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Student: Dragu Madalina Nicoleta

Grupa 4101

Part IV

IV. Serving drinks

IV.1. Serving drinks in lounge restaurant

It is known that well-prepared cuisine and at the same time better served
had an important role for the success of an intimate dining or formal - festive.
Meals must necessarily integer corresponding serving of drinks, which involves
primarily serving a good fit them, according to the menu choice. Serving
valences involves valuing the quality of beverages offered. This requires that
workers in restaurants to know and respect a number of general rules and
requirements on serving drinks. We consider knowledge required by workers in
salons that provide beverage service restaurant and bar on these rules:

- glasses to be very clean and chosen differently (shape and capacity),

depending on the characteristics and types of beverages served; it is better to
choose colorless glasses without decoration, to highlight color drinks served;

- temperature at which the drink is different, which requires ensuring optimum

temperature, specific assortment, basic requirements for serving drinks;

- drinks are always served by the right whether bringing glasses prepared from
sections or poured into a glass on the customer's table;

- simple beverages (vermouth, brandy, wine) is always served accompanied by a

glass of mineral water or soda and ice, separately;
Sweets kitchen section are taken from plates mounted on round or oval, with
lace. Be careful always to be removed ches are mounted some cakes, because it
is not at all advisable for the customer plate is put the cake in the questionnaire.

For serving desserts and dessert plate using dessert cutlery (knife, fork or
spoon), depending on the consistency of these sweets. The system will use
direct service or the dessert plate Where is composed of special pieces,
partitioning will be done in guerdon; in this case, can be achieved - in the
arrangement and presentation - a real "show".

Fruits will offer customers a wide range, which means that their processing at
the station to make fruit bowls or baskets special waiter will check all the fruit
to be clean and of good quality.

Clientul va fi servit în farfurie desert şi cu tacâmurile pentru fructe ,cuţitul şi

furculiţa . Când nu există tacâm pentru fructe, se vor oferi cuţitul şi furculiţa
pentru desert.

The fruit serving, waiter service performed indirectly client chooses the single
assortment of fruit you want; can leave fruit bowl on the table in convenient
location for all customers, they are going to serve themselves.

At tailed fruit (cherries, plums, grapes) is recommended to bring the bowl with
cold water and ice, so customers should be able to wash fruits if they wish. In
this case, rinse offering finger bowl on stand with colored cloth is required.

Respect the general rules serving only shows the work because we know that
many dishes have a specific serving, which may differ from one unit to another
Ia according to tradition.

Beer is taken from the section in bottles or glasses. Transport and bottles in
hand is to bring glasses on a tray covered with cloth. Depending on customer
preference, can pour beer with or without foam. To pour beer with glass in
hand and is easy pour on its inner edge. For foaming, will leave pemasă cup,
pouring the contents into thin jet in the middle of the glass.
Brandy Sambre is usually served at room temperature, the service of glacial or
flaming is considered a mistake. Brandy brandy served balloons, whose capacity
is between 300-500 ml.

Digestive liqueurs are served as beverages, portioned usually 25 ml cold Sambre

or cooled with ice. In general, liqueurs are served in cups of liquor; the fine can
be served in balloon-like cognac, but smaller capacity.

Coffee is always served hot, usually in small cups with support.

Cooling bottles of white wine is made with ice in cooler or by maintaining a

limited time in a refrigerated space. It is not recommended to keep wines for a
long time in cold temperatures because of lower than lose quality.

For red wines is settling as sediment deposited during storage they more or less,
because they contain Tania.

To be there open, carefully decant the bottle, so that deposits are not troubled;
then carefully pour into a jug until the wine starts flowing cloudy.

The glasses have a special role to highlight the wine; therefore be avoided or
patterned glasses decorations, foot and have a convenient form to allow
assessment of color, flavor and bouquet. Red wine glass is always higher than
white wine because white wines are served chilled and not last more than 8-10
minutes glass without heating.

