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3D-nls Non-linear Analysis intelligent

health management system

Education training and instructions manual

• First of all thank you very much to choose 3 D-NLS Nonlinear

analysis (3D HAS- NLS) equipment system, when you receive
the equipment, please make sure the following equipment is
• 1.device host 1
• 2.Headset type sensor 1
• 3.Items cup 1
• 4.USB line 1
• 5.Card reader 1
• 6.Intelligent identification card 2

2.The USB cable link to the computer
3.Open the computer the switch of the host
Notes:When open the host, the host will recognize the
machine which it’s normal or not automatically

5.Open the host and it can recognize correctly, after 1 minute,
To insert items test cup, then insert headset type sensor, and
then start the software.
6.Before start the software, be sure to let the testee to put on
"headphones type sensor", otherwise the software could not
be opened (will appear error message), this step is very
important, becausewhen open software, there will be a very
large database information communicate with host, then if
without headphones, will cause error detection software for
error condition, will have great influence on the stability of
the software .

Note: a few things before the detection, the
testee must pay attention to
(1)testee, all the metal material or energy (such as beads, jade,
ore, etc.) of the object contact the skin must be removed.
(2)Testee, all communications equipment (such as mobile phone,
remote control, etc.) must be removed.
(3)In the two hours before test , should avoid tea, coffee, wine...
Etc reviver.
(4)Testee,if you have done organ resection (such as the
gallbladder, caecum, ovary, uterus, etc.) should inform.
(5)In the two hours before test , should avoid traditional Chinese
and western pharmaceutical

(6)When test, the testee Should be in a
quiet, cool and comfortable space,
avoid too close to his side.
(7)Testee Should be easy, avoid
(8)When testing, the testee should be
quiet sit or lie, not activities
optionally, pay attention to the
distance between testee headphones
and host connecting line . a lot of
machine fault, it happen in testee
that activities optionally without
taking headsets off , causing headset
connector and host damage, this part
of the damage, not warranty, please
operation personnel must pay
attention to .

(7)after 1 minute,move the mouse cursor to the desktop icon,
double click the left mouse button open software

Enter the detection interface

Enter the name of the doctor

Add new testee
a.In the main menu , click on the "clients", appear menu, click on
the "new clients", namely appear new client window

c. Click “ok”, start the program ,then appear
the screening window, The default mode is
the whole body scan. If need to select the
inspection area and check project, directly
click “pause”, then click “back”.

b.Input the customer name, gender, age, and then click "ok".

Note: this software database collection,which is established by

according to different age and gender health body or sickness
of the human body, in the age of the part, in order to increase
the accuracy of detection, please be sure to fill out really age
of the testee.

Note: don't tick medical records and payment

Click the "YES" to stop testing

D. appear detection window, click on the "all", then click
"uncheck". The window on the right side show the "test
content options" for option, you can choose the test project
as you like, as long as the mouse cursor moves to the window
"□ check project" ,then click the left key of the mouse, and
then choose "START" button to START screening test.

10.Starting test: click the "START" button, and then appear
detection window, at this time, can probably explain the
meaning of anatomical map symbol for organ, as well as the
significance of the chart. Showing the health condition of
human body at present: six order function icon and "entropy"
value to distinguish.

Note: The blue line - reflect anabolic processes, the
process of the increase and cumulative, often grow or
increase the number of organization. Special
circumstances: in inflammation - the main, early stage is
inflammation of the swelling process; Hollow organs and
blood vessels - relax; The autonomic nervous system - is
an advantage of the parasympathetic innervation.
Red line - reflect degradation metabolic process, the
process of atrophy and degradation, often happen
damage or reduce the number of organization. Special
circumstances: used for inflammation - the last phase of
the inflammatory process; Hollow organs and blood
vessels - contraction, the autonomic nervous system - is
the advantages of sympathetic innervation.
11.The end of testing

12.the end of the testing show the follow


a. In the list of organs, appear testing record, testing time and

icon, the meaning of the ICONS show as follows:
Said the function of organ is generally good
Said the function of organ is a little abnormal
Said the organs is in the state of decompensation.

b.Click on the organs you like to analysis , click the "analysis", appear analysis

13. Localize detection: can according to the test results, the
abnormal parts, do localize detection again.
A. click "select the abnormal part".
B. move the mouse cursor to the "abnormal parts (usually
appear 5, 6 position)" press left key of the mouse .
C. move the mouse cursor to Circle the organ part that need to
do localize evaluate, and then press left keyof the mouse
D. click "Evaluate" button, begin to do Localize detection.

