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Liceul Unitarian János Zsigmond – Clasa a VII-a
27 ianuarie 2017

I. Choose the right answer: (10 points)

1. I can’t ..... children crying!
a. support b. like c. stand d. understand
2. This is my ..... new blouse.
a. sisters b. sister’s c. sister d. sister’
3. Our washing machine was ..... three times.
a. bought b. turn off c. played d. repaired
4. She has many dresses and only a .... of them are fashionable.
a. few b. many c. little d. bit
5.’I’m broke’ means:
a. I am injured b. I feel tired c. I have no money d. I am in love
6. The tourist needed ..... information about the museum.
a. a b. much d. many
7. Mrs. Brown has collected stamps..... 2002.
a. from b. for c. since d. in
8. Jane bought a nice dress from a ...... .
a. shop b. magazine c. dressmaker d. market place
9. We looked at ..... in the pond. b. ourself c. ourselfs d. ourselves
10. ...milk is good for babies.
a. this b. - c. the d. every

II. Complete the passage with ONE suitable word (10 points)
Michael Smith gets up at half past eight every Sunday morning and eats (1) …… with his family.
He and his wife (2) …… the dishes, and the children make the beds. They hurry. The family (3)
…… to the market to do some shopping. The market is near the corner (4) …… Upper Street and
Blue Alley. They (5) ……. fruit, meat, and vegetables. They finish the (6) ……., but they are
hungry. Michael's daughter asks, "Can I have (7) ………. potato chips?" Their mother buys
potato chips and orange juice. They (8) ……. in the park beside the market and eat. My chips
are good," the daughter says. "Do you (9) ……… the juice?" the mother asks the children. "Yes,
it's delicious," (10) …….. children answer. They finish their snack and go home.

III. Put the verbs in brackets into the right tense: (10 points)
It (1) ……… (happen) three years ago while I (2) ……… (stay) at my sister’s house. She and
her husband (3) ……… (go) on holiday and I (4) ……… (look after) the house for them. One
night I (5) ……… (hear) a lot of noise outside and I (6) ……… (go) out to see what (7) ………
(be) wrong. The house next door was on fire. Smoke and flames (8) ……… (come) out of the
upstairs windows. A woman shouted, “Help, help. Tommy (9) ……… (be) still inside”. Without
thinking I (10) ……… (run) into the house, but it was no good.
IV. Write the correct form of the word in brackets to fill the gaps. (10 points)
1. He gets a lot of ……… (ENJOY) from football.
2. Money doesn’t always bring ……… (HAPPY).
3. It is ……… (HONEST) to take something that isn’t yours.
4. My dad gets very ……… (PATIENT) when he has to wait ages for the train.
5. I want to be a ……… (SCIENCE) when I’m older.
6. It’s snowing. You need to ride your bike (CAREFUL).
7. ……… (PERSONAL) speaking, I didn’t like the film.
8. She's ……… (OBSESS) with fashion. She buys all the fashion magazines.
9. I am quite sure I wouldn't like to have an ……… (OCCUPY) that has anything to do with
10. I am not very ……… (AMBITION).

V. A. Put the following paragraphs in the correct order, filling in the grid under the text
(2x5=10 points)
a) James himself was killed in the battle. One thing was wrong with Henry and Catherine’s
marriage. Time was passing and they did not have a son. All their babies, except their
daughter, Mary, died a few weeks after they were born.
b) In the year 1509 Henry VIII became king of England. He was the son of Henry VII, a
king who was clever with people and careful with money. Unlike his father, Henry VIII
maintained a magnificent court and spent a lot of money on wars, from which England
had little to gain.
c) But the Pope did not agree to Henry’s divorce and this made him very angry. The king
decided to make himself head of the Church of England and as soon as this happened he
was free to divorce Catherine.
d) Two weeks before he was crowned, Henry married Catherine of Aragon. They were
happy together at first. She was a good wife and she was brave too. In 1513 while Henry
was fighting a battle in France, James IV, the Scottish king attacked England. Catherine
got an army together and the Scots were defeated.
e) Henry wanted to divorce Catherine and marry somebody else because he longed for a
son, an heir to the throne of England. As England was a Catholic country, he needed the
consent of the Pope in Rome.

a b c d e

B. Are the sentences true or false? (2x5=10 points)

1. Henry VIII became king of Ireland.
2. Two weeks after he was crowned, Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon.
3. Catherine was an unfaithful wife.
4. Henry wanted to divorce Catherine and marry somebody else, because he wanted a daughter.
5. He made himself head of the Church in England, because he wanted to divorce Catherine.

C. Read the article. Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space. (1x5=5 points)
A famous circus
The circus, Cirque du Soleil, began (1) ……… Montreal, Canada. It was started (2) ……… the
Canadian Guy Laliberté in 1984. When he left college, Laliberté travelled around Europe and
earned money (3) ……… music in the streets. Not long after he returned home, he started Cirque
with (4) ……… friend, Daniel Gauthier. During the 1990s, Cirque grew quickly. It now does
shows (5) ……… over the world and the number of people working for it has grown
from 73 to more than 3,500.
1. A in B at C to
2. A from B by C of
3. A played B plays C playing
4. A their B his C its
5. A some B all C enough

VI. Your teacher has asked you to write an article for your class magazine, with the title A
Person I’ll Never Forget. Write your article (in 120-150 words) describing the person’s
appearance, character, hobbies/interests and your feelings about him/her. (35 points)

Nota: Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii.

Timpul de lucru este 1h 30min.
Se acordă 10 puncte din oficiu

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