For serving champagne glasses is recommended to use thin leg

form of "essential" (flute) instead of traditional cups because they demonstrate

better "pearling" content.

Serving wine is by right, preceded by the presentation of the client who

commissioned glass I poured him some wine to taste and, after accepting wine
is serving other diners in order Inbepe known (the last is the one who has
served tasting). The waiter will take care to avoid supporting the bottle neck rim
that you will always fill up% capacity. To avoid staining the tablecloth with wine
droplets formed at the neck of the bottle, it is recommended that after pouring,
before serving the next customer, to wipe the mouth of the bottle with white
wine and Ankara caught Ancăr napkin, red wines.

The waiter will take care to avoid supporting the bottle neck rim that you will
always fill up% capacity. To avoid staining the tablecloth with wine droplets
formed at the neck of the bottle, it is recommended that after pouring, before
serving the next customer, to wipe the mouth of the bottle with white wine and
the ancar caught in ancăr napkin, red wines.

Before finishing pouring wine glass, bottle and print a slight clockwise motion to
avoid the formation of drops that can stain the tablecloth. Typically, fill the cup
is only after the customer has emptied one sign that longer wishes to be served.

Serving wine with ice cubes is a mistake.

Champagne is taken from section adequately cooled, making transport is in

hand or champagne ice bucket. The bottle will make a napkin folded into long,
then the bottles debuşonează carefully, silently, into serving cups flute or well

Transportation drinks in the lounge is performed differently, the portioned in

glasses - on the tray, and the bottles - in hand, special baskets or ice buckets.

For pick-up station portioned beverage observe the following steps:

- will check that the glasses are clean and chipped, if the bartender has complied
with the order;

- will raise your right hand glasses on the bar and will sit on tray covered with
cloth, located on the left hand, being careful to balance them to ensure their

- will go with drinks in the lounge, always moving on the right side of the aisle to
the customer's table, where they will serve as the known rules; waiter will
usually left hand two bottles as follows: take the first right hand and a glass
fixed in the palm of the left, taking her little finger, ring and large; then the
second raises glass that fixed between the middle and ring finger; if bottles are
decapsulate, the glass edge must not touch the hand of the waiter.

Technical opening bottles varies depending on the nature of beverages

included. Use universal corkscrew, blade cut loose hoods and key capsules.
Debuşonarea guerdon should be done to avoid some minor accidents that may

The bottles of white wine, the guerdon in cooler or console cut with the blade
corkscrew, bottle neck in the middle of the cap, removing the upper right hand
that put in your pocket, then put in the middle spiral piercing plug, carefully pull
the lever corkscrew cork sprijinând the bottle; Ankara using wipe mouth of the
bottle, then serve customers.

For debuşonarea bottles of sparkling wine is made by several methods; one of

them is:

- placing the bottle of champagne on guerdon and removing ethanol from

around the plug; ancar cover glass and cork grip with the palm and fingers of the
left hand over ancăr;

- weakening the basket with his right hand without lifting the glass on the

- catching the glass with the top right hand and carefully remove the stopper
with your left hand, leaving the pressure slightly out of glass;

- serving as the known rules.

Serving wine is made in large restaurants by specialized personnel, called

"sommelier". It will have to take into account in order to be served wines: the
light will be served before those countries, at first dry wines will be served, then
the sweet, at first white wines will be served, then the red wines following old
and new.

Temperature wine is particularly important, because it highlights their qualities.

Red wine is consumed at room temperature (15-18 ° C), while always white
wines are served chilled. The wine is stronger, older, this sweet liqueur or
sparkling, the more will grow cold.

Camber of a wine bottle content requires the progressive reduction of

temperature by keeping bottles for 2-3 hours at room temperature or wrapping
the bottle in a towel soaked in boiling water and squeezed, if time does not
permit waiting.

