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There was this house, far away from the city, and in there, with his family, lived

Al. He had built his house far away from his city, in the outside of town. He loved the
quietness there rather than the noisy atmosphere of the city. He lived in his house with his
wife and two daughters. He provided for them and took proper care of them. Everyday he
took his daughters to school on his car, and after that, his wife, to her job as a
schoolteacher. His wife loved him and his family so, and the daughters then made him
happy due to their great performances at school. And with the salary he has received from
his job as a corporate lawyer, he earned enough money to live happily.
One day, when Al was taking his daughters to school, he received a phone call
from Kirk, the head of their company’s legal department. As he answered the phone, a
conversation occurred. “Hey, man! What’s up?” “I’m fine, sir. Thank you for asking.
What can I do for you today?” Al replied. “Ah, well. I need you here, asap! I’ve
something to tell you, something that shouldn’t be talked about through the phone. Got
it? I’ll wait for you here.” Kirk said hurriedly before Al could even say a word. Kirk was
a man who would stop at nothing to realize his goals. He weaseled his way out a multi-
million dollar lawsuit by attracting the jury to his favor. The phone call made Al think
“what could my boss want from me now?” he said as he hurriedly go to his way to work.
“What’s wrong, honey?” His wife asked. “It’s my boss. He wants me to do
something of some sort, I don’t know which though, but I think it’s something
important.” He replied. “As long as you won’t get into trouble, I’ll be very supportive of
you.” His wife told him. As he parked the car near the front of the school, he told her
“Thank you so much, honey. See you after work? I love you so much.” He says as he
kissed her goodbye. “I love you too. Please be careful.” His wife replied as she got out of
the car. As he is driving to his company’s building, Al thought, “Seriously, what could it
As he arrived to his office, his boss, Kirk, already waiting for him to come,
greeted him, “Hey! There’s my man! How’s your morning doing you, huh?” Al replied,
“Don’t worry about me, sir. I’m doing fine over here. You?” “I couldn’t be better. Hey,
listen. I need you to do something for me. You got our evidences on that recent
pharmaceutical lawsuit, right? Look, see I need you to change those documents to our
liking. That was the one thing we need to win this case.” Kirk told him, with a grim look
on his face.” With a sign of discomfort, Al said to him, “There is no way we could do
that, sir. Changing evidences is against the law, much less unethical to the people that we
fight for law that we sought to, and strive to serve and protect.” Kirk asked him again,
“Listen, we need those documents altered. Gruber Pharmaceuticals is willing to line our
pockets with money just to see them win this case. We're talking Richie Rich-rich! We
don’t even have to work for this crappy company, with this crappy job, and leave this
crappy hellhole and spend my money to my heart’s content, get even richer, sleep with
lots of women, and probably die with a smile on my face. But for you, it’s different, Al.
See, you have a family. You could use the money. Buy yourself the cars, the watches,
and the house you’ve always wanted! Buy your wife the things she deserves! Secure the
respective futures of your daughters! And even if all that’s done, you could have so much
money still unspent, use it to your heart’s content!” With his dignity intact, Al replied,
“With all due respect, sir, I do believe that our clients are the National Resource Defense
Council. Gruber has polluted the Agusan River so much; the acidity level is so high we
now have mutated species of fish swimming in its waters, with the weaker fish dying out.
If we alter the evidences against the NRDC, we are in danger of breaching our contract
with them, for what, money? I did not become a lawyer to be bribed into doing the things
that defeats the purpose of representing your defendant in the hopes of winning this
lawsuit. I’m sorry, sir. But my loyalty lies with the NRDC. And with that…” Before he
could even decline, Kirk has cut him off mid-sentence, saying “Look, I’ll make things
easy for you. I’ll assign you a team, with you as its head. You’ll work with them, and see
to it that Gruber wins this case. I’ll even give you a bigger share of the money we talked
about earlier. And before you say no again, remember that you don’t have other choice. I
can make you, or break you. Now, get going!” He said threateningly as he stormed off.
As Kirk exited his office, a group of 5 entered his office, presumably his team.
One of them has said, “Hello, sir. We are in your service” albeit with sad eyes. Faking a
smile, Al said to them, “Let’s get to work, shall we?”
They worked hard all day, even during at night. Finding the evidences to be
covered, as they continue to work, out of nowhere