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Lb | Oxford Meee ces) Ci Veam and practise English vocabulary OXFORD ‘Great Clarendon Street, Oxford 0x2 6DE (Oxford University Press isa department ofthe University of Oxford, Iefurthers the University's ebjeciveof excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide in ‘oxford New York ‘Auclland Cape Town Dares Salaam Hong Kong Karachi Kuala Lampur Madrid Melbourae Mexico City Nairobi Rew Delhi Shanghai Taipei Toronto ‘With offices in ‘Argentina Austria Brazil Chile Czech Republic France Greece Custemala Hungiry Traly Japan Poland Portugal Singapore South Korea Switzerland Thailand Turkey Ukraine Vielnain ‘oxFokp and ox#oRD enous are registered trade mars of (Oxford University Press in the UX and in certain other countries (© Oxford University Press 2008 Fhe moral righis ofthe author have been asserted Database right Oxiond University Press maker) Tirst published 2008 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 10987654321 ‘No unauthorized photocopying All rights reserved. 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Hust), 53 (lam Theresa KalTettofBon Appetit), 74 (hospital ward/WR Publishing), 84 (house/Maleolm Fairmany, 98 (police arrest) Auhur Turaer, 114 (oil paintsjAndrew Paterson), 114 (ntercolouts) (Chris Rose), 116 Dex image), 124 (Rio CarnivaDemetrio Carrasco) Jon Arnold images Lz), 153 /Sanjjohn Frees), 159 Janine Wiedel Photolbrary), 171 (niceartphoto}, 174 (Tory Craddockjimages Ete ie Corhis pp 2¢ (rancke Sesuin/TempSpors, #2 (the earth/NASA), 42 (rainioves:/Louise Musrayjtobert Harding Wold Imagery), 44 (nurricane|tienry Romerojeuters) 4 (voleanoffimn Sugar. 46 eagle) Daniel J. Cox), 47 (shark/Stuart Westmorland), 74 (operating thea] Mediscan, 80 (Georges Seurat ,Bathes at Asnires, 1883-88, The ‘National GalleryBy kind permission ofthe Trustees of the National Gallery, Landon), 90 (Georges Seurat, Sunday Aftemax onthe Ifond fla Grande Jt, 1884-86, The Art Institute of ChicagojThe Gallery Collection), 98 (courtrooun[Heide Henserieta), 114 (portraiySel Portrait by Macy Cassatt ca, 1880/Smithsonian Instcution, Washington. DO), 114 (landscape Vincent van Gogh, Landscape with Croet Cor, 1989/The Gallery Collection), 114 (ll lif) Paul Cezanne, Frit ona lah, ca, 1890/TIe Gallery Colletion)114 [abstract painting! Wassily ‘Kandinsky, Inprevstion with Green Ceter (0 176), 1913)Burstein Collectonjtarney Burstein © ADAGP, Pais and DACS, Londan 2008) Courtesy of Geclea Headgear p 146 (www geckohendsear com): Getty Images pp 22 (Dan\Justin Pumfiey/iconica), 22 (Giles/Victovia Snowber| Photographer's Choice), 28 (Marilyn Monroe/Alfied Fisenstaed(/Pix Inc fine & Lite ietues), 28 (BU CTinton)Scott Morgan), 44 (deought) ‘Angelo CavalliSton), 46 (ion(Dave King)Doring Kindersley), 46 (ger) Dave King/Dovling Kindersley), 45 monkey/lasubilo Sawadajamana mages), 46 lyfames Coties/o.e), 6 (whaleet HunrerfRise), 46 (mosquitoffrank Greenaseay/Dorimg: Kindersley), 52 (raspberry) Kevin SummensPhotographer’s Choice), 52 fgichristian Leubaes) StockFood Creative), 52 (broceol)Xevin SummersPhotographer’s Choice). 74 (crayjVincenzo Lombarde|Photographer’s Choice). $3 Connie Mites) 101 (sD4Medical com), 104 Alexander Nemenov/AFP), 124 (C2 Tornatina festival lose JordanjA#P), 188 (London Express) Hulton Archive) 165 (H. Dygzs). 198 (Lyn HollyfPhotograplver's Choice ‘R&}, Mosgueflle com pp 84 forick walfbosela), 84 jsone wallfosels), Photolibrary-com pp 44 (tidal wavelVince CavataiofPacfic Stoel, 53 (veaPhlip Wilkins/tvesh Food Images) $3 (codMaximilin Stock, LtajFcesh Food Images), 53 (oyster/Maximilian Stock Ltresh Food Invages) 153 (akeUIika Malmy/Nonsic Photos), 154 (PRoLodis} Punchstock pp22 (KaStockbyte), 40 (bee)Doa FatvalllPhotodisc), 46 (sherkjDLILLC), 82 (apzicarc Squased StudiosPhotodisc, 52 (clexy) Stockbyte), 53 (calls liver Foodcollection. com), 53 (duck meat] Foodcollection.com), 38 (rabbit meat/Foodcollection. com), 5 (sea bas) Foodcollection com), 53 (musselfMelba Photo Agenc), 98 (ingerprints} Steve Allenjjuptevimages/Brand X), 152 (Marcy Maloy/Photodisc), 153 (losspPurestock). 155 Stockebytel: Rex Fearares pp 37. 124 (cherry blossom festivajSinopix Photo Agency Ligh; Royalryirce pp 46 (QeoparPootoxsc), 46 [spides/otodisc) 4 (elevhantfngram). 46 (camefPhatossc, 46 (bear/Photocisc. 46 [snake/Photocisc. 47 [snake] Ingram, 52 coconesjingram), 52 (leakPhotodise), 52 (sweetcorn) Stockbyte), 173 (Photodisc) Science Photo Library p 74 (seanjost SPL) Images sourced by Suzanne WilliamsPictunoxesearch, co.uk. Cover illustration by Carol Vertyst Contents Insrodstion Starter unit ‘Abbrevitons ad amb Learning 1 Team alk boat vocabulary tearing 2. ean deseribe my progress and sins 10 2 5 Leon understand learner dicionary 14 4 Lean alk about English punetsation Review People 5 (can talk about appesrance 6 Leantalc about character 7 Teandesrbe my fetings '§ ean alk abouelationships 9 ean alk abou families Review The world around us 11 Team desert the universe 12 Team tak about rivers and thesea 13 Toon describe the ciate 14 Team describe natal dssters 15. ean desert animale nd insacts Review 16 18 2 4 26 28 10 Icantatkubout weddings and funerals 30 a 6 38 a 46 0 Daily life 16 Lean ascribe range foot 17 Tcantalleabost its nd coking 18 Tear talk ato movey 19 tan talk about sep 20 ean alk about injuries 21 ca tlk abot carsand driving 22 Lean deere travel problems and aceldents 25. Lanta about clothes and fashion Review CG Getting things done can describe iit to the dentist 5 Tan desebe hospital procedures can expln housed tasks 7 ean derbe housework am talk haidessr 29 Ison dese urban ie 30. can describe partsofabuiking 31. Lean describe objets 22 Tear dsc the senses 235 Lcan describes panting 34 Tear describe actions Review 2 74 76 7a 79 2 86 a 90 92 cones 3 Social and political issues 35 Toon talk about crime 36 Icon desea the usin stam 37 con discuss healt sues 38 Lean talkabout pies 29° Tean tlk about war and peace 40 Team alk about events in history Media and