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8/27/04 8300.

10 CHG 20
Appendix 1


This appendix contains many acronyms and abbreviations for both old as well as new Airworthiness terms that are
used throughout this Handbook. Inspectors can refer to the following alphabetical listing of frequently used
acronyms and abbreviations and their meanings when using this Handbook.

14 CFR Title 14 of the Code of Federal AFSC Air Force Specialty Codes
AFSS automated flight service station
49 CFR Title 49 of the Code of Federal
Regulations AFTN aeronautical fix telecommunication
49 U.S.C. Title 49 of the United States Code
AH alert height
A/FD Airport/Facility Directory
AGL above ground level
A&P Airframe and Powerplant
AIDS Accident Incident Data Subsystem
AAD Automatic Activation Device
Air Oper Air Operator Vital Information
AAIP Approved Aircraft Inspection Program VIS Subsystem

AC Advisory Circular AIP Airplane Inspection Program

ACAT Air Carrier Assessment Tool ALS Advance Life Support

ACCSS air carrier cabin safety specialists AMA Aviation Mechanic Airframe

ACE aerobatic competency evaluator AMC acceptable means of compliance

ACO Aircraft Certification Office AME Aviation Medical Examiner

ACR airman certification representative AMG Aviation Mechanic General

AD Airworthiness Directives AMO Approved Maintenance Organization

ADA Airline Deregulation Act AMP Aviation Mechanic Powerplant

ADF automatic direction finding AMT Aviation Maintenance Technician

AEE Office of Environment and Energy AMTS Aviation Maintenance Technician

AEG Aircraft Evaluation Groups
ANM Seattle Aircraft Evaluation Group
AEM Area Equivalent Method
AOA Airport Operations Area
AES Automated Exemption System
AOD Automatic Opening Device
AFM Aircraft Flight Manual
Airplane Flight Manual AOG Aircraft on the Ground

Appendix 1-1
8300.10 CHG 20 8/27/04
Appendix 1
APP Accident Prevention Program BLS Basic Life Support

APPM Accident Prevention Program Manager BOW basic operating weight

APU Auxiliary Power Unit CAA Civil Airworthiness Authority

AR Authorized Representative CAB Civil Aviation Board

ARA Airborne Radar Approach CAIS Comprehensive Airmen Information

ARFF Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting
Equipment CAM Civil Aeronautics Manual

ARINC Aeronautical Radio, Inc. CAMI Civil Aero Medical Institute

ASAS Aviation Safety Analysis System CAMP Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance

ASI aviation safety inspector
CAN Center Area NOTAM
ASR Airport Surveillance Radar
CAR Civil Air Regulations
AST aviation safety technician
CASE Coordinating Agencies for Supplier’s
ASTM American Society for Testing and Evaluation
CASFO Civil Aviation Security Field Office
ASW Southwest Aircraft Evaluation
CASP Continuous Analysis and Surveillance
ATCS Alternate Testing Center Supervisor Program

AT Air Traffic CASS Continuing Analysis and Surveillance

ATA Air Transport Association
CATS Computer Assisted Testing Services
ATC air traffic control
CBI computer-based instruction
ATE Automatic Test Equipment
CDL Configuration Deviation List
ATOS Air Transportation Oversight System
CE commercial pilot examiner
ATP airline transport pilot
CFI certificated flight instructor
ATPE airline transport pilot examiner
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
AVGAS Aviation Gasoline
CFRS certificated foreign repair station
BA Bilateral Agreement
CG center of gravity
BASA Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement
CHDO certificate-holding district office
BFA Balloon Federation of America
CIRE commercial and instrument rating
BITE Built-In Test Equipment examiner

Appendix 1-2
8/27/04 8300.10 CHG 20
Appendix 1
CL capabilities list DER Designated Engineering Representative

CM Condition Monitoring DFDAU digital flight data acquisition unit

CMO Certificate Management Office DH decision height

CMP Configuration Maintenance Procedures DME Designated Mechanic Examiners

CMR Certification Maintenance Requirements DME distance measuring equipment

CMT Certificate Management Team DNL Decibel Noise Level

COA certificate of authority DOD Department of Defense

COB close of business DOT Department of Transportation

COMAT company material DPE designated pilot examiner

ConDOR Constructed Dynamic Observation DPRE Designated Parachute Rigger Examiners

