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12 October

8,00 – 18,00 ESOR Visiting Professorship Programme

18,00 - 21,00 Opening Ceremony

Prof.Dr. A.Palko - BCR 2017 President: Welcome remarks
Prof. Dr.D.Tsetis –BSR President: Opening remarks and overview of Society activities
Prof.Dr. P.Parizel – ESR President: Greetings and Introduction of ESR
Prof.Dr. N.Gourtsoyiannis - Striving for radiology education in Europe: the European
School of Radiology (30 min)

13 October

8,00 –

Neuro I Brain / Stroke Acute Chest Pain

Abdominal I / Liver Tumors
+ neurointervention and Moderator:
Moderators: M. Lucic, D Hepatobilliary interventions K.Michailidis
Moderators: O. Akhan, S. 1. CT in chest
1.The concept of penumbra Efremidis emergencies. C.
and salvageable brain tissue in
1. Liver cirrhosis and specific Kalogeropoulou /GR
acute ischemia.T.Stosic-
Opincal /RS contrast MRI . E. 2. Acute aortic
9,00 - Chartabilas /GR syndrome: Imaging &
10,30 2.Vascular distribution
2. Liver tumors and MRI: endovascular treatment.
territories. D. Kozic /RS
DWI. S. Alibek /TR V. Sarajlic /BIH
3. A comprehensive MR
3. TACE in multifocal 3. MRI in acute
approach to acute ischemic
HCC. M. Grasu /RO myocardial infarction.
stroke. M. Ida /JP
K. Michailidis /GR
4.Principles of mechanical 4.Image-guided tumor
ablation for Early HCC: 4. Chest bed
thrombectomy and when and
Where we are? O.Akhan / ultrasonography in
how. S. Geyik /TR
TR critically ill patients. A
Zupan, I Kocijančič /SL
Coffee Break

Oral PS (Breast
Vascular Imaging and Introductory Lecture:
Neuro II Brain / Headache +
neurointervention Interventions Advantages of breast
Moderators: Z. Merhemic, P. Moderators: D. Tsetis, V.
Barsi Sarajlic G. Forrai
1.Clinical role of Color
1. Headache:What do we Doppler Imaging in 1. The role of
expect from imaging. C. Calli carotids & peripheral sonoelastography in
/TR arteries. M. Mantatzis evaluation breast lesions.
/GR M. Radovic /RS
2. Brain tumors – perfusion
11,00 - and abnormal vascular
2. Aortic aneurysm 2. Comparision of
12,30 structures using arterial spin-
(EVAR). D. Tsetis /GR mammography,ultrasound
labeling. M. Lucic /RS a sonoelastographY in
3.Visceral aneurysms: the differentisting of brest
3.Intracranial spontaneous
Imaging& endovascular lesions. M. Radovic /RS
hemorrhage mechanisms,
imaging and management. D. treatment. M. Nedevska/ 3. Wire localization of
Zlatareva /BG BG breast lesions. M.
Dimitrovska /FYROM
4. Tratment of intracranial
aneurysm and AVM, what is 4. Diabetic foot : Imaging 4. Importance of
new. S. Geyik /TR & Intervention. A. Spasic Magnetic Resonance
/RS Imaging in the Diagnosis
of Breast Hamartoma. A.
Altunkeser /TR

Satellite Symposium – Research Symposium

1. Dr. Azim Celik (GE) - Quantitative MR and Applications: advanced MRI methods
including MAGIC, 4D FLOW, IDEAL IQ, T2*, CARDIAC T1 & T2 mapping and IVIM .
(20 min)
12,30 -
13,30 2. Serban Isopescu, Péter Blazsevácz (Philips) - Delivering clinical insight, where and when
it’s needed (20 min)

3. Dr. Waldemar Senczenko (GE) - Tips and Tricks of DWI Imaging: DWI background,
how the sequence works, artifacts, aspects things to consider to improve DWI imaging and
advanced options like non-EPI DWI, DWI, FOCUS, etc. (20 min)
13,30 -
Lunch Break

