible surveys
Assignments. • preparation of integrated
transportation plan;
• suggesting schemes for road
connectivity, entry/exit to the Station,
20 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

circulation plan, flyovers, parking, etc.

including temporary traffic diversion
for construction.
• He/She shall also be responsible for
proposals related to Urban Transport
Integration, Multi Modal Integration
and accessibility improvements.

Environme Masters/ Any Minimum 5 He/She should have played He/She will be responsible for
nt and Bachelor in years a major role as part of the
Green Environmental environmental impact • Supervising Surveys for preparation of
Building Architecture/ assessment team for one EIA/ SIA
Expert Planning/ (1) Eligible Assignment and • Preparation of Environmental & Social
Engineering or preparation of Green Impact Assessment reports of the
equivalent Building rating for one Project.
Eligible Assignment • Ensuring that the Station
WITH Development Plan is in consonance of
the Green Railway Station rating
IGBC Certification system of IGBC.

Real MBA/ BE/ Post Any Minimum 7 He/She will be responsible for
He/She should have played
Estate Graduate Degree years
a major role in real estate • conducting market feasibility studies
advisory services related to to establish the existing supply and
market demand future demand of real estate assets in
assessment and feasibility and around the station area.
studies for at least two (2) • establish mix of real estate assets for
Eligible Assignments. station area based on the projected
• preparing financial models for station
development plan

21 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

Clause 5.3. Other conditions Clause 5.4. Special conditions for International
A. Participants shall make their own arrangements for site participants
visits during the course of this competition. Preliminary A. Before registration, all architects registered in countries
information regarding the sites is part of this document. outside India should ensure that they meet the conditions of
More information required for preparation of schemes shall Section 37 of The Architects Act, 1972. In case of none
be issued at subsequent stages of this competition. compliance, the ‘consultant’ shall not be eligible for
B. After the close of registration and issuance of UID, all station participation in the competition.
managers shall be informed about the list of participating
teams. The teams can directly approach the station Clause 5.5. Registration for Category-2
managers for site visits. 1. Participating teams of students will have to fill Annexure D
C. Before registration, the interested teams may approach the and email it along with necessary documents through a
Station Managers for site visit in their own capacities. single email (Maximum file size-5Mb) to the designated e-
IRSDC may only coordinate for site visits after completion of mail id provided at Clause 2.2
registration process. 2. While filling the application form, the team lead shall provide
D. Participant teams once registered shall be final and no the following information for each team member:
change in team composition shall be allowed at a later a. Full name of student member
stage. It is, therefore, recommended that the team leader b. Name of course pursuing
should first discuss with the team members to be nominated c. Name of college/ university
to confirm that they wish to be part of the team, before 3. On successful receipt of the application format, a Unique ID
registering the team for the competition. will be issued to the Participant. The Unique ID (UID) has to
E. Same Category-1 team can participate for more than one be used by the participating team in all further
station, with separate registration. communications and submissions.
F. Individuals/ organizations/ experts/ advisors/ staff of IRSDC/ 4. The process of registration for each station may be
IRCON/ RLDA directly or indirectly involved in the considered as successfully completed on receipt of the UID,
organization or their parent organizations are barred from the Participant can proceed with the preparation of the
participating in the competition or influencing any participant scheme.
team. IRSDC reserves the right to take legal actions against 5. Students who have appeared for final exams and are
any team/ individual/ organization found violating this. awaiting results will also be allowed. In place of college ID
G. Copy of the Architect’s COA registration certificate shall be card, such students shall provide a copy of certificate issued
provided along with Annexure C- Format-C6 by the HOD of the college/ university, authenticating the