entertainment 41 Lean undersa 2 Ioan sou ns 43 Ten alk about are and photography 44 Loan talk bout mise 45, Tean alk about people and plaes lnspore 46 Tean describe sporting events 447 cantalk about books 48 Leandesenbe festivals Work and study 49 Leangetthrougherams 50. Tean describe univers life 51. Leanapply fora job 52 Teandeseibe jobs 53 Tcandescrbea career 534 Teandescoibe working condtons Business, 5 eon alk about daance 56 co talk about companies 57. can describe a succesll busines 58 Lean discassmarketing 4 coMTENTs 96 os 100 102 108 106 9 10 12 134 16 as vat 146 148 Social English 59 Lean expres probably 132 60 Leanexoain smlariesandixeness 153, 61 Lcaomakearangemenstomest 158 462 Tean scussmy Wes anddislikes 155 (63 1can givemyoplaon 156 ‘4 Lean talk aboutrules 158 (65 Teandncusshopesand pans 160 66 Tean express disttaction 162 67 Teun understand warnings 16 Pe 7 Language 68 Teanuselink words 16s 69 ean asea cangecfadjctves 171 70 Teanexpres tmeand pice rr 71 teanusepreposonsin phsses 176 72 Leanuse oreixes 178 73 Leanusesuticer 180 74 eanuse verb pattems 182 75. Sean pas versa 184 % ean use a range ofadvers 186 Styles of English ean reeogaizeitoemal tngih 191 ‘ean white a formatter 1 canundersiand abbevistlons 196 sndshort ras [ean understand American Baglsh 198 Vocabulary buildin tables 202 Answer key 20% Ansar key trevse units a3 Ls of spot botes m2 ‘Words Index 2s Acknowloegaments 254 Introduction What is Oxford Word Skills? ‘sf Were Sls isa serics of thre book for students to learn practise, and revise new ocabulary, ‘there are over 2,000 new wor phases nea eve a al of he material can beused in the classroom or or elt: How are the books organized? ach bole contains $0 unis of vocebulary peseniation and pestice Caltsare tetmee ited hase pages long depenlin on thetic. New vocabulary is present in manageable quanti or leaner, with practice exercises following [Eametatte The ul are grouped together thematically modules of four tn nine nie Attheend al each mole ther ate farther practice exercises in the review is so that earners can revise an tet hemseles on the vocbulary learned _Atthebck ofeach book sou wl find + socabulary bullding abs amanswerkey or allthecxercies {listo all he vocabulary taught with aphopemic promuncition guide anda Unik esferene to wher the tem apps Theres CD-NOMat each eel with ral pronation medels forall he weabalary ‘aught and rther practice cxrcnes cluding listening betes What vocabulary is included? _At Intermed lel, the vocabulary nce ‘= aywidorangeof common topics, ¢g- mone: heli ees relationships {swore and presen soil interline ving onions, hain arrengennentsomost ‘+ areas escl grammar eg prebees and safes, nk words Theres an empbesis on high-frequency vocabulary in everday spoken Eolish, but lke seule fom diferent rypas of writen exe. Job advertisements magazine flies web pages and warning signs. At Adhanosl level learners encounter more figurative mcuning of vocablay tems, more idiomatic kanauoge, and a wade range of collocation “The sores ncudes lea ofthe words nthe Oxford 1000, which Iss the 3,000 ‘won teichers and shes should peoetze nthe teachins and earning: The isis tsa om requency and sees to earners, and was develope by Oxiord Unies Pres ucngecrpusceifence and information poi ya panel of ier 7Dexpetsin| theif euching and language tad fv addon, we hive incadd a wide ange 1 high guy pres, eg in th, hae cl wl as ers which ate teensy usfulina pricuarcontest eg afin the dentist mropucTION 5 Wehavetaten great care lo ensue that easners will abet undersand themeaning fall new words and pases as used the particular conexsb suptvin s ‘eur lustaton, a glossary dainon, oan example of cach wordor prs Learners ‘Should be avare that many Englshwordshene mane thn one meaning. Tey shad fo be aware that nouns ay be countable in some senses und uncountable bothers “They shoul rele to an appropiate learner's dctonary fr information on other meanings andstractures and o county [Sees to ken ney Wed inthe Starter unit for advice) How can teachers use the material in the classroom? ‘New vocabulary is presenta dough diflent pes of txt, ncuding Malone table and visuals. The meaning of vew vocabulary sexplaned in as acsompenying ossry unlesstbllustated in vsuals cr dagrams. Particularly importantes are highighed hy means of split boxes Here's procedareyou coud flow: + Students study the presentation for 5-10 minutes longer if neces) '* You ansner ay queries the students may have about the items, ane provide a bronunclation mode of theses or yor stents fo repeat. ‘Students do the fst exerese, which they can check for shemseves using the answer key, or you can ge over te ansrers with the whole des, ‘When you ae atin, you cn ak tents 0 99 on to further exer, while {yeu monitor hem as they work and asst where necessary ‘when they have completed the writen exercises, students an often test themselves onthe new vocabulary using the cover card enclosed with the book: ‘The material hasbeen designed fo iat der can cover the new Hor whe they ook at the vistas, giostries, or ables and tst demselves This a simple, quer, and eas way for lamers to est themselies over anc over agi, so there {Sno pressure on you to keep searching for diferent exerts ters prio of time has olapsed,parhaps 2 couple at days or aus, you can {se the feview exerses for furter consolidation and testing, ‘You wil often notice the headings “About you ar “About your county” “There incieate personalized exrcies which ive lores an opportunity to bs the aur vorsbulary within the contest of thei ow ves Stents can ‘write arsers to these, bet they make ideal psir work actities for lesen to race thelr spoken English whit wsing the new Vocabulary you use ness 5 speak acts, students could then write ther answers (r ther partners Srswers) a follow-up. Inthe ans Ky, posible ansners for thas atts are proved by protirent ornate speakers from diferent ports ofthe worl. How can students use the material on their own? “The materials been designed otha an be sed