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I. Eating a well-balanced diet II.

Get the right types of food

to help you get the calories at the right times of the day
and nutrients
1.Nutrition is important for
I. Protein help keep your body II.Choose lean proteins
growing, maintained, and
Eating the right foods at the right repaired
2. Pack protein into you
snacks and meals

I.Fruits and vegetables are rich

II. Eat fruits and vegetables
source of natural fiber,
of different colour to enjoy
vitamins, minerals and other
Eating the Right Foods the full range of vitamins,
minerals and antioxidants
for Exercise 3. Boost your fruit and
vegetable intake
I.Cutting calories is a key part
of weight loss, but it’s possible
to go too far
4.Don't cut too many II. The right balance of
Conclusion carbohydrates, protein, and
other nutrients help fuel your
I.Learning listen to your body
exercise routine
and balancing what feels right
Exercise is important to get a with what’s good for you
healthy body and stay maintain
even you are age 5.Balance is key

Author : Dana Sullivan Kilroy

Resources : http://www.healthline.com/health/fitness-exercise-eating-healthy#Breakfast2possible to go too far
Title : Eating the Right Foods for Exercise
 Keep in touch using text messages, emails, Ims, video chatting etc
 Technology has allow LDR couples to share photos, video and voice

 The main factor  You need to be

for every open when you
relationship is 1. Use are annoyed
trust. Technology
 Discuss every
 Build up the trust possible thing
for each other 2. Keep your  Resolving your
5. Trust
 Trust will magnify your communica- issue timely
each other loved one tion open
Five secrets of
successful Long
-Need to do a lot of hard
-Couples need passionate  When you are going to
 Meeting your loved one
after big time apart meet remember to
 Plan some downtime 3. When mark it in your calender.
during every visit to 4. Prepare You'll It also would be easier
yourself to Conclusion meet each to deal with time apart
know more about each
be boring other  Moving to a common
other’s behaviour in
tough situations Both the people must ground
try to cooperate and
understand each other

Author : John M. Grohol, Psy. D.

Resources : https://successstory.com/inspiration/5-secrets-of-successful-ldr-couples
Title : Five secrets of successful Long Distance Relationship