Turkish coffee is served sweetened with sugar other separate and spoon coffee
(mocha). It can provide condensed milk, liquid cream "little" and in some
specialties - whipped cream and grated chocolate.

Sugar can be pre-packaged or in bulk, in the latter case offering sugar bowl with
tongs, cube sugar, and granulated sugar spoon.

Mazagran is served in cups and glasses failing probe.

Serving coffee filter can be made to work, taking the pre ward clean filter coffee
needed a kettle of boiling water in a separate accompanying products (sugar,
condensed milk, risk). In this case, coffee preparation is done directly by the
client or customer table waiter or guerdon.

At serving coffees will recommend customers digestive drinks - cognac liqueurs

men and women.

Tea is served differently depending on where it is preparing - in the cafeteria or

at the customer's table. Preparing the cafeteria (department) is the use of tea in
bulk. Service is to provide customer inventory items needed - hot cup of tea
with spoon and support; accompanying insurance products - sugar, lemon or
orange roundabout, condensed milk. Take the kettle on stand with napkin, table
The client goes to where the customer right, put on the table for tea cup
support, accompanying products and pour the tea-cup. The client adds
accompanying products, to taste. Preparing the customer table is made when
using the pre-packaged tea bags. The service is carried out as in the previous
case, except that instead of prepared tea take a teapot with hot water poured
into the cup at the customer's table, making sure beforehand to put the tea bag
in the cup.

In both cases, the service is on the right customer, bowing only kettle and
support keeping the law.

Mixed drinks are served in glasses specific to each type of drink and sits right on
the table by the customer.

At some cold drinks can provide support straw. The hot drinks are not offered
straw. For drinks containing fruit or have other components (eg ice), it provides
appropriate size glass spoon. Serving is the saucer-holder, decorative paper
napkin or patch.

When selling beverages in restaurants and through a network of huts, kiosks

and stalls outside the said recommendations will take account of some health

- after each use, the glasses will be washed;

- before the dissolution of a bottle of drink will control the content they light if
foreign objects are observed, sediment, turbidity or when bottles are not well
închise- will not drink consumption;

- cool drinks can be done in refrigerated spaces, in special installations (perfectly

tight serpentine passing through ice-cold water) or by immersion in ice-cold
water, the bottles will stand upright, even if they are stopped, their throats
exceed the water level about 8 -10 cm;

- the retention of any alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks- - in bottles or vases


Sauces are taken from section to arrive dispensers (garlic) and original bottles
(tomato sauce, English and others). Always sosierele and original bottles are
taken on a support covered with a towel or napkin .Services system is directly or
indirectly taking care not to cover the hearty sauces more than a quarter of
meat; whole fish sauce will only cover the belly, the rest of the sauce being put

Vegetables are taken from sections in vegetables transported in salon backing

with cloth or tissue; using direct and indirect service.

Salads are taken from section prepared basins, for one or more portions. Salads
prepared a portion basins put on a tray covered with a napkin with respective

Service is done by the customer left, right place Salatiera arrangement that is
supported by the plate of bread into the interior of the table, as close to the
base plate with the preparation.

If salad is a special service, that plate will sit on the right customer support.

Contain several large Salatierele are retrieved from the support section of cloth
or napkin, and customer service will be made by the guerdon or service directly,
in which case the plate using a special dessert or salatierele portion.

Mandatory on the table will be at the salt and pepper, and to customer service
will provide oil and vinegar (Olivier) who goes on a support consisting of a
dessert plate with napkin.

Cheeses require special care when is a separate service because customers

seeking such products are quite refined.

Answering the station will be on round plates or carriages, which allow the
presentation of a wide range.

The waiter comes to the table and left his client presents plateau and then
wonder what sort of choice and it serves dish using the service; cutting portion
of cheese is made with the knife. The cheese has a distinct odor will use other
knives for slicing.