ftv bolls in thechscoom rly learners working alone I wording alone learners should lok tthe Starter unt Ast For elttudy we ecommend hat learers se tbe bok lonesde the C-ROM, sit gnesthems promincttion model fr every emf vocabulary as was frthor retice eerie. They can chek hei men answers and se the ener car est themselves: One aehariage of elf tx learning shat students cast he topes ‘hat inresthem, othe tories where they most need to expr thelr knowledge 6 mirrooucton Starter A How to use a unit ‘ou can sen tothe worn the CD-ROM _ sand practi the peonunctatlon Or ou can Std the nee words olathe word ist (page 233) (find out / Tey arin bold type oe ee f “ie | A pomaryeis \ = = mat eo + ano. Do the exercises Chock youranswersin the Answer key 203), eee ere Cae commne || \ = Ulethe vocabulary ventece speak about ourself ABOUT Yow" or ABOUT ‘YOUR COUNTRY Uisethe corer cardio test yoursell ‘Thec's mote precticein the review unitsand onthe CD-OM. sanreR 7 B How to learn new words V7 2c ogether A vet iogather a + Repeat the wont and phrases two oe three tines to lp yx remerber he pnononocacgcgcocn sorry seat th raat th fo y a Po am Fock had Gi beller coco tte ack fediel fasts case Fev a en ah 321= bane mag SEF oath Dal sk shh + Wate dwn new words in a. noebook with themeaning a Roglish your own Tanguags or daw a picture Wet dow any other important information aba 8 wor ar pase, eg ‘words that often go together aseais ‘lion or constructions wih verbs (gre heath), Wee your ow ‘ceample sentences, + sea highlighter gent lp you rememar Alule woe 8 stanren setateniy ‘sea pen fr theexercses. Chk your answers thes rub dhem ot and do thet aga asek ltr ou can do tneexerisos inthe review ants octhe CD ROM exareses, aller ach unit. Or Adsthem a mont ltert tet yourset pstps fate u've staal hems ath ele (eg The world aroind ws, {ook al the wrabulary bullding abs atthe back ofthe bok pgs 202) Gotothe webste wow. cmnkvodshl) fermore ill materiaiend more practice, uy agped cao fr your deve The Ose Wercomer Diss (Ouord Unsersty Press ery pod oe ‘eters omens, C Abbreviations and symbols [re saeco ait ‘expo r example motte ppalitare) ‘sroonya(a wor that meansthesane as ‘ewan ean hate plural xr.) © Uncoantable pn An eoentae noun ‘ann sie ee wl aad ‘sully hes poral rm) | psttono he past simple form ofan E sual (| Sounlble nur [A dounrabe noun canbe | “other wor Socexample havi regular ve) | | Synanym of dae fe | estar i is wot passe tformal, | sth | somothing (sain wlosavis onda, syouusei whos youare speaking ends gmat) | ‘epcpiepou kn well) S| Somebody used in ghsscesand tabs Formal fa werderphrestisformal,you |__| ex. dns) Tnelttimporantandserrartimer with | ck | used atthe end fasta sow there are ole yo cnt or wel ote ‘er things bul you are ging say Bgl tema a | purl {S@ frexampleasis ely. arg ‘Sigur Vowels se p_pen pe Taney hep b bad sel fi ‘we i = ten ade ‘ad = kat ht father ut se ‘ou 2 etal chewy Ala! a sew as jam He op fl = eeanwal reel vse teow inh cup tap 3 this a 1 7 2 about taut! 2 mere sy se Talore sooo 5___Wlevison —/telnpn elfvan! ate aw kbar at a0 noe fan a eo boy ano oul near Hani se A co hair hese 1 deg! sure oy rel STARTER 9 11 can talk about vocabulary learning A Reading 6 © Wha yoo eon foreign Tangs yeu soley ge ines te tnt You vl cose imei bata tay sou co reeagal st «he writen pr ofa bok onan oten go through ns ot newspaper. Tansey nis recognise sth «ko wb whats ecuse jive see or beard 1 entity ee ve wend and air thom bts, recognitions ‘nate hese tobe g Torun Try guoss the ‘gothrough sth reat sacl fre ring om conten, sacle} ‘esioning ioend Sioa dieters entity sth recognize sth an decide what + Keep arecordofitewndsing | te eabosk di poe, mks ‘ovesesth + give an answer toxth witout ‘Ste of ty spears Rinesampla tne we formal bin re ofthe ats: goes informal oz contest ~ thewords tee und ater the SAREE ormetracton err eet ip Ziravet eats on atone by | ‘ovteuneetadthmeanng esti? | beepa reordofsth nest davai + Wine ntanatson you tanict, | ‘onember record sh Tipe forwimaei isis neceee)mateanoteof th. «writen dwn guy op fareansters construction ‘heway wordsareused together lneentence const sth Wetteformallanguaseio appear serinaior rata text that hasbeen chan fla or sometimes whee wecent non i parte rane spiel intra formality» reettaneate einai. © tepiace the words in tales with a single word that has the same meaning > looked athe pictures but dent uncetnd he wnt part tt | ances the genera mevning te to 2 We caudnt recognize and decide what navage they ve speaking 3 Tre way you use nore together to make a senence n Geran ferent 4 He's fiom anther county, 5 You ca ques the meaning from the wards before and after the new vrs 5 There was. text whch Ihad ta change fom ane language into anather. © complete the dialogues. > How do you dot Formal__7 Yes, we usally just ay bal 1 Ox ou know the answer? No, had 10 2. Bid You understand arya? = No, but | got he oft 3 Didyou evenoe? Therenvere one oto peopl | dt know 44 lee there many 2 = Moll the people ware fom this county 5 id you understand the tent? ~ Yes, but can We ‘though it again? 6 Doyourskea—___ofnew words? ~ Yes, ep a in ry ncebook 10 teaRWNG B Speaking and listening 6 tepeat rasa phazes yon contd, + maeanveraton yeucan ten sekromete | rr Enfexpiainiherearing's yo, “Aecmuersation|stalketncen ance + epetner werstoyeuel oseutcowhow | Gor pula Yucaaaaoatea chat {Sponnunee chem ich a fal « loskforopprtniis practi them when Cagle cay facanae yeutespekinyDortbentmidtoespedment | a thisaten yuan tetsu adr io Stata etwul seus st) rating mister ‘Xtarzwmentiv ssi he Ieimportant to wevisenew vocabulary fot ee peopledcazee ote angel. eter thereto correct mathodot Iearning ocala. Do what wash os repeat st) Tay st agin repettion ‘explain sth rakesth lear ory tounderstand explanations pronounce sth rake he snd of ced ot. pronunciation ‘pportniy ‘time wen ts pose td th chat you wont to d,s chance, experiment ith sth + trysthtosee what has ‘make mistakes sovdomitttes, revise sth Seu sth az ou do revision) Inethod