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Project Handoff Checklist

This document summarizes the handoff requirements for project acceptance.

Maintenance Hand-over Process

As projects are being kicked off and targeted for a specific release, the product team uses project
lifecycle milestones to gauge the progress of a project, its ability to integrate into the product and its risks
to the release itself. The following document outlines the key deliverables that are required to be
completed by the projectsat the end of three gates (requirements, development and project testing cut-
offs). The ability to complete those deliverables by the project is required, and failing to do so on time will
be put into consideration by the product team when assessing the risk level of a project.

From time to time, situations will arise where it is not feasible for a product-related project to fully comply
with the SDLC or to meet all the maintenance handover prerequisites. In these cases, pre-approval for
an exception must be sought and accepted. All exceptions must be granted in advance of the project
being finalized, i.e. prior to a proposal, CR, SOW, etc. being presented to an existing or potential client.
All exception requests must be made to the manager of product development. They must, however,
ultimately be approved by the full management team.

Acceptance of the above deliverables is at the discretion of the product manager. Irresolvable disputes
between a project and the product manager may be escalated to the management team (through the
manager of product development) for resolution.



ALIGNMENT TO Project to have requirements Product Approved Please do not hesitate to get
VISION documented in a repository and Requirements guidance from the product
adhere to the product standards team as you proceed with
and future vision. The provided list documenting your
of requirements must be approved requirements.
by a member of the product team
to assure it aligns with both
functional and technical roadmap.
REQUIREMENTS Project to have the project Peer-reviewed The product team may
QUALITY requirements reviewed by a requirements choose to designate a
resource (designated by the resource outside the product
product team) to assure the team.
requirements meet the complete
business needs.
ADVANCE RELEASE Project must supply marketing Word document ARN are published to clients
NOTES material foradvance release notes including illustrations, after requirements cut-offs
(ARN). where applicable



DESIGN Project confirms that repository Reference to design

has been updated as appropriate, document
including reference to the design
DEVELOPMENT Unit test cases checked in and unit Spot test inventory Quantity is not as important
TESTING COVERAGE test results are documented and results as quality of tests
REQUIREMENTS Assure test cases are documented QC approved test plan By test plan, we don’t expect
TESTING COVERAGE and provide testing coverage and test cases necessarily an actual
document but at a minimum
an understanding of the
number of cycles and the
awareness of what is out of
scope in your testing
TECHNICAL Initial review of project changes to CM approved deploy To facilitate both the future
DOCUMENTATION the: configuration, deployment and configuration delivery of date
and installation procedures documentation environments as well as
changes project implementations
USER Project to provide draft user Reference to the draft
DOCUMENTATION documentation (user manual, documentation
admin guides and online help)



TESTING RESULTS Provide the project testing results Reference to results This includes a list of
by testing by cycles (pass, fail, outstanding defects
deferred) that have been added
to the ticketing system
TEST ASSET Provide complete list of product Asset list and SVN Those assets need to
assets that were developed to location be usable in date build
assure proper testing

KNOWLEDGE Session with at least one QC Session completed QC should be expected

TRANSFER representative to assure their to be able to test your
ability of testing new requirements project requirements
with minimal input
from your project
USER Project to provide final Reference to the
DOCUMENTATION documentation: documentation
user documentation (user manual,
admin guides and online help)