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2015 Grade 9 MTAP

Sectoral Level

1.) If , find .

2.) In a cube with sides of length 1 cm, one vertex is denoted by A. What is the sum of
the distances from A to each of the other vertices of the cube?
3.) Find two positive numbers in the ratio 7:12 so that the bigger number exceeds the
smaller by 10.

4.) Benigno buys four new tires and a new spare tire for his car. He rotates his tires so that
after driving 10 000 km, every tire has been used for the same number of kilometers. For
how many kilometers was each tire used?

5.) The longest side of a triangle measures 12 cm, and the altitude to this side is 4 cm.
What is the length of the shortest side if the altitude to this side measures 8 cm?

6.) A quadratic function satisfies and . Determine all the zeros


7.) Find the sum of the reciprocals of two numbers, given that the sum of the two numbers
is 18 and their product is 6.

8.) On square ABCD, one side measures 1 cm, E is the midpoint of AB and F is the point of
intersection of CE and the diagonal BD. How long is FB?

9.) Determine the quadratic function that satisfies and .

10.) If and are positive numbers such that , find .

11.) A triangle with sides in the ratio 3:4:5 is inscribed in a circle of radius 5 cm. Find the
area of the triangle.


1.) Find a number that makes equal to .

2.) An MRT train 0.2 km long travels at a steady speed of 24 kph. It enters a tunnel 1 km
long at exactly 3:00. PM. At what time will the tail-end of the train come out of the tunnel?

3.) A rectangle is formed by placing three congruent rectangles as shown in this diagram.
What is the area of the larger rectangle, if the shorter side of the small rectangle measures
2 cm?
4.) If = , what are the zeros of ?

5.) Three identical equilateral corners of an equilateral triangle with side of length 1 cm is to
be cut off to reduce the area by one-half. how long should be the side of the cut-off corners?

6.) A rectangle has a diagonal of length cm and area 8 sq. cm. What is the perimeter
of the rectangle?

1.) Solve for a number x satisfying

2.) The sides of an isosceles triangle measure 5x + 3, 3x + 7 and 2x + 15, where x is some
number. What is the largest possible perimeter of the triangle?
3.) For what value (x) of a will the quadratic
equations and have a common real solution?
4.) On his way from a vacation, a man figured that he will be home by 11:00 PM if he drives
at 60 kph. If he drives at 40 kph he will be home by 1:00 AM. How fast must he drive if he
wants to be home by 12:00 midnight?

5.) The area of rectangle ABCD is 24 sq. cm and E is the midpoint of CD, F is the point of
intersection of the diagonal AC and segment BE. Find the area of triangle EFC.

6.) The diagonal of a regular pentagon divides an interior angle into 2 angles. Find the
measure of the smaller angle.

1.) The sum of the zeros, the product of the zeros, and the sum of the coefficients of the
function are all equal. What is their common value?

2.) Determine all values of x and y which make xy, x/y and x – y equal to each other.

3.) A point O lies inside equilateral triangle ABC so that . Find the
measure of .
Do or Die
1.) How many non-congruent right triangles have sides of integer lengths and have areas
numerically equal to three times their perimeters?

1.) 3/5
2.) cm
3.) 14, 24
4.) 8000
5.) 6 cm
6.) 2 and 15
7.) 3
8.) cm
9.) #
10.) 3
11.) 24 sq. cm
1.) -42
2.) 3:03 PM
3.) 24 sq. cm
4.) x = -2, x = 3
6.) 12 cm

1.) x = 2
2.) 105
3.) a = -3
4.) 48 kph
5.) 2 sq. cm
6.) 36°
1.) a
2.) x = -1/2, y = -1
3.) 150°
Do or Die
1.) 6

1.) Simplify

Rationalizing the denominator,



2.) Evaluate

Answer: 4

3.) Simplify .

Answer: 5/12
4.) Simplify
Answer: I am not sure if I am on the right track because the simplified form is more complex than
the given. I will post the solution once I verified the answer.
5.) If , and are real numbers such that and , what is the value of ?

So, and .

, so

, so


= = = .
6.) If , and , what is ?
, so
, so

Since , .


7.) If , what is ?


8.) If and , for all real numbers , for what real numbers a
does ?


Answer: -1
9.) Solve for in .

Squaring both sides of the equation,

Squaring both sides,


Answer: 36
10.) Solve for in the equation .

Multiplying both sides of the equation by

Answer: 2

11.) If , solve for in .

Multiplying both sides by , we obtain

Squaring both sides of the equation, we get

Factoring, we have

So, or .

But from the given above, , so the only solution is

Answer: 9/4

12.) Evaluate .


Answer: or
13.) Find two positive consecutive integers whose product is 506.
Let is equal to the smaller number and be the larger number.

or .

Answer: 22 and 23
14.) If and if , find the larger root of .
From the given, , so .

Simplifying, we get the two roots and .

Since , the larger root is .