away ofoingsth work or havethe real yon wo © What nouns are formed from these verbs? > cus Aecicsin 2 pronnunce 4 ree 7 repeat 3 explain 5 dat zs @ferce recoreeene © frcicglinsta treet coy 7 jurors retin, yo st ay Rano 2 i onetng wots casa 2 fyevememert wih somefins eu ty sarong 3 Won BIRR saa $ Ane SE TOTO fea Ra cere © complete the sentences > Wie hada comersalion onthe phone st ight ie hada serous ~ in cass today about pols. 2 My brothers got an to weve Pans nxt year Lueky im, 3 saw Jolin town and we hal ule She tod me about the wes, 4 ised a new mathod fx cooking the rce andrea You mus it 5 Do ye thnk we have 2 to ga shopping when weve la Mian? © BB tapout cover the lorry meanings and ook tthe words ite ar the ana? teaming 11 2 I can describe my progress and aims A Making progress 6% When! started learning English wes and hat was very encouraging. ey enthusiastic and motivated ft ta interment evel T made sane Toundthepronanciauan dieu and progress there wee so many new pecplecoaldntalwavsunéestand me. Words and phases, bu als words that After a whileay peonuncsion Cont undertne bt coulda se improved nd) wasableoexpress accurately [think Iwas note aware Useideasqutcetfectively tvs ofuiy takes, which was god - but bvious‘hatTwassetting better abo eusteating cousestc + eryersionethoresseltyobMOu «endl ssensnd understood 1 ethsian sede Imothated < Iguusremotiated, yourelly encouraging lth encouraging gives sean dosth mothaton pu hope snd maker a after Ses «aera jeri ‘cen encourage. Tice [+ bene er en owe are, svcuragerent froteorowem ineovenents, acraely —« wilnomias, coat expesssth = Sovershon uhatyou tance Beawareotsth (ou are aware fh 0 feel ‘know about it. etlacuey « inawayihacgesyoutherenit feat = making yu annoyed bce you wan efeve ay $uicaset sony ant {frustrations ip cere en eee ere eeeer ener seater > she dd the work very effet ely FECTIVE 1 He gave mea lot of ENCOURAGE 2 think my Engh IMPROVEMENT 4 ky ther spas Engh very ‘ACCURATE ans when youcant undestand. FRUSTRATION 5 He doesnt have much Motivate 6 ives very hen Istrted ENTHUSIASM © Replace the uncerines word or arate with a word or phrase hat has the same meaning > She shows lots of interest and excitemens. _¢nthust ip vootie ee et eenety 2 lest wony Seow m rss er nnd ime 3. Wwe are ou rang he ost moat? 4 ee carththe dest cn the deren Detweo ot ndboro 5. Soe canspeo enh thot masts, 6 hekse tus aot He probe Clee esters ee 8 nae soot miles nics nas © PB test,01r2tt L00k atthe olosary moras and cover the meanings, What re the mesnings? 12 LEARNING B Future goals 64 goal thing youwant tobe te doin thefts everyday norm usual expand become bigger or make th aut Wide range large number fiferet things compl sin: ftsn dieu anderson Sveompliceted Auer able tospeteaoeun language easly and nell enti a0, fn ta fly an incing tfc. sporopdate ght or sutablein particular Suston. we nappropeate. televan ost scl for rl connected tosh, vectreovent speciolzed having oensading asc of=pectl nowledae Sometimes weran cal useaneotehe vets ‘Deda eontas cies. There are smagaunes nde tetor) Mee nde se Servet to ec) © foplace te ucartned words witha synonym > The story s complex, complicated 1 speak Russian ery ell 44 The business gathigget —_ 2 tspartof aamallile 5 snot suitable here 3. isnt connected to my work {6 Mygoalisto get to unvesty. © complete the dialogues with s suitable word. ‘Was the nfemtion important fr your por? ~ Na, was_ievelen Did you expan it fly? = Yes desebed tin twas stable word to use ~ | are, was. Sita ample problem? ~ No, ts quite Is this yoghurt bad for you? - No it doesnt any at ‘Sher ocabuary geting bigger” ~ Yes, i's defintely Do you need any secal knowledge! ~ Yes t's ery 'sthe tel room expenshe? ~ Yes, but the price nes ‘Were there many subjects? ~ Yes, pit a wie of topics. See one © A007 YOU Write dovinyourleaming goal oF tel another sent LEARNING 13 3 Ican understand a learner's di ictionary ¢% How cana learnersdictionary ely yo These example ate rm Oxford Mr Dito, Derent meanings of te word are givens, Se, the definitions. whch Ty aeinsimpleHoglsh, 4 iowa sae aa Set eee tone retro The detonary helps you avoid ekingmisakes fd helps with grammar, tnd ey ees a {ions and phirs eat tereareat teed ofthe Wordsthat re often sed toarth (callcations) sarcaieen in al. ms ett ni. terry ens eerie ae aa “gE win se ovine 0 Ge oraaer se mower me Mee Examples of usoge are provided, =~ "== Phonetic symbols help with pronaaciaron Youcaniind outwith syllable stressed amiga’ ni pn el onenge at inpthin 2 aoa boca 2 oh of np ate ‘itp you with tye: for instance, ‘whather words arta, oesal Slang. offensive tc aaa Mean teach you ee ee ee eo ee me bat emcee | mata ‘SecRorona tn area ‘and select the Secale oo ieee esa crop te your needs, ‘definlon an ect statement orator hraseneats. define th wo doing ath so void doing th so 01 Todoor experience en group of words hase msnning i iene tom the meanings of the nalvidul words (aso expeesion, ery ies ined ina ina a ce (Mheearelhncedanary ene on hisage) provide sth gives tsbormabe sl avalos stylet wav shi written or spoken (esa informal tle, formal sto forinstance for example 14 texan: slang very normal words pn used in spoken language offensive ride sy toupet sb. offend 2 symbol er number, ogo that has 8 etic mesing theses pronounces), slab part of word hich contains a vowel ound. Gobas one lablennd eer has wo slabs) relate sth to sth connect sth oth related boule sth make sh bzger incense st sel sth choose sth ut selects meal, ‘elections Is the meaning the same or different? Write Sor D. > The itys fantastic: for example, the utlaigs ate very tmpeesie (1) etl i ow 2. sthatcalcatin caret 45 Whol shessid wiser rade, 4 Dees house tots? 5 Comyn arom? 6 Makesureyou select height munber srs ie rarest 8 Itdoosnt gieall tho answers ‘Thetis fntate for mstance the alldng are vey Impressive ins aleprestn Win) Isthat dentin correc? ‘Wat Sioa wasn i ‘oo e use aot ofitioms? ‘can You densa? Make sure you chose height pamber ‘heemphass ison the ist uareteters, doesn't provide all he ase. ‘Complete the sentences with a word from the box. symbole offending elated entity selection lable instance tess dim prove build colecations entity > Inacttionany ferinrcomes after tha ene torforegn. 