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“The Amazing Race’

AGES: 4-17 years old

PARTICIPANTS: Students, parents, teachers and individuals from orphanage


 All the participants will be grouped into 10 members in a group.

 There are 6 stations. Each station provides a task or a game for the team to complete.
 Each station is assigned with a facilitator to monitor the game.
 When the race starts, each group has to run to any one stations and complete the task
 Each group will be given a flag upon the completion of the task in each station.
 Each group is given a checklist to be ticked and verified by the facilitators in each
station once the group has completed the task successfully.
 The teams run from one station to another station until they complete all the 6 tasks in
6 stations.
 The winner of the race will be the team who first arrives to the final point with 6 flags
and the checklist.

DURATION: 1 ½ - 2 hours, including the grouping and briefing session.


 Encourages physical recreation and social interaction among the team members.
 Provides opportunity to develop communication skills with each other.
STATION 1: Ready Spaghetti

EQUIPMENT: Spaghetti noodles, empty soda cans, cleaned and dry, with tabs intact, two

tables that are about the same height.

DURATION: 5 minutes for each group.


 When the timer begins, one player grabs a strand of spaghetti and places it in her mouth

- after this, no hands can be used except to get the next piece of pasta.

 The same player then threads the spaghetti through the tab in one of the pop cans.

 The other player grabs the opposite end of the pasta with her mouth as it comes through

the tab, and the team then works together to carry the can over to the empty table.

 The team has work in pairs to complete the task.

STATION 2: Cross the Lava River

EQUIPMENT: 4.25×11 sheets of cardboard.

DURATION: no time limit


 Each member will be given a sheet of cardboard.

 Each member has to cross the marked length (Lava River) without stepping on the

ground (Lava River). They stand in a row to cross.

 They step on the cardboard to cross the river.

RULE: The group needs to start from the beginning if any of the members dropped into

the river while crossing it. The members who have crossed may remain there.

STATION 3: Pass it on

EQUIPMENT: paper cups, pails of water and empty pails.

DURATION: no time limit


 Team members stand in a row.

 The member standing in the front fetches a cup of water from the pail.

 The person then passes the water to the person standing behind him or her.

 The person standing behind fills the water from the cup while the front person is pouring

the water from backward.

 The person passes the water to the other member in the row until the last member pours

the water into an empty pail behind him. The last person to turn and pour the water in

the pail. The group has to fill the pail with water until it reaches the target level.

RULE: players are not allowed to pass the water in any other way except backward. Groups

which failed to follow the rule will not get a verification sign in the checklist; proceed to the

next station.
STATION 4: Christmas Riddle

EQUIPMENT: paper and pen

DURATION: no time limit


 Each team is given a set of 5 riddles.

 They write down the answer for the riddle.

 Facilitator checks the answers if they are correct.

 Team with correct answers completes the task.

STATION 5: Caterpillar Race

EQUIPMENT: balloons

DURATION: no time limit


 Players line up in each group one behind another in a straight line.

 Each player keeps a balloon in front of them, facing the back of the other member.

 They have move in a line with the balloons to reach the end point.

 They should not hold the balloons.

STATION 6: Christmas Songs

EQUIPMENT: candy box with song titles

DURATION: 3 minutes to listen and prepare the song and another 3 minutes to present the



 Each team has to choose a song from a candy box.

 They are given 3 minutes to prepare to sing the song using the lyric provided.

 They sing the song after they reach the end point in front of the parents without

referring to the lyric. This will be their last checklist.

 They have to sing at least 5 lines excluding the chorus.

*Tips: - Each member remembers one line

- Sing the chorus as a group

Prepared by,
Ms Nanthini
Mr Arvin