It is recommended that service to provide customers with cheese toast or toast

and butter. Toast brought to the table napkin on a plate stretched high, waiter
service directly or by leaving the plate on the table in a convenient place for all

Immediately after disposing of inventory items that were served cheese, the
waiter will rise from the table bread plate, housekeeping (salt, pepper) and
gather crumbs.

Setting the table for client requires the use of deep dish (hot), a large spoon,
and if necessary, knife and fork to cut large pieces of meat. If the service is the
cup, the cup will be used for soups, backing plate and dessert spoon.

When performing direct service, the waiter comes to the left of the client, the
tureen (with bracket respectively) on the left hand; luşul enter the tureen, then
close as possible to support the plate tureen and begins to serve the customer
with the right hand from the piece of meat, making sure to mix the contents
that have the same ingredients served Portil After filling luşul will sink slightly
into the liquid to avoid drops that could fall while the customer is taken to the

Serving Borsuri and soups to the right cup is made by the client; will support the
solvents used in these tissues.

Particularly important is that the service does not look soups accompanying
products - green pepper, cream, various spices to be given before the client
starts to consume the respective preparations.

Preparations of fish rises to the station in hot or cold fish dishes, depending on
the nature of the preparations; their transport salon is by known rules. The
more modest establishments, where the service is done at the plate, these
preparations up and transported in large plate.

Mise-en-place site requires large shallow dish, hot or cold, and fish shebang. The
fish will provide bone-bone plate and napkin holder and colorful bowl for
washing hands.

For serving fish dishes, the waiter will practice, where appropriate, the guerdon
service, the direct and indirect less or plate.
The fish dishes are served with lemon sauce or sauces, it is recommended their
service with the preparation.

Entrees and basic preparations are taken from the department, if not easy
dressing or sauce in oval or round platters and the sauces portioned directly,
make, where appropriate, support or cymbals on dinner plates.

Mise-en-place the customer requires the use of large plate, big, hot or cold, a
fork and knife, large of households (salt and pepper).

Notwithstanding, some appetizers, small portions are served in plates

desert.Pentru performance of the service, depending on the category of the
system unit and serving generalized practice is direct service to guerdon or
plate. Should not be omitted sauces that are associated with these

111.5. Rules on main groups serving dishes and pastries, confectionery

Snacks are taken from sections oval or round plates mounted on dinner plates
or carriages. The customer is served in the large plate, big or medium depending
on the components snack. Customer shebang will be composed of fork and
knife * to snack, or failing that, the dessert fork and knife (of appropriate size
dish plate). Refreshments are served through the direct, indirect, in guerdon,
the plate and the cold buffet (Swedish).

Hot snacks are served at the same snacks, making sure the plates and the plates
are installed and be consumed hot.

Consommuri-cream-soup Fetching from section portioned in special cups,

placed on trays covered with cloth, with saucers with underlying tissue arranged
in stack on the tray.

Consommé or dessert spoon goes on the tray or can be placed on the table in
advance if we served a large number. The waiter brings the tray on hand and
forearm, right close by the first client and raises his right hand in the first plate
stack, which has a cup above, which sits on the support plate in front of the
client making sure the plate is Iingura in a convenient location. Croutons or
other accompanying cup put in the kitchen, except Parmesan cheese straw,
which sits alongside the cup, the plate-holder.

Soups -borşurile. Fetching the appropriate size supi ward number of servings to
be served on metal support, or large plate. Always and support between supi
put a napkin or towel. Soups or Borsuri which are composed of boneless meat
cut into small pieces from the kitchen, without requiring customer intervention
can be taken from sections in special cups. In such situations do the same as
with creams or consumption.

The clay used for portioning soups and Borsuri sits above the tureen supported
on the cake, the waiter tail.

III.4.5. Customer management

- notifies the client's intention to rise from the table;

- assist in pulling the seat;

- leads the client to exit;

- welcome, farewell wishes addresses, etc;

- make mise-en-place for the respective tables following services inventory and
orders for closing the unit;