1 Ditionaties have many ues for to ind out meant, or check pronunciaton 2 Does your ical uookehap nae 3 good (of detonate forsale? | Some ctonaries can help yu your vocabulary if they synonyms and xpos, other wer 4A ictionary can el you which words ae rate 50 that you on avai people 5 You can check the pronunciation af any woe nthe ctionary by looking atthe phonetic ‘sd retina which issuessee & Good ick sen 3529 Inthe dctnary, atthe end ofthe 7 Diconates tan tel you which worce go tegether sxe of take and tote a photo, 2 ir the oid emphass, the fot luck we mses inn the ie yale Now look atthe dictionary entries on the left-hand page. Answer the questions ich sbi estresed ni mtake? The second sable Viren rested werd are gn for mstate and make a mistake? How many finan at there nthe ent for guy? What se theidiom You ca win Isguyan offensive ward? ich phonetic sybase guen for gy? ee these sentences covet? 2) havent got the keys, but it's not my aul oot them ) My dans fot of money in hs job Eyes) Leanne 15 4 | can talk about English punctuation A Punctuation marks 6% i= i“ BBBBEO 4 semicolon 10 brackets St, Oe @ Complete tne words for the punctuation marks. Tfuits 6 excels » 2 col 7 semi 3 hyp 8 apo 4bra e ‘What punctuation is used in 1-8 below7 You dan‘ need to repeat fill stop each time. > wievwent home any fl 1 Sead ong Slander, 2 What ae you ding? 3. Congatlations! 5 E 7 a Iestoo te oked inte fridge: twas empty Someone ne me} et the door open, A fveinuta walk andhe i tk 3 tn "son me, he sa © hte yousert cover the words a ook atthe punctuation mas, What ar they? B Punctuation rules 6 SE i stasentonce tot | clan iene once =r fats nuce arch exanson ‘Tu hop ital er cnuer aning ans enema oe eee ae pee = ieee a SS | Eire orx nati eign inate || Twentvound the marin nobody mes td ee and eg! wont Farce, ae Sina fa end ec 2 ash spas wots rea Dane eee «| eee 16 earns abbreviation a short form ofa word (e.g. aan. is an abbreviation meaning ‘in the morning’). capital letter A B Care capital letters (abcare small letters). pause a short period of time when sb stops talking. separate sbisth keep people or things away Irom each other. sx» divide sby/sth list.a series of names, items, or numbers (e.g. a shopping list, list of countries) ‘omit sth rau. Ifyou omit sth, you don't include it, sun Teave sth out. @ complete the sentences. > Sentences have to begin with a capital 1 | wrote a 2. | would use this dictionary 3 We often use and or but to 4. In this application form, you have to give 5 asked her to marry me. There was a long 6 Prep. isan of preposition 7 Youneed to use more adjectives 8 The teacher said we can 3 You can use brackets to .— 10. The director had to 11 You could 12. You can use a full stop, but the interrupt sth occur in the middle of sth and stop it continuing. details small pieces of information about sth. instead of sb/sth in the place of sb/sth. connect sth put two or more things together. syn join sth, such as You use such as (o introduce an example. syn like. alternative one of two or more things that you can choose between. letter. of irregular verbs in my notebook. of the other one; it's much better. two parts of a sentence. of your work experience. . and finally she said yes. as beautiful, delightful, and attractive. _.... oUt Exercise 5 and go on to Exercise 6. __.. extra information from the rest of the sentence. the lesson to tell us to leave the building quickly. the two sentences into one by using so is that you use a semicolon. @ Find pairs of words in the box that go together for a reason. Write a sentence about them. comma omit abbreviation join separate like # p> ‘Such as’ and ‘like’ mean the same thing © what punctuation is missing, and where? suchas¥ pm. leave out fullstop details information divide connect > Wellive in this house. full stop is missing at the end of the sentence He's a tall thin boy. This is my boyfriends watch. aan wns she works in Bristol... ee The book is in on the table. Which is correct? We have two choices stay here and wait, or go and look for them When we arrived we went straight to a restaurant. After that fortunately we had no more problems. = We couldn't get in the door was locked. LEARNING 17 Review: Learning unit 1 41 Rewrite the sentences. Change the part of speech of the underlined wore. > Didyou decus #2 Did you bose 0 dccusendbout AE 7 Coulayou tana te, less? Cou you do ant 2 Hegottoreiseforan exam, Ne go so 4 Repaition helps me remember Ieee me rementer# 4 Howdelhwemlaina® What was = 2 5 Goon=aies! Goon —have 7 © lise new wordsn ack. heap. 7 Did ye shat aout Did you hae 8 How doyeu parcunce that word? wars 2 Complete the text wth words and phrases from the box. Inake anoteof go throush textsy wansation pionounce make Pronunciation gst ecaiment orion less context recagrize jst stated univesity oem studi talon. We spend a tof ime reading » tests shuytusalyarices tom kstan nevapaper: The cnn alt cf werd you dont) ait start vith, you have yt ete) Df he ails show thet you undead the genet ea In dose @) the tent ond any ual new wert Tre tactile ta tameating sheet were oy eng eG) ‘hey ain le here a) ‘of thane wae, abla bso them covet often) stakes with (1 bt dont tank mates iesimporant to (11), ‘wi guage: Pat the best way to ale progres. Nest yen, sang ances (12) Terquage Russian m aly exe about hat. Unit 2 1. Complete the sentences witha suitable word > vant learn tatan— nthng very spoentaas stem aan, 1 wasaveryc Sey tute Ferd we undersans 2 dort know encudh words, samy voeebuary need to © that ism in ened in Costa a orf years nw ar can speak spanish ‘You masse know these ery wal and tak bout tind Z2 There non ade ‘a we couses that you can da the clue Does ths dike coho Same of he courses ae too= dont have the knoledae othe ‘ounavem compete