Oral PS ( Interventional
Radiology/ Uro
Introductory Lecture:
Endovascular treatment
of brain aneurism –
options and devices for
every anatomical type
Imaging of pelvic pain
S. Sirakov /BG
(female genitalia)
1. Determining
Neuro III / Spine Moderators: S. Stojanovic, Complication Associated
A.Sofic Risk Factors and
Moderators: C. Calli. Evaluating Results of
L.Manchev 1. Nongynecological causes of Patients Undergoing
acute and chronicpelvic pain. Computed Tomography
1.Spine infections. Cem Calli A. Sofic /BIH
/TR Guided Transthoracic
14,30 - 2. Endometriosis as a Lung Biopsy. M. Sivri
16,00 2.Spinal tumors. Z. Merhemic common cause of pelvic pain. /TR
/BIH M. Basta Nikolic /RS 2. CT guided direct
3. Thoracolumbal Trauma: an 3. Posttreatment causes of thrombin injection to treat
update C. Calli /TR pelvic pain (status after type II endoleak
surgery and interventional following endovascular
4.Imaging of postoperative repair of abdominal aortic
spine. S. Jevtic /BIH radiology ). S. Mustafa /TR
aneurysm. E. Karras /GR
4. Imaging of Gynecological
Emergencies. T. Matayoshi / 3. Role of Multidetector
JP Computed Tomography
in the Preoperative
Evaluation of Donor
Kidney. A. Durur-
Karakaya /TR
4. Comparison of Superb
Micro-Vascular Imaging
(SMI) and Conventional
Doppler Imaging
Techniques for
Evaluating Testicular
Blood Flow. M. Durmaz
5. Pelvic Relaxation on
Dynamic MR
Defecography. A. Durur
Karakaya /TR
6. The Use of Superb
Imaging(SMI) Technique
for Evaluating Ovarian
Blood Flow and
Comparison of SMI and
Conventional Doppler
Imaging Techniques. F.
Zeynep Arslan /TR

16,00 -
Coffee Break

Oral PS (Abdomen/
Pediatric Emergencies
Introductory lecture:
Imaging and Intervention in
Hematuria GI Neuro-Endocrine
Moderators:K.Koprivsek, M. Tumours
Nedevska Moderators: V. Hadjidekov,
V. Bérczi P.Prasopoulos /GR
1. Ultrasound in micro- and Introductory Lecture:
1.Imaging pediatric epilepsy. gross Hematuria . A. Tsili / Contrast Ultrasound of
K. Koprivsek /RS GR the Pediatric Abdomen:
16,30 -
18,00 A Practical Approach
2. Pediatric emergency brain 2. CT-urography in
imaging . V. Xydis /GR hematuria. N. Elmaz /TR Z. Harkányi /HG
3.Non traumatic abdominal 3. Urothelial tumors as tha 1. Diagnostic efficacy and
emergencies. B. Oguz /TR cause of hematuria. O. image quality of MR
Nikolic /RS enterography with
4.Pediatric emergencies of the
mannitol solution in
upper and lower airway. H. 4.Intervention in Hematuria. Crohn disease. H. Cebeci
Alper /TR V. Berczi /HG /TR
2. The measurement of
normal spleen elasticity
using 2Dshear wave
elastography. E. Albayrak
3. Hounsfield Unit
Density in the
Characterization of the
Bile Duct Lesions. A.
Batur /TR
4. The Value of Shear
Wave Elastography to
Diagnose Acute
Pancreatitis at Hospital
Admission. M. Durmaz
5. The effect of
ultrasound with acoustic
radiation force on rabbit
lung tissue. N. Takayama

18,00 -
EC Meeting & General Assembly

14 October

Thoracic imaging and MSK- Trauma and

Lump in the Breast
Sport Injuries
Moderator: B. Brkljacic, I.
Moderators: N. Fezoulidis
Mitreska, M.Nedevska
1 Preoperative MRI. E.
9,00 - 1. MRI of patella and
1. Management of Vassiou /GR
10,30 knee injuries. V. Njagulj /
solitary pulmonary RS
2 Rare breast lesions. D.
nodule an update. O.
Bogdanovic Stojanovic /RS
Straciuc /RO 2. Muscle and tendon
3. Radiological assesment of injuries at lower extremity.
2. How to report a neoadjuvant chemotherapy Ü. Kerimoğlu /TR
HRCT . N. Mitreska / for breast cancer. V.
FYROM 3. MRI of vertebral
Beslagic /BIH collapse-How I report. E.
3. Pulmonary Ilieva /BG
embolism imaging, 4.Postoperative breast mri
guidelines and after cancer surgery. B. 4. Sport Injuries of Elbow
updates. C. Atasoy/ Brkljacic /CR Joint. N. Sabirfron /TR