22 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

Section 6. Stages of Competition Clause 6.1. Stage-1- ‘Schematic Design Stage

(Ideas Competition)’
This is an open and anonymous stage of the competition.
This Two Stage Design Competition is one of its kind for India,
where interdisciplinary participation is sought for regenerating public Participants are expected to explore broad planning and design
infrastructure. It invites proposals that rationalize and integrate ideas to regenerate railway station areas by redeveloping existing
inputs of urban design, architecture, environment, landscape, public railway stations. At this stage, Participants are free to articulate
space, mobility network, financing et al for station area aspirational ideas by carefully studying the complexities involved in
improvement. functioning of a railway station and its inter-linkages with
surrounding area. Therefore, proposals should be both innovative
The competition will be in two stages.
and functional, responding to contextual/ site-based requirements. It
Stage-1- Schematic Design Stage (Ideas Competition-open for is expected that their propositions be architecturally viable and
both Category participants) - will initially seek broader ideas encourage Public-Private Partnership. Participants are encouraged
about the respective station areas. Participants are expected to to explore:
project how a station and its surrounding area could support
1. Urban Design principles for creating a vibrant and contextual
people-oriented, thriving and vibrant urban center.
public interchange hub
Stage-2- Detail Design Stage (Detailed design competition 2. Contemporary design ideas
between Category-1 winners of Stage-1) – implementable 3. Principles of sustainability (environmental, economic, socio-
design schemes for station areas and other facilities will be cultural)
sought from Category-1 winners of Stage-1. These should be 4. Existing schemes of GOI to ensure convergence of funds
intelligent, sensitive, and highly functional designs to adequately and initiatives
capture land value. The design of the regenerated Railway 5. Futuristic technological solutions for various project
Stations should be balanced, i.e. architecturally ambitious, components
intelligently frugal, financially viable and beneficial for all
stakeholders and users. 6.1.1. Closure of Stage-1

Note: The registration, competition, evaluation and felicitation of 1. Entries received from Category-2 (Students) participants will
teams participating for each station and under each category be evaluated for selection of best entries in Stage-1 and will
(student/ consultant), shall be separately conducted. not be carried forward to Stage-2 of the competition.
2. Stage-1 entries received from Catergory-1 (Consultants)
Participants shall be evaluated for selection of the winners
of Stage-1 who shall participate in Stage-2. Schemes
selected for Stage-2 shall be further detailing of the Stage-1
submissions of the winning Consultants.
23 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017 Submission Format and content Submission terms and conditions
1. Maximum 10 nos A3 sized sheets articulating proposals 1. No page/ sheet/ document submitted should have names or
through relevant graphics and texts (PDF/ JPEG format- 300 identification marks of the participating team members/
dpi) organization.
2. 2 Page (1000 words) A4 size design concept note has to be 2. In case an entry is found to be copied or plagiarized, it
submitted. No graphics to be included in the note. (PDF/ would lead to immediate disqualification of the participating
JPEG format) team, its members and authorizing organizations will be
3. All the above documents should have the UID of the team barred from any future assignment with IRSDC. Additionally,
mentioned on the top right corner of all sheets/ pages. such malpractice will draw financial penalties as per legal
Format- Arial, 30, bold. proceedings.
4. 1 Page Introduction of each member of the team, a short 3. In all cases, IRSDC reserves the right to take legal action
note on their unique capabilities, and success stories along against the participating team, its members and authorizing
with a passport size photograph has to be submitted. organizations. Design details to be submitted (Indicative)

1. Urban Design Master plan
2. Movement Plan, ensuring Multi Modal Integration, ease of
access and station access control
3. Proposed circulation plan showcasing potential for
integration with surrounding urban fabric
4. Landscape scheme
5. Architectural scheme of the buildings
6. Conservation scheme (if any) Method of submission

All the documents mentioned in Submission format and Supporting
Documents have to be submitted in .pdf OR .jpeg format through a
single email. The subject line should only have the following-
IAC17<Participant UID> - <Station Name>. The maximum size of
the email shall be 24Mb.

Hard copy of the submission documents must be delivered on or

before the specified deadline mentioned in Section 3. In case of any
discrepancy between online and hard copy submissions, the online
submission will be upheld.

24 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier Evaluation of Proposals Clause 6.2. Stage 2– ‘Detail Design Stage’

