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Common Ground

Rizza Mae Quinanola

Extra matters

With the advent of K to 12 curriculum, a new set

of rules on giving awards and recognitions was laid by
the Department of Education. This rule had made the
students of Tumauini National High School realized that
focusing on academics is more important. However,
students must bear in mind that holistic growth requires
exposure and involvement through co-curricular

According to the issued DepEd memorandum,

extracurricular activities will not be added to the
computation of students’ overall performance. Instead, a
separate award would be given to those students who
excel in their extracurricular activities. With this new
imposed rule, some teachers find difficulty convincing
students to participate in contested activities.

Actually, students are hesitant to participate

because they know that it could negatively impact their
grades. To participate in contested activities, it is
expected that students will be excused from their classes.
And because they are outside the class, they will miss
seat works, activities and important lessons that will
comprise their grades. This scenario is somewhat
alarming especially to those who are eyeing for academic

According to April Cariaso, SHS student, it is

unnecessary for them to participate in contested
activities because it will no longer affect their grades. She
believes that the time to be used in trainings and
practices would be more valuable if used in reviewing
their lessons. She also said that there are teachers who
are not fond of giving considerations so in the end,
participants will suffer.

With this mindset, it is expected that more and

more students will tend to stay inside their classroom
and focus in their academics. Needless to say,
extracurricular activities might look unimportant at all.

It is safe to say that gone are those days when

students need to juggle academics and extra-curricular
activities. With this new rule, it is easier to choose
between academics and extracurricular activities.
Nonetheless, the learnings and experiences brought to us
by extracurricular activities are beneficial in the way we
are shaped as well-rounded citizens.

Extracurricular activities are made to develop

the discipline and competitiveness in us. These activities
are ways of channeling skills and talents that are not
exposed inside the classroom. These activities are also
platforms for us to explore our points of interests where
we are meant to thrive and grow.