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Creating new firwall object on smart Dashboard :-

1) Login to Security Management Server.

2) Under Network Object, right click on check point, selecct Security Gateway/Management

3) Follow Checkpoint Gateway Installation wizard :-

4) Define General Properties :-
Gateway name: While selecting name for firewall use colliers naming standard
Gateway Platform: select model from drop down menu.
Gateway IP address: IP address of Gateway. Generally use Public IP address for firewall.
5) Create Trusted communication :-
Provide one time password in wizard, it must be same as defined on firewall.
6) Firewall Object has been created on SMS
7) Click Finish
8) Now you need to create SIC between Security gateway & SMS.
9) Double Click on firewall object under Network Objects.
10) Click on communication tab
11) Provide one time password, it must be same which you used on firewall.
12) Click Initialize.
13) Trust created between Security Gateway & SMS.
14) Click on Topology TAB, click on Get, Interfaces with topology.
1) 15 ) Click on Accept
15) Click on install policy.