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FACC 100 Introduction to the Engineering Profession

Fall 2015


Distributed: week of Sep 7

Due: week of Sep 21 and week of Nov 30

Describe your (first) dream job after graduating with your undergraduate engineering degree. What
skills (technical/soft) do you think are necessary to be successful at this job? Justify your response.
You can use a pie chart (or table) to illustrate the relative importance of the different skills listed.
Complete this exercise as soon as possible after the first class. Towards the end of the semester,
repeat the above exercise. What changed – was it your dream job, the skills that you thought were
required, the relative importance of the skills required to be successful, or some combination of all
three? Explain why you think these changes occurred or why there were no changes.

 Each paper must be typed using 12 point font, single-spaced, with 1” (2.54 cm) borders.
 Each paper must not exceed 1 page (excluding the title page).
 Use the title page template available on myCourses and ensure that your name, student ID, and
section are indicated clearly.
 Please submit an electronic copy (pdf) via the Assignment tab in myCourses by the due dates:
 Section 1 (CRN 10278): Thu, Sep 24 (5 pm) and Thu, Dec 3 (5 pm)
 Section 2 (CRN 10527): Tue, Sep 22 (5 pm) and Tue, Dec 1 (5 pm)
Use the following filename format: Lastname_Firstname_FACC100_Assignment_1_date.pdf

 This is a reflective exercise—there is no right nor wrong answer. This is an opportunity to think
about the different topics discussed throughout the course and how they impact your outlook of
the engineering profession as well as on your career path and aspirations.
 The quality of the writing will not be assessed per se; however, you should pay attention to
grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, and overall sentence structure, as well as to the
organization of your thoughts. You may use the first person.
 Feedback will only be provided on the second paper submitted in Dec (comments will be
posted directly to you via myCourses).
 You will not receive full marks for the assignment if (1) both papers are not submitted, (2) you
do not submit your papers by the due dates (i.e., late submissions will not be accepted), (3) you
exceed the page limit in either paper, and/or (4) you do not follow the instructions above.
 The assignment will be graded by the instructor.
 Weight of the assignment: 5% of the final grade.

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