DS discard
Conus continental United States
EA Environmental Assessment
CPCP Corrosion Prevention and Control
Programs EA/EO Engineering Change Authorization/
CPL commercial pilot license
EAA Experimental Aircraft Association
CPM certification project manager
EFIS electronic flight instrument systems
CRW canopy relative work
EIR Enforcement Investigation Report
CSP Comprehensive Surveillance Plan
EIS Enforcement Information Subsystem
CTA control areas
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
CTC computer testing center
ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
CTD computer testing designee
EMI electromagnetic interference
CTM Computer Testing Manager
EP Evaluation Panel
CVR cockpit voice recorder
EPI Element Performance Inspections
DAR Designated Airworthiness Representative
ETOPS Extended-Range Operation With Two-
DAS Designated Alteration Station Engine Airplanes

DBA Other Business Names EWCG empty-weight center of gravity

d.b.a. doing business as EVAS Emergency Vision Assurance Systems

DCT Data Collection Tool FAA Federal Aviation Administration

Appendix 1-3
8300.10 CHG 20 8/27/04
Appendix 1
FA Act Federal Aviation Act of 1958 GSGC Ground School Graduation Certificate

FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control GTD ground training device

FAR Federal Aviation Regulations HAZMAT hazardous material

FCAA Foreign Civil Aviation Authority HEL helicopter

FCC Federal Communications Commission HEMES Helicopter Hospital Emergency

Medical Evacuation
FD flight director
HF high frequency
FDC flight data center
HIRF High Intensity Radiated Fields
FDR Flight Data Recorder
HT Hard-Time
FIE flight instructor examiner
HUD heads-up display
FIR flight information regions
HUMS Health Usage Monitoring Systems
FIRC flight instructor refresher clinic
IA Inspection Authorization
FL flight level
IAP instrument approach procedures
FLIR Forward Looking Infrared
IAW in accordance with
FM flight manual
ICA instructions for continued airworthiness
FMCS flight management computer systems

FMS flight management system ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization

FOI fundamentals of instructing ICAS International Council of Air Shows

FOIA Freedom of Information Act ICS Intercom Systems

FONSI finding of no significant impact IEC International Electrotechnical

FSAIC Flight Standards Safety Analysis
Information Center IEM Interpretive Explanatory Material

FSAS Flight Standards Automation System IFO International Field Office

FSDO Flight Standards District Office IFP Instrument Foreign Pilot

FSS flight service station IFR instrument flight rules

FTD flight training device IFSD in-flight shut down

GM General Manuals IG Interim Guidance

GPS global positioning system IGA international general aviation

GPWS ground proximity warning systems IIC inspector-in-charge

Appendix 1-4
8/27/04 8300.10 CHG 20
Appendix 1
ILS instrument landing system LRU Line Replaceable Units

IMC instrument meteorological conditions LU/SV Lubrication/Servicing

IN/FC Inspection/Functional check MAST Maintenance Airworthiness Standardization

INM Integrated Noise Model
MC/FPE military competency/foreign pilot
INS inertial navigation system examiner

IP implementation procedures MEL minimum equipment list

IPM Inspection Procedures Manual MEL Multiengine Land

IRA Instrument Rating Airplane MES Multiengine Sea

IRS inertial reference systems MIDO Manufacturing Inspection District

ISC Industry Steering Committee
MIP maintenance implementation procedures
ISIS Integrated Safety Information
Subsystem MIS Mechanical Interruption Summary
ISO International Standards Organization
MISR Mechanical Interruption Summary
ISS inertial sensor system
MIST Maintenance International Standardization
JAA Joint Aviation Authorities
JAD Job Aid Disc
MLS microwave landing system
JAR Joint Aviation Requirement
MME maintenance management exposition
JTA Job Task Analysis MMEL Master Minimum Equipment List
LAHSO land-and-hold-short operations MMF Manufacturer Maintenance Facility
LIBRA Logical Information Based on MNPS Minimum Navigation Performance
Reliability Specification
LLC limited liability corporation MOE maintenance organization exposition

LOA letter of authorization MOS Military Occupational Speciality

LOI Letter of Investigation MOU memorandum of understanding

LORAN long-range navigation MRA Mutual Recognition Agreement

LOX liquid oxygen MRB Maintenance Review Board

LRN long-range navigation MRB Material Review Board

LRNS long-range navigation system MRR Mechanical Reliability Reports

Appendix 1-5
8300.10 CHG 20 8/27/04
Appendix 1
MSG Maintenance Steering Group NVLAP National Voluntary Laboratory
Accredition Program
MSL mean sea level
OC On-Condition
MTBF mean time between failure
OCA oceanic control areas
MWE Model Work Environment
ODAR Organizational Designated
NAA National Aviation Authority Airworthiness Representative