Coffee Break

Oral PS (Neuroimaging)
Introductory Lecture:
Tips, tricks and pitfalls of
Stroke Imaging OR
Abdominal II / Emergency Neuroradiology;
Acute Abdomen case based review.
K.Yamada /JP
Cardiac Imaging Moderators: P.
Prasopoulos, Z.Siric Introductory Lecture:
Moderators: Ruzica
Maksimovic, V.Groudeva 1.Imaging and intervention How can we discover
of acute pancreatitis. C. congenital brain
1.Cardiac venous anatomy malformations?
Triantopoulou /GR
11,00 - – evaluation with CT. V.
12,30 Groudeva/ BG P. Barsi /HG
2. Imaging in acute
2.Coronary CT beyond appendicitis: what, when, 1. A New Intracerebral
coronaries. A. Santa/ RO and why? M. Secil /TR Hemorrhage Volume
Calculation Method and
3.MRI in myocarditis – R. 3.Imaging in Diverticulitis. Comparison to ABC/2. F.
Maksimovic / RS Z.Siric /RS Cuce /TR
2. Cognitive functions and
absorption features of the
gamma quanta of the natural
background radiation in the
physiological aging of the
central nervous system. S.
Turuspekova /KZ

12,30 - Future of Radiology - Satellite Symposium

Radiology 2025 - Rowland Illing (Affidea) (20 min)
Future of Radiology from Healthineers – Martin Deutshmann (Siemens Healthineers) (20
Future of Radiology from Key Performance Indicators to Artificial Intelligence - Vassilis
Sakkas (GE) (20 min)

13,30 -
Lunch Break

Painful Joint
Moderators: N.
Elmas, B.Ergen
Head and Neck
1.Painful Shoulder. B.
Ergen /TR
2.Axial Moderators: N. Traykova,
Spondyloarthropathy. A. E.Papadaki
Oktay /TR
1. Imaging of facial skeletal
3.Degenerative cartilage trauma. A. Cengic
14,30 - disorders. S. Orguc /TR /BIH
4. The Effect of 2. Laryngeal carcinoma . S.
Hyperlipidemia and Petrovic /RS
Hyperglycemia on Total
3. Update on imaging of
Rupture of Supraspinatus
malignant head and neck
Tendon and Additional
tumors. E. Papadaki /GR
MRI Findings. K. Cifci
/TR 4. Temporal bone lesions.
N. Traykova/BG
5. Strain Index Values in
the Ultrasonographic
Evaluation of Psoriasis. M.
Sait Menzilcioglu /TR

16,00 -
Coffee Break

Polytrauma Oncologic interventions –

/no Liver and HBSystem/
16,30 - Moderators: D.Cokkinos,
18,00 G. Forrai Moderators: M. Totev, S.
1. MDCT protocols for
polytrauma patients A.Palko 1. Lung ablation. M.
/HG Krokidis /GR
2. Emergency imaging of 2. Palliation of malignant
abdominal trauma: gastroduodenal
Contrast Enhanced obstruction. D. Akinci /TR
Ultrasound or CT? D.
Cokkinos /GR 3. Percutaneous image –
3. Trauma intervention: guided ablation of bone and
How to manage. Y. soft tissue tumors: An
update. D. Filippiadis /GR
Nakajima /JP

4. Percutaneous ablation of
renal cell carcinoma:
Where do we stand now? S.
Stojanovic /RS

18,00 -
Image Interpretation Session / Moderator: M. Secil (Izmir/TR)

Closing Ceremony and Awarding
Dr Teneva - Radiology Trainees Forum of ESR
Prof. Dr. Dimitrios Tsetis: Awards and closing remarks
Prof. Dr. András Palkó: Farewell