The submissions would be evaluated as per following: Stage-2 is a closed competition between eligible and winning
“Consultant” teams of Stage-1.
STAGE-1 Consultant’s Student’s
evaluation Evaluation At commencement of Stage-2, all Participants would be provided
with additional information of respective station areas and are as
Team Composition 5 0 follows:
Adherence to Design Brief 5 10 1. Topographic Survey of the area
(Both Generic and station 2. Other relevant technical data
The Participants would be required to develop detailed design
Station complex 20 20 schemes and submit identified deliverables.
Functionality Design details to be submitted (minimum
Transportation Aspects 20 20 requirements)- Technical Proposal
1. Sheets (10 nos A1 mounted sheets)
Architecture, innovative 35 40 2. Physical Model- Scale-1:500- (preferred size- A0)
design 3. Walkthrough- 3 minute duration- one file in .avi or .mpeg
Economic Aspects 5 0 formats
4. Design Basis Report- 5 page A4 report (2500 words)
Utility and Sustainability 5 5 Submission Format- Technical Proposal
Implementability and 5 5 1. The above documents have to be submitted in hard copy
constructability format (One copy only). Once submitted, the submission
would be property of IRSDC.
100 100 2. One DVD (or other relevant readable medium) containing
soft copy of the sheets in resolution 300dpi and actual size
has to be submitted.
3. All submissions mentioned above shall have the UID of the
team mentioned on the top right corner of all sheets/ pages/
models/ CDs/ DVs. Format- Arial, 30, bold.

25 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017 Financial details- Financial Proposal Submission terms and conditions
1. The Team lead shall also submit the Financial Proposal as 1. Proposal in Stage-2 without Bid Security shall be summarily
per Annexure E for providing consultancy services after rejected.
winning the competition, sealed in a separate envelope. 2. No page/ sheet/ document submitted should have names or
2. The Financial Proposal has to be dropped at the locked box identification marks of the Consultant or participating team
provided at IRSDC office, which shall be opened only in members/ organization.
front of the evaluation committee. 3. In case, an entry is found to be copied or plagiarized, it
would lead to immediate disqualification of the participating Bid Security for Stage-2 Consultant and the entire team, its members and authorizing
The Participant in Stage-2 shall furnish as part of its Proposal, a bid organizations will be barred from any future assignment with
security of INR 2,00,000 (two lakhs only ) through NEFT or RTGS IRSDC and will be liable to financial penalties as per legal
only in IRSDC’s Bank Account number : 040802000002256, proceedings. In such cases, IRSDC reserves the right to
RTGSD/IFSC code: IOBA0000408 at Indian Overseas Bank, R. K. take legal action against the participating team, its members
Puram Branch, New Delhi in favour of “Indian Railway Stations and Participant.
Development Corporation Limited” payable at New Delhi (the “Bid 4. At the time of submission, failure of furnishing all relevant
Security”), returnable not later than 60 (sixty) days from Stage 2 documents as mentioned above shall lead to automatic
submission due date except in case of the two highest ranked disqualification of the Participant.
Participant for each station. In the event that the first ranked 5. Under force majeure, ISRDC reserves the right to provide
Participant commences the assignment, the second ranked relaxation in the interest of the competition and its aim.
Participant, who has been kept in reserve, shall be returned its Bid
Security forthwith, but in no case not later than 120 (one hundred
and twenty) days from Stage 2 submission due date. The Selected
Consultant’s Bid Security shall be retained as Performance security
and same shall be returned after submitting Performance Security
and acceptance of same after verification. It is mandatory for
Participant to provide their Banker’s details (Name of Bank and
Branch), along with their own bank details (Account No., Name of
account holder, NEFT/RTGS details).

26 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

Clause 6.3. Stage-2 Technical evaluation

Stage-2 entries of all qualifying Catergory-1 (Consultants) Participants would first pass through technical evaluation by the jurors as per
marking criteria mentioned below.

Sl. No. Marking Criteria Sub Score Total Score

1 Station complex Functionality

1.a Passenger movement and Segregation 5

1.b Station Amenities 5 15

1.c Emergency evacuation 5

2 Previous Experience in railway station design 5

3 Transportation Aspects

3.a Station access and dispersal 4

3.b Universal accessibility 4

3.c Seamless Integration with surrounding uses and transit modes 4 20

3.d Parking & Circulation 4

3.e Traffic circulation around station area (impact and mitigation) 4

4 Architecture, creative value

4.1 Creative Value of the Design 5

4.2 Internal Circulation 5

27 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

4.3 Quality of the Urban Design proposal 5

5 Economic Aspects

5.a Real Estate Value capture (maximization) 5

5.b Integration of Station and proposed commercial development 10 20

5.c Financial Sustainability 5

6 Utility and Sustainability

6.a Water & Waste Management 5

6.b Energy Efficiency 5 15

6.c Landscaping 5

7 Implementability and constructability 10

Total (ST) 100

28 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

Clause 6.4. Stage-2- Right Of First Refusal financial score would be disclosed to announce the first,
second and third prize winners of the competition for each
given to highest Technical scorers station and in accordance with provision under Clause 1.4

IRSDC aims to implement the best schemes selected through the

competition while upholding the spirit of the CVC guidelines.
Accordingly, the Right Of First Refusal (ROFR) shall be given to the
Consultants scoring highest marks for technical evaluation (for
respective station areas).