eich sentence mthana wd 2 Complete the text with words from the box rogess ane spoke geting ustatng encouraging hie acurate motivated epics ‘When went talve in Argentina [> =pOke __ some Spaish but couldnt understan poople when tey spoke Spanish to mg, sit was ey (0). —. But | was very (2) I woeted har! at my Soo, and after (3) could see that was making a att a ove nase) en ope wn met a 18 review LEARNING beter My problem wa tht stil made ot of métakes, and wasnt (7} ___ of hem. Dayoy kept tying, and ater about 2 yea, las abe to 8) ‘most hngs needed to, fd my Spansh was ako que (9) only ade 2 fe mistakes Unit 3 1 Complete the wards in the text. When you mest anew word ina tet.» {0° eampl, genuine, you might want took up ‘he meing ina ectonary ts imparant to tok at athe (0) inan le, andthen(3)=__—___ the caxac oe, atcrding w the context ofthe Sentence. For|a)i_—__, the sentence fought a genuine Vasquez parting. ou tow the meaning ie ea or ‘authentic’ Genuine a dificult word to pronounce, s tis worth looking atthe phonetic (6)s.____,andnate too how the words (615: in fact. thes ison te fists HFyoucome acs an @)i__ or 10} sch 2s under she weather, you should ‘check the meaning (i moans Teal sight il), ard then look tt (11) of he pase sit formal or informa? Te pacular pirat de but you cetanly woul’ want to fie “anjone, sts bays 2 good idea to check Unit 4 1 Read the text, then answer the questions below. wnat punctuation there > aterhomein ine 1 9 comma 1 aftereventhingintine 2 after on ry own inline? 3 alter es mamingin ine 32 before Yourein re 42 ater astevine 5? ‘eushotin ines? ater nowin ioe 5? 2 Look at the text again, Complete the sentences > Therist sentence begins wha capital __teHer 7 Tees 2 comma after home whch = ___ the swopartso tha seniance 2. Thar 2 colon after evry. ti often sed before move ‘oral 3. nthe sentence begining alae, the werd hewever the proteson ofthe ‘anvence, 0 commas are used acund ‘fier the woes morning here a semicolon. This canbe wedi ‘the two sentences ar closely ofa fulstop when REVIEW LEARNING 19 5 | can talk about appearance Miche appearance ©» -G. 5 Hosgoithickeyebrows'end Hes que plump, Stubble! 1udareskdnned’ wih tts aes 6 (ie light-o: pale-skinned. 5 Hoselean-shaven es going bald oe ‘e's broad shoulders! es llandsKinny, sndbald' Hehsa He efostng he air on snl ae buthesin goodshape. scar"oabis heat isha ceding Male Mer ad sare male, women and gussre in goodbad shape in gl /bal pial ani femal (a prsotssexis ile rel plum git ft, nas way wollbuitwihs si. stingbokysr shiny shor 2a 5 ceanshaue 1 epbone 4 brea shoulders 7 in goed sage 2 fash 5 subbe @ Siac orditferent? writes or > fattsh| plume S 5 dareskined | patescnnod 1 shinny |oarescnned 6 stubbie| scar 2 ng00d shape |m good conden 7 pie -knned | iahtskinned 5 go bad| bela 8 Hes losing his ae | Hisar receding 4 stocky wall batt 9 male | female © complete the questions. You will write your answers to the questions in Exercise 4 In your fai weno sei 1 whos in goods 7 5 who's wall ? 2 whos gong b ? 5 who's se ? 3 whose “shaven 7 who's cars > 4 who's got broad ? 8 who'sgetas on ther body? @ 480U7 YOUR FAMILY Write your answers to Exercise 3, of ack another student. © Bhi toee etre crs ac cover th nts Con ou remember the descotions? 20 Porte B Female appearance Thisismy metherat 27 yhoo Here’sAum now shekoks ESET she was pregnant; in lat, amined, She's sim witha SA ah Shewasenpeetingrc she good figure kr appearance usu iehisusadwith hhadupretty roundish ice hamitchangd mich, bashes Uvithbeoutfalsmooth skin stair wrinkles she’ Andlong bat fotng pr. snd her ars mich SSonterand mente She wenrs ‘contact lenses. you cant ett she near 0. Aroudish fists ich Igqulterourd so: tals ‘yuna Tatish, ts be pregnant sv be expecting a baby fae these awn ety caltcincendnictolckstiased appearance thewysblos. Schl sbowidsorynang momen); gogrey ——«bsme greyed or whl hal soot whan Datsun ough a Sin Yourdincoer sorte ea yan carl ara formed “havingtrownshinateraending tine ontactlenses «ana ices ples so wes ntiesunene inyeur syst pou seb sim fhininanatrctvonay soled, ath kowoe gasath © True or false? Write Tor F. > ifyourhar ts neat its ty, 7 5 You get tanned sting in the sun, 1 Contact lenses ae the same 35 gases, ©. Eveyone nasa good gue, 2 Seincanbe rough ar smoot 7 You uly use prety” to descibe aman, 3 Balls persons ery tal 4 pregnant woman hasjust ad a baby 8 Yeu haircan gowhiteor oe @ complete the sentences. > Does se wear contact “nses 2 1 Her hes gore rey, and’ completely changed her 2 She's sil very s,s youca't hes baby in uy 3m esting so old these dys —Iook at these souna my ees! 4 My baby'ssinisso to touch, but my hands ate really, 5 She's aot a Deaville: she's te nd 5 Youen she's been on hoiay~ she's got alvely © Bf core te sory were and ook the meanings ar thet Peon 21 6 | can talk about character How I see myself How others see me Den 33)Tm ambitious, see confident i generous False vey impatient ‘css (18) Ti lays ehoerta, Timeasy going. end Ive zst lows temerss” Ges 451 Tsc0 mses Tonest har working. nd eoalrtoleant” ‘Gray and nad mean ace cr praia abst Both words can describe «person or an ation or ica but the mcg st alas egies Aes sane wh of control tos want fen Me Stupid alas mega. ‘ae sbassth "megine or think ofsbin apatclar way ambitious having asteang dase todo well ore success on nambitious. ambitions Salt-conident——lelina sure bot yor own ali rings ‘generous hoppy to gtemoee money and helthan'= uss oremean. generosity Impatient rol abl stay calm and wat fo sth. cw patient. patience arrogant Uhunking you ee hatte than other peopl. nm moder. nogance aggresive ay oliaht or ars aggressions cheerful feeling hopes e25y-g0ing reed and pot worry what other people do, snorsy ‘ebay o be very active without geting rad. energede responsible ste toact sensy an intelligent cr respon. honest aways teling tho rth oe shonest honesty» hanvorking Ate to wn with fr an fara longtime, oe ay. tolerant leo oecepe eas yo don agree wih oH intolerant. talarance ‘at Dorin Sense of humour + hetbltyo laugh at things and see when ths fanny @ Positive or negative, or can It be both? Write P oF N or B > Shes very cheerful He's seryamitius, B 1 He very arrogant. 