15.) Solve for in .
Subtracting 6 from both sides,

16.) Solve for real numbers satisfying the inequality .


Squaring both sides of the inequality,

This can be split to (1) and . From (1), we already

know that $x = 1$ and are solutions. For the inequality, we can check the
intervals , and . Upon checking, it can be seen that only (1,9) satisfy the
inequality. Therefore, the interval that satisfies the inequality above is [1,9].
Answer: or in interval notation.
17.) Find the minimum value of x^2 – 8x + 3.
Let .

The graph of the function opens upward, so we transform it to the vertex form a(x – h)^2 + k
= 0 to get the minimum value which is (h,k).

So, h = 4 and k = – 13. The minimum value is -13.

Answer: -13

18.) Find the smallest value of for all real number .

Answer: 4.47
19.) Solve for in the equation .

Factoring the left side, we have

, therefore, a = 3 and b = 1 + 3 = 4.

Answer: 4
20.) Write the quadratic equations with integer coefficients whose roots are reciprocal of the
roots of .

or .
2015 Grade 9 MTAP Math
Challenge – Division Orals
15-second question (2 points each)
1.) Determine all positive number x that satisfy .
Answer: x = 2

2.) What is the fourth power of ?


3.) Simplify

4.) If a ♠ b = , what is the value of (3 ♠ 4) ♠ 12?

Answer: 13

5.) Suppose that x, y and z are positive integers such that xy = 6, xz = 10 and yz = 15. What
is the value of xyz?
Answer: 30
6.) The yearly changes in population of a certain town for two consecutive years are 20%
increase on the first year and 20% decrease on the second year. What is the net change in
percent over the two year period?
Answer: 4% decrease

7.) What is the slope of the line parallel to 2x + 5y + 2 = 0.

Answer: -2/5
8.) The area of a triangle is 100 sq. cm. What will be its area if its altitude is increased by
10% and its base is decreased by 10%?
Answer: 99 sq. cm.

9.) The sum of two numbers is 2015. If 9 is added to each of the numbers and then each of
the resulting numbers is doubled, what is the sum of the final two numbers?
Answer: 4066

10.) A square and a triangle have the same perimeter. If the square has area 144 sq. cm.,
what is the area of the triangle?
Answer: sq cm.

11.) Let r and s be the solutions of . What is the value of ?

Answer: 5
30-second question (3 points each)
1.) If , find the sum of all numbers y that satisfies .
Answer: 1/2

2.) A man walks 1 km east then 1 km northwest. How far is he from his starting point?
Answer: 2-√2 km

3.) Four men working for four days can paint 4 cars. How many cars can 6 men working for
6 days paint?
Answer: 9 cars

4.) The longer base of a trapezoid measures 10 cm and the line segment joining the
midpoint of the
diagonals measures 3 cm. What is the length of the shorter base?
Answer: 4 cm

5.) What is the least possible value of ?

Answer: 6, -1/4

6.) The point D is the midpoint of the side BC of equilateral triangle ABC and E is the
midpoint of AD. How long is BE if a side of ∆ABC measures 8 cm?
Answer: 2√7 cm

1-minute question (5 points each)

1.) If the roots of are twice those , what is the value of
Answer: 8

2.) The lengths of the sides of a triangle are 10, 17 and 21 cm. How long is the altitude of
the triangle to longest side?

3.) Triangle ABC is isosceles. If ∠A = 50°, what are the possible measures of ∠B?
Answer: 50°, 80°

4.) The medians AD and BE of ∆ABC are perpendicular. Find the length of AB if BC = 3 cm
and AC = 4 cm.
Answer: √5 cm

5.) The product of three consecutive positive integers is 16 times their sum. What is the sum
of the three numbers?
Answer: 21
6.) Point E is on the side AC of ∆ABC and points D and F are chosen on the side AB such
that DE || BC and EF || CD. Find the length of BD if AF = FD = 3 cm.
Answer: 6 cm

Clincher Question
1.) In ∆ABC, ∠C = 30°. If D is the foot of the altitude from A to BC and E is the midpoint of
AC, find the measure of ∠EDC.
Answer: 30°

2.) One candle will burn completely at a uniform rate in 4 hours while another in 3 hours. At
what time should the two candles be simultaneously lighted so that one will be half the
length of the other at 6:00 PM?
Answer: 3:36 PM

3.) Points P and Q are drawn on the sides BC and AC of triangle ABC such that ∠AQB and
∠APB measures 110° and 80° respectively. If point R is chosen inside ∆ABC such that AR
and BR bisects ∠CAP and ∠CAQ respectively, what is the measure if ∠ARB?
Answer: 95°

Do or Die Question
Point E is the midpoint of the side BC of ∆ABC and F is the midpoint of AE. The line thru BF
intersects AC at D. Find the area of ∆AFD if the area of the triangle is 48 cm^2.

Answer: 4 cm^2

So, we create a quadratic equation whose roots are 2 and 1. That is

Answer: .