Following process would be followed by the evaluation committee of

IRSDC in presence of Consultants participating in Stage-2 who
choose to attend, competition advisors/ assessors, etc:

1. Financial Proposals for first three Consultants with highest

technical scores shall be opened.
2. Under “right to first refusal”, the Consultant scoring highest
technical score shall be given the opportunity to accept to
work at the lowest Financial Proposal received amongst the
three highest technical scorers of the respective station
3. In the event that the highest technical scoring Consultant
accepts to work at the lowest quote, the same will be
declared the competition winner and the process would be
stopped here. Further evaluation of financial proposals
based on QCBS method mentioned in Clause 6.5 below will
not be done. In such case, only technical score of the
winning entries would be used to declare the first, second
and third prize winners for each station.
4. In the event, the highest technical scoring Consultant does
not agree to work at the lowest quote, received from the
three highest technical scorers of the respective station
areas, the Financial Proposal of the highest three technical
Consultants shall be evaluated as per the QCBS process
mentioned in Clause 6.5 below and a combined techno-
29 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

Clause 6.5. Evaluation of Financial Proposal Fw= Weightage for Financial Proposal= 0.20
(QCBS method) The Selected Participant shall be the first ranked Participant (having
the highest combined score, i.e. ‘S’, as calculated by above
mentioned process). The second ranked Participant shall be kept in
The financial evaluation of top three technical scoring Consultant reserve and may be invited for negotiations in case the first ranked
per station will be carried out. Each Financial Proposal will be Participant withdraws, or fails to comply with the requirements
assigned a financial score (SF). specified in IDC document, as the case may be.
For financial evaluation, the total lump sum cost indicated in In case of a shortlisted Consultant having submitted Proposals in
Item No. G of the Annexure E- Format F2- Financial Proposal Stage-2 for more than one station, IRSDC shall finalize and award
shall be considered. the work which is best suitable and economical to IRSDC. In such
IRSDC will determine whether the Financial Proposals are case, Priority of finalization of the award of contract for individual
complete, unqualified and unconditional. The cost indicated in the station after Stage 2 of competition will be the sole decision of
Financial Proposal shall be deemed as final and reflecting the total IRSDC.
cost of services. Omissions, if any, in costing any item shall not
entitle the firm to be compensated and the liability to fulfill its
obligations as per the TOR within the total quoted price shall be that
of the Consultant. The lowest Financial Proposal (FM) will be given
a financial score (SF) of 100 points. The financial scores of other
proposals will be computed as follows:

SF = 100 x FM/F

(F = amount of Financial Proposal) Combined Techno-financial evaluation

Proposals will finally be ranked according to their combined
technical (ST) and financial (SF) scores as follows:

S = STx Tw + SF x Fw


S= combined score of the consultant

Tw= Weightage for Technical Proposal= 0.80

30 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

Section 7. General Terms and Conditions 7) Proposals for which a notice of withdrawal has been submitted
at the designated tender email id shall not be evaluated.
8) IRSDC shall download the proposals for registration for the
1) The Proposal with all accompanying documents and all purposes of evaluation.
communications in relation to or concerning the Competition 9) All participant(s) must register as per the process mentioned in
shall be in English language and strictly on the forms provided Clause 2.1 and team members have to accept to be part of the
in this IDC. No supporting document or printed literature shall team on the IDC Registration Formats (Refer relevant
be submitted with the Proposal unless specifically asked for and Annexures).
in case any of these Documents is in another language, it must 10) It is incumbent for both Students and Consultant categories to
be accompanied by an accurate translation of the relevant successfully register to participate in Stage-1.
passages in English, in which case, for all purposes of 11) After the last date of submission for Stage-1 and Stage-2,
interpretation of the Proposal, the translation in English shall respectively, no changes/ revisions would be permitted in the
prevail. schemes.
2) At any time prior to the deadline for submission of 12) Registration for Stage-1 and Stage-2 would be common and
Registration/Proposal, IRSDC may, for any reason, whether at there would be no separate registration for Stage-2. Entries
its own initiative or in response to clarifications requested by a which qualify for Stage-2 will automatically move to a closed
Participant, modify the IDC document by the issuance of group contest.
Addendum/ Amendment and posting it on the designated 13) For the Category-1-Consultants, Participant has to meet the
website of IRSDC. Eligibility Criteria to successfully register and get an UID for
3) Proposals should be submitted online in the prescribed format. submission and evaluation of Proposal under Stage-1
No other mode of submission is accepted. submissions.
4) Proposal shall be signed by the Authorized Signatory of the 14) At the end of Stage-1 all Consultant teams will be intimated
Applicant and submitted "on-line" through email. No hard copy about their selection/ rejection for Stage-2 competition through
of the documents (except those specifically asked for in the IDC confidential emails. All Participants shall maintain complete
document) is required to be submitted. anonymity and confidentiality till the announcement of final
5) The Participant may modify, substitute, or withdraw its Proposal results after Stage-2.
after submission, provided that written notice of the 15) The Participant(s) represent(s) and warrant(s) that he/she will
modification, substitution, or withdrawal is received by IRSDC comply with all applicable Indian laws. The Participant(s) shall
prior to due dates of submission at the designated tender email not disclose and/ or use any information, if doing so is in
id. No Proposal shall be modified, substituted, or withdrawn by violation of an obligation of antitrust law and/ or confidentiality.
the Participant on or after the last date for registration.. 16) IRSDC reserves the right to reject any Proposal based on its
6) Any alteration / modification in the Proposal or additional discretion. By registering for participation in the Competition the
information or material supplied subsequent to the last date for Participant(s) warrant that:
registration, unless the same has been expressly sought for by a) they have complied with these Entry conditions;
IRSDC, shall be disregarded. b) their entry is original;
31 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

c) their entry does not infringe any Intellectual Property Rights Interest”). Any Applicant found to have a Conflict of Interest
of any third party; shall be disqualified. In the event of disqualification, the IRSDC
d) any current employer and/or learning institution which the shall forfeit and appropriate the Bid Security as mutually agreed
participant is employed by or enrolled with would have no genuine pre-estimated compensation and damages payable to
claim on the entry developed and submitted. IRSDC for, inter alia, the time, cost and effort of IRSDC
17) If the Participants are acting within the scope of their including consideration of such Applicant’s Proposal, without
employment, as an employee, contractor, or agent of another prejudice to any other right or remedy that may be available to
party, then the Participants warrant that such party has full IRSDC hereunder or otherwise.
knowledge of the actions of the Participants (including team 26) A Participant shall be deemed to have a Conflict of Interest
members) and has consented thereto, including the potential affecting the competition, if:
receipt of a prize. The Participants further warrant that their i. the Participant, its consortium member (the “Member”) or
actions do not violate the employer's or company's policies and Associate (or any constituent thereof) and any other
procedures. Applicant, its consortium member or Associate (or any
18) The Participants will not upload viruses or other malicious code. constituent thereof) have common controlling shareholders
19) The Participants will not use this contest to do anything or other ownership interest;
unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory. ii. Provided that this disqualification shall not apply in cases
20) Participants must not provide any false information in the where the direct or indirect shareholding or ownership
registration process. Participants must keep their contact interest of an Participant, its Member or Associate (or any
information accurate and up-to-date. shareholder thereof having a shareholding of more than
21) Any changes to the rules, or cancellation of the competition, will 25% (Twenty five per cent) of the paid up and subscribed
be publicly notified as per IRSDC policies. It is the responsibility share capital of such Applicant, Member or Associate, as
of the Participants to keep themselves informed as to any the case may be) in the other Applicant, its consortium
changes to the rules. member or Associate is less than 5 per cent of the
22) Entries must be submitted before each Closing Date and in the subscribed and paid up equity share capital thereof;
manner set out in the Competition Terms. Failure to do so will provided further that this disqualification shall not apply to
result in disqualification. any ownership by a bank, insurance company, pension fund
23) IRSDC accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss or injury or a public financial institution referred to in sub-section 72
of any kind suffered by any Participant in entering the of the Companies Act, 2013. For the purposes of this
Competition, including as a result of any participant winning or Clause2.3.3(a)indirect shareholding held through one or
not winning any prize. more intermediate persons shall be computed as follows:
24) The IRSDC will not be held responsible if the Participants/teams (aa) where any intermediary is controlled by a person
are not able to upload their entries before the last date & time of through management control or otherwise, the entire
submission for any reason whatsoever. shareholding held by such controlled intermediary in any
25) Conflict of Interest: A Participant shall not have a conflict of other person (the “Subject Person”) shall be taken into
interest that may affect the Competition (the “Conflict of account for computing the shareholding of such controlling
32 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

