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1. How many brand of two-wheeler do you know?

c) Hero Honda
d) Bajaj Auto
e) Suzuki
f) TVS
g) Yamaha

2. Which type of two wheeler you prefer most?

(a) Motor Bike

(b) Scooter

(c) Moped

3. Which attributes do you like most in your two-wheeler? Rates the various
factors you consider most?

(1.) Luggage space

(2.) Fuel Efficiency

(3.) Pick up

(4.) Resale value

(5.) Driving comfort

(6.) Out look

4. What is your source of finance?

(a) Bank Loan

(b) Finance Company

(c) Self financing

(d) Any Other

5. What are the external factors that influence you about purchasing bike ?

(a) Print media

(b) Electronic media

(c) Exhibition

(d) Trade shows

(e) Brand image

6. Which brand right now you are having ?

1. Hero Honda
2. Bajaj Auto
3. TVS
4. Suzuki
5. Yamaha
6. LML

7. Should company go for innovation in context to development of new bike ?

1. Yes
2. No
8. While going for the development of new bike which point the company
should keep in mind

i. Acceptability of customer
ii. Scale of economic
iii. Comfort
iv. Design
v. Others

9. According to you which company`s model you like most and why-

a) Bajaj Caliber
b) TVS Victor
c) Honda Activa
d) Yahama Libero
e) Hero Honda Ambition

10. Are you satisfy with the fuel consumption of Two-wheelers?

a. Extremely Satisfied

b. Satisfied

c. Neutral

d. Dissatisfied

11. If “Yes” Which factor you consider is satisfies you most?

a. Feature

b. Low Maintenance

c. Looks

d. After Sales Service

12. What about the Price of Two-wheeler Spare parts?

a. Highly priced

b. Moderate/Avg price

c. Low price

13. Do you think that the cars of Mahindra are capable to attract today’s

a. Yes

b. No

c. Cannot say

14. Which brand according to you is giving the most competition to Edison
Automobiles in India?

a. Tata/Fiat
b. Maruti Suzuki
c. Hyundai
d. Ford

15. What is your perception about Edison automobile’s product?

a. Very good
b. Good
c. Average
d. Bad
16. Do you think that the cars of Edison are capable to attract today’s

a. Yes

b. No

c. Cannot say

17. Reason for your choice?

a) Brand name

b) Features

c) Price

d) Mileage

18. What is your opinion about service of Edison Automobiles comparing with

a) Excellent

b) Very Good

c) Good

d) Average

e) poor

19. Which promotional media is influencing you to buy small cars?

a) Broad casting

b) Product demonstration

c) Word of mouth
d) Publications

20. Why you are giving first preference to MARUTI SUZUKI while buying
small car?

a) Good facilities

b) Quality service

c) Price

d) Good designs

e) Better mileage

21. What influenced you to buy a particular brand?

a) Advertisement
b) Word of Mouth
c) Attractive Packaging
d) Dealer
e) Shop Display
f) Family/Friends/Relatives

22. Do promotional schemes affect your choice ?



23. Which one of the following policies affects your selection?

a) Discount Policy

b) Promotional Policy

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