Data analysis

1. click the "analysis", began to analyzer

The database selection window
the disease results window

1. Appear analysis window

1. Select the database: commonly used software default
database is as follows
H08# FOOD2

※Other also contains F # symptomatic therapy (western medicine) analysis А

LLOPATHY, G # HOMEOPATHY (natural) analysis HOMEOPATHY... A total
of 36, such as a default database, provide comparison analysis.

4.Usually we choose □C03# PATHOMORPHOLOGY

Can understand what kind of disease or tendencies cause the organization

cell damage , or what disease or condition have caused the organization
cell damage .

5. After choosing and comparing the database, the disease results show in
the middle of the window.
6. Press "adjust all" to modify the sequence
7, Data interpretation
a >10, show the lack of any matching samples, the rate of happening is very
b 1.0 ~ 0.425 Though it may not show the symptoms described, it still need
to be pay attention to, if you do not have any change, these problems may
be happen soon
C < 0.425 Red index, happen probability reaches as high as 85% to 95%. In
addition, with graphic similarity do cross comparison.

d. Press “Absolute Model”
If appear 1 ~ 9, said the recent short problem (about 1 ~ 9
months); If appear infinite ∞, said the problem had occurred
for a long time, continue to un change , it’s chronic disease
or Invisible disease .
Note: generally appears 0.425 ~ 1.0 this intermediate values,
although testee may not show symptoms of description, we
still can through the thermodynamic analysis, to understand
the parts of the cell in our body and the possibility of this
disease In the future

Blue and red line,represent the standard
map of disease; Yellow orange and white
represent the map that collect from the

Disease sort

8.Thermodynamic analysis (Entropy analysis) : present current
body structure and function of the change and the degree of
damage, the six system,seven order function icon and
"Entropy" value to distinguish.
a. Choose disease that you like to analysis disease, move the mouse cursor
to the "thermodynamic analysis", press left key of the mouse.
b. Appear thermodynamic analysis window.
c. According to the disease in six system damage degree O: bone (skeletal
system), M: muscle (muscle system), L: lymph (lymphatic system), A:
artery (artery system), V: vein (venous system), N: nerve (nervous
system), average value ALL

Numerical interpretation

1~3 show the disease is a short and shallow problem.

4~ 5 show the disease has a period, belong to the middle of
the problem. Cell organization system physiology self-healing
force belong to low status.
6~7 show the disease has been going on for a long time, belong
to the deep of deeper. Cell organization system self healing
force belong to recession.
Disease index less than 0.425, the thermodynamic analysis value
6 ~ 7, suggest to a hospital to have a further inspection and

• difference of red and blue line is small, the problem is small.
• difference of red and blue line become bigger, the problem
become bigger too
• differences of red and blue line become more bigger, the
problem is also great.

Drugs and health food comparison

1. "items cup" link to the host

2.put drugs or health food into "item cup“ (try to reduce the
packaging of the drugs and health food)

3. Click the organs that you want to test
4. The testee put on the headset
5. Click "vegetotest" key, enter the name of the drug or health
food, begin to carry out the "drug or health food" impact
6. After finishing the detection, will show in the in organ
diagnosis list
7. press" analysis "key, begin to carry out the" drug or health
food "analysis comparison.
8.On the analysis of the comparison window, choose the organs
that have detected just now
9. click “auto search ”
10. The comparison window will search the organs to compare
and analyzer automatically at this moment

11. On the analysis of ratio below the window will appear:
Strengthen the compensation recovery: represent the degree
of the improvement * * * %; Or reduce compensation
recovery: represent deterioration degree * * * %
★Note: improve ratio (* * * %) must be greater than 10% ,so
that it has reference value!
12. Press the “improvement” key above the comparison
analysis window
13. The improvement parts will show scintillation
14. Press the “deterioration” key above the comparison
analysis window
15.The deterioration parts will show scintillation

16.Press the “deterioration” key above the comparison
analysis window
17.The deterioration parts will show scintillation


• 3DCELL-NLS has two conditioning ways to choose.

