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GROUP : EH2414


DATE : 26 OCTOBER 2015


SUBMIT TO : DR. Sherif Abdulbari Ali


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In his 22 years as Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamad transformed his
country from an gricultural backwater into an industrial powerhouse that would become the
17th largest trading nation in the world. Two decades of Mahathir’s leadership have resulted
in Malaysia becoming more internationally recognised as model of stable, multicultural and
developing country with a relatively impressive economy. Malaysia was also regarded as an
exemplary progressive and moderate Islamic country. In effect, Malaysia’s international image
has, undoubtedly, been promoted and enhanced by many of Mahathir’s bold and innovative
policy initiatives.

One significant development in Malaysian foreign policy orientation under the Mahathir
leadership was the country’s close relations with Northeast Asia, namely Japan and South
Korea, as manifested in the implementation of ‘Look East’ policy. Mahathir’s deep personal
admiration for the ‘miraculous’ economic achievement of post-World War II Japan has been
discussed at length by many local as well as international scholars. He decided to go to Japan
because he believe, which was one of the exotic place those days. Japanese were defeated
in World War 2, they follow the democratic parliament with a constituional monarchy same like
as Britain. Eventhough there is cosmetic change in Japan like discarding their kimonos and
wearing jacket and tie, they are still inherent their culture, intellectuall and they are very polite.
The decision of the Mahathir administration to launch the ‘Look East’ policy after only a few
months in office were mainly to encourage Malaysians to emulate the Japanese work ethics,
business management techniques and technology and also to acquire Japanese expertise and
capital, through aid and investment and trade cooperation. What actually leads Tun Dr.
Mahathir Mohammad to take Japan as role country to develop Malaysia because Japanese
takes courage to improve from small achievements to bigger achievements . To me, Tun Dr.
Mahathir Mohamad is passionate about the culture and work ethics of Japanese when he was
in Japan. However, the originality of Japan’s culture is following the direction of the western
world. From the former Prime Minister point of view, any mistakes that happen in Japan will be
lesson for the developement of Malaysia. While he was in Japan, Japan still in recontructing
after devastation wrought by the allied bombing. Japan could afford to host Olympics in 1964
and it was the first Asian country, at the same time the country spent some USD3 billion on
facilities for the games. This symbolise its full return to international acceptability following
World War 2. However, from this example country, Malaysians, including civil servants,
suggested that it was ridiculous to model ourselves after Japan. They believe that better to
look at Europe rather Japan.
Eventhough Europe which was far more developed, it took them 200 years of slow
development. It was deniable on the West’s experience and many contribution because they
are the one who brought the globalization of the world. It is always better to learn an acquire
from people with recent experience. Not only focusing on great industrial power country like
Japan, even Koreans who still can recalled how hard and costly it had been for them to acquire
Western industrial know-how and to manage industrial plants. ‘Look East’ policies was
formulated and presented to make sure that Malaysians look to these countries as models of
national development. Nothing against their workers and unions because of their productivity
and competitiveness. For example, Japan employement system was completely different from
the European and also Malaysia systems because they provide a lifetime employment for their
workers. The first that will take by European countries or America when the facing problems,
they dismissed workers then register themselves as unemployed and then may then collect
dole from the government.

While in Japan, when their companies were not doing well, the did not sack workers,
choosing instead to redeploy or create a work for them. I did not think that Malaysia could
afford to follow this system. This is because, Malaysia government no dole for the unemployed,
and they usually have to depend on their families to sustain them. The government on their
part try to create as many jobs as possible. By implementing policies by encouraging the
creation of private sector work opportunities, job can be created, and it is the proper role of
government. That is why when Malaysia invited foreign investment, the government did not
insist on immediately collecting taxes. They prepared to forgo taxes if the investors created
jobs for people of Malaysia. In my view, no one who was prepared to work should remain
unemployed. In fact, the government was so successful in creating jobs that there are now
more than two million foreign workers in our country.

