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Air University

Fall 2017
Faculty of Administrative Sciences
Department of Business Administration

Course Information

Course Title: Business Research Methods

Class: BBA 7th Lab (Required)
Credit Hours: Three Hours
Pre-requisite for this Course:
This Course is Pre-requisite for:
Instructor: Moin Ahmad Moon
Reference Books: BRM by Uma Sekaram, Zikmund. Marketing Research By Naresh Malhotra

Assignment Format:
Font Times new roman
Font size 12 (For text)
Font size 12 (Bold For heading)

Course Outline:

Week 1 Introduction to Research

a) What is research and search?
b) What is business & business research?

Scientific process
a) Problem Identification
b) Information Search
o Theoretical Framework Development
o Literature Review
o Hypothesis Development
c) Research Design
d) Data Collection
e) Data Results
f) Data Results Interpretation
g) Implications

Types of Research
a) Applied and Basic research

Problem identification

 Problem Analysis
a. actual performance < Expected performance
b. actual performance >Expected performance

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c. actual performance<possible performance
d. expected performance > possible performance

 Problem definition
a. Situation analysis
b. Symptom Identification
c. Relevant issue
d. Problem statement/definition

Week 2 Information Search

a. Elements of Search
 Concept
 Construct
 Variable
Classification of Variables

 Observed Variables
 Latent Variables
Types of Variables

 Independent Variables
 Dependent Variables
 Mediating Variables
 Moderating Variables
b. Theoretical Framework
o Theory
o Purpose of Theory
o Theory Building Approach
 Deductive Reasoning
 Inductive Reasoning

Week3  Theoretical Framework

o Theory
 Components of Theoretical Framework
o Clear Labelling
o Interrelationship of Variables
o Direction of Relationships
o Theoretical Linkage
o Schematic Diagram
 Literature Review
o Definition
o Dimension
o Historical Perspective
o Relationship with study variables
 Hypothesis Development
o Formats of Hypothesis
1. If-Then statements

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2. Directional Hypothesis
3. Non-Dimensional
o Types of Hypothesis
1. Null Hypothesis
2. Alternative Hypothesis
 Research Design
o Types of Research (w.r.t. Design)
1. Qualitative
2. Quantitative
o Types of Research Design
1. Non-Conclusive
Week 4 1. Descriptive research design
 Cross-sectional
o Multiple cross-section
o Single cross-section
 Longitudinal
2. Causal designs
 Conditions of causality
 Degree of causality
o Absolute causality
o Conditional causality
o Contributory causality
3. Methodology
 Population
o Population element
o Population frame
o Population parameters
 Sampling
o Subject
o Sample statistics
o Reasons for sampling
o Sampling techniques
 Probability sampling
 Non-probability sampling
o Consideration for sampling technique
o Probability sampling
 Simple random sampling
 Systematic sampling
 Stratified sampling
 Cluster sampling
o Non-probability sampling
 Convenience sampling
 Purposive sampling
o Sample size

Week 5  Data Collection Methods

o Data
o Sources of data
 Primary data
 Secondary data (Internet, library, books, journals, magazines,
newspaper, data bases, social media, videos & audios, etc.)

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 Primary Data:
 Nature of interviews
 Focus Groups
 Panels
 Observations
 Unobtrusive Sources
Week 7 

The grade you earn during the semester will come from the following work.

Midterm 35 Marks (2 Hrs duration)

Project/Quizzes/Assignment/discipline 20 Marks
Final Exam: 45 Marks (duration 3 Hrs)

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