person in the Subject Person; and (bb) subject always to firm hired to provide consulting services for the preparation
sub-clause (aa) above, where a person does not exercise or implementation of a project, and its Members or
control over an intermediary, which has shareholding in the Associates, will be disqualified from subsequently providing
Subject Person, the computation of indirect shareholding of goods or works or services related to the same project; or
such person in the Subject Person shall be undertaken on a ix. the Participant, its Member or Associate (or any constituent
proportionate basis; provided, however, that no such thereof), and the bidder or Concessionaire, if any, for the
shareholding shall be reckoned under this sub-clause (bb) if Project, its contractor(s) or sub-contractor(s) (or any
the shareholding of such person in the intermediary is less constituent thereof) have common controlling shareholders
than 26% (twenty six per cent) of the subscribed and paid or other ownership interest; provided that this
up equity shareholding of such intermediary; or disqualification shall not apply in cases where the direct or
iii. a constituent of such Participant is also a constituent of indirect shareholding or ownership interest of an Participant,
another Applicant; or its Member or Associate (or any shareholder thereof having
iv. such Participant or its Associate receives or has received a shareholding of more than 5% (five per cent) of the paid
any direct or indirect subsidy or grant from any other up and subscribed share capital of such Participant,
Applicant or its Associate; or Member or Associate, as the case may be,) in the bidder or
v. such Participant has the same legal representative for Concessionaire, if any, or its contractor(s) or sub-
purposes of this competition as any other Participant; or contractor(s) is less than 5% (five per cent) of the paid up
vi. such Participant has a relationship with another Participant, and subscribed share capital of such Concessionaire or its
directly or through common third parties, that puts them in a contractor(s) or sub-contractor(s); provided further that this
position to have access to each other’s information about, or disqualification shall not apply to ownership by a bank,
to influence the competition of either or each of the other insurance company, pension fund or a Public Financial
Participant; or Institution referred to in sub-section 72 of the Companies
vii. there is a conflict among this and other consulting Act, 2013. For the purposes of this sub-clause (h), indirect
assignments of the Participant (including its personnel and shareholding shall be computed in accordance with the
Sub-consultant) and any subsidiaries or entities controlled provisions of sub-clause (a) above.
by such Participant or having common controlling x. For purposes of this IDC, Associate means, in relation to the
shareholders. The duties of the Consultant will depend on Participant, a person who controls, is controlled by, or is
the circumstances of each case. While providing under the common control with such Applicant (the
consultancy services to IRSDC for this particular “Associate”). As used in this definition, the expression
assignment, the Consultant shall not take up any “control” means, with respect to a person which is a
assignment that by its nature will result in conflict with the company or corporation, the ownership, directly or indirectly,
present assignment; or of more than 50% (fifty per cent) of the voting shares of such
viii. a firm which has been engaged by IRSDC to provide goods person, and with respect to a person which is not a
or works or services for a project, and its Associates, will be company or corporation, the power to direct the
disqualified from providing consulting services; conversely, a
33 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