NAO Noise Abatement Officer OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

NAS National Airspace System OJT on-the-job training

NASIP National Aviation Safety Inspection OMT Organization Management Team

OpSpecs operations specifications
NAT North Atlantic
OPSS Operations Specifications Subsystem
NAT/MNPS North Atlantic Minimum Navigation
Performance Specifications OP/VC Operational/Visual check

NAVAID Navigational Aid ORA Operations Research Analyst

NEPA National Environmental Policy Act of OST Office of the Secretary of

1969 Transportation

NDB nondirectional beacon OTAC Outside-the-Aircraft Check

NDI Non-destructive Inspection PAI principal avionics inspector

NDT Nondestructive Testing PAR Precision Approach Radar

NDPER National Designated Pilot Examiner PASI Preapplication Statement of Intent

PC Production Certificate
NEB National Examiner Board
PCA Positive Control Area
NFDC National Flight Data Center
PCA primary category aircraft
NFPA National Fire Protection Association
PE private pilot examiner
NIST National Institute of Standards and
Technology PI principal inspector

NM nautical miles PIC pilot-in-command

NOPAC North Pacific PMA Parts Manufacturer Approval

NOTAM Notice to Airmen PMI principal maintenance inspector

NPG National Work Program Guidelines POH pilot’s operating handbook

NTSB National Transportation Safety Board POI principal operations inspector

Appendix 1-6
8/27/04 8300.10 CHG 20
Appendix 1
PPE proficiency pilot examiner SDR Service Difficulty Report

PPH Policy Procedures Handbook SEAT Surveillance and Evaluation

Assessment Tool
PPM PTRS Procedures Manual
SEL Single-Engine Land
PSRAB Propulsion System Reliability
Assessment Board SEP Surveillance and Evaluation Program

PTRS Program Tracking and Reporting SES Single-Engine Sea

SFAR Special Federal Aviation Regulations
PTS practical test standards
SIC second-in-command
QMS Quality Monitoring System
SIDA Security Identification Display Area
RAIM receiver autonomous integrity
monitoring SIGMET/ Significant Meteorological Information
AIRMET Airmen’s Meteorological Information
RFM Rotorcraft Flight Manual
SIP simulator implementation procedures
RFSD Regional Flight Standards Division
SL Service Letter
RII Required Inspection Items
SODA Statement of Demonstrated Ability
RNAV Area Navigation
SOIR simultaneous operations on intersecting
runways (replaced by LAHSO)
ROC Regional Operations Center
SPAS Safety Performance Analysis System
rpm revolutions per minute
SPG Special Planning Group
RS restoration
SRM Structural Repair Manuals
RT remedial training
SSID Supplemental Structural Inspection
RTCA Radio Technical Commission of Document
STC Supplemental Type Certificate
RVR runway visual range
SUP suspected unapproved parts
RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum
TAF terminal weather forecasts
RWBC Regional Whistleblower Coordinators
TALTAR Tactical Landing Approach Radar
SA selective availability
TAWS Terrain Awareness and Warning
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers Systems

SAI Safety Attribute Inspections TBO time between overhauls

SAT System Analysis Team TC type certificate

SB Service Bulletin TCA Appliance Type Approval

Appendix 1-7
8300.10 CHG 20 8/27/04
Appendix 1
TCAS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance USNOF United States NOTAM Office
USPA United States Parachute Association
TCDS type certificate data sheet
VFR visual flight rules
TCS Testing Center Supervisor
VHF very high frequency
TCE training center evaluator
VIS Vital Information Subsystem
TCO training course outline
VLF very low frequency
TGL temporary guidance leaflet
VMC minimum controllable airspeed
TRSB Time Reference Scanning Beam
VMC visual meteorological conditions
TSA Transportation Security Administration
VOR VHF omni-directional radio range
TSO Technical Standard Order
VREF approach speed
TSOA Technical Standard Order Authorization
WBPP Whistleblower Protection Program
UHF ultrahigh frequency
WINDOWS Segmented Inspections and Built-In
ULD unit load device Inspection Tolerances

Appendix 1-8