About global partnership, Argentina had a interesting relationship and began when
most of the royal polo teams buy polo ponies. Then Mahathir encouraged horse-riding and
more Argentine polo ponies were imported. Other than that, there in a joint venture with
Chileans, Malaysia invested in one of the biggest leather tanneries and Malaysia trader
sourced seamless steel pipes for the oil industry from Argentina for distribution in the Far East.

Mahathir was born a Muslim and brought up as Muslim. Eventhough, by knowing and
being friends with peoples from other religions, he did not undermine his own faith. Based on
his opinions, Islam is a religion that tolerates the existence of other religions and their followers.
In Malaysia, Shariah law may not be applied in every case to avoid injustice. In this multiracial
country, we do apply other laws but by upholding justice for everyone, by keeping the nation
free from conflict and instability, we are folloeing the teachings of Islam. Today we have
numerous sects of Islam with each claimingvthat the others are not Islam or not quite Islam. In
fact, such a differences in their teachings that they often fight wars against each other. Tun Dr
Mahathir said that Prophet brought only one Islam embodied in the verses of the Quran and
the true sayings and deeds which is the Hadith, or traditions of the Prophet. Many of the
founders of Islamic sects were great religious scholars who genuinely believed that they were
giving the true or the correct interpretations of Islam. However, because of their interpretations
and teachings differed so much from each other, they could not all be right. They may not
intend to cause the conflicts and separations into sects, they often modestly implore their
followers not to be fanatical about their teachings but the followers are often far more rigid than
their teachers and might not accept any other teachings as Islamic. Islam and Islamisation of
the Malaysian administration were not causes of contention before. The fact is that during the
period when Malaysia adopted Islamic values and declared itself an Islamic country, there was
peace and stability and the country developed and grew as never before. Unfortunately, many
people who study and “learned” Muslim are not quite happy with tolerance as taught by the
Quran. They would like Islam to be stricter, more severe and violently opposed to other

‘Wawasan 2020’ is one of the concept that introduced by Y.A.B. Dr Mahathir in 28

February 1991. He said in his speech, the aim that to be stand for Malaysia is to lead Malaysia
become an industrial country. Malaysia must be a successful country evolve during 2020. The
evolution will brings a development to economy, politic, social, spiritual and culture. ‘Wawasan
2020’ is a vision or known as long terms strategic. The strategic included various aspect related
to development of country in connection with development of world’s economy.

Caring society is one of the challenge to ‘Wawasan 2020’. It is seventh challenge of

‘Wawasan 2020’, where it is a challenge of establishing a fully caring society and a caring
culture. A social system in which society will come before self, in which the welfare of the
people will revolve not around the state or the individual but around a strong and resilient family
system. Y.A.B. Dr Mahathir define caring society as one caring community and caring culture
that nurtured with a social system in which accentuate community than themselves for welfare
of their community. In which, caring society is one of the community that lives based on the
sociality between them in a community. Each one of them are respect each other among
themselves and understanding among them, where the youngest members respect to elder
and caring for them.

There are several important of caring society is needed between them. One of the
important is preserve the national honour. As the stated, one nation need a stability to maintain
the nation and it is needed from community. The community is important to maintain the
stability of nation to lead to stability of economy and politic. People with physical, emotional,
mental and spiritual to responsibility will produce a nation with harmony and peace. Second is
maintaining values of easting. From the old age, community of Malaysia was known with
pristine values such as helping with each other, friendly, respectful, considerate and
cooperative but when the arrival of the western powers to this country, they introduced values
from west such as arrogance, materialistic, individualistic and oppressors so values have been
eroded existing and forgotten. The introduction of a caring society can contribute to fostering
the Eastern values that are being abandoned. Lastly, shaped a nation to be a developed
country. Dr Mahathir Mohammad stated the main goal is to lead Malaysia to become one of
the fully develop nation by 2020.

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