management and policies of such person by operation of

law or by contract.
Section 8. Post Competition Engagement
xi. A Participant eventually appointed to provide Consultancy
for this Project, and its Associates, shall be disqualified from Clause 8.1. Appointment of Consultant
subsequently providing goods or works or services related (a) After the announcement of Stage-2 results, IRSDC would
to the construction and operation of the same Project and sign an agreement with the winning teams to provide
any breach of this obligation shall be construed as Conflict consultancy services as per Annexure-B TOR for
of Interest; provided that the restriction herein shall not apply respective station areas.
after a period of 5 (five) years from the completion of this (b) On appointment, the winning team would be referred as
assignment or to consulting assignments granted by banks/ “Selected Consultant” for the project.
lenders at any time; provided further that this restriction shall (c) The Selected Consultant may be required to modify his
not apply to consultancy/ advisory services performed for design to meet any reasonable requirements of IRSDC. The
IRSDC in continuation of this Consultancy or to any detailed design will need to be sanctioned by the Municipal
subsequent consultancy/ advisory services performed for and other concerned authorities in accordance with the
IRSDC in accordance with the rules of IRSDC. For the requirements of local authorities. The selected consultant
avoidance of doubt, an entity affiliated with the Consultant will need to engage necessary consultation with IRSDC for
shall include a partner in the Consultant’s firm or a person fulfilling the requirements of consultancy service.
who holds more than 5% (five per cent) of the subscribed (d) IRSDC expects that the Selected Consultant shall
and paid up share capital of the Consultant, as the case provide Stage-1, Inception Report and Preliminary
may be, and any Associate thereof. Report as per Annexure-B TOR, within 45 days of
signing the agreement. No compromise on this shall be
(e) As far as possible, the Selected Consultant is expected
to reduce the time required for delivery of other
deliverables of subsequent to submission of Stage-1,
Inception Report and Preliminary Report.
(f) Once IRSDC enters into an Agreement with consultant
winning Stage-2 of the competition, it is essential for the
Team Lead to discharge all responsibilities and obligations
in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement. In the
event of any non-performance or a breach of contract on the
part of the Consultant, IRSDC will be at liberty to engage
any other consultant or adopt any other alternative means to
get the chosen design executed notwithstanding the
Copyright of the design resting with the chosen consultant.
34 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

(g) In the event of the chosen Consultant withdrawing from the Clause 8.4. Resolution of Disputes
project after signing of the Agreement, IRSDC, further to the (a) The jury shall be the sole arbiter at all stages of the
actions available under the IDC and Applicable Laws, will be competition and up to the stage of signing of an Agreement
at liberty to get the chosen design detailed and executed by between IRSDC and the Consultant.
engaging any other consultant or adopting any other (b) In the event of litigation the courts at New Delhi shall have
alternative means. exclusive jurisdiction. All submitted entries will become
(h) IRSDC retains the right to not award the work to any of the property of IRSDC. In case a foreign consultant is selected
prize winning Participant without assigning any reasons. for the award of the work the entity will have to establish its
office in Delhi, conforming to Indian rules and regulations.
Clause 8.2. Application of Regulations
(a) Sending of submission by a Participant implies the Clause 8.5. Negotiations
acceptance of all the competition regulations contained in The Selected Participant may, if necessary, be invited for
this Competition Dossier, and all annexure. The jury alone is negotiations. The negotiations shall generally not be for reducing
vested with the authority to enforce the regulations. the price of the Proposal, but will be for re-confirming the
(b) Lapses / Omissions, if any, with regard to the conformity of obligations of the Consultant under this TOR. Issues such as
the competition regulations will be recorded by the deployment of Key Personnel, understanding of the TOR,
Competition Advisors for the consideration of the jury. methodology and quality of the work plan shall be discussed during
(c) Jury’s decisions in the matter will be final and binding. negotiations.
(d) By sending their submission, the Participants submit
themselves to the decisions of the jury which alone will be IRSDC will examine the CVs of all other Professional Personnel
competent in the application and Interpretation of the and those not found suitable shall be replaced by the Participant to
regulations. the satisfaction of IRSDC.

Clause 8.3. Ownership & Copyright IRSDC will examine the credentials of all Sub-Consultants
(a) IRSDC retains all rights of ownership and copyright of the proposed for this Consultancy and those not found suitable shall be
design of the selected consultant with whom an Agreement replaced by the Participant to the satisfaction of IRSDC.
is entered into.
(b) IRSDC reserves the right to retain copies of the report and Clause 8.6. Substitution of Key Personnel
the drawings received in this competition. IRSDC will not normally consider any request of the Selected
(c) IRSDC reserves the right to publish the submissions Participant for substitution of Key Personnel as the ranking of the
received as part of this competition on its websites, its Participant is based on the evaluation of Key Personnel and any
partner websites and other mediums. change therein may upset the ranking. Substitution will, however,
be permitted if the Key Personnel is not available for reasons of any
incapacity or due to health, subject to equally or better qualified and
experienced personnel being provided to the satisfaction of IRSDC.
35 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd International Design Competition 2017