5 She's 20 modest 2 Thevreabecul 5 Het very st-confident 5 Bots boys are veryhanest 7 Karen 20 mean 4 My bssie very erat, 8 Mybrotherabzclutly mad, 22 Prone @ correct ne pelng mikes > onest honest 3 generos. 5 agressive ae 1 eee 4 chew 7 pitinte 2 ‘eos 5 treet 8 Geet © orer Fe with oi > esi we ator att ¢ 1 apne 7 born cel 2 bey wit wep © saheonidenty 3 tng yeu are beer thon oes 4 ene 4 sor ling he nh ¢ saeci honour lta ugha gs + an eae! 5. srogee 7 ntapy eave Toney orl sole A hone > sets acne you dont ee wth ‘rm © compere the rabies ADECTIVE OPPOSITE ADIECTVE NOUN > patient inpatient ‘ambitious ‘arbition fore honest response tear = iy ore mers resent cae eran seheonicent pert © complete the words in each sentonce. It you sages with Mathew he can get tt easreseve ‘My bother ait iresponsible and des sore c things: but he's OK Keio’ a goed petson to shares fat wth she's very e a Ike Zoltan: hes got a reat s oth Hams fartaste muscan, but very faw people relze this causa hes som. Since Katy got 2 new job and aboyfnend she’s becere more ‘uy bother any, ut my stars ha lays baa ery 9 aw think yourg Any naught orve = cat. ‘nr has se:much © she's aways doing something @ A00UT YOU Answer the questions, or ask another student. 1 Ae you anbitious? 0, in what way? ‘wel yu say youre hacd-wosking or 3 bit any? = ‘Ave you inoerant of arythng? 130, ha? ‘when do you getimpatien How do yu se youre? Wit thee acecties ‘which te qualties do you tink te the most portant honesty, patience, tolerance, or generosity? © Bh ee yore cove your opposes od nuns in rca aand est yours Then CSrerthe gory meaning ard ioak at he ores We they mean? Prone 23 7 | can describe my feelings A Feelings 6 a! Word | Example Meaning) thritled | Hews own and he Rss cp | very happy andexcied ss delighted, astonished |Twsastonished oharhewes marie | very sured. oN ameaed Taeartbroken] She wis hewrtbroken iferiter di | vee sc and emotionally up Terrified | Twosterrfed wher iepianetnkoy | very ight. seared sir tmierable | YouTok wry miserable Whelswen? | nkappr end passed fed up a proud | [elteprod who nok ws aia | pest abo th yu other eplchavedone Tealous | SiyBoghiendisealows wir Tn wh ote | Tangryor sad PocuseyouTe ara ofatog tes aloe Techn ben Jedous 0/Tor:eseryoelios) 2 angry osagbecatse sb bas sh you dn han hates envious amsious | He nisansous bdr br wrens aso | waar and aan [apset | Soy as ery apse case no espe oul sad and nary Braue Sh tat has Tae @ complete the words and phrases Ucabsolutly beorsextenc adjectives, > omaed 4 te eg fins asst, arte ere. 1 ane 3 broken Ue very elre dare ites, la An gre ods ais, et eae oe Tnasabsoltely cat or tery amazed) They er vermrat seen eo) © Write synonyms for these words and phrases. > worted sic 2 tedip 4 astonished ils 3 scared si 5 envious © A50U7 YOU How might you feelin these situations? Write your answers using words from the table, or ask anather student. >> Someone his your car because they ere cing taal, TM be fares, ‘You've st passed an inpevtant exam, eb Your best fend has bought a car that you would ove whe, Your lovely lt dog has st ded ‘Arman vals up to you nthe tect and holds if to you fae ‘Youte on hoa butyou can go out becouse you've gat a bad coll “You se vorneone you det kno kising your boyfensiorien, ‘You have been chosen © make 2 speech at an portant event. You are gong somewhere plane and you don't ike fing : © Bh tessounet cover tne meanings and lok athe words What ae the meanings? 2a Peon B How emotional are you? $4 ‘ABOUT YOU ‘YOU AND YOUR EMOTIONS ‘4 Yn emotional person an ik to show my flings 1b Jthink'm quite sani, ¢0 ty not to upset ther people «© Tmsenstive about my appearance {4 hen 'm in a bea mood | sometimes hurt peoples feelings ‘¢ im general [thnk Tm quite a moody person {when people have personal problems, Uhink usualy “ny sympatnete shal supper Giossary Sensitive has so means emotonal having seins elags ander ‘apestivemeaning:able(o understand ‘Showing them. emotion uoplefedingsund yotioms feg-sentense(G} show you fetingsexpess our elings opal: Slovo) cer ingensitive: eae 2amoreneznine meaning casly upset (2 peat sp inake unhappy Sentence) adore, bein tad mood sel engey or unhappy ata arcs Hme-om be na good mood tut b's fetinge ay th that makes nace: ‘moody Ifyou aremoody, you fen change ad ecole angry orunhappy kre obings reat. sympathetic nid swing you understands Publens (sympathetic coer cis rel "oie intl supportive slvinzheptosb rho hasa problem. © Circe the correct answer > Try not t(Gulbupset his eetngs Sarah’s rt very emotional, and tends to shawihide her feolings You can tak to Gary easly about your probes; he's very sympstheticimsady Be careful what you say to Susan because she's very sigathetiiensiive ‘You never know what Katen wil be Ike becouse she's sa moodvisu0pOrt. Ban ithe most emationalnserstive man I hnow; he upsats everyone. Love, anges, and fear are all emotionsémeods. © complote the sentences with a suitable word. » Caroline invery =FtNve_. She seers to know when someone hs a probiem. 