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Al Hashemiah International Contracting Co.

ERC Project , SUBCON-044

Financial plan for the period (Aug.29 to Oct.15,2017)

Due Date Value (EGP) Remarks

Aug.29,2017 1,300,000.00 1st payment of 1st invoice for subcontractor 2H

1,130,000.00 1st payment for Arab Contractor

425,000.00 1st invoice for Asphalt Subcontractor

Sep.6,2017 300,000.00 Purchasing HDPE fitting

Sep.15,2017 1,300,000.00 2nd payment of 1st invoice for Subcontractor 2H

750,000.00 2nd payment for Arab Contractor

350,000.00 2nd invoice for Asphalt Subcontractor

Oct.15,2017 4,000,000.00 2nd invoice for Subcontractor 2H

Total 9,555,000.00