IRSDC expects all the Key Personnel to be available during The Performance Security shall be submitted within 15 days of
implementation of the Project. IRSDC will not consider substitution issue of Letter of Acceptance. The Prize money of Rs 10,00,000/-
of Key Personnel except for reasons of any incapacity or due to shall be released only after submission of Performance Security.
health. Such substitution shall ordinarily be limited to one Key
Personnel subject to equally or better qualified and experienced The Performance security shall be in the form of an irrevocable
personnel being provided to the satisfaction of IRSDC. As a Bank Guarantee (as per Annexure-L) / Demand Draft / Bankers’
condition to such substitution, a sum equal to 5% (5 per cent) of the Cheque or Pay Order in favour of “Indian Railway Stations
total consultancy fee shall be deducted from the payments due to Development Corporation Limited”, drawn on any nationalized or
the Consultant. In the case of a second substitution hereunder, scheduled commercial bank and payable at New Delhi. The said
such deduction shall be 10% (10 per cent) of the total consultancy Performance Security will be kept valid for three months over and
fee. Any further substitution may lead to disqualification of the above the Scheduled period of completion of work.
Participant or termination of the Agreement.
The Performance Security would however be forfeited in case of
Substitution of the Team Leader and Architect will not normally be withdrawing from the Competition and/or Non Acceptance of Letter
considered and may lead to disqualification of the Participant or of Award and/or non-execution of contract or any event of Default
termination of the Agreement. leading to termination of contract as described in the Agreement.

Clause 8.7. Award of Consultancy The Performance Security shall be released two months after the
payment of final bill.
After selection through competition and successful negotiations, a
Letter of Award (the “LOA”) shall be issued, in duplicate, by IRSDC
to the Selected Participant and the Selected Participant shall, within
Clause 8.9. Execution of Agreement
7 (seven) days of the receipt of the LOA, sign and return the After acknowledgement of the LOA as aforesaid by the Selected
duplicate copy of the LOA in acknowledgement thereof. In the event Participant, it shall execute the Agreement within the period
the duplicate copy of the LOA duly signed by the Selected prescribed. The Selected Participant shall not be entitled to seek
Participant is not received by the stipulated date, IRSDC may, any deviation in the Agreement.
unless it consents to extension of time for submission thereof,
appropriate the remaining prize money of such Participant as Clause 8.10. Consultant’s Office
mutually agreed genuine pre-estimated loss and damage suffered Consultant must have an office in New Delhi for close co-ordination.
by IRSDC on account of failure of the Selected Participant to
acknowledge the LOA, and the next highest ranking Participant may Clause 8.11. Commencement of assignment
be considered. The Consultant shall commence the Services at the Project Site
within 7 (seven) days of the date of the Agreement or such other
Clause 8.8. Performance Security date as may be mutually agreed. If the Consultant fails to either
The successful Consultant shall submit a Performance Security to sign the Agreement as specified in Section for Execution of
IRSDC for a sum equivalent to 5% of the Cost of the Consultancy. Agreement or commence the assignment as specified herein,
IRSDC may invite the second ranked Participant for negotiations. In
36 
Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Ltd IDC- Competition Dossier

such an event, the Bid Security of the first ranked Participant shall
be forfeited and appropriated in accordance with the following

The Participant, by participating in this competition, shall be

deemed to have acknowledged that without prejudice to IRSDC’s
any other right or remedy hereunder or in law or otherwise, the
remaining Prize Money shall be forfeited and appropriated by
IRSDC as the mutually agreed pre-estimated compensation and
damage payable to IRSDC for, inter alia, the time, cost and effort of
IRSDC in regard to the competition including the consideration and
evaluation of the Proposal under the following conditions:

a) If an Participant submits a non-responsive Proposal;

b) If an Participant engages in any of the Prohibited Practices

specified in competition document;

c) If a Participant withdraws its Proposal during the period of its

validity as specified in this document and as extended by
the Participant from time to time;

d) In the case of the Selected Participant, if the Participant fails

to reconfirm its commitments during negotiations as
mentioned in Section for Appointment of Consultant;

e) In the case of a Selected Participant, if the Participant fails

to sign the Agreement or commence the assignment; or

f) If the Participant is found to have a Conflict of Interest.

37 