1 Keep anay fam Eton —he'sin a bad “ody 2 He his parents because he was 0 ude to her. 3 My chicken cocke al my meat wen I was They were very 4 broke my leg ano wa ely pul but my fends werent very S Im 2 realy ood moa today. nk i's the fart weather, Paultend to upset people anc tha eons @ 280U7 YOU Complete the right-hand column in the questionnale, or ask another student. Prone 25 8 I can talk about relat nships A Friendship 6% Ward ample Meaning friendship | Our friendship evans beth claonshipBetwowa pole who a ‘ery poten fs Tens ‘make fiends | Hind dificil oma rind | form ively lationship ‘set on (well) | Doyouget om well with our [have w god relaonsp with omen get with ab slants con with sb. relvon sh Tea ava rer om ye el ure chats will do wha hy sy ey wil lable x __| Sibir reliable | dss depend om sh rusts Yat trust your (res. — | bales sie god nnd won] hut Toya He was veryloyal ty fates | bang rend bere dlc tes Alistoral ia] ‘ocinble “Shes werysociable larson | A soelable person Hes the company of oe el ih ep eo or antisocial Keep in touch | Sinonieavold friend Weve | oltws oes poooel asin cones by ss keen tou Speaking or wet to eoch ther © combine words in the box to make phrases > ayy tard Get on well trends cnsemecne close keep make Intouch enzamsone depend ‘th someone ely on soon > ely © srower the questions > Another va ofa ‘say in contac ith someone nach ‘aly (or) a vet, What's the eset? wnat’ a synonym for yon? A sociable parson eoys the compa of eters. Whats the oppests? ‘wna’ the opposite of Hyer ‘Wha’ the relationship between people who ae ten? ‘What do you calla fiend you Ike very much? hen © ewrite the sentences using the words in capitals in the correct form, The meaning ‘must stay the same > He'sa bitantsocial. SOCIABLE 1 He ites Ruben, FIEND Shenever phones. TOUCH Ion shave a good raioshio with my father. GET ON My bossis ery else RELY 4 became her fiend at univers, MAKE 5 A ye krown Dom fr along time, OLD He vt very sociale © BB tet our. coer the xml and mein, What ete meaning? 26 reone B When things go wrong 64 Perfect Weekend Channel Five femtyepn sien seinen panei ee ee spittobnow one another tuners. ane t0% get vogether (ato or mae pele) meet for Gemicmernermce” | "oufta! cnomadeecetcrenme nt etna “Torte Fee eee inet | ten antirg mormon (vopeno ime Sore een Tuners etace ee SitPate and aanandlatnsto peaking wee aan adap regret th doing sth fi! srry boutsth sou did wrddntdo split up with sb sop being n romantic relates with ie excopenengen, Toilphisuesaaa ave an angry disassin, (serous) relagonship having long-term 5 Thad a row with i Ton iendoe aac ‘hover eat wawments argue, fallout wth They were very hag; then something oUGERD wrong, 1 Hana’ by/n 2 ero relationship “They have ts infan carmen, 2. Lan and Chen have fallen auton, 5 She gotiert outwith Len at unversty 3 Shal we comefget together nest week? 6 How ai you get to kno Anya? © compete the missing words. > | vent ‘out with Osman for two months, then we fel out aver something stusid. 1 dont ston with Ore We a td ct ok al rer 2 talk ogettok Ares at because we have aatn 2 Kats ‘wih in week ok cw sei cere 4 Wiehe retin in coemen Thats hye leas neg 4 wah hr @ complete the text. Milo and gosto» Ke _ one it) en we worked tether during the summer We had at 2) sed got on realy vl, but, unfortunately, he was 93 serious) ‘a thesime. Then tall went) He and ns giens nex hada big 5) — and (6) ‘up vather we started to(7) ‘utwth eachother almost mmedlztay, but to soon (8) his dco wend his relaionship with ne. He) he wae tl ove with het ad that ou relationship was big stake rrorte 27 9 _Ican talk about families A Family relationships 69 ari ance a an only il os single paren fami bats Thee th foster paren ease an ers adopted Deseret Sho got made ‘ster dered ‘reeves i Cinccs aber deta ef stun mae ara fal teins wa toauppert 20. | shesuceg ssi aris | Bo osu hs gcse ariel ge ino wo cane stepfather foes advisor calea es ois lari loth child cd with no bothers ater, ‘support sb help soineane vey asi them Single parent moihecor Saher wholooisulter money cr-a home theirehlren sone bring sb up ok ters chil ad seach hem ow foster parentsbvh lnksalteranitherperonis tale ‘hd ntl hater ine stepfather a man whe hnsmarri your miner adopt. child iakesbschldinto yoarfariy acd _-bukisno yout aller rtd word stepmother, Tels mike them yeu chld. stepson. stepdaughtcr stepbrother, apse ‘et vorced ely ead your marrage. sv geta half-brother half-sister a ratherosiser nko as ‘avers titer the same mother or the sine oie @ complete the words ar phrases. > slop moter 3 parents, 6 ad ached Vo ehld 4s athe 7 spent 2 her 5 oct orced 8 br somebody up @ same or diferent? write sor . She's a single parent. | Shes 2 foster parent, © He's an ely cil, [He hast got ary bathers or ste Hes my hal bother, | es my trate Hels my stepson, | He's my maf's son by er fst mariage ‘She was ated 2: a baby. [She ned with foster parents saab Shes my haf-sstor | Shey mother’s ster (our uncle supports us. | Our unc brouat us up © complete the questions. ABOUT YoU Where were yous “? Hare you got ary brothers or asters, oa yOu an fila? Da yu have ay bree oF se? Do you brow aryene wha ea arent? itso, who? Do yeu krone anyone wha asrecenly got > © A80U7 YOU Waite your answers to Exercise 3, or ask another student. 28 reone B Family history 64 att ce iti yada ‘Wehaveamcestors rho were Rossa Jmmigeants {hy emigrated from Kasia ‘tolledain ir denineccenth century. om Lon, it previous generations ‘of fan Ivedin Mal, ‘Sou fm relatives ere orignal rw China ‘Mook tke ny erandiothar barteake after yar, Were both vey ar! fqween king be rlated 0.0 etn the sane ab relatives relation ‘ember apssn who isinagreup such as fay ora ela, royal relating aking oe queen pre. ancestor train go aly wh ved ang te go. Immigrant ‘pers wha comes toa eign county to eter, emigrate ror t0 Ieavesourcouatry in orderto et ane previous happening before the one you ate aking aout. ‘Seeeration allthe pele ina fai born at aboot the same time tginaly inthe beginning, before ther hings happens tok ke have the same apearanceass, take afters tellkeanolfer member of your fay © crcie the corset ase. > i siete eee RR {( Sah ae fev RRR eee br Teo 2 Snot ok ies irr cee 3 My once erties ota cetryago 7 Aner Eeateaereee ken 1? 5 rn halle om Roe tht hae as bom 5 Hee maned te 3 membargenssn ot hej! ly @ complete the questions ‘Avour You > What. do youknow about your ancestors > 1 re your ‘to anyone famous? 2 Doyeu hae sr amay in your count? 150, do yeu havea tng ora. > 2. Where doe he ‘eneratons of your tay we? 4 tien m ‘your Fam do you lok | > 5 Dayou tke a your mathe or you Taher? How? @ A80UT YOU Write your answers to Exercise 6, or ask another student. © BB ter yoursett took at the glossary words and cover the meanings. 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