1.Spectrum conditioning
2.Energy replication

1.Spectrum conditioning

• Pathological signal energy wave, can use the physical way to the
corresponding energy wave interaction, the use of signal instead of the
magnetic field wave shock, make not harmonious field wave oscillation of
the total sum Numbers is equal to zero, so as to adjust the original
pathological problems.
a.Choose the organ parts that you want to regulate
b.Press “Spectrum conditioning” key, appear the Spectrum conditioning
c.Put on the headset
d.Click on the spectrum adjustment starting point, press the "start" button,
start doing spectrum adjustment.
e.After the adjustment, you can click on the "analysis and comparison," key
to test the detection state before and after the adjustment .

f.Proposed one day each of the organs do not perform this conditioning over
five times a day, not over three organ.
g.If you would like to achieve the effect, need daily implementation, after
implementation drink 500 C. C. Good water.

2.Energy replication
• put specific energy message, memory in water, to correct the magnetic
field wave disorder of the body
a.Prepare a glass cup (flat thin bottom)
b.Put 100 ~ 200 c.c. pure water into the glass cup
c.Confirm "items cup" link to the host
d.The testee put on headset
e.Click on the " energy copy " button , appear energy water copy window
f. choose water
g. press the“ turn over” key, copy the wave oscillation spectrum that backward
with the disease
h.Press START button, and began to copy
i.The program will write message in water, the water must drink over in the 30 -
minutes . Because after the period of time, water crystal shape will be restored to
the original state, write message also disappeared, suggest don't drink more than
5 cups a day.
j.If you would like to achieve the best effect, need daily implementation.

h.Press the "left" button, click again "left" button, return to print
main screen on the "comments" button to examine it. After finish the
detection, press "×" to leave, not press “delete” or
j.Click "print", after printing case, choice "PDF file (* PDF)",
choose the location to store , conform it is ok.
k.The report print: click the PDF file to store , then print out the

Making a report and print

a.Choose organ parts, click on "print " in the main screen,

appear to print pictures
b.Choose the picture you want to print in the window(up to 4)
Note:Each of the A4 printing paper, can be placed 4 picture
c.Click on the "analysis", enter the analysis interface
d.Click on the "TEST", then click "C# - and - D# database. "Adjust all," we want the report to present the diagnosis
f.Click "to print" button, the diagnosis content enter into the
g.If you would like to put a E value (thermodynamic analysis) in
the report, you must first click "thermodynamic analysis",
then click "to print" button.

h.Press the "left" button, click again "left" button, return to print
main screen on the "Epicrisis" button to examine it. After finish the
detection, press to leave, not press “delete” or “clear”!
j.Click "print", after printing case, choice "PDF file (* PDF)",
choose the location to store , conform it is ok.
k.The report print: click the PDF file to store , then print out the

File data backup

• To ensure that your customers inspection data, not lose

because of accident , please backup customer data regularly
every day , suggest you fixed backup in two position, the
computer D plate and your external hard drive, in order to
ensure the safety of the data.
1.File Output

2.File input

1.File Output

a.Establish data clip: according to the testing site, testing

physicians, detection category... Such as classified folder.
b.In the main menu "option" inspection data backup
c.after choosing then exit from the file output window
d.Click the file you want to output, according to the key,
replicate the data to right area."copy" key, then the data will be remitted to the
specified folder, so that is completed.
f.Open the specified folder, check the file whether it is complete
※The work is very easy, strongly suggest the operator, daily
backup action, data is stored in a computer are not safe, must
have two place above for the data backup!

2.File input

a.Choose the “To program” in the menu

b.Choose “Pre-file reply data folder”
c.Press OK, the computer will be pre-import files collected in the
d.Press key, import the data, check whether it appear on
the left, so it’s completed.
※Note: except the single data ,the whole database also can be
replicated and kept.
C:\Program Files\IPP\3DCELL\base
The position of the base folder, covers all the database, it is
suggested that a copy every week, it is best to copy in the
external hard drive, in order to prevent computer hard disk
data damage, unable to restore data!